• NO.1 D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra
  • NO.2 Magicstripes/Eyelid Lifting
  • NO.3 Dedila Pro 600Pcs by a Box Makeup Breathable Eyelid Tape
  • NO.5 ZMBeauty Natural Invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape
  • NO.6 Eye Charm Magic Slim - Double Sided Eyelid Tapes
  • NO.7 Pormasbenzer Ultra Invisible Two-sided Sticky Double Eyelid Tape Stickers
  • NO.8 Dedila Scala Pro 572pcs 0.5mm Makeup Eyelid Double Sided Tape
  • NO.9 DAISO Natural Double Eyelid Nudy Tape
  • NO.10 Eye Magic Premium Instant Eye Lift For Droopy Eyelids

10 Best Eyelid Tape for Hooded Eyes 2022

Jan 13, 2022

Many people use eyelid tapes to beautify their eyes. Eyelid tapes are so magic as to change your single lids into double lids, achieving bigger eyes and charming eye makeup without surgery.

Eyelid tapes are different in shapes, sizes, and colors, so you should choose them according to your eye shapes and the skin around your eyes. How to choose the right eyelid tapes if you have hooded eyes? You should consider the following four factors—type, color, shape, and texture.

  1. Type: There are single-sided and double-sided eyelid tapes available in the market. Single-sided tapes are sticky on one side, suitable for heavy makeup; whereas double-sided tapes are sticky on both sides, suitable for light makeup.
  2. Color: The color of the eyelid tapes is an essential factor. You can opt for eyelid tapes that match your skin tone perfectly. Or you can choose the transparent eyelid tapes that will go with any skin tone.
  3. Shape: Eyelid tapes are in crescent shapes, semi-circular shapes, and other shapes. Therefore, a semi-circular shape is quite common. Semi-circular eyelid tapes are wide and have a strong holding capability, suitable for those who want to enlarge their eyes and those with excess eyelid fat and hooded eyes. Crescent eyelid tapes are narrow and less supportive, suitable for people with thin and double eyelids. Of course, you can adjust their length and shape for your needs.
  4. Texture: You should choose light and comfortable eyelid tapes for long-time use.

It should also be noted that you should immediately take off eyelid tapes if you feel uncomfortable. Your health always goes before beauty.

We have carefully selected the following ten eyelid tapes suitable for hooded eyes through investigations and experiments. We hope they will be ideal for you.

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  • Strong stickiness,
  • Natural effect, Long-lasting,
  • Comfortable, Water-resistant, Easy to wear
  • None

D.U.P is a professional eyelid tape brand in Japan. It provides high-quality products beloved by consumers, among which many have won beauty awards. Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra, its star product, is selling well on Amazon. The tape is designed for people with single and hooded eyelids. It enhances your double eyelids and makes your eyes bigger by deepening creases on your eyelids. Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra is crescent-shaped and thin, fitting closely with the eye contour to achieve natural double eyelids. The eyelid tape is easy to use and suitable for all skin types. Even if you have excessive fat around your eyes, you can also use it. The eyelid tape is breathable with no irritation to your eyelids. In addition, the medical-grade adhesive tape allows you to wear it all day long without falling off even in summer. A user said, “Love this product! Although I was not born with mono-lidded eyes, one eyelid is more narrow in shape than the other. This eyelid tape corrects it just fine and stays on firmly until I am ready to remove it. The size and length are perfect for me.”

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  • Dermatologist certificated
  • Cruelty free, Comfortable
  • Various sizes
  • Natural effect, Easy to wear
  • Moderate stickiness, Expensive

Magicstripes is a brand founded by the makeup artist Natalie Franz, specializing in beauty tools. Its popular masks and eyelid tapes have been recommended by many well-known websites such as VOGUE, ELLE, and InStyle. Eyelid Lifting is its iconic and popular product. Eyelid Lifting is divided into three sizes of S, M, and L according to different eyelid shapes. They are all suitable for hooded eyes. Dermatologically tested as “Excellent”, the skin-friendly eyelid tape is made of soft and elastic silicone. It is comfortable to wear without any foreign body sensation. The eyelid tape with translucent silicone will perfectly camouflage with your skin, suitable for creating different eye makeup. The beauty artist MEIRAV DEVASH also confirmed it, “The stickers themselves are pretty makeup-friendly — you can apply shadow over them, which actually makes them easier to hide.” Eyelid Lifting has adhesion on one side, which is convenient to use and suitable for novices. However, some users reflected that it is not sticky enough. So we recommend that you wipe off excess sweat and oil on the eyelids before using it to maintain a long-lasting effect.

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  • Breathable, Comfortable, Lightweight
  • Matte, Portable, Cost-effective
  • Moderate stickiness

Dedila is committed to producing various beauty tools including false eyelashes and eyelid tapes. Pro 600Pcs by a Box Makeup Breathable Eyelid Tape has been recommended by BestReviews for its outstanding quality. The eyelid tape is in moderate width and its color matches with your skin, achieving natural double eyelids effect. It is suitable for people who want to make their double eyelids more visible. If you have hooded eyes or invisible double eyelids, you can try it. Different from regular eyelid tapes, this tape adopts a porous design that is breathable and comfortable and reduces the burden on the eyelids to a certain extend. It is sticky on one side and matte textured, easy to wear, apply makeup, and take off. However, the stickiness is not enough for people with oily skin around eyelids. The tape comes with a fork rod to help novices quickly find creases on eyelids. The eyelid tape packaged in a transparent box is small and cute, suitable for carrying around. All in all, it is cost-effective and worth buying.

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  • Natural materials, Invisible, Multiple sizes
  • Strong stickiness, Water-resistant, Various accessories, Latex/Cruelty Free,
  • Not suitable for novices

Beauty Logic is an American brand specializing in eyelid tapes. It boasts various types of eyelid tapes beloved by users all over the world. FIBER AQUA LACE EYELID LIFT KIT, its star product, is selling well on Amazon. It is a cult favorite among bloggers and beauty artists. The eyelid tape is made of natural materials without latex, suitable for sensitive skin. This tape fits all eye shapes and is suitable for people who want more natural eye makeup or who like light makeup. The fiber eyelid tape is lightweight and natural, which seems to disappear on the lids. It is also strongly sticky and water-resistant. The official said that it can stay on the eyelids for 10~20 hours, suitable for pool parties, fashion shows, and other occasions. The product comes with a variety of accessories including a Y-shaped fork rob, plastic tweezers, glue, etc., of which you may use at least one during the whole process of gluing eyelid tapes. However, it is a bit troublesome to use it. You should dip and coat the tape in adhesive and then apply the tape on the crease of the eyelids. The tape is available in four different sizes which are S, M, L, and XL, making it easy for you to choose the perfect size.

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  • Hypoallergenic, Breathable, Water-resistant,
  • Invisible, Easy to wear, Cost-effective
  • Weak holding capability

ZMBeauty is a professional beauty brand, specializing in beauty products and beauty tools. The affordable and high-quality products have a good reputation. Natural Invisible Single Side Eyelid Tape is very popular among consumers for its good effect of lifting eyelids and enlarging eyes. The crescent eyelid tape is suitable for droopy and uneven eyelids, making your eyes rounder and deeper. However, it is not wide enough for people with excess fat around eyelids. The high-quality eyelid tape is made of medical-use fiber, which does not irritate the skin and is waterproof and sweat-resistant. At the same time, it matches and camouflages with most skin tones, achieving the invisible effect. Thanks to the good adhesive, you will not feel pain when tearing off the tape. It comes with a fork rob, convenient for novices to wear. In general, it is cost-effective. A user commented on Amazon, “I have extremely hooded eyes. Prior to using eyelid tapes, my eyes were very droopy and I always looked sad. The tapes helped my eye look bigger and more awake. Now I can apply eye makeup with ease. Initially, it will take you a bit of practice and patience to apply them but, it will get easier over time.”

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  • Good adhesive, Strong holding capability,
  • Easy to use, Cost-effective
  • May look unnatural,
  • Painful when tearing off

Eye Charm is well-known for its eyelid tapes, recommended by BestReviews and other authoritative websites. Magic Slim-Double Sided Eyelid Tapes are popular and praised by many users on Amazon. A user said, “ I’ve always had uneven, hooded eyelids. I really wanted to even them out and discovered this tape on YouTube. Now let me tell ya, it took me almost a whole sheet of these things and a couple of hours to figure out how in the world to make them work, but I finally got the hang of it and I’m really happy with the results.” These double-sided adhesive tapes are easy for novices to use. They will master the skill after once to twice use. The tapes are olive-shaped, suitable for people with slender eye contours. Professionally researched and developed, these medical-grade tapes have strong stickiness and enough holding capability. The double eyelids effect can be maintained all day long even if you have fat eyelids and regular wearing makes your double eyelids fold more visible. However, you may feel pain when tearing tapes off. Though the tapes are white, they are not obvious on your eyelids. You should avoid excessive sweat when wearing the tape to achieve natural eye makeup. Excessive oil can also affect your makeup. These novice-friendly tapes come with a fork rod, helping you easily wear eyelid tapes. The package comes with multiple pairs of eyelid tapes, which are affordable and cost-effective.

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  • Hypoallergenic, Easy to wear,
  • Invisible, Cost-effective
  • None

Pormasbenzer is committed to creating high-quality beauty products that are affordable. Ultra Invisible Two-sided Sticky Double Eyelid Tape Stickers are popular and hot products recommended by many review websites. Users evaluated them on Amazon, “It will give you a pair of charming eyes, especially perfect for hooded, droopy, uneven, or mono-eyelids.” They are made of medical-use adhesive fiber that is waterproof, breathable, and non-irritative, suitable for most people. The translucent silicone makes the tapes invisible. These stickers make your eyes rounder and look energetic, suitable for different occasions. You can wear them all day long without discomfort. Yet it should be noted that they are not very sticky, so they may fall off with excessive sweat and oil around the eyes. We recommended you pair them with high-quality glue. If you use eyelid tapes for the first time, don’t worry, the fork rob attached can help you wear the stickers easily and adjust them flexibly. In general, the stickers have a good double eyelids effect and they are cost-effective.

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  • Invisible,
  • Waterproof and sweat-resistant,
  • Strong holding capability, Various accessories, Cost-effective
  • Not easy to wear,
  • Making oily cosmetics not easy to apply

Dedila is committed to producing various beauty tools including false eyelashes and eyelid tapes. Scala Pro 572pcs 0.5mm Makeup Eyelid Double Sided Tape is one of its iconic products and is praised by many users. Different from regular eyelid tapes, this tape is made of polymeric fiber that is waterproof and sweat-resistant. It is also oil-resistant, making the makeup difficult to stick on your eyelids’ crease for a long time. So we recommend you apply facial primer before wearing the tape. This double-sided tape has strong elasticity that fits the various arc of creases to make it invisible, suitable for most people. This tape can deepen the double eyelids crease, especially suitable for people with hooded eyes. The product not only comes with various eyelid tapes but also a fork rob and scissors, convenient for adjusting and trimming these tapes to create ideal double eyelids. However, some people reflected that it required skills and experiences to use.

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  • Matte, light and thin, Hypoallergenic,
  • Natural double eyelids effect,
  • Easy to wear, Cost-effective
  • Moderate stickiness

DAISO is a cosmetic brand beloved by female consumers. The innovative products launched every year are cult-favorites among women for their reasonable price and high quality. Natural Double Eyelid Nudy Tape is a hot product that is top-rated in many beauty product lists. The tape with a not large arc is suitable for long and narrow eyes. It has the same texture and color as a band-aid that is nude matte and lightweight, more comfortable to wear than double-sided tape. The tape will not reflect light, so you can also wear it without makeup. Thanks to the tape’s color, it is more suitable for people with dark skin and those who pursue natural makeup. The high-quality tape is made of hypoallergenic materials that are gentle to the skin, suitable for people with sensitive skin and hooded eyes. However, some people with oily skin reflected that the tape is not sticky and easy to fall off. We recommend you wipe off the excess oil on your skin before use. Many users praised it, “ I have tried the thicker tape clear tape and just ended up throwing it away because It was too wide and didn't blend with the skin at all. These are definitely worth a try, does what it's supposed to. Not just for Asian eyes.”  

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  • Safe materials,
  • Natural double eyelids effect,
  • Invisible, Various sizes
  • Adhesives should be purchased separately.

Eye Magic specializes in eye care tools with the mission of solving women’s different eye problems. Its products are all made in the United Stated that is reliable. Premium Instant Eye Lift For Droopy Eyelids is its iconic product with high sales. It enhances the double eyelids effect and visually eliminates bags on your eyes, suitable for people with hooded eyes and excessive fat around eyes. The tape is professionally designed with medical-use materials, which are scientifically tested to be safe and reliable. The eye lift is a transparent film that blends with most skin tones and looks natural. It works with or without makeup. The adhesive has good stickiness and is designed not to cause skin damage or pain, providing you with a comfortable wearing experience. However, the product does not come with adhesives, you should purchase it separately. A user evaluated it, “I have been using these eyelid tapes for at least 10 years to help my droopy, sagging upper eyelids. I have tried many different brands, but these are at the top of the favorites list. I can still wear eyeliner without my eyelid covering it and smearing it. They are easy to apply once you get used to them, which was pretty quick.”

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