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The 10 Best Hair Essential Oils of 2022

Hair oil is generally a mix of "oil-based ingredients" extracted form plants, rather than real essential oils. Many leave-in creamy products or lotions are sometimes difficult to control precisely because you have to take into account many aspects, like application method, applying time, and the amount. That’s why good results can not be achieved. Hair oils have better performance than leave-in conditioners, as they cover the hair follicles more directly, locking in moisture, reducing dryness and restoring healthy shininess. According to Birnur Aral, Director of a Beauty Salon, the hair oil is like a protective film to keep hair separated and making it smooth and easy to take care. Dry hair, frizzy hair or damaged hair are the best candidates for using hair oils. For healthy hair, it is not necessary to use hair oils. For delicate hair, it is not recommended to use hair oils, otherwise your hair will be more prone to flattening and lack of vitality.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Kerastase, Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of hair oils we’ve compiled for you.

10 Best Natural Looking Mascaras 2022

For mascaras, what we usually care about is whether it looks natural or not. The thick mascara generally contains more fiber, which can be easily stuck, looking like flies' legs. The mascara containing polymers can make each eyelash look longer and more attractive.

About the mascara brush, those with its shape perfectly matching the curling trend are recommended; and those with thin and clear brushes are also good for natural lashes when dipping the liquid foundation. Also, beautiful lashes do not necessarily mean longer ones, a moderate length is just enough, but of course, depending on individual tastes. The firm, fresh and fine lashes are cared for and created by mascaras featuring good color-rending without being caked and multiple layers.

We search for various eyeliners and compared them, including some with a high sales volume. Based on users’ reviews and advice of makeup artists, we list the 10 best natural mascaras. If you didn’t use any of them. Trust me. Here must be the one you are looking for.

10 Best Mascaras For Short Lashes 2022

Many girls are not quite satisfied with their eyelash length. They want long and curly ones. Well, mascaras can make eyelashes slender and thicker. Some people are born with short eyelashes. A thick eyelash brush is easy to apply to the eyelids, so it is recommended to use mascara with a thin brush head, which can also brush your lower eyelashes. Of course, there are mascaras with various brush heads, which you can choose according to your preference.

If the length of your lashes is the one thing you need to improve the most, focus on eyelash growth. You can choose mascara containing fiber, polymers, or the one added with collagen and alike nutrients to grow your lashes. A premium mascara can be applied for many layers without caking. It is advisable to choose a mascara with a light film that is waterproof and won’t affect your eye makeup.

Before applying mascara, you need to curl your eyelashes first. By doing so, you can make a perfect one without too much contact with your eyelids and melting. By the way, you'll get even better results if you apply mascara after the revitalash.

Based on users’ reviews and some experts’ advice over all kinds of mascaras, we round up the 10 best items for short eyelashes. If you didn’t use any of them, trust me, you will find your pick here.

10 Best Eyeliners For Hooded Eyes 2022

There are many types of eye shapes, and not all are born with big eyes in double eyelids. Many people are born with hooded eyes or single eyelids that make it difficult to apply eyeliner perfectly. Those with hooded eyes need to draw lash lines to accentuate the contour of their eyelids. Lash lines can stress the beauty of the eyes. Dark lash lines can serve as a bright contrast to the eye white to make it clear and bright as well as reduce the fatigue state that eye blood vessel brings.

The best eyeliner for hooded eyes should have a thin tip that can outline the lash lines accurately, instead of a marker-type of the thick tip which is difficult to control. The thin tip is easy to color. A good eyeliner is consisted of solid tips, focusing on fast drying, waterproof and anti-shading features. You can opt for a dark black eyeliner and use it to create a nice lash line end. Hooded eyes feature long and narrow eyelids, so a pointed eyeliner is needed for accurate lash line position which shall not cover double eyelids. If you want to draw up your eyes, you can get your lids ripped up gently to draw the upper lash line for a little wide look without covering double eyelids.

Based on users’ reviews, advice from my makeup artist friends, and the comparison over all kinds of eyeliners including those with high sales volume, we round up the 10 best items for hooded eyes. If you didn’t use any of them, trust me, maybe there is the one you are looking all the way.

10 Best Eyeliners For Inner Eyeliner 2022

Nude make-up has become very popular in recent years as our aesthetic has become more and more towards "natural" beauty. Instead of thick and black lash lines as well as curly and bushy lashes, it's the inner eyelash lines that make the eyes look more vibrant and let outer eyelash lines more natural. If we miss inner eyelash lines, there will be a white brim that separates our eyes and lash lines, being so awkward. Some people feel their eyes smaller with eyelash lines because outer eyelash lines take part space of double eyelids.

To this end, inner eyelash lines can avoid such embarrassment to a great extent to make your eyes look big and your lashes bushy. You can also use a dark brown or black eyeliner for a bushy and dark look, or for a sexy and smoky look on the lower lash line. You can use black, white, or pink eyeliners to brighten inner lash lines.

A glue eyeliner may be stimulating, so many makeup artists recommend liquid and creamy eyeliners for inner eyelash lines. The skin of eyelash lines is delicate and easy to be irritated. It is good to choose a creamy eyeliner for a smooth finish. Of course, you can reduce smelting by using eyeshadow with layers of loose powder to set your makeup. In addition, before applying eyeliner, use a cotton swab to dry the oil and moisture of the inner eyeliner to make it easier to apply makeup.

We search for various eyeliners and compared them, including some with a high sales volume. Based on users’ reviews and advice of makeup artists, we list the 10 best eyeliners for inner eyeliner. If you didn’t use any of them. Trust me. Here must be the one you are looking for.

10 Best Eyeshadows For Green Eyes 2022

Green eyes conjure up images of cute elves or mysterious magicians. For green eyes, a purple eyeshadow is the most flattering one. Purple is opposite to green on the color plate, making green stand out more than any other color. When you use a plum-colored eyeshadow, you might get some praises like "I didn't expect your eyes to be so green!" Red is the complementary color of green, so any shade of red eyeshadow (such as pink, coral and gold) will accentuate your green eyes, although saturated red or orange may not be used daily. We often think that copper or brown eyeshadow go best with blue eyes, and actually they go just as appealing with green eyes. Others have green eyes of a cool hue, somewhere between green and blue-gray. For them, dark shades such as silver and gray can be used to create a mature look for parties or bars. Still other colors can also be perfect for stars with green eyes.

Based on users’ reviews and some experts’ advice, and trials by our testers over all kinds of eyeshadows including those with high sales volume, we round up 10 best items for green eyes. If you didn’t try any of these before, trust me, maybe they are just your pick.

10 Best Eyeshadows For Hazel Eyes 2022

“If you have hazel eyes, you can choose  autumn-inspired colors like brown, gold and green for your eyeliners and mascaras, which will be perfect,” says makeup artist Emmy Mccoy.

You can choose a green or brown eyeshadow. Apply  gold or creamy one to the inner corners and center of the lid and sweep gold one over your eyelids to create a soft and deep eye look. A warm and neutral brown can be used as the bottom layer eyeshadow, which will give you a easy way to other colors afterwards. You can also use pearl powder on it, which is shiny but not obtrusive. If you want to make your eyes look deep, you can draw brown lash lines, which may not be as attractive as black, but still accentuate your eyes. Gold and bronze warm up hazel eyes and accentuate the flash gold, light green and brown tones in hazel eyes. Purple eyeshadow is also suitable for hazel eyes. Purple and bronze are opposite ends on the color wheel, purple can always be well matched with hazel, and it is very suitable for creating smoky eyes. At this context, you can choose dark purple eyeliner, which will be very sexy.

By reading fashion magazines and studying the makeup skills of bloggers and celebrities, I picked out 10 eyeshadows for hazel eyes among popular ones with high sales volume. If you didn’t try any of them before, trust me, there will be one for you.

10 Best Eyeshadows For Blue Eyes 2022

Choosing an eyeshadow for blue eyes is easy because blue itself is such a versatile color. Blue eyes are more common among European and American stars, and they have tried various color combinations. Cool colors include green, blue, purple and pink; warm colors include yellow, orange, brown and so on. These colors can be subdivided. Pink can be divided into champagne and peach; purple can be divided into lavender, violet and plum. Gold and silver can be paired to create a shining effect with shimming pearls.

As most people tried, warm brown and dark brown go well with blue eyes. You can incorporate dark brown into eye folds and use soft and warmer colors on the eyelids for contrast, creating a smoky eye. You can also choose monochrome. A simple gold eye shadow can make blue eyes stand out. In addition, applying a soft and creamy champagne eyeshadow can help create a pair of attractive and deep eyes.

Based on users’ reviews and some experts’ advice, and trials by our testers over all kinds of eyeshadow, we round up 10 best items for blue eyes. If you didn’t try any of these before, trust me, they will give you a big surprise.

10 Best Eyeliners For Beginners 2022

For eyeliner beginners, it is very difficult to draw a smooth and refined lash line. Eyeliners are available in multiple colors among which black and brown are commonly used. You can prepare one for each. For beginners, it is more recommended to use brown, which is not easy to go wrong. The core should not be too hard or too soft. It should be flexible, otherwise, it will be difficult to control, as with a little strength, it will easily draw a thick one.

If you are going to buy one, try to choose one with a slightly thin tip or directly choose a liquid eyeliner. You can use it to draw a line on your hands or arms to test before buying. If the line is even and smooth with clear coloring and drys quickly without caking, fading, or smudging, this eyeliner is good to use.

To go further, you can wet your finger to wipe it to see if it is waterproof. If it fades a little, you don't need to worry too much. If it fades badly, you can pass it off directly for another one. When choosing an eyeliner, especially for oily skin, more attention should be paid to see if it is smudged.

Based on users’ reviews and some experts’ advice, and trials by our testers over all kinds of eyeliners including those with high sales volume, we round up the 10 best items for beginners. We believe they will be helpful.

10 Best Bronzers For Medium Skin 2022

Bronzers can change the shape of facial features such as the forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose, by reflecting lights from different angles. There are two ways to do this. One is to look at the reflection of natural light and note the areas where you can see shadows (for bronzers) and light reflect (for highlights). Standing under an overhead light is a great way to find an Angle. The other way is to inhale into your cheeks, where the lines are a good starting point for contouring.

Makeup artist Benjamin Puckey says people with neutral complexions can opt for a gray-brown fix that looks like a natural shadow on the face. Makeup artist ASHLEY REBECCA says to use a matte color that's one or two degrees darker. People with neutral skin tones can opt for a bronzer trim. The tray comes in a variety of colors and can provide a variety of options that are more suitable for your skin tone. You can choose colors that match your skin tone.

Girls with neutral skin tones and beginners can choose shades of neutral brown. The color is not as solid as eye shadow, and it is light and transparent. Because it covers a large area, if the tone trend is obviously wrong, it is also very embarrassing. Backlit shadows tend to be gray and cold, but not all of the areas are on the backlit side. In order to adjust, such as the cheekbones, you can paint a lighter and warmer color on the flattering surface above the cheekbones.

We've searched out a number of bronzers for neutral skin tones. By reading user reviews and expert advice, we've selected and recommended 10 bronzers for you. If you haven't used any of these before, give them a try and they will surprise you.


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