The 10 Best Powder Puff Brands of 2022

Carrie Kathleen
Jan 13, 2022

Powder Puff usually comes in loose powder and powder compacts. It is generally made of cotton and velvet in order to dip foundation and retouch makeup.

Generally, sponge puffs are better for wet use and convenient for pushing out liquid foundation. Triangular puffs are easy to apply for the corners of the eyes and nose. Wet and dry puffs are in round or rectangular and can be applied to the face wet or dry. When you use a puff, it is better to be moderate and soft. Makeup artist Jennifer Manfrin says a medium-sized puff features softness and versatility with a spongy interior and velvet cover. The 4-inch size is perfect for applying makeup or spreading powder all over the body.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Beauty Blender, Joly, Max Factor, ONE/SIZE, and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of powder puffs we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Beauty Blender
  • 2. Joly
  • 3. Max Factor
  • 4. ONE/SIZE
  • 5. Diane
  • 6. Topwon
  • 7. KOOBA
  • 8. Cinema Secrets
  • 9. Victoria Vogue
  • 10. MOTZU

Beauty Blender

Created by famous Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva in 2003, Beauty Blender is an American makeup brand with widespread popularity. Latex-free and fragrance-free, BeautyBlender’s products feel very comfortable on the skin. Thanks to excellent makeup effects, a variety of makeup tools from this brand are favored by women consumers. It’s also an influential brand in the makeup and fashion industry as the winner of countless major beauty awards such as Allure and InStyle. Today, the makeup trendsetter still keeps coming up with new products to consumers.

Beauty Blender has a wide variety of beauty products. Aside from cosmetics, it also offers makeup sponges, powder puffs, brushes and other cleansing tools, all of which are well received by both makeup enthusiasts and beginners. Beauty Blender comes in only one powder puff, namely POWER POCKET PUFF™ Dual Sided Powder Puff, which is a bestseller recommended by makeup artists and authoritative sites like SEPHORA and BESTREVIEWS. The quality dual-sided powder puff comes with a stretchy interchangeable finger band, making it easy to use. Unlike most round powder puffs, the teardrop-shaped versatile puff can be used to cover a large area, as well as for setting makeup or touch-up, such as concealing blemishes. The moderately-thick, velvet plush pink side feels incredibly comfortable on the skin, making it ideal for setting makeup. It contains special fibers that pick up and deposit the perfect amount of powder to create a clear and natural-looking finish. Suitable for touch-up, the tan buffed suede side blends makeup to provide a seamless, long-lasting and lightweight finish.

POWER POCKET PUFF Dual Sided Powder Puff is durable. Use Beauty Blender's special cleaning agent for regular cleaning. As a superior-quality powder puff, it is priced at $15 on the official website, more expensive than ordinary powder puffs. You can buy it depending on your needs.

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Joly is a well-known and trustworthy powder puff brand. Thanks to the outstanding makeup effects, Joly’s powder puffs are favored by consumers and always appear on the bestseller lists of many shopping sites such as Amazon, eBay, YOUBUY and the like.

Joly introduces two powder puffs specifically designed for makeup face powder and loose powder. Since a single puff is small in size and low in price, it is easily lost during transportation. So Joly puffs are mostly sold in a pack of several pieces, starting from at least 3. If this is your first time using Joly powder puff, buy a single one to see if the result is satisfactory. If so, it’s more cost-effective to choose packs, and especially a pack of 10 is the go-to of many Joly fans. Joly Powder Puff for Makeup Face Powder is a professional powder puff suited to all skin types. The beige puff doesn’t look dirty and is made of Cotton Velour Satin. The quality puff is thick, fluffy and elastic, also suitable for those with sensitive skin. Joly Powder Puff for Makeup Face Powder is a versatile puff that not only picks up dry loose powder and body powder but also holds a liquid foundation. A stretchy interchangeable finger band makes it easy to use. Many customers are satisfied with the result and say that the makeup products blend into the skin more perfectly after using this puff.

Joly Loose Powder Puff is in white and can be differentiated from Joly Powder Puff for Makeup Face Powder based on the colors. Made of velour, Joly Loose Powder Puff is bigger in size, 10.9cm (diameter) x 2cm (thickness), perfect for covering large areas as a makeup/body powder puff. For achieving better results, soak the puff in water and squeeze out excess water before picking up powder. Joly Loose Powder Puff is a bit more expensive than Joly Powder Puff for Makeup Face Powder. You can choose depending on your needs.

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Max Factor

Max Factor is a prominent American cosmetics brand founded in 1872 by Maksymilian Faktorowicz, a professional beautician and entrepreneur. With a great wealth of experience, it can be considered the pioneering brand of the modern makeup industry. Max Factor is committed to creating gorgeous makeup looks for women. Favored by many famous celebrities, such as Ben Turpin, Gloria Swanson, Mary Pickford and the like, Max Factor enjoys a great reputation in the fashion industry.

Max Factor has a wide selection of product lines such as foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow pencil, and the like. Max Factor is hailed as the base makeup expert. Its base makeup products and makeup tools are well received by consumers. CRÈME PUFF POWDER COMPACT is one of the iconic products of Max Factor and also the only product including a powder puff. The puff has received a lot of positive reviews from customers and is available on many shopping sites such as Amazon and Walmart. Suitable for all skin types, this soft puff is perfect for picking up powder to create a more seamless finish. Pairing it with a liquid foundation gives you a long-lasting natural-looking and healthy skin from the inside out. This compact puff is easy to carry around for on-the-go touch-ups. If you ordered CRÈME PUFF POWDER COMPACT, it’s more cost-effective to buy some extra puffs for regular replacement. This not only can keep the powder clean but also prevent bacteria buildup.

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ONE/SIZE is a well-known American beauty brand founded by famous makeup artist Patrick Starrr who has a cult following on YouTube. Since its inception, ONE/SIZE has been supporting women in their pursuit of beauty. The reputed brand has a product design team that keeps upgrading technology to launch new products and a variety of personalized beauty solutions for women around the world.

ONE/SIZE offers a wide range of makeup products. Most of them come in a red packaging, sleek and recognizable, favored by a host of young women. ONE/SIZE currently introduces only one powder puff, ULTIMATE SETTING & BAKING PUFF. Recommended by many websites such as Sephora, this puff is very popular with consumers. High-quality, cruelty-free, paraben-free and gluten-free, ULTIMATE SETTING & BAKING PUFF is also safe for those with sensitive skin types. This well-designed, compact puff comes in a stretchy finger band with LOGO printed. It’s easy to use and perfect for face contouring. This soft velour puff can pick up the right amount of powder to help create a flawless finish. The moderate thickness and flat edge allow you to adjust the angles flexibly for targeted setting or contouring. For different results, check HOW TO USE on the official website.

Priced at $14 on the official website, ULTIMATE SETTING & BAKING PUFF is a bit expensive. ONE/SIZE also launches BLURRING SETTING POWDER AND PUFF. It’s a more affordable option to buy the puff and the setting powder as a combo.

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Diane is a niche beauty brand specializing in powder puffs. Known for its products on the powder puff market, Diane has an iconic item that is favored by many makeup enthusiasts.

Diane Powder Puff, the only product from Diane, is well-received by young women thanks to the extraordinary quality and attractive look. A pink bow on the pink fluff makes the puff eye-catching. This is a large powder puff, 3.5" (diameter), easy to use. The multitasking puff can be used on both face and body, perfect for picking up loose powder and body powder. The smooth, soft fluff is very skin-friendly and even can deliver a comfortable experience for babies. The bow on Diane Powder Puff allows for easy gripping as a handle. The durable puff is also easy to clean. Wash it with warm water after each use and air dry it, which can keep the puff soft for a long time. If you’re looking for a good-looking and quality powder puff, you can’t go wrong with Diane Powder Puff.

Diane is available on many shopping sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. It comes in both single one and combos, and the latter is more cost-effective. However, Toysdone’s pink powder puff looks similar to it, so you need to identify carefully before buying.

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Topwon is a daily necessities brand specializing in a variety of baby products, including sleds, powder puffs, strollers, etc. Among them, powder puffs are well-known and popular with the public. Topwon has limited purchase channels for powder puffs, but you can buy things of this brand on Amazon and other shopping websites.

As a professional brand, Topwon offers a wide range of powder puffs with different shapes and for targeted customers like adults and babies. Most powder puffs feature a white round appearance. The bestseller Topwon 4 Inch Powder Puff is made of cushion sponge and wrapped with white velour. Smooth and soft, the quality puff is suitable for all skin types. This is a versatile powder puff that can pick up talcum powder, loose powder, and body powder. It can be used on both face and body, as you prefer. This large powder puff is 4 inches in diameter and also comes with a satin finger band. It can easily cover a large area. Topwon 4 Inch Powder Puff is washable. Rinse it with water or put it into the washing machine. After washing, put it in a ventilated place to make it dry. It should be noted that if you wash this white puff in the washing machine, don’t put it in dark clothing to avoid staining. Topwon 4 Inch Powder Puff comes with a clean plastic bag and is packaged individually for easy storage. However, it’s not a compact puff, so you need to place it separately when carrying it around.  

If you’re looking for a body puff, Topwon Powder Puff for Body Baby makes a solid choice. Its material and appearance are the same as Topwon 4 Inch Powder Puff. It has a super large size and a diameter of up to 5 inches. It’s well designed to pick up and apply the perfect amount of powder, as well as absorb excess water on the body, making it especially perfect for baby's body care. Topwon Powder Puff for Body Baby is a bit more expensive than Topwon 4 Inch Powder Puff, but given its versatility and large size, it is a cost-effective option.


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Born in 2001, KOOBA is a niche manufacturer of daily necessities. Since its establishment, KOOBA has been committed to providing quality and well-designed beauty tools for women consumers. Specializing in the production and sales of powder puffs, KOOBA is also known for its after-sales service, making it favored by many makeup enthusiasts.

KOOBA comes in 2 powder puffs. The bestseller KOOBA Beauty Face Primer Compact Powder Puff is a compact face puff available in round and square shapes to choose from. Unlike the conventional powder puff on the market, it’s made of Japanese NBR that makes the puff more durable and not easily deformed while ensuring a soft texture. Free of irritating ingredients, this puff is safe for sensitive skin. Pairing it with a liquid foundation will create a more seamless finish and make your skin smooth and natural-looking. The versatile puff can pick up both dry powder and liquid foundation. In a nutshell, KOOBA Beauty Face Primer Compact Powder Puff is a good makeup tool. If you use it frequently, clean it at least once a week. This package comes with 2 puffs and a travel case. Priced at $5.99 on Amazon, this puff is very cost-effective and worth considering.

If you find it troublesome to wash the puff regularly, it is recommended to buy KOOBA Applicator Facial Puffs. This package comes with 20 round and square puffs. Made of the same material as KOOBA Beauty Face Primer Compact Powder Puff, this puff is disposable and very cost-effective.

KOOBA’s products are sold in many retail stores and shopping sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Sears.

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Cinema Secrets

Cinema Secrets is a luxury cosmetics brand founded by Hollywood makeup artist Maurice Stein in Burbank, California, in 1985. Participating in the production of more than 200 movies and TV shows and more than 4,000 commercials, Maurice Stein has a great wealth of experience in creating perfect skin texture. He also involves in the medical field to help people with scars regain confidence by making use of makeup techniques and products. Over more than 30 years, Cinema Secrets has become one of the most trusted professional makeup brands by celebrities, filmmakers, and makeup artists all over the world.

Cinema Secrets has a vast variety of professional and targeted beauty tools, such as mixing palettes, makeup sponges, powder puffs, facial hair trimmers, and the like. The Powder Puff from this brand is recommended by a host of professional makeup artists. This soft, skin-friendly puff features memory foam and shape retention, making it better than other sponge puffs. Handmade, high-quality, and durable, Cinema Secrets POWDER PUFF allows for regular washing with detergent. The puff can even last for at least one month with frequent use. If you don’t use this puff frequently, the service life will be longer. That is to say, Cinema Secrets POWDER PUFF is more durable than ordinary puffs. This all-black sleek puff easily deposits the perfect amount of powder, great for beginners. Like most powder puffs, it comes with a finger band. Compared to the makeup sponges, it saves more space and is perfect for carrying around. However, it doesn’t work for blending makeup. A single puff is priced at $5 on the official website. It is also available in sets, which is more cost-effective.

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Victoria Vogue

Founded by Samuel L. Pomerantz, Victoria Vogue is the largest powder puff manufacturer in the United States. Highly favored by women consumers, Victoria Vogue's powder puffs have always been bestsellers and have gained high market share for years thanks to their excellent quality. Victoria Vogue has established partnerships with leading cosmetics companies such as Revlon, Liz Claiborne, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, and Elizabeth Arden to produce custom puffs for them.

As the most iconic and top-selling puff from Victoria Vogue, Round Puff Pressed Powder Puff is recommended by many review sites such as The Morning Call. Round Puff Pressed Powder Puff is a classic round puff, compact and thin, easy to carry around. The soft fluff feels comfortable on the skin. The puff picks up and applies the right amount of makeup product for a more seamless and long-lasting finish. This is a versatile compact puff that can be not only an alternative to other powder puffs but also used as a makeup remover wipe. However, it is not good for applying loose powder, which will cause uneven application. This product comes in 4 puffs in a pack, which is very cost-effective. According to many customers, this puff is in the right size and perfect for powder pressing, worth considering.

If you often use loose powder, we recommend trying out Victoria Vogue 429 Round Puff. It comes with a finger band to help you apply loose powder more easily. But this puff is more expensive and is not as cost-effective as Round Puff Pressed Powder Puff.

Victoria Vogue’s powder puffs can hardly be found in retail stores. We recommend buying them on shopping sites such as Amazon and Walmart.

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MOTZU is a niche brand of makeup tools and specializes in the production of powder puffs. Since its inception, MOTZU has launched a variety of powder puffs. Most of them are bestsellers and receive a lot of good reviews. You can buy MOTZU powder puffs on shopping websites such as Amazon and Sears.

Pure Cotton Powder Puff is a popular puff from MOTZU. This fan-shaped puff is available in black and white, sleek and versatile. Compared to round and square puffs on the market, the fan-shaped puff helps pick up the desired amount of powder. With a finger band, MOTZU Pure Cotton Powder Puff applies powder on the face more easily and the sharp point is perfect for contouring the T-zone and wings of the nose. If you have oily skin, pair this puff with foundation or loose powder to visibly control shine and give a long-lasting matte finish. MOTZU Pure Cotton Powder Puff is soft and skin-friendly, but it might leave the makeup looking heavy and thick. This multitasking puff also allows for pairing with other products such as concealer and blush to meet different makeup needs. Plus, this is a washable puff and you can wash it with detergent.

In a nutshell, with high quality and a reasonable price, MOTZU Pure Cotton Powder Puff is a cost-effective option.

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