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10 Best Concealers For Mature Skin 2022

A concealer works similar to a foundation but is usually thicker. It hides pigmentation by evening the color and blending those blemishes into the skin. Be aware that it is applied after foundation to avoid smudging. There are many shades of concealers for different skin tones. When choosing a concealer, we recommend that you choose one slightly lighter than your skin tone. Because it is more than just hiding dark circles and blemishes under your eyes.

People use concealers for different purposes, ranging from evening skin tone to cover certain types of blemishes like scars. Different colors have different effects. Yellow is for dark circles. Green and Blue are for redness caused by acne, ruptured veins, or rosacea, and Purple is for the sallow face.

Women with mature skin choose concealers that solve the problems caused by skin aging, such as fine lines, dryness, wrinkles, age spots, and so on.

We collected a lot of top-selling concealers and asked our testers to try them. Their reviews and expert advice are adopted to find our top 10 concealers. They are all suitable for mature skin. I believe there will be one that will please you.

10 Best BB Creams with SPF 2022

Long-term exposure to UV rays can easily cause melanin deposition on the face, resulting in freckles. What's more serious is that the skin will age prematurely. Many people have realized this and have added sun protection to their daily makeup routine.

For people who always wear makeup, BB cream is a frequently used base makeup product. BB cream combines covering blemishes, evening skin tone, concealing pores and other functions into one. Most of the BB creams on the market now have sun protection, and some products with a high SPF can provide both sun protection and makeup benefits. In summer or plateau region with strong UV rays, you need to use BB cream with a high SPF, and even apply a sunscreen. Besides, it should be noted that you should apply it gently without rubbing hard for better sunscreen effect.

Based on ingredients, makeup effects, concealing power, SPF, user reviews, etc., we've rounded up 10 best BB cream with excellent sun protection.

10 Best Concealers for Acne Scars 2022

In beauty products, primer is often ignored, but it plays an important role in all the makeup steps. It can not only cover skin defects for a good modification of the skin state but also ease the follow-up makeup steps without caking or other embarrassing cases. For dry skin, the most important effect of a primer is "hydrating and moisturizing".

Insufficient oil secretion on dry skin may result in more obvious wrinkles, which will cause caking during makeup and melting afterward. So, for dry skin, try to avoid light primer, because it can not provide effective hydrating and moisturizing, and won’t reduce caking.

Also, heavy primer should also be avoided, because it can not be absorbed in a short time, and will be caking when doing makeup. When using primer, generally squeeze it into a soybean size on your forehead, nose, and chin, as well as your cheeks, and then gently pat it into absorption. Too much or too little can not effectively create good skin conditions for the following makeup.

Based on thousands of feedbacks from users and the opinions of dermatologists, we have selected the following 10 primers suitable for dry skin. We believe that they can effectively avoid caking. If you are looking for a primer, I hope this article can help you.

10 Best Pressed Powder for Dry Skin 2022

Pressed powder is a must-have beauty tool and works wonders to remove the sheen and make your face look smooth and even. What kind of pressed powder is perfect for dry skin? Especially in Autumn, it would be more trouble for girls with dry skin to do skincare and makeup. For dry skin, it should be prudent to choose cosmetics,  especially powdery products.

Pressed powder can be used as a light concealer and is more moisturizing than loose powder. So pressed powder is perfect for dry skin to set makeups in winter. If you use pressed powder in summer, it may be slightly thick. You can use a powder puff or a makeup sponge to dip it. Powder foundation is portable so that you can carry them in your bag and retouch your makeup on the go.

A lot of people with dry skin think the pressed powder is designed for oily skin. Some people are puzzled, is it possible for dry skin? The answer is an absolute yes. However, we must pay attention to the ingredients. Some contain moisturizing ingredients. Although it is powder, it is very moisturizing on the face to firmly attach the skin. And for dry skin, we should do a good job in skincare like moisturizing and hydrating in order to dry and peel with pressed powder.

Based on users’ reviews and some experts’ advice, and trials by our testers over all kinds of pressed powder, we round up the 10 best items for dry skin. If you didn’t try any of these before, trust me, they will give you a big surprise.

10 Best Liquid Foundation for Dry Skin 2022

For perfect makeup, a good foundation is everything. There are all kinds of foundations in the market, such as powder and liquid foundations. Different foundations are targeting different skin types. If you have dry skin, then the liquid foundation may be suitable for you.

Liquid foundations are generally containing moisturizing ingredients, helping the skin to stay watering. The creamy foundation should be spread easily and can not be cakey. Especially in autumn and winter, the skin tends to become dry and sensitive. At this moment, you should take it seriously when choosing a liquid foundation.

Based on thousands of the feedbacks of users and the opinions of dermatologists, we have selected the following 10 items suitable for dry skin. We believe that they can effectively avoid caking. If you are looking for one, I hope this article can help you.

10 Best Cool Hats for Men 2022

A hat is not only the finishing touch to a woman’s ensemble, but also a must-have fashion item for men. Aside from providing shade and warmth, it can be used to flatter the face, match clothes or cover up the messy hair. So a stylish hat is an essential for men.

There are many types of men’s hats out there, from baseball caps, flat caps, newsboy caps to visors, berets, Panama hats, etc. You can definitely choose the one that suits you best. Baseball caps are quite common hat styles, with a variety of patterns and colors to choose from. It suits a wide range of people. You can wear it backwards to look cool, which is also the trend in the hip-hop community. Bucket hats are also a good everyday wear option for men. The versatile hat makes you instantly look more fashionable. For mature men, I recommend flat caps and Panama hats. The former gives off a vintage vibe, while the latter is more stylish, casual, and formal. Even celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are big fans of Panama hats.

Not sure where to start? I rounded up 10 best men’s hats to make you look cool. Scroll down to check them out!

10 Best Travel Makeup Bags 2022

I believe that a makeup bag is a must-have for every lady on their travels. It can be used for storing and protecting cosmetics to save space. Makeup bags are both practical and pretty, favored by many consumers. Many beauty brands launch a variety of makeup bags, and fashion magazines often attach makeup bags as gifts.

When choosing a makeup bag, many people always look at the shape and color rather than its material, size and practicality, etc., which are also important. If you like a lightweight makeup bag, you can choose a small one that is easy to carry around. If you want large capacity, you can pick a large-sized makeup bag suitable for travel. If you’re looking for a makeup bag, you should consider the following points:

  1. The cosmetic bag with large opening is convenient to make items accessible.
  2. Cosmeticbags with multiple compartments are easy to store items separately. In addition, it is recommended to choose a cosmetic bag with large vertical pockets or elastic holders to avoid spills.

    3.A relatively soft cosmetic bag can effectively protect the cosmetics. Of course, you need to allocate the items reasonably without emptiness.

  1. Awater-resistantcosmetic bag is dirt-proof and washable.

We opt for 10 high-quality cosmetic bags in terms of appearance, material, design, price, etc., and we hope you can select the one you like the best.

The 10 Best Shoulder Bags of 2022

Shoulder bag is a perfect everyday handbag. Aside from storing items (mobile phones, lipsticks, notebooks, keys and the like), it also goes best with everyday dressing up. Shoulder bags are available in different capacities, shapes and colors to suit every occasion, such as daily commute, shopping, business trips, meetings and dating. Handbag buyer Dave Thomas said that shoulder bag will never go out of style. In addition to making you look more elegant, a well-chosen shoulder bag is truly worth the investment.

We rounded up a host of brands that enjoy a great reputation thanks to the design and craftsmanship of their handbags. Many may be names you’re already familiar with: Prada, GUCCI, Dior, Chloé, Bottega Veneta, LV, etc. We also picked quite a few niche brands. Exquisite and practical, the products from these brands are recommended by numerous well-known publications and Hollywood celebrities. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect shoulder bag, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

The 10 Best Beach Bags of 2022

Beach bags may be carried for various outdoor activities—beach getaways or picnic hangs daily. You may fit in a beach bag with your on-the-go necessaries such as sunglasses, sunscreens, keys, towels, slippers, or even a surfboard. A versatile beach bag can classify your goods for quick access with fuss-free, which means that it is safe without tearing or leaking. A beautiful bag with fancy designing and coloring can elevate your outfit brilliance. Imagine this, when you are playing with a chic beach bag, how will you feel? Of course, you will be happy! Fashion blogger Victor Antonia once said, “Please, do not look down on a beach bag, which is actually one of my favorites.”

We studied and organized many popular brands, such as Mark & Graham, Dejaroo, Shylero and Lands’End etc. Each of them launches excellent bags, most of which are loves of fashionistas. You can choose your love according to the following brands listed.

The 10 best Ballet Flats of 2022

You’re not gonna believe that the features of ballet flats were originally used in the design of men's shoes. They were called soft-soled shoes and were actually not used for ballet. This style of shoe entered the ballet world until 1720 when Ballerina Marie Camargo worn it for her performance. Though this was only a special case at the time, women began to complain that high heels were uncomfortable to wear. After the French Revolution, the standard ballet shoes were replaced with the flats.

The red ballet flats worn by Brigitte Bardot in the movie "And God Created Woman" were all the rage then. Audrey Hepburn also fell in love with the improved ballet shoes and wore a pair of ballet flats for the first time in "Roman Holiday".

The soft, lightweight ballet flats can hug your feet perfectly, great for long walks when traveling or shopping. They are comfortable and versatile, and have become the cult-favorite of fashionistas. I’ve rounded up many brands, including Margaux, Repetto, and Everlane, etc. These brands are very popular thanks to the design style and comfort, and many of them are beloved by a whole host of Hollywood stars. Now, if you’re ready to invest in a pair of ballet flats, scroll down to check the following list of brands I compiled for you.


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