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ARTICLES BY Grace Hannigan

8 Best Leave In Conditioner for Wavy Hair 2022

There are so many different leave in conditioners on the market, but all of them can be used for wet or dry hair. These leave in conditioners mainly contain lanolin, beeswax, vaseline and other oily substances that can last long. This also makes leave-in conditioners more suitable for permed, curly hair, or hair that is prone to split ends and dryness, as they add definition and shine.

Leave in conditioners are my go-to product when I get a wavy perm. After testing many products on the market, my team and I have rounded up the following 8 best leave in conditioners for wavy hair based on my years of experience. Hope you will love these high-quality products!

8 Best Natural Mascaras 2022

Eye makeup is the most time-consuming part of daily beauty routine, because in addition to applying eyeshadow, mascara is also an essential step. Today, there are a variety of mascaras out there. Many of them feature a unique brush tip with various ingredients, delivering different results in terms of lengths, volumes, curls and waterproofing.

One of my favorites is natural mascara. Though its effect is not as good as that of some "chemical-filled beauty products", it is safe, gentle and non-irritating, which is the most important thing for women with sensitive skin!

Based on the latest fashion trends, I’ve rounded up 8 best natural mascaras for sensitive skin after looking through the ingredients of each piece. Scroll down to check them out!

13 Best Brow Gels 2022

Eyebrow gels have always been my third favorite makeup products. I'm so excited about talking about them! Most gels are viscous liquids that come in small tubes with a good seal to keep them from drying out. And they feature a soft texture that glides on the skin or brows smoothly. And what you have to do is just pulling out the wand to brush your eyebrows for a complete makeup look. Thanks to the ultra-high pigment, it’s easy to blend to achieve a gorgeous eyebrow look in one swipe. With eyebrow gels, I can sneak in a few more minutes of sleep every day. In the meantime, most eyebrow gels contain tiny fibers that can fill in sparse areas to make your eyebrows look fuller and more natural.

My team and I have compiled the following list of 8 best brow gels according to the latest trends. These safe and powerful products can help you quickly create a perfect makeup look for daily commuting or dating.

8 Best Conditioners for Fine Hair 2022

I have fine hair that is easy to break and I always find hair in every corner of my house. My mom is fed up with my hair and always tries to kick me out on Christmas day because my damn hair is quite annoying to clean up. To be honest, my hair has troubled me for many years.

Most of the fine hair is fragile, dry, and easy to break due to the extreme lack of nutrition. A nutritious conditioner can help deeply nourish hair and reduce damage.

After testing the hair conditioners from many brands on the market, my team and I have rounded up the following 8 best professional conditioners for fine hair. They are good value for money and we hope this list will effectively help you out!

8 Best Self Tanners 2022

70% of the human body is water. And our skin will glow naturally and is elastic when it hydrated. Spending too much time in the sun can dehydration. And if you don’t moisturize your skin in time, it will appear dull, streaky, and even has flakes. What’s worse, you may get skin cancer. So, you may try self tanner.

When it comes to tanning products, self-tanners can’t be overlooked. These excellent products in lotion or foam form can give a quick tan, recommended by many beauty YouTubers. After testing thousands of self tanners on the market, my team and I compiled a list of 8 best tanning products for you. Hope you can find the right one here. 

8 Best Drugstore Waterproof Eyeliners 2022

Eye makeup is the hardest part for makeup novices. And eyeliner is the biggest problem when it comes to eye makeup. The secret weapon is a well-designed, waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner. A nice eyeliner helps create eye-catching, gorgeous eye makeup. As for brands, you can pick drugstore brands because drugstore products are hypoallergenic, safe and trustworthy. 

According to the latest trends, my team and I tested many drugstore eyeliners and finally rounded up 8 best waterproof pieces. Read on to find the right one for you.

8 Best Mascaras for Long Lashes 2022

Mascaras allow for instant defined, longer lashes and bigger eyes, making you more charming and beautiful. There are different mascaras on the market for different lashes. For example, fiber mascaras are more suitable for ladies with short lashes to make them longer; while mascaras with high definition are greater for those with long lashes to maintain the curly eyelashes.

After testing most of the popular mascaras on the market, my team and I have rounded up the following 8 best mascaras for long lashes. These products offer high definition and longer lashes, hope you will love them!

8 Best Cheap Mascaras 2022

Eye makeup especially eyelashes are the most important part of face makeup. Mascaras can make your eye makeup look more attractive, especially for those who have short and sparse lashes. Mascaras are designed to make your eyelashes look longer, thicker and your eyes look bigger. Good mascaras can make your eyes sparkling; while awful mascaras can cause clumps and give empty-looking eyes. So, choosing a great mascara is very essential.

There are many brands on the market, but many of them are cheap and ineffective, and those outstanding products are so pricey. Don’t worry, take a look at drugstore brands, you’ll find good products with affordable prices.

After testing most drugstore mascaras on the market, my team and I have compiled the following list of 8 best mascaras. Hope this list will be helpful to you!

8 Best Fake Tans for Face 2022

Many women may wonder: when we get a salon tan, should we tan our face to match our body? In fact, since the skin on neck and face is delicate, body tanners make it difficult to get even coverage, and may result in a colour discrepancy from face, neck to chest. So how to get an even tan? All we need is a fake tan for face.

As a tan lover, I have many self-tanning products in my makeup bag, one of which is the fake tan for face. After testing a lot of self-tanners out there, my team and I rounded up 8 best picks, all of which are of exceptional quality, with no irritating ingredients, safe for most people.

8 Best Creams for Cracked Hands 2022

If you’re looking for a moisturizing and long-lasting hand cream for your cracked hands, you are totally in the right place. Hand creams are available in different textures on the market. Generally speaking, hand creams are not sticky and easy to use.

You may find that some hand creams form a layer of wax on your hands after application to lock in moisture, but in fact they are not moisturizing enough. When your hands are extremely dry, choose those hand creams that can be absorbed easily and not easy to ball up. These products can improve your rough hands while effectively moisturizing the skin of the hands.

If your hands are being devastated by the cold wind, you might as well take a look at the following best hand creams! Each of them can lock in moisture and repair your dry and cracked hands. I hope this list can help you out!


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