The 10 Best Pore Vacuums of 2022

Mandy Franklin
Jan 13, 2022

Pore cleaner is a high-tech product developed for cleaning blackheads and enlarged pores. Before using it, you should wet your skin with blackhead exporting liquid to make it float out first, and then choose the right level to begin the work. The intelligent power system and air pump ensure 55-100 kPa to effectively clean out blackheads and pimples without damaging the skin. Pore cleaner often comes with multiple interchangeable tips to meet different needs. Makeup artist Maya Allen says pore cleaner can remove blackheads and excess oil with different modes, lifting the skin and helping skincare products absorb deeply. If you prefer to tackle your pores on your own, pore cleanser is a perfect alternative for an expensive skincare product in salons. It is affordable and convenient.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Lonove, June Julien, Microderm Glo, Rodan + Fields and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of pore cleanser we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Lonove
  • 2. June Julien
  • 3. Microderm Glo
  • 4. Rodan + Fields
  • 5. Freeshow 
  • 6. Spa Sciences
  • 7. Poppyo
  • 8. PMD Beauty
  • 9. Eunon
  • 10. Euasoo


Lonove launches two powerful, high-quality pore vacuums, recognized by professionals and consumers as well as recommended by well-known review sites such as COSMOPOLITAN, Marie Claire, SHAPE, etc. Packed with Lonove professional technology, the two pore vacuums won’t hurt your skin while ensuring a cleaning effect. They have different designs, cleaning power, price, with probes in various colors. Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner contains five green probes of different sizes. The small probe can suck out a single particle or a small number of grease particles with moderate strength. The large probe can easily suck out particles in intensive areas, especially for areas with dense blackheads. You can pair this product with probes in different sizes to achieve a better effect. With five adjustable suction power settings, Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner can treat a variety of skin problems, such as blackheads, enlarged pores, scars, even sagging skin. It is recommended that people who use it for the first time start with a low suction level and then increase it after a period of time to prevent damaging the skin. Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner provides an LED display for showing you the suction level and battery power. The high-capacity lithium battery can last over 2 hours on a single charge, suitable for daily life and enabling you to carry it around. Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner delivers a great cleaning effect and a comfortable, painless experience according to some users. This blackhead remover is worth recommending.

Blackhead Remover comes with a transparent cleaning head, using blue LED light to shrink and repair pores. Its suction power is not as great as Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Cleaner, suitable for people with sensitive skin or fewer blackheads.

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June Julien

Ranking third in the Amazon Blemish & Blackhead Removal Tools, June Julien Electric Acne Remover Comedone Extractor Kit under June Julien is a facial cleanser, favored by people. Vacuum extraction can effectively remove the aging cuticle and blackheads on skin surface, rejuvenate skin cells, reduce blemishes, and keep the skin smooth and healthy. June Julien Electric Acne Remover Comedone Extractor Kit has 5 suction levels forces, suitable for sensitive, dry, normal, oily and combination skin. It is recommended that beginners start with level 1 suction and gradually find their own suitable level. Made of reliable ABS material, the blackhead vacuum is safe to use. The small circular probe with moderate suction force is for sensitive skin. And the big circular probe with strong suction force can remove stubborn blackheads. You can choose a suitable one based on your own needs. Use hot towel or steamer to open your pores, then move the cleanser around the pores. After that, use cold water or essence to shrink pores. The whole process should be no more than 5 minutes to prevent skin damage or production of bruises. Use it once a week for most users, twice a week for users with oily skin. Multiple application within a week is not recommended.

Using USB to charge, June Julien Electric Acne Remover Comedone Extractor can last for over two hours on a single charge, suitable for carrying it around without worrying about charging. Since it is not water resistant, you need to be more careful. Simply use a wet wipe instead of rinsing it with water.

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Microderm Glo

Clinically approved, Microderm Glo products won many awards and are recommended by review sites like COSMOPOLITAN, NEWBEAUTY, msn, etc., showing their quality is guaranteed.

Mainly manufacturing pore vacuums and accessories, Microderm Glo is available in Microderm Glo and Microderm Glo MINI. Both of them are representative products with high sales. Microderm Glo, named after the brand, is recommended by professional dermatologists. It with a base comes in two colors: silver and white, suitable for using it at home. Packed with unique Diamond Safe 3D technology, the powerful Microderm Glo can gently remove the aging stratum corneum and boost skin metabolism. It also adopts dual action therapy to increase blood flow and restores elasticity. Regular treatments can smooth your facial fine lines, remove blackheads and lighten dark spots, leaving you with healthier and more natural skin. You can directly follow the guide on the screen to use it easily. One treatment only takes 4 minutes at home, which is faster and more convenient than the treatment in the beauty salon. Multiple applications within a week are not recommended. Because it may lead to loose skin and damaged pores. Once a week is totally enough. Use essence to moisturize your skin and tighten the pores after applying Microderm Glo to achieve better effect.

Microderm Glo MINI is easy to use. Compared with Microderm Glo, it has simpler settings yet similar effect. As the price point of Microderm Glo MINI is palatable, it is cost-effective and worth purchasing.

Microderm Glo provides good after-sales service and 30-Day Money-Back guarantee policy, so you can purchase it without any worries.

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Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields is dedicating to offering medical grade skincare products with high quality, based on Multi-Med Therapy and specializing in anti-aging, all of which are welcomed by consumers. Rodan + Fields is the bestselling skincare brand in United States in 2016 and 2017, with the sales volume increased for the coming years.

As a professional skincare brand, Rodan + Fields provides a wide range of products, including face masks, face serums, lotions and accessories. Packed with advanced technologies, its beauty tools are especially designed to tackle skin problems of most people. Rodan + Fields also provides solutions to specific skin problems. The high-end, representative PORE CLEANSING MD SYSTEM is the winner of ELLE FUTURE OF BEAUTY WINNER and recommended by sites like COSMOPOLITAN, marie claire, etc. The popular PORE CLEANSING MD SYSTEM contains Pore Prep Solution, Pore Cleansing MD Tool and Blackhead Removal Tips. Pore Prep Solution has the blend of lactic acid and salicylic acid to effectively exfoliate, dissolve blackheads and break down the dirt in the pores. Saturate a gauze pad with Pore Prep Solution and use to your T-zone area, then you will see a lot of blackheads coming out of your nose. Then use Pore Cleansing MD Tool, containing ProClear technology with strong suction, to quickly absorb blackheads as well as unclog pores, leaving you with smooth and healthy-looking skin. If you have stubborn blackheads, you can repeat this step several times. The last step is to clean your skin. For better results, apply warm compress for a few minutes ahead, and after you use the tool to clean your pores, you can use a serum pack or wash your face with cold water to tight your pores. It should be noted that you only need to press down the cleaning head for 1-3 seconds, unless it will destroy the stratum corneum. Pay attention to maintaining a proper angle every time when you remove the Pore Cleansing MD Tool. You can know more detailed precautions on the official website.

Experiments proved, PORE CLEANSING MD SYSTEM can deliver a safe, comfortable and professional skincare treatment at home. Skin problems like clogged pores and rough skin can be significantly improved after use it for a while once a week. Although the price point of PORE CLEANSING MD SYSTEM is a bit higher, but it’s worth every penny.

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Freeshow products are available in many purchasing channels, such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.

2021 Newest Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner is iconic and versatile under Freeshow, highly recommended on Shape and other sites. Designed for facial cleansing, 2021 Newest Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner uses advanced vacuum technology to remove dirt from pores. Compared with traditional tearing-style products, it is so comfortable and painless, and the suction force is twice than that of ordinary products. You can adjust freely among 5 levels, suitable for all skin types. Unlike ordinary products on the market, 2021 Newest Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner contains 5 probes with different functions, such as remove blackhead, excess oil, dead skin and remaining cosmetics in the skin as well as reduce wrinkles. Made of environmental-friendly ABS material, these five non-irritating probes are safe to use.

Comfortable to hold, its ergonomic handle is produced with a LED display, allowing you to check the process anytime. The lightweight, small 2021 Newest Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner is USB rechargeable, a perfect choice for using at home or carrying it around. 2021 Newest Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner is worth purchasing for its various accessories and affordable price.

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Spa Sciences

Spa Sciences is dedicated to innovating technologies and providing millions of families with professional spa treatments as well as consumers with comfortable skincare treatments at home. Products of Spa Sciences are highly praised.

Spa Sciences comes in a wide range of beauty tools with various functions such as cleaning, blackhead removal and skincare. Each product has a unique named. The star product MIO is recommended by many professional dermatologists and review sites like INSTYLE. The versatile MIO offers two major functions: skin rejuvenation and blackheads removal. Using vacuum technology, MIO with diamond bits can effectively remove aging cuticles in chin, forehead and cheeks, leaving you with clean smooth skin. It also comes with 20 disposable foam filters. You need to replace it regularly to keep your skin clean and hygienic. MIO can also effectively remove blackheads. With 5 levels of suction, you can choose the most comfortable level to remove the dirt in pores, even skin tone and reduce fine lines. Use cold water or professional serum to shrink pores after. An obvious improvement of your skin can be seen, if you keep regular use.  

The small MIO is USB rechargeable, very suitable for carrying it around. Compared to other pore vacuums, it is cost-effective. If you purchase it on official website, you’ll get a 2-year warranty, which is very considerate.

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POPPYO Blackhead Pore Vacuum is the only pore vacuum under Poppyo, favored by consumers and recommended by well-known review sites such as COSMOPOLITAN. This pore vacuum is different from June Julien Electric Acne Remover Comedone Extractor in terms of design and accessory. The electric pore vacuum is packed with vacuum technology to remove blackheads, achieving deep cleansing. Keep using it for a while, you can have clan and fresh skin with less blackheads and smaller pores. The powerful POPPYO Blackhead Pore Vacuum is available in 5 suction levels for you to choose according to your skin condition. Unlike many pore vacuums, POPPYO Blackhead Pore Vacuum comes in 4 replaceable blackhead vacuum remover heads: Micro, Elliptical, Small and Large, all of which use vacuum technology with different functions and are made of safe materials. Micro Beauty Head is suitable for removing dead skin. Elliptical Hole Head helps promote facial blood circulation with massage effect, comfortable to use. Small Circular Head is suitable for sensitive skin. Large Circular Head is designed for absorbing excess grease in the T zone, especially suitable for oily or combination skin. Easy to use, POPPYO Blackhead Pore Vacuum has an LED display on the handle, allowing you to see the suction level and switch it flexibly.

POPPYO Blackhead Pore Vacuum comes with many accessories, including a set of versatile beauty tools. You can use it to manually remove visible acne.

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PMD Beauty

Its durable products are all strictly inspected for prolonged life expectancy and guaranteed quality. Many series of products such as Personal Microderm, PMD Kiss and PMD Clean contain PMD Beauty patented technology, recommended by InStyle, REAL SIMPLE, California Live, etc. PMD Beauty also donates to many non-profit organizations to help people obtain self-confidence.

PMD Beauty has a variety of beauty tools. There are three main product lines with different uses among them: Personal Microderm, PMD Clean, and PMD Kiss System. The main products line Personal Microderm can be divided into four products: Classic, Pro, Man, and Elite. All of them help unclog pores and promote blood circulation via vacuum suction. The powerful Patented Spinning Discs contains aluminum oxide crystals to effectively exfoliate dead skin and promote skin renewal, thereby improving the absorption efficiency. Personal Microderm Classic is cost-effective and highly recommended. It comes with Face & Body Caps. Small cap & disc is suitable for the face and delicate areas, while Large cap & disc is more suitable for the body and large areas. It can not only help get rid of blackheads on your face, shrink pores as well as tighten skin, but also prevent premature aging and smooth your skin by applying it on many parts of your body. Personal Microderm Classic is packed with Discs with different colors correspond to different intensities. It is recommended that new users start with a gray disc and increase disc intensity every one or two weeks. Please noted, don’t let it stay on your skin for too long. Thus, you need to pay highly attention to the use instructions.

The cost-effective Personal Microderm Classic can meet your basic skincare needs. If you have higher requirements, it is recommended to use other cleaners of PMD Beauty.

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It provides a wide range of products from pore vacuums to electric shaves. Pore vacuums are unisex, while shaves are designed for men and women respectively. There is no big difference among similar products. Dedicating to improving living standard of users, Eunon products are sold in many countries and regions with plenty of fans.

As the iconic product of Eunon, Eunon Blackhead Remover Vacuum is recommended by many review sites like Marie Claire. Its biggest highlight is the large LED display, allowing you to check the battery status and operation mode. With a timer in the center of the screen, you can easily control the time to prevent damage caused by long-term use, very friendly for new users. There is an opening and switching key on the bottom of the handle, convenient to use. Eunon Blackhead Remover Vacuum is available in three settings: Make-up Residue Mode (L1), Acne Mode (L2) and Blackhead Mode (L3). L1 with weak suction is suitable for sensitive skin or for cleaning residue in pores. L2 with medium suction can remove blackheads. L3 is suitable for effective blackheads removal through strong suction, especially suitable for skin with many blackheads or stubborn skin. You can choose the appropriate mode according to your face condition. The water-resistant Eunon Blackhead Remover Vacuum is easy to use. You can simply rinse it with water. Compared with ordinary pore vacuum, it can be used with or without wires riding over a high-capacity battery and 1-hour super fast USB charger. This pore cleaner can last 2 months on one single charge, very suitable for on-to-go. It is attached with a base for you to put it on many places like a sink firmly.

The superior Eunon offers versatile products with affordable prices, worth purchasing.

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 Euasoo comes in a wide range of pore vacuums with similar functions and various appearances. You can choose one based on your own preference.

The bestselling Blackhead Pore Vacuum Cleaner Remover is well-received and worth recommending. It uses advanced vacuum technology to get rid of blackheads and dirt hidden in the pores to prevent the production of acne. Compared with ordinary chemical methods, this physical cleaner is safer and more effective. This pore vacuum is available in five suction levels, suitable for different skin types, meeting the needs of most people. Apart from that, Blackhead Pore Vacuum Cleaner Remover contains 5 probe heads with different functions and strong suction to effectively remove blackheads and dead skin. In order to maintain hygiene and prolong life expectancy, you need to clean it in time after use and replace the probe heads regularly. There is an LED display at the bottom for you to check the suction level and battery status in time. The opening and switching buttons are located above the LED display, allowing you to adjust easily, which is very friendly to new users. Blackhead Pore Vacuum Cleaner Remover has a wide range of accessories, including 1 set of acne needles, multiple replaceable rubber rings, etc.

Euasoo offers good after-sale service and 30-Day Money-Back guarantee policy. You can ask professionals for help, if you have any questions.

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