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8 Best Foot Creams for Dry Feet 2022

Many people neglect the daily care of their feet and some may apply leftover body cream to the feet. However, foot care is very essential! Your feet are carrying around your whole body all day and the body weight will put pressure on your feet, so your feet are usually drier than other body parts. Don’t use body lotion on your feet because they are not heavy enough to relieve your dry spots.

Dry feet are not so cute when you wear sandals in summer, and it’s time to use foot cream for beautiful, baby-soft feet. There are so many foot cream products on the market and some of you may be overwhelmed about choosing the right one. I recommend you choose foot creams that are formulated with vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe vera for better hydration and smoothness. And it’s better to use foot cream at night before bedtime.

My team and I have rounded up the following 8 best foot creams for dry feet. Hope this list will help those who are suffering from dry, cracked feet!

9 Best Sheet Masks for Acne-Prone Skin 2022

Will you especially apply a cleanser or moisturizer designed for dry and flaky skin if you may probably notice acne on your face due to unhealthy diet, stressful lifestyle, hormonal problems, and so on?

So do the facial masks. At first, the masks are considered to be the upscale skincare products even later more and more newfangled and unfamiliar formulations springing up in the skincare trade like mushrooms, but you still need to focus on and choose the products that are designed to treat various kinds of skin conditions such as acne, dullness, and hyperpigmentation. The particular ingredients of these masks will help you to relieve and reduce inflammation and widen pores.

Thus, if you don’t have any decisions to pick up what type of masks, we will offer assistance for you. It’s because there are many types and effects of the masks, we will only introduce you to the sheet masks that are good for acne-prone skin. Please learn more about their features and benefits from the below.

10 Best Eye Creams for Dark Circles and Under-Eye Bags 2022

If you have been messed in removing dark circles and bags, why not start by learning how dark circles and bags form and then find the best way to treat them.

According to consulting dermatologists, they indicate that there are several reasons to lead to dark circles and bags. The subjective reasons are mainly dehydration and sleep insufficiency. The objective reason majors in the skin of the lower eyelid which is the thinnest skin in the body and it will become saggy and wrinkled as time goes on, leading to a range of skin problems.

Unfortunately, we discover that some ladies just use a few slices of cucumber to treat their dark circles and bags, but it is not enough. You need to apply a targeted eye cream that contains the right ingredients to rejuvenate this area of delicate eyes. Come and pick up the right eye cream for yourself from the following products.

10 Best Cleansing Balms 2022

We clearly understand how important a good cleansing balm is for any lady who needs to wear makeup during the whole day.

The cleansing balm is usually smoother and softer than soap and it can melt away the traces of waterproof mascara, long-wearing foundations, and sunscreens without striking a blowing, and it can be massaged into the face to your heart’s content.

Most of the cleansing balms are solid formulations that will turn into a greatly satisfying, silky oil-like texture when it is heated on the skin. Combined with a little water, the balm will turn to a creamy texture that leaves your face incredibly fresh and clean.

However, there are several kinds of types available at different prices for you to choose one, just like other products. Thus, we have already provided some products to help you make the decision clearly.

8 Best Drugstore Tanners 2022

Maybe you’ve been itching to go on a beach trip and acquire a nice tan, but you can’t because of the Covid-19 restriction. Aside from that, overexposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays can result in a variety of skin issues, including dark spots, redness, and even skin cancer. No one wants that, right? That’s why your new best friend will be the self-tanners.

Preparation is just as crucial as the use of self-tanner. If your skin isn’t properly prepped, your skin tone may look fake, streaky, or even muddy. Here are some tips for you both before and during the tanning process. First, before you begin, clean and exfoliate your skin gently. Second, protect and hydrate the skin’s most vulnerable areas like your hands, elbows, knees, feet, and any other dry, rough parts of your body, with a high-quality moisturizer. Third, you’d better wear a tanning mitt to avoid getting dirty. Fourth, wash your hands one to two hours after application. Allow for the tan to develop before showering. Last but not least, always moisturize your body to keep your skin in a good condition all the time.

To save your time from picking the right tanning products among a million options on the market, our team and I have tested many products in many forms, like lotion, and mist, and finally rounded up 8 best pieces for you. I hope these products can build a long-lasting, even, and glowing tan while making skin feel comfortable.

9 Best Cleansing Oils for Acne-Prone Skin 2022

Good news to those with acne prone skin! Dermatologists indicate that using a cleansing oil is one of the best ways to reduce acne.

As its name suggests, cleansing oil, which can remove oil from your face in a safe and degrading way, is different from traditional cleansing foam cleanser that causes dryness and inflammation of the skin.

The theory is based on the conception of the like-dissolves-like principle that cleansing oil will be able to remove all excess sebum, oil-based makeup, and residuary sunscreen. In addition to deeply nourishing the skin, clearing pores, and preventing the growth of acne, cleansing oil can maintain the skin’s PH balance value and strengthen the barrier of the skin.

Come and pick up a long-lasting and effective cleansing oil from the below if you are in need!

8 Best Conditioners for Dry Damaged Hair 2022

Dry, frizzy hair has become a common worry for many people. There are many causes of dry, damaged hair. When your hair does not receive or retain enough moisture, it becomes dry. Dry hair is prone to breakage, lacks shine, and appears frizzy and dull. What’s more, frequent hair coloring, perming, and bleaching can cause chemical damage and heat damage to your hair, leading to dry, damaged hair. As we age, we are more likely to get dry and damaged hair as well. This is why it is so important to use conditioner after shampooing. While shampoo helps remove oil and dirt from the hair, conditioner does a good job in hydrating the hair, adding shine and making it look beautiful and healthy.

Almost all conditioners are good at hydrating, but different conditioners can address specific hair problems and various needs. We have tested hundreds of conditioners and selected the best 8 of them with the highest overall scores. To help you choose the best conditioner for your hair type, we have summarized the highlights of each product for your reference.

8 Best Halo Diamond Rings 2022

Pure and hard diamonds are nature’s most precious creations, symbolizing eternity and power. Simple diamond rings have become the top trend after the launch of Tiffany's six-prong setting. And later many big names have also launched new styles, among which my favorite is halo diamond rings as they are more shiny and attractive.

In recent years, there have been so many great halo diamond rings on the market. I have rounded up the following 8 best pieces for you. These diamonds are quality and unique. Hope you will like them.

8 Best Square Frame Glasses 2022

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming nearsighted. Most people think that glasses are not good-looking and they prefer to wear contact lenses to attend important occasions or go to parties. But contact lenses can't be worn for a long time every day, not suitable for those with sensitive eyes and inflammation. In that case, can they only accept their fate as "ugly ducklings"? of course not!

Curved square glasses have been trendy in recent years. They are very suitable for users with round faces as they can flatter your face.

Apart from frame type, the color and material of the glasses are also very important. I've compiled the following best square frame glasses for you. Hope you’ll like them!

8 Best Blue Tint Glasses 2022

There will be different looks when blue lens is paired with frame of different patterns or colors. For example, blue lens with a coffee or tortoiseshell frame is the most vintage, with leopard or abstract pattern adds a chic touch, with silver looks quite futuristic, and with a dark wood frame brings a mature vibe right away.

Blue lens also has many advantages, such as anti-radiation, being more abrasion-resistant than other lenses, and a longer service life. Many brands have launched a wide range of blue tint glasses, like sea blue, serge blue and electric blue. We’ve rounded up 8 pieces for you. Read on to find the right one.


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