15 Best Pressed Powder Brands of 2022

Carrie Kathleen
Jan 13, 2022

Pressed powder is a base makeup and makeup setting product compacted by foundation and base substances to conceal imperfections, blur pores and brighten skin tone. Dip a powder puff or brush in the powder and gentle press or pat it onto your skin for a natural finish and on-the-go touch-ups. New York makeup artist Jonet Williamson praised pressed powder as must-need for a perfect makeup effect, for its long-lasting wear and full coverage.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like CPB, LANCOME, Chantecaille, la prairie and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect pressed powder, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Clé de Peau Beauté
  • 2. LANCÔME
  • 3. Chantecaille
  • 4. La Prairie
  • 6. Giorgio Armani
  • 7. LUNASOL
  • 8. Estée Lauder
  • 9. Chanel
  • 10. M·A·C
  • 13. Koh Gen Do
  • 15. Max Factor

Clé de Peau Beauté

CPB is a top-notch brand under the Japanese Shiseido Group founded in 1982. CPB has spread to 23 countries and regions around the world till now and has been highly praised by its consumers. CPB always produces delicate and fascinating base makeup products.

The moisturizing CPB pressed powder is soft to touch, you may feel fine and smooth when applying. However, you may look slightly dull and produce even more oil after half a day due to its average staying power. Fortunately, you can touch up to get perfect makeup again.

CPB Brightening Powder Foundation helps achieve a long-lasting and translucent look. It offers an excellent oil-controlling effect, which is suitable for oily skin. CPB Brightening Powder Foundation has an average coverage, and you can apply it with foundations to improve the staying power.

CPB sells powder refill, compact, and puffs separately, and you can match them according to your need. CPB puff is comfortable to use and not easily deformed, so numerous people often buy CPB puff separately.

The CPB powder emphasizes achieving a delicate, translucent, and glossy makeup look. And you may never feel heavy after layering foundations, so it is suitable for setting finish and touching up. The CPB pressed powder is slightly dry, which helps create a matte finish. With a fine lucent powder, it can effectively fill pores, leaving the skin fine and soft.

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Lancome is a French brand founded by Armand Petitjean in 1935. As a world-renowned high-end cosmetics brand, Lancome is involved in various product areas, such as skincare, cosmetics, perfume. Lancome targets mature women aged 25 to 40 with higher education levels and higher income levels. The Lancome soft, moisturizing, and lightweight pressed powder can blend well into the skin, leaving a natural and delicate look after the touch-up.

LANCOME TEINT MIRACLE COMPACT POWDER FOUNDATION ranked first in the well-known fashion magazine VOCE makeup list in 2016. The TEINT MIRACLE COMPACT POWDER FOUNDATION offers an excellent staying power. In addition to antioxidants, the TEINT MIRACLE COMPACT POWDER FOUNDATION is laced with a small amount of salicylic acid to help relieve acne. Infused with rich moisturizing ingredients, it can effectively cover pores and fine lines, leaving a natural and bright finish.

The LANCOME ABSOLUE COMPACT has excellent concealing power. Infused with various moisturizers, it helps create a flawless and natural makeup look. It is an ideal choice for touching up and covering blemishes.

The packaging of Lancome pressed powder has an elegant and romantic French style. The powder puff comes with a suede and smooth surface. The suede side helps create a translucent look; and the smooth side is similar to a sponge, which can slightly increase the concealing power. But the puff is easy to clump, so you need to rinse frequently.

The texture of the pressed powder is drier compared with the liquid foundation. It is recommended to moisturize the skin before applying, but you need to avoid over-hydrated moisturizer. And you should apply it on a dry face. Otherwise, it may affect the makeup finish.

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Chantecaille is a luxury makeup brand founded by the French Mrs. Sylvia Chantecaille in 1997. It has been popular among Hollywood celebrities since its establishment. As the top series of Chantecaille, the Nano Gold series is designed for working against anti-aging. Chantecaille takes the 24K gold and silk extracts as its selling point, which is well-known for its excellent anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

The Compact Makeup emphasizes creating a natural look, and can effectively cover pores and leave velvet skin. The texture of Compact Makeup is slightly dry, which is suitable for oily skin. Although it has weak coverage, it offers an extraordinary staying power. People who pursue light makeup can apply it with the Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer. With an excellent complexion correcting power and moisturizing texture, the refreshing Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer helps create a flawless and natural look matched with the Compact Makeup. It is also suitable for oily skin. The Compact Makeup is available in 8 shades, and you can choose it according to the skin tone.

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La Prairie

La Prairie is a Swiss skincare brand established in 1978, which creates the legend of the brand thanks to its persistent pursuit of timeless beauty through the highest standards of advanced technology combined with exquisite formulations and elegant packaging.

La Prairie has a few makeup series, and pressed powder is the best-selling product among them. In 2019, La Prairie launched SKIN CAVIAR POWDER FOUNDATION, which is divided into 4 types according to the skin tones, N, NW, NC, and W. It is available in 8 shades. In addition to the upgraded packages, the SKIN CAVIAR POWDER FOUNDATION has a finer texture and a better moisturizing power. Infused with caviar extract, it enhances the antioxidant properties. It can blend with the skin naturally and leaves a long-lasting look without heavy and dull. People with dry and oily skin are worthy to consider, achieving a glossy and healthy complexion after applying. The SKIN CAVIAR POWDER FOUNDATION offers excellent coverage, and it also can be used as a base makeup product. However, it can’t fully cover obvious blemishes such as dark circles and red acne marks. 

The SKIN CAVIAR POWDER FOUNDATION is packed with a double-sided mirror, one side is a regular mirror, and the other side is a magnifying glass. It allows you to pay attention to the details.

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The Perfume House Guerlain was established in 1828 under the LVMH Group. Guerlain has been famous and earned a good reputation worldwide thanks to its unique aristocratic style and high-quality products for more than one hundred years.

Like liquid foundations, GUERLAIN PARURE GOLD RADIANCE POWDER FOUNDATION is laced with luxurious ingredients: 24-carat gold flakes and myrrh peptide complex. The soft PARURE GOLD RADIANCE POWDER FOUNDATION can fill fine lines and diminish imperfections, leaving the skin satin with a glow. It is suitable for oily skin due to its excellent staying power. Guerlain started with perfume, so the PARURE GOLD RADIANCE POWDER FOUNDATION has a light orchid fragrance.

The BLANC DE PERLE LIGHT BOOSTER BRIGHTENING COMPACT FOUNDATION contains a white highlighter, which can brighten the undereye area and fill the smile lines. However, it has a weak staying power, and people with oily skin need to touch up after 3 hours.

The LING 18 PDR COMP FDT ENTIRE can blend well into the face, bringing the silky skin finish. It is more suitable for normal to dry skin with less serious pore problems due to its moderate coverage.

These three types of Guerlain pressed powder to contain fragrances, which may cause allergies. It is not recommended for pregnant women due to the sunscreen OMC.

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Giorgio Armani

In the mid-1970s, Giorgio Armani met his lover and partner Sergio Galeotti and then created the Italian brand Armani named after him. Armani started in men’s clothing, pursuing simplicity and details. Its makeup also retains these features and has an elegant and unique Italian style. Armani has been regarded as the “Master of foundation”, which can withstand the test of the spotlight.

Today, Armani has two types of pressed powders, namely, the LASTING SILK UV COMPACT FOUNDATION and LUMINOUS SILK COMPACT POWDER FOUNDATION. Both pressed powders adopt Micro-fil technology to polish the pigment particles repeatedly. So the Armani pressed powders to have a fine and smooth texture. The LASTING SILK UV COMPACT FOUNDATION offers excellent coverage, which can cover some blemishes, such as post-acne marks and redness. It also can brighten the skin evenly, leaving a matte but heavy finish. People with dry skin should use moisturizers before applying to avoid cakey.

The LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION is a hero product that has been awarded by the Best Single Beauty Product for three consecutive years in American Instyle magazine. The lightweight LUMINOUS SILK COMPACT POWDER FOUNDATION was launched on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Armani, which helps achieve a natural finish without creasing. With the ultra-translucent powder, it is more suitable for setting makeup and touching up. You may look more gentle after applying. However, the LUMINOUS SILK COMPACT POWDER FOUNDATION has an average coverage.

You can purchase Armani powder refill and compact separately. And the puff is made of leather and high-density sponge uniquely. However, you may feel uncomfortable due to its hard texture.

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LUNASOL is a top-notch cosmetics brand under Kanebo. It not only has classic eye shadow products but also has launched many creative foundations in the base makeup industry. LUNASOL first adds vegetable oils to foundations, which has become the pioneer of skincare foundations.

The GLOWING VEIL FINISH was released in 2019. It integrates primer and pressed powder into one, which is convenient for people to makeup. The moisturizing pressed powder is suitable for people with dry skin and fewer blemishes to leave a natural makeup look. The GLOWING VEIL FINISH integrates a primer and pressed powder into one. The soft primer can minimize pores and moisturize the skin, but it can’t control oil. And the moisturizing pressed powder helps achieve a satin and translucent finish. However, it can’t cover redness and post-acne marks with a single layer due to its weak coverage. Moreover, GLOWING VEIL FINISH is more suitable for dry skin.

The old version SKIN MODELING POWDER GLOW has always occupied the COSME Awards list for many years and ranked the first award on the 2013 COSME in foundation division. LUNASOL upgraded the formula in 2017 and added various moisturizing ingredients to SKIN MODELING POWDER GLOW, which improves the concealing power to help create a seamless look.

The LUNASOL sells powder refill, compact, and puffs separately. The primer and pressed powder from GLOWING VEIL FINISH have the same size, so you can match them according to your needs. The GLOWING VEIL FINISH is available in three shades, and the difference is not distinct. With a compact size, the delicate pressed powder is easy to carry.

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Estée Lauder

Estee Lauder is one of the world's biggest skincare, cosmetics, and perfume companies named after its founder established in 1946. The Americans made Estee Lauder’s legendary life into a movie to show respect for her.

The Re-Nutriv Ultra Radiance Powder Makeup is laced with luxurious ingredients. Although such ingredients have no obvious benefits for skincare, they offer excellent use of feeling and makeup finish. The moisturizing pressed powder has a high price, which is suitable for people who pursue a perfect experience with a big budget.

The soft and hydrated Platinum Hallucinogenic Powder Foundation contains various moisturizing ingredients, which is suitable for use in autumn and winter. It brings a supple skin feeling and leaves a velvet finish. The Powder Foundation offers excellent coverage, which can cover some blemishes such as freckles and post-acne marks. Infused with anti-inflammatory ingredients, it is suitable for acne-prone skin. However, it has a weak staying power. With a compact size, the delicate pressed powder is easy to carry.

The long-lasting DOUBLE WEAR BRIGHTENING POWDER MAKEUP AND SOFT BLUR POWDER can control oil and resist sweat effectively. And it can last 8 hours without melting down, so people with oily skin are worth considering. However, the texture of DOUBLE WEAR BRIGHTENING POWDER MAKEUP AND SOFT BLUR POWDER is not as fine as Platinum Powder Foundation. The DOUBLE WEAR BRIGHTENING POWDER MAKEUP AND SOFT BLUR POWDER covers a purple highlighter. Although it is not practical, you can apply it to lighten your brow ridge and undereye area.

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Chanel is a French brand founded in 1910, which is a pioneer of the fashion revolution. Chanel represents a unique style that has lasted forever. Elegance, delicacy, luxury, and fashions are its values and inner spirit.

Released in 2017, the CHANEL LE BLANC helps create a lightweight and translucent makeup look. The pearlescent LE BLANC brings a healthy complexion with a glow. However, the bendability is moderate. Unlike the classic black appearance, the LE BLANC has a white and exquisite package. You’d better moisturize the skin before applying due to its moderate moisturizing effect.

The texture of Ultra La Teint Compact Foundation is moisturizer and softer, it can fill pores without creasing thanks to its silver reflections shimmering powder. However, it may leave a heavy makeup look. It is suitable for people with combination and oily skin as it can blend well with oil to achieve a natural and delicate finish. With a satisfying fragrance, the Ultra La Teint Compact Foundation has a yellowish hue, so you’d better try it on the beauty counter before purchasing.

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M·A·C is a brand co-founded by professional makeup artist, photographer Frank Toskan, and Frank Angelo who runs a chain of hair salons in Toronto in 1985. M·A·C was acquired by Estee Lauder Group in 1998. M·A·C always surprises people with its avant-garde style and bold colors.

Fortified Moisture-Fusion Complex is suitable for combination and dry skin. M·A·C ungraded the formula in 2018. Infused with various moisturizers and anti-inflammatory ingredients, it offers a higher moisturizing and nourishing degree. The lightweight powder foundation has a moderate coverage and weak staying power.

The M·A·C powder refill has a big size, and the compact is relatively large and thick, so it is not convenient to carry. Moreover, the texture of M·A·C puff is similar to LANCÔME and Estée Lauder’s.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER is a professional makeup brand founded by Ms. Dany Sanz in Paris in 1984. In 1999, MAKE UP FOR EVER became a member of the LVMH group. MAKE UP FOR EVER is synonymous with fashionable, which is favored by professional models and makeup artists.

MAKE UP FOR EVER launched MATTE VELVET SKIN BLURRING POWDER FOUNDATION in 2018 and goes viral overnight on major social platforms and video websites. The MATTE VELVET SKIN BLURRING POWDER FOUNDATION offers an extraordinary concealing power and can effectively cover dark spots, post-acne marks, and redness, which is suitable for people with many blemishes. Although you may feel unnatural firstly, it gradually blends well with the skin after half an hour to achieve a natural and attractive makeup look. It is more suitable for use in summer due to its dry texture. The MATTE VELVET SKIN BLURRING POWDER FOUNDATION is available in more than 20 shades, and you can choose it according to your skin tone.

You should take some skills when applying the MATTE VELVET SKIN BLURRING POWDER FOUNDATION, and needn’t apply moisturizers with a high moisturizing degree before makeup. It should be noted that you should apply it on a dry face; otherwise, it may affect the makeup finish.

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BOBBI BROWN is a professional makeup brand founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown in New York in 1991. BOBBI BROWN pursues a natural, simple, and translucent makeup finish, which is known as the "Queen of creating a no-makeup look in Hollywood".

The Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder helps create a natural and seamless makeup look. It can effectively cover pores with a lightweight skin feeling, which is suitable for touching up and setting makeup. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder also is suitable for people who pursue a translucent makeup look and with fewer skin problems due to its moderate coverage.

Bobbi Brown EXTRA BRIGHT POWDER COMPACT FOUNDATION contains antibacterial ingredients. It can cover pores and light post-acne marks, leaving a matte and flawless finish. It is worth mentioning that the EXTRA BRIGHT POWDER COMPACT FOUNDATION is waterproof and sweat-resistant, and people with dry skin can last all day. Moreover, people with oily skin can apply it to improve their staying power. Plus, you should take a decent amount.

The user-friendly SKIN WEIGHTLESS POWDER FOUNDATION can moisturize your skin effectively. It can minimize pores and achieve a natural look with a glow. The SKIN WEIGHTLESS POWDER FOUNDATION has a weaker staying power compared with the EXTRA BRIGHT POWDER COMPACT FOUNDATION, and people with oily skin may need to touch up after 3 hours.

The SKIN WEIGHTLESS POWDER FOUNDATION is available in 8 shades, while the EXTRA BRIGHT POWDER COMPACT FOUNDATION is in 6 shades. Both of them can meet the needs of consumers.

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Koh Gen Do

Koh Gen Do is a well-known Japanese makeup brand founded in 1980, and famous for its makeup remover. Koh Gen Do only has one type of cotton pad. This organic cotton pad earned a good reputation and ranked first in the Japan Cosme Awards in the first half of 2015. Koh Gen Do supports makeup for nearly a thousand movies, TV series, and stage plays, and emphasizes providing professional makeup.

The main feature of Koh Gen Do base makeup is translucent and natural, and the Maifanshi Gloss Film Foundation with Case has been regarded as the top 1 pressed powder by VOCE (a Japanese fashion magazine)  readers in the first half of 2018. However, you may feel heavy after applying. Koh Gen Go Maifanshi Gloss Film Foundation with Case can cover light post-acne marks and redness. The fine pressed powder is laced with moisturizing ingredients, which helps leave a natural makeup look. People with oily skin should apply it with oil-absorbing primers to avoid dullness due to its weak staying power.  

Koh Gen Do always launches the limited pressed powder with a whopping SPF 45 value in spring and summer every year. This pressed powder only has 1 shade with a brightish tint. People with light skin can apply it to set makeup and touch up.

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Maybelline was founded by chemist T.L.Williams in New York in 1917, and he combined his sister’s name with Vaseline. With colorful packaging, this brand integrates urban fashion and street culture into its concept. Maybelline products have withstood the test of time and are still popular among young generations.

There are many hero products from the Fit me series. Maybelline launched the latest FIT ME!® MATTE + PORELESS POWDER in 2019, which can effectively cover pores and control oil. It is regarded as the cheap alternative of MAKE UP FOR EVER pressed powder. FIT ME!® MATTE + PORELESS POWDER offers an excellent oil control power, leaving a translucent makeup look without heavy. It is more suitable for people with combination and oily skin. FIT ME!® MATTE + PORELESS POWDER contains fine glitter particles, but it achieves a matte finish finally. The texture of FIT ME!® MATTE + PORELESS POWDER is a little rough, so it is not recommended for combination and dry skin. With a moderate coverage and broad-spectrum SPF32/PA+++ value, this pressed power can cover light blemishes, smooth pores, and even skin tone. Moreover, FIT ME!® MATTE + PORELESS POWDER is available in four shades, and you can choose it according to your skin tone.


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Max Factor

Max Factor is a makeup brand founded in 1909, which has been regarded as the pioneer of the modern cosmetics industry. With excellent quality and efficacy, Max Factor is favored by consumers, which has been praised as “the master of base makeup”. Like Koh Gen Do, MaxFactor once committed to providing specific products for movies. The products of MaxFactor are mainly sold in Hollywood. It served many world-class actresses, such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts, and Madonna. Nowadays, Max Factor emphasizes launching high-quality products at a good price, and it is cost-effective compared with other open-shelf brands.  

 Max Factor pressed powder has a finer texture. The FACEFINITY COMPACT FOUNDATION is still popular since it launched in 1953. The use-friendly FACEFINITY COMPACT FOUNDATION has been upgraded many times. With Permawear technology, the waterproof and oil-proof pressed powder can achieve a long-lasting makeup finish without dullness. However, it is not suitable for people who pursue a bright finish due to its dark hue.

The FACEFINITY WHITENING COMPACT FOUNDATION offers a similar use feeling with the FACEFINITY COMPACT FOUNDATION. With a slight gloss, you may look more youthful without oily. So it is suitable for people with oily skin.

It should be noted that these two powders contain various preservatives, so people with sensitive skin should choose them with caution.

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