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Best Primers for Oily Skin

Oily skin bases tend to peel off easily and may even become caked. Especially in the summer, your makeup can get even messier due to excessive facial oil production and perspiration. For those with oily skin, making the look last all day is the biggest problem. Oily skin without effective oil control is difficult to create a clean and flawless base makeup.

Effective skincare and a refreshing base will keep your makeup on all day. So a good oil primer is especially important for oily skin. When choosing a primer, you should try to avoid using glitter and pearlescent products. Because they can sometimes make your face look greasy.

Matte primer reduces pores and effectively controls shine, which makes your makeup look clearer and more natural and helps make subsequent makeup more durable.

I would like to remind you that if you have oily skin, please do not choose those with heavy textures or containing acne-causing ingredients. Because it's more likely to clog pores and cause acne.

A lightweight, safe primer will be your best bet. If you find that this formula provides nutrients, don't miss out on this project!

To effectively make your look longer and smoother, we've rounded up the 10 best pre-creams for oily skin, based on dermatologist advice and thousands of customer reviews.

10 Best Cushion Foundations for Oily Skin 2022

Though air cushion and liquid foundation both are base makeup products for our daily makeup routine, you can choose either to achieve desired effect. Actually, they are completely different from each other. So what is the difference between them?

First of all, they bring you different finishes. Makeup varies depending on ages, identities and occasions. Girls who have better skin and prefer natural finish can choose an air cushion, which makes it easier to create a nude makeup look but only offers a sheer coverage. If you like heavy makeup and have blemishes on your skin, liquid foundation will be a better option, which has a stronger concealing power.

Secondly, air cushion and liquid foundation offer different benefits. Air cushion is a relatively lightweight base makeup product that features sun protection. It is very easy to use and carry around. So, many young girls love air cushions.

Plus, they have different textures. Since liquid foundation is oily and water-based, it is more moisturizing. Air cushion is cream-based, which is drier than the former, so it’s suitable for oily skin.

Not sure where to start? Here, we’ve rounded up some bestselling air cushions for oily skin to help you out.

10 Best Setting Spray for Oily Skin 2022

Everyone who makes makeup knows the importance of makeup setting products. Whether in daily life or on important occasions, setting products help hold your perfect makeup for a long time. For oily skin, setting spray is a necessity. A simple spray will keep your skin bright without grease all day long.

The first consideration for oily skin to makeup is shine control, because the oil on the face horribly destroys silky skin and delicate eye makeup. How to choose right setting sprays for oily skin? Try not to choose the ones that make your face look too moisturized. The purpose of setting makeup for oily skin is to stabilize the skin condition and control oil for a long time. The makeup setting spray is generally used in the final step of makeup. When using, keep the bottle 6-8 inches away from your face, and draw an "x" or "t" or "z" or "o", to maximize the effectiveness of the product, control facial oil and avoid excessive secretion oil to destroy your makeup.

Based on a host of user reviews and professionals' advice, we've searched for a comparison between a variety of perfumes that women love, including some best-selling ones, and rounded up 10 best setting sprays for oily skin. If you haven't used them before, you must try them. Maybe one of them is the setting spray you have always been looking for, which allows you enjoy work and life without fear of shine from day to night.

10 Best Primers for pores 2022

Primer is a common cosmetic product, usually used after skincare lotion and sun cream. It can quickly help you solve various skin problems such as color spots, dull skin, acne marks and so on, and make your skin seamless.

Primer has a wide range of colors for different purposes. You need to choose according to your skin tone and skin condition. The most common white primer brightens and Yellow makes dark or uneven skin look healthier. Pink is suitable for fair skin and will bring out an rosy hue. Green suits skin with acne marks or rosacea, evening the skin tone and covering up red and swollen acne marks effectively. But as Green is more prominent in the face, there is no need to apply it extensively and only the redness part is enough. Orange works remarkably at covering up dark circles and brightening up dull areas of the face. It also smoothes face and nasolabial folds. It serves as an elixir for mature skins. Purple gives you a more clean and radiant face. It can even be applied as a highlight on the T-zone or on your cheekbones.

There are many types of primers, including moisturizing, oil-controlling, pore-covering and skin tone-evening. People with large pores should choose pore-covering primer, which mostly contains polydimethylsiloxane and other substances to fill pores and make the skin more smooth and perfect.

Our professional team has collected a lot of online information and assessed each product. Based on that, we finally selected 10 best products to minimize pores. I hope it will be helpful for you.

10 Best Concealers for Acne Scars 2022

In beauty products, primer is often ignored, but it plays an important role in all the makeup steps. It can not only cover skin defects for a good modification of the skin state but also ease the follow-up makeup steps without caking or other embarrassing cases. For dry skin, the most important effect of a primer is "hydrating and moisturizing".

Insufficient oil secretion on dry skin may result in more obvious wrinkles, which will cause caking during makeup and melting afterward. So, for dry skin, try to avoid light primer, because it can not provide effective hydrating and moisturizing, and won’t reduce caking.

Also, heavy primer should also be avoided, because it can not be absorbed in a short time, and will be caking when doing makeup. When using primer, generally squeeze it into a soybean size on your forehead, nose, and chin, as well as your cheeks, and then gently pat it into absorption. Too much or too little can not effectively create good skin conditions for the following makeup.

Based on thousands of feedbacks from users and the opinions of dermatologists, we have selected the following 10 primers suitable for dry skin. We believe that they can effectively avoid caking. If you are looking for a primer, I hope this article can help you.

10 Best Full Coverage Concealers 2022

You may think concealer is only for a full or heavy makeup, not necessary in your daily makeup routine. But that’s not it. When you get used to apply concealer, you’ll be impressed by its effect, which may be better than liquid foundation. After putting on a lot of skincare products, applying liquid foundation may make you feel heavy. Especially in summer, as the temperature gradually rises, the skin will feel a little breathless, leading to acne and other skin problems. Maybe you don't want to apply liquid foundation, or you just want it to cover up redness or dark circles. Apparently, concealer is a better choice. How great it is to blend concealer on the imperfections and let other parts of your skin breath freely.

Here are four tips for applying concealers:

  1. The best tool is your fingertips. You can apply product evenly and seamlessly onto skin with your body temperature. Aside from that, a thin and sharp makeup brush is also a good choice. And it’s better to be made of synthetic fibers instead of natural bristles.
  2. If you are looking for a concealer to obscure dark circles, orange tone would be perfect. And don’t forget the inner and outer corners of your eyes, where the dark circles are most serious and happen to be the most easily overlooked places. Green tone is most effective to acne. But for red and swollen acne? That’s the hardest part, even professional makeup artists will pay more attention to this.
  3. Apply concealer before foundation. Remember this order!
  4. Don’t apply too much, otherwiseyou will have unnatural and dry skin.

Our team members have tried many popular concealers, and based on their feedback, 10 concealers stand out for they are of full coverage and high quality. Hope this list can help you decide.  

10 Best Primers for Combination Skin 2022

Primer is a commonly used base makeup product to even out skin tone or brighten dull skin for a seamless finish without caking and creasing. A quality primer with the right liquid foundation can make your makeup look more sophisticated and attractive.

There are many types of primers out there. Some provides hydrating benefits, suitable for dry skin or those with the skin that is prone to flaking and caking after makeup application. Some work well to control oil, suitable for oily skin. Some lighten the skin, great for dull skin. And some even out skin tone based on Makeup Meets Color Theory, for example, a purple primer to brighten dark yellow skin, a green primer to reduce redness, and a pink primer to boost the complexion ......

Due to staying up late, endocrine disorders, and wrong skin care products, many people have dull skin or redness, which will affect their makeup looks. If you have a large area of dullness, choose a brightening primer. If you have partially dull skin with uneven skin tone, use a primer for evening out the skin tone. If you only want to change a small area of the skin, use a tinted primer for point application, which also works.

After collection lots of information on the internet and testing a bunch of quality primers, we’ve rounded up 10 best primers for uneven skin tone. Hope they will help you out.

Best Face Concealers for Oily Skin

How to do with a short-wearing base makeup for oily skin? And how to do with so many flaws in your face, like dark circles, acnes, a sallow complexion, and etc.? A right concealer is the key to solve all above problems. But an unsuitable one? That will lead to fine lines and separation.

Portland makeup artist Analisa Marie said that people with oily skin need an oil-free concealer, which is waterproof and leaves you feel lightweight with a long-wearing makeup. For girls with oily skin, a weightless concealer with superior oil-controlling is the best, especially for those who live in tropical or subtropical, hot and humid regions and are going to put on makeup every day. Some products claim that they are not acne-causing, but this may not be true, even may clog pores. So, please be careful when deciding.

For oily skin, a long-lasting matte concealer with good bendability is better than a moisturizing one. If you are worried about closed acnes, an oil-free concealer is definitely your pick as it won’t clog pores and cause acne. Besides, you can pair it with suitable skincare and makeup products to achieve better results. For example, oil-control face washes, skin-tightening creams, moisturizers and base makeup products can hydrate and ensure a long-wearing makeup without any oil

So to find your pick, check out the ten concealers. We’ve compiled them for you after browsing thousands of users’ feedbacks, consulting experts’ recommendations and tests by our team numbers. Give them a try, we believe they will surprise you.

10 Best Drugstore BB cream in 2022

Many people are troubled: cushions are so lightweight that will let the makeup melt down, but liquid foundations are so heavy that bring uncomfortable feelings, even cause closed comedones when wearing makeup for a long time. So, how about BB creams? This kind of new base makeup product is designed for concealing, evening out skin tone, sun protection, and etc., and is dedicated to offering a natural-looking base finish. The versatile BB creams can meet multiple makeup needs, and become a must-have for modern women.

How to pick a superior BB cream? First, let’s check out the ingredients. Its formula shouldn’t contain any irritating ingredients like fragrance or preservatives to avoid damages. Plus, if you have special skincare needs, you can see whether there are corresponding ingredients and amount. For example, some BB creams contain ceramide and collagen for moisturizing, very suitable in dry winters. Secondly, you need to know its bendability. BB creams with good extensibility are easier to apply and absorbed. And for those with weak bendability, you need to apply a little bit harder, which will not only bring much burden on the skin, but also will cause waste. Some BB creams also feature sun protection. For people who usually stay outside for a long time, BB creams with SPF30 PA+++ or higher are ideal choices. Additionally, if you are prone to sweating, water-resistant BB creams are more suitable for you.

We’ve selected ten drugstore BB creams with high quality. All of them are made of excellent ingredients and feel great on skin, and provide an excellent coverage. Read on to find your pick!

10 Best BB Cream For Combination Skin in 2022

BB cream is a multifunctional cosmetic product. It can conceal and brighten your skin tone. After basic cleaning and moisturizing, you can apply it directly. As the products are upgraded, many BB creams also contain skin care and sun protection effects, which protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. In addition, using BB cream can also simplify the makeup process, and if you don't want to wear makeup, just put BB cream on and go out.

Before your purchase, you need to know its texture and check the fineness. A BB cream with rough powder will look cakey. Also, you need to choose a bendable one. A emulsion cream is suitable because it is not too thick to be applied evenly nor too thin to screen sun and conceal. The shade of your BB cream is supposed to match your skin tone, so that it blends well with the skin and looks natural. In addition, reading ingredients table is necessary! Try to choose those with skincare or moisturizing ingredients. They can add more nutrients to your skin and make your makeup long-lasting. For people with sensitive skin, choose a BB cream that is free of preservatives, fragrance and alcohol. Of course, you can also choose a BB cream with a comfortable scent for a comfortable makeup experience.

We collected a lot of information from the Internet and asked reviewers to do professional testing so as to pick the 10 best BB creams for combination skin. We hope they can help you.


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