The 10 Cutest Makeup bags of 2022

Mandy Franklin
Jan 13, 2022

Women basically wear makeup to satisfy themselves like in office, meetings, outings, parties. So it is important for them to carry a makeup bag when they go out. A makeup bag is also considered a more intimate item, and you can even judge a person's character and pursuit from the bag. Many female celebrities share their insiders with others to show what they love and what they usually hide with the bag.

 Makeup bags are divided into multifunctional professional makeup bags, simple travel makeup bags and small home makeup bags. Makeup artist Rebecca Carhart says the makeup process is funny, but storing makeup products can be stressful. So, it's important to have a high-quality makeup bag. Those compartments allow you to easily store all your makeup items while protecting your makeup from damages.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Relavel, Dagne Dover, Stoney Clover Lane and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of makeup bags we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Relavel
  • 2. Dagne Dover
  • 3. Stoney Clover Lane
  • 4. Narwey
  • 5. Charlotte Tilbury
  • 6. Paravel
  • 7. Longchamp
  • 8. Mark&Graham
  • 9. Cuyana
  • 10. COACH


With a professional design team, Relavel offers well-crafted products. It also provides perfect after-sales service, so you can buy with confidence.

Thanks to the super practicality, the high-profile, trustworthy Relavel nylon makeup bags are deeply loved by many consumers, and are recommended by well-known websites such as Byrdie and Real Simple. Relavel’s makeup bags are all opened like a case in various colors and patterns. They are divided into four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large to suit your needs.

Recommended by many review websites, Black Small Makeup Case is a customers’ favorite. It is an all-black premium makeup bag with a handle for use on the go. Its exterior is made of high quality Oxford Fabric, sturdy, anti-wear and moderately hard to prevent the cosmetics from squeezing. The compact interior design has several compartments and makeup brushes slots, as well as plenty of storage space to accommodate items including large eye shadow palettes. Different from ordinary makeup bags, this practical bag has adjustable compartments to suit for cosmetics of various sizes. It’s also a versatile case that can storage your jewelry, electronic accessories, toiletries, etc. Generally speaking, Black Small Makeup Case is a cost-effective basic makeup bag that is worth considering. If you want other good-looking makeup bags, there are other pricier products of Relavel, and you can check the official website for details.

Relavel products are available on the official website -providing free shipping on orders above $99- and many shopping websites including amazon.

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Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover is committed to providing simple totes, wallets, makeup bags, etc., to meet various storage needs for office ladies. Meanwhile, Dagne Dover is also an eco-friendly brand that works on minimizing the waste of materials.

Dagne Dover's makeup bags are mainly divided into Lola Pouch and Hunter Toiletry Bag. Made of leather, Lola Pouch is exquisite, high-quality and pricey. You can choose the size and color according to your needs. Hunter Toiletry Bag is quite different from Lola Pouch in material. The external is made of neoprene, a high-tech,water-resistant fabric, that is not prone to creasing and durable with moderate hardness. If it gets dirty by accident, you can wash it directly with water. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight to prevent hardening and fading. With double zippers and external D-Ring, Hunter Toiletry Bag is simple, stylish and easy to use. Priced at $35 on the official website, it is a cost-effective bag. Available in three sizes including S, L and XL, Hunter Toiletry Bag is more capable than Lola Pouch. Thanks to the interior air mesh slip pocket, it isolates small objects including lipsticks with good shock-proof to avoid craking up perfectly. This removable pocket can also be used alone. The S size of Hunter Toiletry Bag can organize small items such as lip balm, small spray bottle, monochrome eye shadow, lipstick, etc.; the L size can hold a small amount of toiletries; and the XL size has a large capacity for large items such as perfumes and shavers. Hunter Toiletry Bag is also available in a variety of colors to suit different needs.

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Stoney Clover Lane

Stoney Clover Lane also cooperates with well-known brands such as Hello Kitty, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Lele Sadoughi, LoveShackFancy, etc., to launch lots of limited editions. Since 2018, Stoney Clover Lane has established retail stores in Palm Beach and other places, with good sales performance.

Stoney Clover Lane provides users with a wide range of bags, including backpacks, travel bags, wallets, carrying bags, etc., mainly in macaron colors. If you need a small makeup bag, Ruffle Small Pouch is a good option. With a brand-featured look, this cute, checkered pouch has flounces embellishing the edge. It is available in 5 colors including pink, blue, purple, green and yellow. It also has metal zip at top to make it look more exquisite.. Its nylon external is comfortable and durable while the water-proof internal prevents liquid leakage effectively. This bag has a moderate capacity to sort out your concealer, lipstick and other cosmetics. It can also hold small objects including USB cable. The compact Ruffle Small Pouch can be placed upright and put in your carrying bag for on the go use. However, if the capacity can't meet your demand, you can choose Ruffle Large Pouch.

Jointly-designed by Stoney Clover Lane and Hello Kitty, the makeup bag Hello Kitty Open Top Mirror Pouch is popular and recommended by review websites including allure. With a built-in mirror on the top, this makeup case makes it easier to apply makeup. Decorated with a pink bow and metal accessories, this leather bag is comfortable and attractive. You can also customize it with Hello Kitty theme patches to get a personalized makeup bag, while it is quite pricey.

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Practical and good-looking with perfect services, Narwey’s products provide thousands of travel enthusiasts with a good travel experience, thereby winning a good reputation.

According to different purposes, Narwey's products mainly include handbags and makeup bags, and the latter is more well-known. Narwey makeup bags are divided into hanging toiletry bags and travel cosmetic bags. Narwey 5018 Makeup Cosmetic Bag Purse Travel Bag Small Size is one of the best sellers and rated as "Best Budget" by Byrdie. Made of superior water-resistant fabric, this small makeup bag is thick, durable and easy to clean and can protect your makeup essentials from spills. With double zippers on the top, this bag is safe and high-quality. The portable bag weighs only 4 ounce. Compared to most small makeup bags, it is more capable with one main compartment to hold large products including makeup lotion, and side pockets for lipsticks, liquid foundation, pressed powder, makeup brush, etc, which accommodates your basic needs on the go. It places each type of products separately to keep them neat and clean. This versatile bag can be used not only as a makeup bag but also as a pencil box, pillbox, etc. Priced at $7.99 on the official website, Narwey 5018 Makeup Cosmetic Bag Purse Travel Bag Small Size is more quality and cost-effective than its competitors.

If you have higher demand for the capacity, it is recommended to choose Narwey Travel Large Cosmetic Case Makeup Bag NW5023. Carefully designed and lightweight, this bag is suitable for daily use and on the go. It provides each makeup brush with a separate compartment to take out easily and prevent dust effectively. Its compact internal space is highly utilized to hold lots of items. Worth a try!!

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Charlotte Tilbury

Founded in 2013, the cosmetics brand Charlotte Tilbury has makeup, skin care and other product lines. The founder of the same name, Charlotte Tilbury, is a well-known British makeup artist who used to be Tom Ford's go-to make-up artist, often working with famous fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. CHARLOTTE TILBURY quickly became popular all over the world within one year after its establishment. It launches many star products, deeply adored by fashion icons and celebrities.

In addition to well-known cosmetic products, Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup bags are also its best-sellers. Exquisite and fashionable, these bags win the favor of lots of women consumers, mostly with rose gold zip and Charlotte Tilbury's classic lip print. Charlotte Tilbury launches 4 high-quality and machine washable makeup bags, in similar texture and capacity, but different appearance. The representative cosmetic bag of Charlotte Tilbury, 1ST EDITION MAKEUP BAG, is stylish and practical, recommended by well-known review websites including allure and REAL SIMPLE. This small, cute makeup bag is made of white canvas with the brand LOGO on the front and the classical lip print. With black lining, it is also not prone to creasing. However, it is not easy to wipe clean, so you should avoid soiling the surface while using and storing. With long zipper and large opening, this small makeup bag allows you to take out items easily. It is also capable for 5-6 medium-sized cosmetics. 1ST EDITION MAKEUP BAG is the ideal choice on the go, storing your makeup essentials for touch-ups at any time. As the first edition cosmetic bag launched by Charlotte Tilbury, it is reasonably priced and cost-effective. However, it should be noted that the interior of this makeup bag has no separate compartment, and the products may be messy due to bumps.

Charlotte Tilbury makeup bags are available at retail stores, the official website, and shopping websites including Pinterest. Yet it may be out of stock on the official website.

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Mostly made of advanced sustainable materials, Paravel's products are authenticated, high qualified and durable. After years of hard work, Paravel has made laudable achievements in environmental protection. So far, it has offset 7.8 million lbs of C02 and planted over 20,000 trees. Besides, it was the winner of many awards such as the 2021 Travel + Leisure Global Vision Award.

Paravel launches a wide range of bags, mainly include luggage, duffles and backpacks. Paravel also has a variety of makeup bags in similar appearances but different sizes, and you need to identify carefully. As the star makeup case of Paravel, See-All Vanity Case is recommended by well-known review websites such as allure and BYRDIE. Continuing the eco-friendly concept of Paravel, See-All Vanity Case is made of special materials. The Ecocraft canvas on the top and bottom contains recyclable components of plastic water bottles to make this makeup bag durable and easy to wipe clean. Several colors of this makeup case are coated with silicone resin, which effectively prevents the internal items from being severely squeezed. See-All Vanity Case has transparent walls, so you can clearly see what's inside. With a top handle, it is easy to carry. This flat makeup case has a sufficient capacity for multiple facial cleansers, creams and some toiletries, to meet various needs such as home use or travel. The waterproof and practical See-All Vanity Case can be put in a humid environment including the bathroom. However, due to the large size, See-All Vanity Case is not suitable for light travel. If you want to travel lightly, the MINI version of See-All Vanity Case is more recommended. These two bags have big differences in capacity and price, and you can purchase on your demand.

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Longchamp was famous for its luxurious leather pipe in the early days, and then gradually expanded its product range to wallets, backpacks, etc. With exquisite design and excellent quality, its products lead the fashion trend. Longchamp has large family business and currently has boutiques in many places around the world.

Longchamp Le Pliage is inspired by life. Most of the products in this collection are Longchamp’s iconic foldaway shoulder bags. LE PLIAGE NÉO is one of its best-selling makeup bags. Made of canvas with a special treatment on the external, this makeup bag is waterproof, weightless, good-looking and easy to wash with water. The interior is a single large compartment with lining, which can store many cosmetics, including eyeshadow palettes, facial cleansers, etc., suitable for home use or on the go. Available in three unisex colors: navy, black and grape, LE PLIAGE NÉO is the ideal choice for people who like simple cosmetic bags. Priced at $95 on the official website, it has good value for money in terms of its excellent material and durability. Longchamp official website offers complimentary gift wrapping, so this bag is a delicate gift for your family and friends.

Recommended by review websites such as allure and BYRDIE, the classic styling LE PLIAGE ORIGINAL is quite popular. LE PLIAGE ORIGINAL is available in dozens of colors, and navy is the most classic one. The handle on the top and the oval decoration on the front are both made of cowhide. It also contains a round metal zip with a high-end texture. This makeup bag is foldaway to save space, suitable for use on the go. Although it has a smaller capacity than LE PLIAGE NÉO, it is enough to hold makeup essentials, making it a cost-effective pick. LE PLIAGE ORIGINAL is available at retail stores, the official website and other shopping websites.

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Mark & Graham launches a wide range of products, among which the bags are quite well-known. Cooperating with world-class professional craftsmen, Mark & Graham is dedicated to creating good products. Its bags are made of strictly-selected materials, mostly with compartments. You can also customize  products in Mark&Graham for a good shopping experience.

Mark&Graham offers a wide range of makeup bags, including carry-on bags and hanging cosmetic cases. Thanks to multifunctional use and excellent quality, CONCOURSE 2-IN-1 COSMETICS CASE is deeply loved by the public, and is recommended by REAL SIMPLE and other websites. Made of white lightweight leather, this soft and weightless case is perfect for travel or the business trip. With edges made of brown cowhide, it is advanced in texture. With double zips and large opening, the capable and deep CONCOURSE 2-IN-1 COSMETICS CASE allows you to put your lipstick, lip balm and other essentials upright to avoid leakage. This case also contains a compartment and two zipper pockets to sort out your makeup essentials. The included smaller pouch can be used alone or put in the large case. CONCOURSE 2-IN-1 COSMETICS CASE Mark&Graham Concourse Boarding Bag and Rolling Luggage are all from the same collection, and you can use them together. Besides, Mark&Graham offers a special service that you can embroider your DIY monogram on the bag. So, CONCOURSE 2-IN-1 COSMETICS CASE is a perfect gift to your family and friends.

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"Fewer, Better" is Cuyana's brand philosophy, advocating a simple lifestyle, resisting consumerism, and encouraging consumers to buy fewer, better, durable and classic-style products. Cuyana is also committed to environmental protection and promises to use 100% sustainable materials by 2022.

Cuyana launches a wide range of makeup bags with the brand's classical style and simple design, including cosmetic bags and makeup cases in different designs, colors and capacities. Leather Travel Case Set is one of Cuyana's most popular products, recommended by allure and other websites. Leather Travel Case Set contains a large makeup bag and a small makeup bag, and they are only different in size. Made of high-quality pebbled leather, the large and small makeup bags are hand made by Argentina workers, targeting the high-end market with a high price, recommended for people with medium-to-high buying power. With a curved shape iconic to Cuyana, they are good-looking and not easy to deform. With a metal zip printed brand logo, this solid-colored leather bag is advanced in texture. The bottom is specially designed to be placed on a horizontal surface steadily, to prevent cosmetics from scattering. It should be noted that this advanced pebbled leather needs careful maintenance. You can wipe clean it with damp cloth to keep it as perfect as new. The large case has a big capacity to stow toiletries, such as facial cleanser, toner, etc. The small case can store multiple small makeup essentials, such as lipsticks, hair clips, eyelash curlers, eyebrow pencils, etc. Leather Travel Case Set is available in 13 matte colors, very suitable as a gift to yourself or your family and friends.

Cuyana also offers other quality makeup bags in different texture and styles, with more affordable prices than Leather Travel Case Set. You can check out the official website for details.

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This brand provides exquisite accessories and gifts for men and women, including handbags, shoes, clothing, watches, perfumes and so on. Coach leather bags have always been known for their simple and durable styles. Each product uses superior materials and maintains high-quality craftsmanship, deeply loved by people with high buying power.

COACH has a wide variety of bags with detailed classification. It launches a total of 9 makeup bags with different styles, which are recommended by well-known review websites such as Allure and REAL SIMPLE. Classic and versatile, Cosmetic Case 17 is worth recommending. Made of crossgrain leather, it is compact, durable, stylish and not easy to stain. Also equipped with polished metal logo hardware on the surface, this fashionable, retro bag is of advanced texture, both suitable for men and women. With zip closure and multifunctional pocket inside, Cosmetic Case 17 can store multiple small essentials such as lipstick, eyelash curlers, etc. The internal bag is made of special material that is easy to clean, so you don't have to worry about liquid leakage to damage its interior. This compact bag can be both used as a makeup bag and a handbag, with versatile colors. As an item from a high-end brand, Cosmetic Case 17 is affordable and cost-effective. You can either buy it for yourself, or give it as a gift to your family and friends.

Other COACH makeup bags also feature the brand logo with excellent quality. Some of the styles are low-key luxury, and some are very fashionable, and you can purchase on your demand.

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