The 6 Shaving Cream Brands of 2022

Carrie Kathleen
Jan 13, 2022

When summer comes, many women use shaving cream to keep them cool. Shaving cream helps remove armpit hair, avoids embarrassment when wearing sleeveless clothes, and makes the skin look delicate and smooth. Easy to use at an affordable price, it is used by more and more people now. Shaving cream uses its chemical ingredients to dissolve the hair structure, thereby removing your hair. Dermatologist Dr. Shamban said that the razor only removes hair on the surface of the skin, while the shaving cream penetrates hair follicles without damaging the roots.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Nair, Nad’s, Veet Oprah Daily, and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of shaving creams we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Nair
  • 2. Nad's
  • 3. Veet
  • 4. Sally Hansen
  • 5. Avon
  • 6. Completely Bare


Founded in 1940, Nair is affiliated with Church & Dwight, an American manufacturer of household products. With prosperous hair removal experience and high-quality products, Nair has become the leading and dominant brand of hair removal products in the United States. Nair continues to launch new hair removal products since its foundation, respectively for men and women, with many categories and excellent results, which are very popular among consumers.

Nair hair removal cream has several lines, including Sensitive Formula Glides Away, Leg Mask, Nourish, targeting the face, body, legs, and private parts for men and women. As one of Nair's classic lines, hypoallergenic, preservative-free, Sensitive Formula Glides Away is formulated with simple ingredients. It is also complemented by sweet lentil oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and other skin care oils, which can not only continuously moisturize the skin of the hair removal area but also relieve the irritation caused by hair removal agents and enhance the skin's tolerance. However, with Hypoallergenic formula, allergy reactions still happen, so you are supposed to do a patch test before use. And if no adverse reaction occurs within 24 hours, you can use it with confidence.

In addition to the products for sensitive skin, the Nair Nourish line is also popular, which includes hair removal cream for bath, hair removal spray, and hair removal ointment, etc. Each product features excellent hair removal ability, low sensitivity, and good moisturization. Moroccan Argan Oil Glides Away is favored by the public, containing potassium thioglycolate, calcium hydroxide, and other substances that chemically soften and dissolve the hair. It has an excellent hair removal effect and is ideal for removing coarse hair. It is formulated with 100% natural Moroccan fruit oil, which moisturizes and smooths the hair removal area. Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Glides Away is easy to apply directly to the required area. Compared with the traditional method of hair removal by blades, Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Glides Away is recommended for its longer-lasting effect.

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Originated from Australia, Nad's was founded by Sue Ismiel, who formulated a natural, hypoallergenic and painless hair removal formula for her little daughter, and gradually products began to make a name for themselves. Nad's plays a leading role in the personal care industry since its foundation in 1992 and is best known for its hair removal products, which are available in the US, UK, and many other countries/regions, with many positive reviews from users.

Nad's hair removal products is targeting eyebrows, nose hair, face, body, and private parts. They can be divided into five category, such as Sensitive, Natural, Premium, Soothing, and Smoothing to provide comprehensive skincare. Most hair removal products are wax strips, and there are only four products in the creamy texture. Nad's Sensitive Hair Removal Cream is suitable for all skin types with great popularity. It is formulated with potassium thioglycolate as the main hair removal ingredient to achieve painless hair removal. Natural extracts such as avocado oil, honey, and melon are to soothe and moisturize the skin, so it's also suitable for sensitive skin types. As a lotion hair removal product, it's easy to apply with excellent spreadability so that you can use it on your body, underarms, and arms. Nad's Sensitive Hair Removal Cream takes about 4 minutes to remove fine, soft hairs. If you have coarse, hard hairs, it is recommended leaving the cream for a few more minutes, but not more than 10 minutes.


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Veet was born in 1919 as a famous Canadian hair removal product brand. It focuses on hair removal, developing the world's first hair removal cream, and since then, it has proposed a series of advanced hair removal solutions. Today, Veet has a wide range of hair removal creams for normal skin and sensitive skin, winning the hearts of women.

Veet provides hair removal products for men and women. Women's products are categorized in detail and are more famous than men's products. They come with a pink package, making them easy to recognize and favored by women. Veet hair removal products can be applied on the face, underarms, arms, legs, and intimate parts. The chemical products may pose a risk of skin irritation like redness, itching, or dryness symptoms. People with sensitive skin need to apply with caution, and it is recommended to do a test before use to avoid extensive skin burns.


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Sally Hansen

In 1946, Sally Hansen founded her namesake beauty brand in America. She is such an innovative businesswoman who developed new nail-caring formulas combining beauty and care benefits. The iconic product "Hard As Nails" gained great popularity at that time. At present, Sally Hansen involves nail care, makeup, and body care, etc., offering women a full range of services from head to toe.

Sally Hansen has a wide range of hair removal products, including wax strips, creams, lotions, and sprays, which have been recommended by well-known review sites such as COSMOPOLITAN. Tested by professional dermatologists and salons, BRUSH-ON HAIR REMOVER CREME is safe for facial hair removal. Formulated with CALCIUM HYDROXIDE, CALCIUM THIOGLYCOLATE HYDROXIDE, and other ingredients, it can easily remove the hair; with poplar grass and pumpkin seed extract, it can prevent the re-growth of hair; with vitamin E it can slow down the oxidation of the skin. After the formula is improved, BRUSH-ON HAIR REMOVER CREME smells better and is more comfortable to use when compared with other brands. For these reasons, we do recommend it. When it comes to the usage after doing the skin test, just apply an appropriate amount with a brush to the designated area, then wipe it off with a wet tissue after 3 minutes. You can buy it in retail stores or on shopping sites such as CVS/pharmacy, Walgreens, and RITE AID PHARMACY.

If you have a dry skin type, CRÈME HAIR REMOVER DUO KIT is a good choice for you. It contains BRUSH-ON HAIR REMOVER CREME and EXTRA SMOOTH to help soothe and moisturize the skin after waxing.

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In 1886, inspired by one perfume, David McConnell established the California Perfume Company and named Avon. Though headquartered in London, England, Avon is a classic American personal care brand with a long history, remarked one of the "Fortune 500" for consecutive years by Fortune magazine. After more than 100 years of development, dedicated to bringing beauty to women worldwide, Avon has become one of the world's largest beauty and cosmetics companies and the world's leading direct sales company for beauty and related products. Avon also actively supports the UN Women's Movement, contributes to the world,  and donates more than £1 million to charities in 2020.

Avon has a wide range of products that cover cosmetics, skincare, body care, oral care, fashion, and many other fields. It has launched two best-selling hair removal products, both from the United States, which are highly recommended. Mild and effective, Avon SSS Fresh and Smooth Facial Hair Removal Cream removes facial hair and restores skin to a clean and smooth state. Formulated with aloe vera and meadowfoam oil, it is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Unscented, creamy, but non-greasy, it is easy to apply thickly to the area of your face that needs hair removal and wipe it off after 2 minutes for a lasting effect. If hairs still remain or it's difficult to wipe off, you can leave the cream for a few more minutes, but not more than 8 minutes. It should be noted that although Avon cause less irritation, you still need to conduct a skin test before using it to avoid extensive facial burns. Avon SSS Fresh and Smooth Facial Hair Removal Cream is priced at $10, 30ml, a little pricey, and you can buy it on Amazon or other shopping sites. By the way, a combination is more cost-effective.

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Completely Bare

Specializing in the production of hair removal products, Completely Bare is based in New York, U.S.A., and is well-known in the pharmaceutical industry. Certified by PETA, Completely Bare's hair removal is natural, cruelty-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free. Thanks to excellent hair removal effects, this brand has not only won the hearts of consumers but also is recognized by the industry, winning awards like the Best Hair Removal Products by Refinery 29 website and Star Beauty Awards Winner in 2018.

Completely Bare products can be divided into two categories: hair removal products and related care products. Hair removal products are in the textures of gel, cream, wax strips, wax, etc., and most of them come with blue packaging. Completely SMOOTH Moisturizing No-Bump Shave Gel is the star product of Completely Bare, which has been awarded as Best Shave Cream and Best Shave Gel and recommended by TotalBeauty and other famous websites. It is trendy among women and ranks 10th in Bestsellers of Amazon Women's Shaving Gels. It is formulated with excellent ingredients, such as Eco-friendly beads which can be absorbed quickly when it touches the skin, deeply nourishing the skin. The hair removal cream also contains various plant extracts to soothe dry skin and prevent redness and inflammation after use, such as Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Acrylates, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil. Jojoba Oil and other essential oils can provide a protective barrier and a comfortable experience for the skin. Complete SMOOTH Moisturizing No-Bump Shave Gel is easy to use, and it comes in 2 sizes: 20ml and 60ml. The small size is suitable for on-the-go use, while the large-sized product is suitable for daily use at home.

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