The 15 Best Sheet Masks of 2022

Lecea Hudson
Jan 24, 2022

Sheet mask is a common skincare product that has been around for a long time. It covers the stratum corneum of the skin and provides moisture, thereby improving the appearance and elasticity of the skin. The mask contains moisturizer and softener, and the sheet features sealing property to reduce moisture loss, soften the skin and promote the absorption of active ingredients. During volatilization, the moisture of the mask moderately shrinks the skin, and its sealing effect makes the skin temperature rise temporarily to promote blood circulation. After applying the mask, it is recommended to wash your face again with water to remove the preservatives in it. Especially for extremely thin stratum corneum and hypersensitive skin, these preservatives are likely to damage the skin mucous membrane, which causes the skin to become more and more fragile over time. In addition, if you don't wash your face after using a sheet mask, your face will feel sticky and uncomfortable. That is because the sticky mask essence residue will be stained with the dust in the air, and then may block the pores and cause breakouts.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like LA MER, VALMONT, ESTĒE LAUDER, Darphin, SHISEIDO and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect sheet mask, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. LA MER
  • 2. VALMONT
  • 3. Estée Lauder
  • 4. SK-Ⅱ
  • 5. Givenchy
  • 6. POLA
  • 7. Clé de Peau Beauté
  • 8. Dior
  • 10. LANCÔME
  • 11. Olay
  • 12. ALBION
  • 13. FANCL
  • 14. Dr.Jart+
  • 15. MEDIHEAL


LA MER is a member of the Estée Lauder Group. Dr. Max Huber founded LA MER in 1946. LA MER products are famous for repairing skin and advocate extracting active substances from plants. Repairing and moisturizing are the main features of LA MER. Facial mask products retain these features, which are suitable for skin with redness, acne, or excessive dryness to soothe and calm skin.

The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask claims to be infused with the repairing essence concentrate, and it also retains the key ingredients and repairing properties of LA MER. The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask is made of pure cotton material, which is soft and skin-friendly. Although it is slightly thicker, it has a good cut, which can fit well to your skin without stuffy. The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask is a repairing mask and targets problem skin. It is recommended that people use it as an instant skin care product when they have skin problems.

It should be noted that even if it is a calming and soothing mask, people with acne-prone skin need to shorten the time to less than 10 minutes and avoid apply it frequently. It’s recommended to apply it once a week. Because it may clog follicles and cause acne if applied long time. And it may damage your skin, then cause allergy after applying too long.

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VALMONT is a luxury skin care brand from Switzerland, which is favored by many celebrities. It is supported by the former French President Charles de Gaulle, the former queen and princess of Iran, the king of Romania and Greece. Regenerating Mask Treatment is a luxury product which is designed for mature skins, and can improve the skin condition in a short time.

Infused with various moisturizing ingredients, it has an extraordinary moisturizing effect. It can improve the fine wrinkles, dry wrinkles, which is very suitable for mature skin. Regenerating Mask Treatment can moisturize the stratum corneum and prevent rough skin, leaving your skin fine, smooth and translucent after applying.

Although the instant skin care effect of the mask is obvious, it contains a lot of preservatives, which is irritating. Some people may feel tingling when use. Valmont Regenerating Mask Treatment has high sensitization probability, which is not suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, Valmont Regenerating Mask Treatment has detailed and comprehensive skin care steps. The official recommended that you can apply it once a month. There are five sheets in a box with high price, which is suitable for high-consumption groups.

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Estée Lauder

Estee Lauder is one of the world's biggest skin care, cosmetics and perfume companies, founded in 1946. In December 2018, Estee Lauder ranked 227th in the "2018 World’s 500 Brands", which is compiled by the World Brand Lab.

Estee Lauder has created many star products, and Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask is also a popular product. This mask has inner and outer double membranes. The outer layer is powerfoil, which has a sealing effect and can reduce heat loss. It can warm the skin and accelerate the absorption of the ANR essence on the inner layer membrane cloth. Infused with many classic and effective moisturizing ingredients, it has an extraordinary moisturizing effect. Moreover, it also adds other ingredients, which can slightly exfoliate the aged keratin.

The mask can be adjusted according to the face shape. It should be noted that due to the good sealing of the powerfoil, the face will become warm after applying 10 minutes. At this time, you should remove it and massage your face to promote the penetration of the essence. It can infiltrate the stratum corneum to moisturize your skin just in 10 minutes. As one of the best sheet masks in the RANK & STYLE (American beauty ranking website), it has extraordinary effects and is recommended by many actresses. It is a product worthy to buy.

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SK-II was born in Japan in 1980. It is the perfect achievement of Japanese skin experts applying cutting-edge technology to the development of skin care products. Since the first skin care product was launched in 1980, SK-II has become a pioneer in technology skin care products. Moreover, SK-II produced many creative products.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask is very hot. It can create a healthy skin condition after applying, and people always said jokingly that it can make ex-boyfriend regret breaking up with you. It can instantly improve the skin condition, which is suitable for use in important occasions such as weddings and parties. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask has simple and efficient ingredients. It takes Pitera as its main ingredient, which has extremely high concentration and is 10 times as toner. Pitera is a SK-II patented formula, which can gently peel off dead skin cells, leaving your skin more translucent.

Pitera and Niacinamide are the main ingredients of the Brightening Derm Revival Mask, which can reduce dark spots and even skin tone.

Although many consumers recognize that these two masks have a certain effect, they are quite dissatisfied with the skin feeling. The sheet mask is heavy, and can not fit well to your face. Excessive essence leaves your skin stuffy. It is recommended to massage for a few minutes after removing the mask, and then rinse off with water. It should be noted that after applying the mask, you cannot use facial cleansers or exfoliating products.

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Givenchy is a French luxury fashion brand founded in 1952. Gracefulness, simplicity and elegance are the greatest features of Givenchy. Givenchy released LE SOIN NOIR in 2012, which attracted the attention of a large number of people.

LE SOIN NOIR is made of black cloth with fashion materials, and painted with exquisite patterns, which is unique as if a classical veil. It has a supple touch and good effects with artistic design, bring a satisfying experience like a spa. LE SOIN NOIR targets aging symptoms such as looseness and roughness, which has an anti-oxidant function. It also can brighten skin tone. The sheet is elastic, and can make the mask wrap the entire face, including the chin for its ear-hanging design, bringing a feeling of lifting and firmness. It is especially suitable for mature skin. LE SOIN NOIR has an extraordinary moisturizing effect, which can relieve dry wrinkle problems and also can clean and slightly exfoliate the skin, leaving the skin more smooth.

In general, the LE SOIN NOIR is a comprehensive skin care product with a pretty appearance and extraordinary effects. Moreover, it is expensive.

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POLA is a brand under the Japanese cosmetics company POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS founded in 1929 in Shizuoka, Japan. People with uneven skin tone, dark spots and acne marks always feel troublesome. Therefore, compared to whiten the whole face, they need products that target local skin. Pola white shot and WHITE SHOT QXS meet people’s need.

Each whitening mask set contains face masks and four square essence sheets. You should apply toner after cleansing the face, then press the essence sheet on the face area with dark spots, acne marks, or darker skin tone, and then apply the sheet mask. Remove it after 10 minutes and then massage your and rinse. WHITE SHOT QXS and WHITE SHOT INNER LOCK TABLET IXS are laced with the key ingredients of the white shot series, addressing problems of dark spots and uneven skin tone caused by sun exposure. Compared with the more well-known WHITE SHOT INNER LOCK TABLET IXS, WHITE SHOT SXS and other products, it has a better instant effect. Although the effect can not last a long time, it is suitable as a repairing product after exposure to the sun or before important occasions.

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Clé de Peau Beauté

CPB is the top-notch brand under the Shiseido Group of Japan established in 1982. CPB has spread to 23 countries and regions around the world till now, and has been highly praised and supported by customers in these countries.

The ILLUMINATING CONCENTRATE of CPB contains a lotion, an essence emulsion and a colloidal mask. There are three steps: cleaning, spreading, applying. It can perfect the skin care process while bringing a satisfying experience. It is commendable that the lotion and essence are packaged in individual sachets. You need to take a sachet each time, which is more hygienic. In addition, CPB's mask has a refined cut and is divided into two pieces, which can fit different face shapes.

INTENSIVE BRIGHTENING MASK is a regular type. The masks are dipped into the essence and the two pieces have different effects. It has a fine cut, which can fit well to your face. INTENSIVE BRIGHTENING MASK can brighten your skin instantly after applying, but then return to the true skin tone for a while. It is quite suitable for use on important occasions.

POLA is a luxury brand in Japan targets mid-to-high-end products. The anti-aging and whitening technologies are top-level in the world.

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Dior is a French luxury brand founded in 1947, which is always featured with elegant and gorgeous style whether in perfume, fashion or makeup. Rose is the symbol and key ingredient of Dior. The DIOR PRESTIGE is Dior's representative series, which takes roses as its main ingredient designed for mature skin.

Rose extract generally contains lipids and alcohols, etc., which is suitable for mature skin that is no longer rich in oil secretion, and is also used for anti-aging. The Dior Prestige Exceptional Regenerating Firming Mask is one of the representative products of this series, which has an instant effect on dryness and looseness and other ageing phenomenons. In addition to conventional moisturizers and softeners, it is infused with various floral ingredients that can condition the skin and relieve dryness.

As a high-end fashion brand and perfume master, the fashion style and blending ability of Dior reflect on skin care industry. The Dior Prestige Exceptional Regenerating Firming Mask has a light gold packaging, which is quite simple and textured. It offers a satisfying use feeling with an elegant and pleasant fragrance.

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Shiseido is a Japanese famous cosmetics brand founded in 1872. Shiseido is loved by many consumers both in Japan and around the world. Products under Shiseido have been sold in 85 countries around the world, and Shiseido also has become Asia's top-notch and world-renowned cosmetics group.

As an anti-aging series under the Shiseido brand, Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask under REVITAL retains the advantages of Japanese products, which offers good skin feeling and excellent instant effect. This mask is suitable for mature skin to address aging problems such as sagging and fine wrinkles. The Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask mainly improves the looseness of the eye area and facial contours, and can moisturize and control oil, whiten, and smooth wrinkles. Although this mask advertises anti-wrinkle and firming, it also has a good moisturizing effect. However, Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask contains a lot of alcohol, leaving your skin refreshing, but it has irritant. Infused with fragrances and preservatives, people with sensitive skin should use with caution.

The Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask is made of ultra-fine fibers, and the sheet is thicker and softer. The mask is divided into two upper and lower pieces, which are cut refined. And the sheet can cover the entire jaw.

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Lancome is a brand founded in France in 1935 and established by Armand Petitjean. As a world-renowned and high-end cosmetics brand, Lancome is involved in skin care, cosmetics, perfume and other products, mainly for mature women aged 25 to 40 with high education and high income.

Lancome officially claims that a sheet ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE HYDROGEL MELTING SHEET MASK contains about one bottle ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE FACE SERUM, but the formulas of the two are not the same. It claims that the ingredients of ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE HYDROGEL MELTING SHEET MASK can accelerate skin renewal and make the skin more delicate and smooth. Besides, the mask is alcohol-free and is added with a pH regulator to reduce skin irritation. At the same time, infused with moisturizers, anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, it is more hydrated than ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE FACE SERUM, and has a certain relief effect on sudden acne breakouts.

Consumers recognize the effect of the ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE HYDROGEL MELTING SHEET MASK, but people also may feel not very comfortable. The mask is poorly cut, so it does not fit the shape of the face well. Bubbles and wrinkles often appear when you are applying, and sometimes the mask may slide off. In addition, ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE HYDROGEL MELTING SHEET MASK has strong fragrance.

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OLAY is a brand under Procter & Gamble founded in 1952. As a global beauty brand, it is committed to the inner health and beauty of women's skin. It adopts cutting-edge cell technology to create many excellent beauty products, which were once very popular. In recent years, Olay has returned to the public with new products, affordable prices and high performance.

OLAY Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Mask and White Radiance Light-Perfecting Stretch Mask are the matching masks for the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Moisturizer and Collagen Peptide 24

Serum respectively. They target skin problems such as aging and dark spots, which have a short-term skin care effect. The OLAY Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Mask specializes in anti-aging and can moisturize and soften the skin keratin, promote collagen production, to relax the skin and reduce wrinkles. But once stop applying, it does not affect. The mask can fit well on your face, and has few bubbles. However, the overall sheet and the holes in the eyes and nose are too small, which affects the use of feeling.

OLAY's mask is known for its high performance. In recent years, it has launched a high-end product Golden Aura Melting Souffle Face Moisturizer Air Finish. When it comes to formulas, in addition to the conventional ingredients of OLAY, it adds high purified eternixine as an antioxidant.

It should be noted that it is important to do facial care in your daily life. And it is too late to apply masks while wrinkles are deep or the skin is dehydrated. At that time, it has less effect and even difficult to recover your skin.

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ALBION is a Japanese high-end cosmetics brand born in Tokyo in 1956. The products of ALBION have a high price and good effects. It has developed from the 5 products to more than 1,000 varieties and creates classic works in every era.

Albion sold Eclafutur d in 1974, which became one of the classic best-selling toners. Then Albion launched a ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask E 8PCS with similar formula but a higher concentration of active ingredients. If you experience redness, pimples, acne, sudden closed comedones and other problems, it is suitable to apply a ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Mask E 8PCS to calm and maintain stability and help restore skin health. However, it is not recommended to apply it as a daily skin care product for its slight high irritating and weak moisturizing effect. The sheet has a heavy texture, and it can not fit perfectly on your face. However, it need not rinse after applying, leaving your skin refreshing without sticky. It is suitable for use in summer. It should be noted that this mask has a strong alcohol aroma, leaving your skin refreshing while causing discomfort. In addition, it contains preservatives and fragrances, so it is not friendly to sensitive skin.

ALBION created a new beauty theory, which has influenced many women and has offered many excellent products for us.

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FANCL is the Japanese biggest and largest preservative-free skin care and health food brand founded in 1980. FANCL has become very popular since its first launched its products, especially for women with long-term skin allergies. The products under FANCL have mild ingredients, low irritation, which are hygienic and safe. The masks are alcohol-free, pigment-free, preservative-free and mineral oil-free. FANCL is the best choice for people who are easy to get allergies and acne skin is prone to allergies and acne.

The Moisturizing Mask is very suitable for people who continuous stay up late with a poor skin condition. It has extraordinary moisturizing and nourishing effects, which can smooth your skin and prevent skin problems such as roughness and dryness. It is good to take it as an emergency mask to improve roughness and dullness in a short period of time. People with dry skin can use it before makeup, which helps achieve a satisfying finish. 

People with sensitive skin have a thin stratum corneum, and the mask contains a lot of water, which will penetrate the stratum corneum. Alcohol and other substances cannot evaporate quickly because of the sealing ability, which puts more pressure on the delicate skin. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply it before makeup. It can be replaced with products such as makeup primer to reduce sensitization probability.

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Dr.Jart+ is one of the best-selling facial mask brands in recent years. Products under Dr.Jart+ have an affordable price and praised effects. Generally, affordable masks can only provide basic moisturizing and nourishing effects, but Dr.Jart+ performs well in reducing fine lines and soothing and calming the skin. Although it is not as good as a luxury mask, it is good among products at the same price.

Dr.Jart+ DERMASK™ is the best-selling product. It is divided into firming, moisturizing, brightening and other 9 series according to different effects. Infused with simple and effective formula, the anti-wrinkle mask can moisturize and whiten your skin, leaving the skin smooth after applying. It also can reduce wrinkles. It should be noted that if you have an unstable skin condition, you may experience allergies or sudden acne.

The DERMASK™ WATER JET SOOTHING HYDRA SOLUTION contains various anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial ingredients, and a certain amount of moisturizer, which can soothe and calm your skin while increasing moisture.

The DERMASK™ WATER JET VITAL HYDRA SOLUTION specializes in moisturizing, bringing a satisfying use feeling to people. It has a refined cut that can adhere to your face well, and it is breathable. You may feel refreshing after applying without sticky, even in summer. Unfortunately, it contains alcohol and preservatives which has high irritation. Some consumers may experience allergies. It is recommended to take a skin test first.

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MEDIHEAL is a Korean brand established in 2009. MEDIHEAL has been very popular in recent years because of its affordable price, good moisturizing effects, and fine use feeling. Like other affordable masks, MEDIHEAL also has an extraordinary instant moisturizing effect, which is suitable for young skin without skin problems. But you should not expect too much of its reducing acne, anti-aging, or tightening effects.

Most affordable brands can achieve then moisturizing effect, and MEDIHEAL is no exception. Some people may experience tingling and itching when using products under MEDIHEAL. You may have heard that tinging is due to dryness and lack of water in the skin. In fact, irritating ingredients in the product or damaged skin’s natural barrier are the main causes of irritation. People whose skin’s natural barrier is damaged may cause dryness and peeling; people often mistakenly believe that lack of water causes tingling. When the skin barrier is damaged, the nerve endings will become more sensitive and intolerant to external stimuli, which will cause pain. And at that time, it should stop receiving external stimuli. If the skin barrier is damaged and the skin is delicate, it is recommended to use skin care products with gentle ingredients.

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