• NO.1 LoveSeen Luca
  • NO.2 Lilly Lashes Indulge
  • NO.3 Velour Short & Sweet Effortless
  • NO.4 ARDELL Ardell/Demi Wispies
  • NO.5 LASHIFY Control Kit
  • NO.6 Kiss My Lash But Better All Mine
  • NO.7 Kiss Lash Couture Naked Drama Chiffon
  • NO.8 ARDELL Natural 110
  • NO.9 Huda Beauty/Classic Lash #1

9 Best False Eyelashes 2022

Jan 13, 2022

Lots of modern ladies prefer to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes because false eyelashes are a quick-and-easy way to enlarge their eyes. Correct application can make the eyes look bright.

There is a wide range of false eyelashes. According to the width, false eyelashes are divided into strip lashes and individual lashes. Strip lashes are more suitable for novices and single eyelids, while individual lashes are ideal for those who want to lift the outer corner of their eyes. According to the appearance, false eyelashes include natural, thick and other types. If you want to make your eyes look rounder and more three-dimensional, false lashes longer in the middle are perfect for you. You can also trim both ends of the false eyelashes to accentuate the middle part. If you have round eyes and want to lengthen your eyes visually, you can choose long-tailed ones.

To make your eyes look natural, the false eyelashes should not be too long and the width should match your eye shape. Our eyelashes are normally longer in the center and shorter in the corners, with a total length of 5mm-10mm. In addition, the lash band is an important factor that determines if the false eyelashes are comfortable to wear or not. Soft and light eyelash bands are comfortable and easy to wear without an obvious foreign body sensation.

Before applying false eyelashes, you need to learn some skills. First, align the lash with your lash line to check the fit. If it is longer than your own eyelash, trim it down to size (except for unique makeup needs). Besides, it is recommended not to fit the false eyelashes completely to the curvature of your eyelashes, or you may feel uncomfortable when closing your eyes.

Based on a host of data collection and analysis, we've rounded up the 9 best false eyelashes that are comfortable and beautiful.

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  • Natural, Easy to apply, Durable
  • No eyelash glue included

LoveSeen is an American brand that specializes in designing false eyelashes with a high reputation in the industry, which is recommended by allure, Bazaar, and other well-known websites. LoveSeen launches a wide range of false eyelashes, and Luca is the most popular one. It is available in two colors, including brown/black and light brown. Brown/black false eyelashes are suitable for all skin tones and make your eyes look larger and deeper-set. Yet light brown false eyelashes are ideal for light skin to create a more natural look. Professionally designed, Luca has single eyelashes with staggering lengths, making your eyelashes look natural. If you prefer natural makeup effects, you will definitely love it. Coming with a clear band, the false lashes have stretching length and curls, allowing you to skip the eyeliner. However, if you want a thicker makeup look, you can surely draw extra eyeliner. Its band is thin and easy to apply, which is friendly to novices. Many users said that this false eyelash is very durable and not easy to deform. However, Luca does not come with eyelash glue, so that would be an additional cost.

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  • High quality, Vegan, Durable, Cost-effective
  • None

Lilly Lashes is a well-known beauty brand focusing on a variety of eye products and tools, deeply loved by female consumers. Indulge is a cost-effective product under Lilly Lashes with a good reputation. Voluminous, long and flared, this black false lash helps you create a sexy and charming eye look, perfect for round eyes, almond eyes and large eyes. With fluttery softness and stronghold, the false lashes won’t block your vision. Makeup artist Jesa Calaor said, "Indulge is a great product. It is equipped with glamorously lengthy fibers that rarely weigh down your lids." Handmade with high quality, Indulge is easy to apply and is reusable up to 15 times with proper care, which is quite cost-effective.

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  • Suitable for all eye shapes, Allergens-free, Easy to apply
  • Pricey

Velour is a well-known false eyelash brand with a wide range of products. Easy to use and high-quality, its products are favored by lots of consumers, and lots of them are the winners of multiple major awards. Short & Sweet Effortless is one of the best-sellers of Velour. This false lash is made of synthetic silk with a stronghold to keep your eyelash curls all day long. Short & Sweet Effortless has a moderate length to avoid making your makeup look exaggerated. Its width fits most eye shapes, so it doesn't have to be trimmed, which is ideal for work, leisure, party, and other occasions. If you are new to false eyelashes, you can never go wrong with it. Short & Sweet Effortless is easy to apply. Directly use lash glue to stick it to the root of your eyelashes. Free of allergens, this lash is safe for the fragile skin around the eyes. Short & Sweet Effortless is highly praised on the official website, and a user-reviewed, "These lashes fit like a glove. They just do not look as good on me as the Would I Lie ones do. These lashes are comfortable, easy to get out of the box, and easy to put on." Although it is pricier than regular false lashes, it has great value for the price.

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  • Natural, Light, Comfortable, Cost-effective
  • None

Ardell is a false eyelash brand with the most diverse products on the market, as well as the best false eyelash brand rated by the American website RankStyle, with a high market share. Demi Wispies is Ardell's iconic product, recommended by Influenster and other well-known websites and favored by lots of fans. Our testers said, "If you want to boost your lashes without looking cheap, Demi Wispies is worth considering." The flared Demi Wispies are shorter at the inner corners and longer at the outer corners, just like natural eyelashes. Wider than ordinary false eyelashes, it lengthens and enlarges the eyes. You can also trim it to meet your makeup needs. Its brand adopts the patented Invisiband design, which is comfortable and invisible, perfect for creating natural makeup finishes. This cost-effective false eyelash is sold in one pair or multipack (5 pairs).

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  • Full range of accessories, high quality, Handmade, Natural, Comfortable
  • Pricey

LASHIFY is an American website that specializes in various false eyelashes and eyelash appliances, with sales rising continuously in recent years. Control Kit is a high-end set of LASHIFY, which is deeply loved by professional makeup artists, and celebrities such as Lupita Nyong'o and Amy Adams. Daniel Martin, a well-known makeup artist in New York, likes it very much and said, "What's worked for me [when] using the Lashify lashes is letting the lash bond set for about a minute before you apply the lashes. This helps magnetize the lash underneath to your own lashes. The Gossamers are my favorite to use because their clusters are easier to apply and you can really customize to your eye shape with them." This kit contains multiple products, including a control wand, two pairs of false lashes, bonds, etc., to offer you a complete experience of decorating eyelashes. Among them, Gossamer lashes are carefully designed and internationally patented. Hand-made of high-quality PBT silk, it looks similar to your real lashes, yet longer, more natural, and more long-lasting. The bands merge seamlessly and undetectably with the underside of your lashes, to help you create exquisite makeup looks. The two pairs of eyelashes are 12 and 14 mm. Use them with high-quality bonds and tools for an excellent beauty experience. It should be noted that this luxurious kit is more suitable for experienced beauty professionals rather than beginners.

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  • Superfine Band Technology, Comfortable, Cost-effective
  • No adhesive included

Kiss is a long-established and influential brand in the United States that specializes in high-quality beauty products sold in more than 100 countries. My Lash But Better is the iconic collection of Kiss, and All Mine is a cult classic. With patented Superfine Band Technology, this false eyelash is easy to apply and quite comfortable. The ultralight fibers make it look as natural as your own lash, ideal for putting on as a part of your everyday makeup routine. If you wear false eyelashes for a long time, My Lash But Better All Mine makes a solid choice. Affordable and cost-effective, My Lash But Better All Mine was praised by lots of users, and a user review on the official website that, "They really do look like real lashes but better..They resemble lash extensions without looking like lash extensions. I've received so many compliments. The lash band is super thin andRead more about the review stating Like my lashes but way better blend in with my super-thin eyeliner so it makes the lashes look natural when you apply them. I highly recommend it!" It should be noted that this false eyelash does not come with adhesive, so you need to buy it separately.

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  • 3D mink effect, Fluffy, Cruelty free
  • None

Kiss is a long-established and influential brand in the United States that specializes in high-quality beauty products sold in more than 100 countries. Lash Couture Naked Drama Chiffon enjoys a good reputation and receives a five-star rating on the official website. Celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo praised it and said, "I love how lightweight and fluffy these are. The perfect addition to complete a natural glam or high drama!" This false eyelash has thin, lightweight fibers that deliver a 3D mink effect to make your eyes look more awake and make your look more flawless. Designed by professionals, Lash Couture Naked Drama Chiffon adopts Split-Tip technology to make your natural eyelash fluffier, leaving your eyes more glamorous. Besides, it hugs your lash line for a seamless contoured fit. These features make it an ideal choice for your makeup look when you’re going for a photoshoot. Of course, if you prefer a bold look, you can also use it in your everyday makeup routine. It is worth mentioning that this false eyelash is made of safe materials, friendly to contact lenses. On the whole, it is a cost-effective option.

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  • Comfortable, Natural, Cost-effective, Parabens/ latex free
  • Not durable

Ardell is a false eyelash brand with the most diverse products on the market, as well as the best false eyelash brand rated by the American website RankStyle, with a high market share. Natural 110 is one of Ardell's iconic products, which is affirmed by lots of users and beauty professionals. Made of human hair, this soft false lash has a moderate thickness and excellent shine. It blends with your natural lashes perfectly to make them fluffier and offer you a comfortable using experience, ideal for daily use on lashes with moderate thickness. Carefully designed, Natural 110 shapes your eyes naturally. With staggered length, this false lash is elongated in the center to make your eyes look rounder and fuller. If your eyes are elongated, you can try it to change your eye look. Free of latex and parabens, Natural 110 is quite safe. It is affordable and cost-effective, while some users reported that it is easily broken after several reuses.

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  • Lightweight, Fluffy, Voluminous, Handmade
  • Thick bands

Huda Beauty is a brand created by Huda Kattan, a beauty Youtuber with tens of millions of followers. It has an excellent performance in the field of beauty, and its false eyelashes are known for their exaggerated makeup effects. Classic Lash #1 is Huda Beauty's most natural yet very eye-catching false eyelash. Our tester said, "I wore them to work and a couple of meetings and I was met with a flurry of compliments at each." This lightweight classic false lash blends synthetic and natural fibers to visibly increase the fluffy feeling of eyelashes without mascara, ideal for beginners who want to create heavy makeup finish. With many densely arranged short fibers, Classic Lash #1 makes your eyelashes look thicker and bring out deep eyes. If you want a more exaggerated effect, you can stack it with other false lashes of different styles to enhance the visual effect. The hand-made Classic Lash #1 is high-quality and durable. However, a few users said that it was too thick and long, which affected the overall facial makeup finish.

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