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8 Best Drugstore Eyebrow Gel 2022

Many makeup beginners may ignore brows. However, brow makeup is very essential. A natural, defined brow look can elevate your makeup and make you more energetic. There are different brow products on the market such as pencils, powders, and gels. Today, I want to talk about eyebrow gels on this list. Eyebrow gels are designed to make your natural brows look more voluminous, fluffy, and defined. Have you ever been troubled with your sparse, thin, or unruly brows? If you have, don’t worry, eyebrow gels can surely help you out. Just a few swipes of brow gels can create a thicker, defined brow.

Eyebrow gels are generally divided into two types: colored gels and clear gels. The former is more suitable for people who want to tint and change their brow shade; while the latter can be used to hold your brows in place. By the way, clear brow gels are usually paired with a brow pencil. Before buying an eyebrow gel, you should also be armed with the following 2 tips:

  1. Remember to choose an eyebrow gel that is lighter than your own brows.
  2. The right eyebrow gel shade should match the natural color of your hair.

After testing many popular products on the market, my team and I have found that drugstore products can also work as well as those splurges. Just go to your local drugstores and you’ll find an affordable, quality eyebrow product. We have compiled the following best 8 drugstore eyebrow gels, hope this list will be helpful to you.

8 Best Hand Cream for Men 2022

Unlike women, men may pay less attention to hand care. Some men even regard their rough hands as a badge of men’s power. However, hands can be said as the second “face” of a person, so hand care is as important as skincare. Think about it, when you shake hands with others, do you want them to feel your calloused and dry hands? I believe you want to leave a great impression on them. What’s more, recently frequent hand washing has become a way to fend off flu and COVID, which may leave your hands drier and uncomfortable. It is proved by experts that every time you wash your hands, you need to use hand cream for hydration. So, from now on, be more careful about your hand care.  

Men usually have thicker skin than women and they need deeply hydrating hand cream. And people with sensitive skin should choose those hand creams that are free of paraben and synthetic fragrance. However, there are so many hand cream options on the market and you may find it hard to choose the right one. Don’t worry, my team and I have browsed up popular hand creams on the market and rounded up the following best hand creams for men. They are all suitable for dry hands, which can meet different needs. Hope this list will be helpful for you! 

10 Best Moisturizing Conditioner for Dry Hair 2022

There are many reasons that might cause hair dryness, such as chemical or heat damage, sun exposure, or simply washing too frequently. Dry hair is prone to break and is hard to combo, which can be very upsetting. Luckily, there are still things we can do to protect dry hair. Try not to wash your hair every day, as it can lead to further damage. Try not to blow dry your hair too often, because that will make your hair brittle. Last but not least, always use a hydrating conditioner after washing your hair.

With so many overwhelming conditioners on the market, it’s hard to find which one is the best for you. To save you time, I've rounded up the 10 best moisturizing conditioners and what nourishing ingredients they have for your reference.

8 Best Conditioner for Thick Hair 2022

Before picking the right product for your hair. It’d be better if you knew what kind of hair you have. Because different types of hair necessitate different types of care. Thick hair appeals to a large number of people. While your thick hair may appear to some people as a blessing, it may present a variety of problems for you. This hair type can be difficult to manage in general, but if you get it right, you’ll have the most gorgeous hair that everyone envies. So, if you have thick hair, keep reading to learn about our recommendations.

Now, Shampoo is no longer the only hair product available to help you care for your hair. A conditioner is another must-have item for everyone that keeps your hair healthy, lustrous, smooth, and voluminous. Pollution, harmful UV rays, and other things can dry out your hair, causing some hair problems like breakage, damage, frizz, etc., particularly if you have thick hair. Imagine detangling your dry, thick hair after just shampooing it. It is, without a doubt, challenging and painful. Therefore, conditioning your hair after shampooing gives is very important as it adds shine and makes it easier to remove tangles. It may seem like a lot of work to do so, but it is totally worth it. And you have the most amazing hair if you use the right hair conditioner. Applying the right hair conditioner after washing hair is just as necessary as hydrating your skin after a shower.

It can be tricky to find the right one among so many products on the market. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here is the list of the 8 best conditioners for thick hair. Hope this list can make your hair look beautiful, bouncy, and smooth.

8 Best Under Eye Patches for Puffiness 2022

Skincare products can not only prepare yourself for makeup but also relieve some skin problems. Thus, skincare has become a routine for many people worldwide. Because the skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate, small trouble can be quite prominent. So many people suffer from eye problems like wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. If you are one of them, please read on to find out solutions.

Puffy eyes occur for many reasons, including inherited facial features, aging, stress, fatigue, individual skin characteristics, etc. What can we do to change this situation? My suggestion is to apply eye patches. A nice patch has moisturizing, soothing, and anti-aging benefits for your eye area while diminishing dark circles, crows' feet, wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness.

For your ease, our team and I tested a lot of eye patches on the markets in terms of formula and result, and finally rounded up 8 products for you. Hope you can find the right one here to help you restore the firm skin around your eyes.

8 Best Tanning Lotion for Pale Skin 2022

I know, a sun-kissed glow is tempting as it makes you look more vibrant, healthy, and youthful. Do you want to have gorgeous and bronzed skin without going outside in sun? No one, especially those with pale skin, should risk sunburn, skin aging, wrinkles, or dark spots only to obtain a sun-kissed glow. What’s worse, repeated sun exposure may even lead to skin cancer, which I'm sure you don't want. To avoid these issues, using a self-tanner is a smart option.

There is a wide range of self tanners in the market, such as lotion, gel, mousse, mist, etc. And you need to be careful enough to get your hands on the right one. Among those options, I think lotion is ideal since it is more moisturizing and easier to apply. And as for people with pale skin, it’s better to pick gradual ones or the lighter ones, because these products give a softer, more natural-looking tan to your skin.

For your convenience, I tested many high-quality tanning lotions and finally rounded up the 8 best pieces for those with pale skin. Read on to find the right one for you. No matter which of the following tanning lotions you apply, be sure to read the directions first and wash your hands afterward.

8 Best Gradual Tanning Lotion 2022

The most terrifying part of using a self-tanner is not knowing what will happen when the color develops. You could end up with a tan that's overly dark or streaky if you use the wrong product. So the foolproof solution to this problem is gradual tanner.

A gradual tanning lotion builds up your color slowly over several days, meaning that you have more control over the final tone. If you're happy with your skin tone on day three, for example, just stop right there and go back to your regular skincare routine. And if you want your skin to be a little deeper, keep using it until you get the perfect tan you want.

It can be difficult for you to choose a nice gradual tanning lotion as there are so many options on the market. Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are 8 gradual tanning lotions we’ve rounded up. All of them are cost-effective and of high quality. Hope this list can help you find the right gradual tanning lotion.

8 Best Fake Tan for Pale Skin 2022

Consumer demand for skincare and personal care is influencing the growth of the global cosmetics industry. Some skincare treatments like tanning products are undergoing big changes in terms of convenience. Outdoor tanning is time-consuming, risky, uncomfortable, and sometimes expensive. Today, many people use self-tanning products to get natural-looking, dark skin indoors. So the demand for these products continues to grow.

Fake tan has now gone viral. Based on the latest fashion trends and the results of various self-tanners, I’ve rounded up 8 best fake tans. Some are from famous big names like Sr. Tropez, and some are launched by new brands like Tanologist. But anyway, each pick is worth your money.

8 Best Tanning Spray 2022

If you want to get perfect caramel skin color without sun exposure, self-tanning products will do the trick. One of the most common ingredients in self-tanners is DHA, which reacts with proteins on the skin’s surface to turn it brown instantly and develops darker results over time. When it comes to self-tanners, self-tanning spray is one of the most popular picks, since it’s easy to use and works fast.

To help you find the perfect option in the jungle of self-tanning sprays, I rounded up 8 best products that are fast-acting, beginner-friendly, and can deliver a natural-looking tan. I hope this article will help you out!

8 Best Clear Mascara 2022

If you’re a natural makeup lover, you’ve probably heard of clear mascaras. Clear mascara not only styles your lashes to keep them curled, but also can be used as a lash primer. Some products also contain nourishing ingredients that work well in lash conditioning.

After testing lots of popular clear mascaras out there, I’ve rounded up 8 best products, most of which help nourish and condition eyelashes. If you’re looking to elevate your eye makeup, scroll down to check them out!


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