The 10 Best Shaver Brands of 2022

Sophie Willis
Jan 13, 2022

A shaver is as important to a man as a lipstick to a woman. A well-groomed beard makes an instant difference to the whole person's temperament. A healthy male's beard grows more than 0.4 mm every day, faster than the growth speed of hair. We all know that the cleanest and most thorough shaving is done with a manual shaver. But it also has to be used with foam. It's quite time-consuming and the head will be blunt for consistent use. Needless to say, it is also easy to scratch the skin. Electrical shaver is obviously more convenient, but after shaving always leave scruffs. Especially when it comes to jaw and throat knot, how to change the angle to shave cleanly is a challenge. And generally, electrical shavers are a bit expensive in various quality. Most of them are in larger shapes, making it less convenient to carry around. Duncan Bell, a senior editor in the field of technology, says that if comfort comes first when choosing a electric shaver, you should look for a high-end electric shaver. Because the billions of dollars are spent on research over the past few decades, the problem of comfort has only recently been solved. Only the flagship products of famous brands can guarantee the best comfortable shaving experience.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Braun, Remington, Panasonic and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of electric shavers we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. BRAUN
  • 2. Remington
  • 4. Gillette
  • 5. Philips
  • 6. Andis
  • 7. Wahl Clipper
  • 8. BIC
  • 9. Schick
  • 10. BaBylissPRO


Founded in 1921, the well-known German home appliances brand Braun combines the concept of German modern industrial design and its functionality. With more than 8,000 patented technologies, its products have won hundreds of iF and RED DOT international design awards. With top-notch design and high quality, Braun razor has become the men's most popular razor for many years. In addition, Braun is also the official partner of the Bundesliga champion, Bayern Munich, and its razor is a must-have product of many football stars.

As the industry benchmark for shavers, Braun launches a wide range of products in 5 product lines, including Series 3, Series 5, Series 6, Series 7, and Series 9. Different series of shavers are different in features and prices. Among them, Series 7 and Series 9 are mostly silver-white with high performance and are deeply loved by consumers. Adopting advanced motor, the performance of Braun Series 7 is 20% higher than ordinary shavers. Besides, it has various modes that allow you to adjust. Designed by a German professional team, Electric Shaver, Series 7,7071cc is worth recommending for its excellent function and durability. It features the Autosense technology, which reads your facial contour automatically and adapts frequency of motor vibration to your beard density. With less irritation on the skin, it shaves your beard effectively, suitable for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. Equipped with EasyClick, it provides precise cutting. The 360° Flex head can be closely contacted to the skin to provide a full shaving with excellent cleaning. Its built-in lithium battery with high performance lasts for up to 3 weeks on a full charge, and 5-min quick charge can complete one full shave. Electric Shaver, Series 7, 7071cc is ergonomically designed with a comfortable and soft handle. It is also 100% waterproof, and you can rinse it directly with water, or even in the shower.

If you have a higher pursuit of appearance design, it is recommended to choose Braun Series 9. Deluxe and pricey, products of Series 9 are satisfactory in both the appearance and performance, suitable as gifts to your family members and friends.

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With a history of nearly 200 years, the American brand Remington founded in 1816 is one of the world's four major shaver brands. Remington was initially famous for producing military products. In 1937, Remington expanded to the field of electric shaver. By the end of 1997, it had developed into the second largest seller of electric shavers. Since then, the sales of Remington shavers have been rising continuously, and now it is the global leading manufacturer of beauty and styling products for men and women.

Remington shavers are specially designed for men. It launches a wide range of product lines, such as WETech, Hyperflex, UltraStyle etc., to meet men's various shaving needs. Adopting Remington's patented HyperFlex technology, shavers of Hyperflex adjust to any angle on your face, with more flexible connection between the cutter head and the handle. Hyperflex Verso 5 Attachments Shaver is a compact electric shaver. Comfortable to hold with one hand, this 100% waterproof shaver is easy to carry around and cost-effective. This special triple-head rotary shaver brings you a comfortable shaving experience through precise cutting. With multiple accessories, it also meets your diverse needs of cleaning and shaving.

If you want a more comfortable using experience, the F series is worth considering. Its iconic product, F3 Comfort Series Foil Shaver, is both comfortable and convenient. Cordless and rechargeable with QuietDrive advanced motor, it has less noise. With a comfortable handle, it is also easy to use. Priced at $39.99 on the official website, it is cost-effective and worth considering.

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Founded by Kōnosuke Matsushita in 1918, the well-known Japanese multinational brand Panasonic has been the world's largest consumer electronic brand since the late 20th century. Aside from home appliances, Panasonic is also involved in multiple fields such as digital products, information technology, manufacturing and the like. With highly praised and trustworthy products, it is the iconic brand of electric shavers.

Panasonic launches two series: Women's Shaver and Men's Shaver. Panasonic ES2216PC is the only product of Women's Shaver series. This comfortable and compact shaver removes hair on your legs, underarms and bikini area with four ultra-sharp blades and a pop-up trimmer. This 100% waterproof shaver can be rinsed directly with water or in the shower, which is loved by lots of women.

Panasonic launches three shavers specially designed for men, adopting high-efficiency linear motors to provide excellent effects. The salable Arc5 Men's 5-Blade Cordless Electric Razor ES-LV65-S has a silver metal body, which is fashionable, beautiful and comfortable to grip. It is equipped with a high-performance motor with 14,000 cuts per minute. The five ultra-sharp stainless steel blades and 30°inner blades are arranged tightly and attached closely to the skin, to provide tight cutting and comfortable using experience. It can be used both wet or dry to remove hair on face, chin, neck and other parts. Multi Flex pivoting head is flexible to use. Different from traditional shavers, it is equipped with LED to show battery status, so you can check the battery level at any time to ensure a complete and smooth shaving experience. Compared to the other two shavers, Arc5 Men's 5-Blade Cordless Electric Razor ES-LV65-S is more budget-friendly with similar performance. So, among these 3 shavers, it is most cost-effective and worth considering.

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Founded by King C. Gillette in 1901, the American time-honored personal care brand Gillette mainly produces shaving products, which is owned by Procter & Gamble now. As NFL Official designated supplies, Gillette shavers are well-known and deeply loved by young men. During COVID-19, Gillette is widely praised for donating relief supplies over $1.7 million to the society.

Gillette launches shavers, replacement blades and corresponding care products. Its various shavers are known for their high-quality blades and excellent performances. Whether you are a novice or a professional, you can find the right one for yourself. Compared with electric shavers, Gillette's manual shavers are more diverse and more popular, which meets men’s various needs. Among them, ProGlide is the most representative. Adopting five ultra-thin blades and FlexBall professional technology, it closely contacts the skin and cut virtually every hair at once, to reduce skin damage. The sharp blade also helps to shave more cleanly and efficiently. The enhanced lubrastrip contains a variety of lubricants to provide a comfortable using experience. The precision trimmer covers all those hard-to-reach spots and takes care of partial hair. Adopting non-slip handle, the exquisite ProGlide is ergonomic and easy to hold. As a manual shaver, it has a reasonable price and high durability. However, the blades need to be replaced once a month, so you can purchase several replacement blades for long-term use.

Gillette's blades and handles are highly compatible, so you can mix them for a perfect match based on your needs.

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Co-found by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik in 1891, the Dutch multinational brand Philips launches a wide range of products, including personal care, mother & child care and health care. Leading shaver industry, Philips is the creator of triple-head razor, and takes it as its feature. There are multiple series of Philips shavers, with sales of more than 500 million units and a high market share. Many of these shavers are recommended by review websites such as GQ and the Strategist, and are deeply loved by the public.

The high-end Philips Norelco Shaver 9300Wet & dry electric shaver has excellent performance, which was the winner of many awards including 2015 IF International Design Award. It is quite pricey, so it is recommended for business people with ample budgets. Adopting unique V-Track Precision Blades, this high-quality shaver contacts closer to skin and cuts more hair in one time than regular stainless steel shavers, and provides comfortable using experience. With Philips' classic 8-direction Contour Detect Heads, this intelligent and efficient shaver automatically reads contour of your face and neck, for an extremely close cutting. Philips Norelco Shaver 9300Wet & dry electric shaver has three modes: Sensitive, Normal and Fast, that allows you to adjust according to your skin type and demands. Like many other electric shavers, it can be used both wet or dry. It also comes with lubricants to extend its service life, and a small bag for travel.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Face is a cost-effective electric shaver. It doesn’t have high shaving frequency, but its shaver head is very unique. With a glide coating combined with rounded tips, it closely contacts the skin to easily cut hair of any length, suitable for removing long beard. It can be used both wet and dry. Its blade lasts for four weeks, so you don't need to replace frequently. Containing three replacement blades in a kit, it is priced at $27.99 on the official website, which is very cost-effective.

Philips has a wide range of shavers to meet your various needs, and you can check the official website for more details.

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Founded in 1922, Andis is a legendary American hair clipper brand. Its founder Mathew Andis was a tool maker and then decided to start his own business of hair clippers. Andis hair clipper is known as “small but mighty”. With nearly a hundred years of development, Andis hair clipper has become one of the most popular hair clippers in the world. In 2017, the limited red hair clipper launched in cooperation with the well-known fashion brand Supreme was once a smash hit.

Andis launches a wide range of product lines, including Barber & Stylist, At Home and Small Animals, and the product of each series are sub-categorized in detail.

Recommended by lots of professional hairdressers and many review websites such as the Strategist, ProFoil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver is a popular item among Andis professional shaving products, suitable for beard shaving and partial trimming. Its functional gold titanium blades with good rust prevention are weightless to reduce hand soreness caused by long-term use. The round blade is not easy to damage the skin, suitable for sensitive skin, powerful and effective in shaving. This cordless rechargeable shaver lasts up to 1 hour on a full charge, which is more durable than other regular shavers. Besides, the high-quality motor is almost silent to bring you a comfortable shaving experience.

If you have various needs such as haircut and shaving, it is recommended to choose the functional T-Outliner T-Blade Trimmer, which is suitable for trimming short hair. Although it is pricier than ProFoil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver, this versatile shaver is cost-effective and worth considering.

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Wahl Clipper

In 1919, Leo J. Wahl invented the world's first electric hair clipper. Then, Wahl Clipper was founded. Headquartered in Sterling, America, Wahl Clipper Corporation is always the leader in professional and home grooming category, and ranked #1 in the list of the best hair clippers in 2018 by the authoritative review agency Top Ten Reviews. With high-quality products and full services, Wahl Clipper wins great reputation and is loved by the public.

Wahl Clipper not only produces tools of hairdressing and shaving for human, but also launches a wide range of pet grooming products. Among them, shaver is one of the most popular products of Wahl Clipper, which is divided into Home Use and Professional. Compared with shavers for home use, Wahl Clipper Professional Shaver is more popular. The professional 5 STAR CORD/CORDLESS SHAVER/SHAPER 08061-100 is a best seller. With advanced blade and hypoallergenic gold foil, this shaver is safe and non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin. With a built-in rechargeable battery, it lasts up to 1 hour at high speed on a full charge, suitable for long-term use. This shaver is not only powerful with excellent performance, but also beautiful in appearance. With maroon housing, it is compact, stylish, lightweight and comfortable to grip. So, it is a good choice as an exquisite gift to your family members and friends.

5 Star Finale Finishing Tool 08164 and 5 Star Cord/Cordless Shaver/Shaper 08061-100 are from the same series with similar functions. The former is all-black with longer battery life, which is pricier and less cost-effective.

The practical Wahl LifeProof Shaver is especially for long-term out-goers and people who enjoy outdoor activities. With excellent all-over waterproof and a shock resistant housing, it doesn't break off easily. Besides, with battery life up to one and a half hours, it is easy to carry around and very cost-effective.

Wahl Clipper shavers are versatile and trustworthy with a reasonable price. If you have higher requirements of the style and functions, you can check out more products on the official website.

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Co-founded by Marcel Bich and ÉdouardBuffard in the 1940s, the well-known French manufacturing brand BIC specializes in daily household products, including lighters, shavers, pens, etc., with a wide influence and users worldwide. BIC also established a special foundation to provide more kids with high-quality education.

BIC's shaving products are popular, including three categories: Women's Special, Men's Special and Unisex. BIC Soleil Smooth Colors is a manual shaver. With 3 replaceable blades and a lubricating strip rich in Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, it not only provides tight cutting, but also hydrates and protects the skin, and improves the skin tolerance, suitable for sensitive skin. Its ergonomic rubber handle is comfortable and non-slip. Sold at $9.99 on the official website for 8 shavers in different colors, the affordable shaver makes a solid choice.

The unisex Us 5-Blade Shaving Razor can be used for hair removal on face and multiple body parts, and is favored by consumers. Similar to an electric shaver, it has five sharp blades to provide tight cutting, suitable for both fine hair and thick hair. The blade is specially added with aloe vera and vitamin E, to reduce irritation and cut more flexibly. Compared with BIC Soleil Smooth Colors, its handle features a more sophisticated design. Combining metal and rubber, the handle is not only non-slip, but also comfortable to hold with moderate weight.

BIC products are available in various purchasing channels, such as the official website and shopping websites including amazon.

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Founded in the early 20th century, the well-known American personal care brand Schick mainly produces and sells shavers, currently owned by Energizer. Schick focuses on providing high-quality shaving products with more than 500 patented inventions, and has rich experience in this industry. Committed to environmental protection, Schick uses recyclable materials as much as possible for producing and packaging.

Schick's shaving products are mostly manual, and are designed for men and women. Among them, men's shavers are more various in detailed categories, including five product lines: Hydro Skin Comfort, EDGE, QUATTRO, Xtreme and Wilkinson Sword. Shaver blade of Hydro Skin Comfort is crafted with service life up to 1 month. Compared to regular manual shavers, it is more durable and more cost-effective. In this series, Hydro Skin Comfort Dry Skin Razor is more popular, which is especially for dry skin. The five blade layers are all added with special protective cover to avoid skin damage. However, it also weakens the cutting force to a certain extent. The cutter head is also equipped with a precision trimmer, which helps you shave excess hair in all directions including hard-to-reach spots. Containing 7 cushioning Gel Pools, Hydro Skin Comfort Dry Skin Razor is added with Ceramides and Coconut Oil to help reduce friction and hydrate your skin, very suitable for dry skin. Its ergonomic handle features a non-slip design with less vibration, to control pressure easily and provide good using sense. This small and portable shaver is very suitable for home use or to carry around.

If you want more comfortable shaving experience, Hydro Skin Comfort Slim Head Sensitive Razor is recommended, which has a similar price with the previous one. Adopting triple-head blade that produces less friction than a five-head one, it reduces wear on the skin, very suitable for sensitive skin.

Schick shaver provides a variety of detachable blazes for you to mix and match freely according to your demand. Thus, it is very cost-effective.

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Founded in Paris, France in 1961, BaByliss is a professional brand of hair styling tools. Its parent organization is Conair Corporation. BaByliss worked with Ferrari and launched a hair dryer using Ferrari motors. BaByliss sold more than 5 million styling tools in 2015, and 80% of French families own at least one BaByliss product. BaByliss is divided into two series: BaByliss Paris and BaByliss PRO, both for hair styling products. However, PRO focuses on providing more professional styling tools for hair stylists.

BaBylissPRO shaver has a unique appearance. Different from regular shavers, it is compact in the size of the palm of your hand, which is easy to hold. Its smooth metal housing looks advanced. Available in three colors including silver, rose gold and gold, this attractive shaver is high-performance and sleek.

BaBylissPRO launches a wide range of product lines. With professional quality, BaBylissPRO FOILFX02 Cordless Gold Metal Double Foil is one of the best sellers of BaBylissPRO and is recommended by many professionals. Equipped with a powerful rotary motor and long battery life up to three hours, it shaves effectively without frequent charging. Made of safe materials, its blade is nonallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin and acne-prone users. Its metal smart lid can be opened and closed automatically. The included storage bag not only protects the metal body, but also makes it easy to carry around. It should be noticed that BaBylissPRO FOILFX02 Cordless Gold Metal Double Foil is suitable for cutting short beard. If you have a long and thick beard, you need to choose a more powerful shaver. Due to its all-metal body, it is a bit heavy and not suitable for long-term holding. However, many users still say that it has great value for the price with great using experience.

With a two-year warranty, you can by BaBylissPRO shavers with confidence.

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