The 11 Best Nail Polishes of 2022

Laurel Hanson
Jan 13, 2022

Girls love beauty by nature. So, many fashion icons like to apply nail polish to change the color of their nails, manicure their nails, and make them look more beautiful. Nail polish forms a abrasion-resistant film on the surface of nails to protect them. With the development of society, the techniques and methods of manicure are constantly updated, and there are more and more colors and types of nail polish. In addition to various colors, there are patch decorations such as diamonds and stars. Some nail polishes also contain vitamin E, H and keratin to prevent nails from breaking.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Christian Louboutin, O·P·I, Deborha Lippmann and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect nail polish, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Deborah Lippmann
  • 2. OPI
  • 3. Christian Louboutin
  • 4. Essie
  • 5. Chanel
  • 6. Dior
  • 7. Ciaté
  • 8. Yves Saint Laurent
  • 9. Butter London
  • 10. REVLON
  • 11. ZOYA

Deborah Lippmann

Deborah Lippmann is the "chief manicurist" certified by VOGUE magazine, painting nails for Scarlett Johansson, Kate Winslet, Beyonce and other celebrities. Deborah specially designed a nail polish for Mariah Carey to match the dress at the 1998 Oscars, and the brand Deborah Lippmann was born in second year. The Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are in fancy, dreamy and mature styles that can fit well with the dresses, so they always appear on the Hollywood show. Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are all 5-free formulas, and some series are 7-free, proving that it is safer than Christian Louboutin and O·P·I products.

Deborah Lippmann nail polishes can be divided into four types, namely, Glitter, Shimmer, Sheer and Crème. It is pretty good to choose Glitter and Shimmer for attending a party. Although the color is mainly dark, Glitter still looks high-key and shiny featuring sequins. The light-colored Shimmer has a glitter effect with a soft hue. Sheer and Crème are pure color nail polishes which are natural and suitable for daily use. In order to meet the needs of nail polishes with long-lasting power without dullness, the Gel Lab Pro Color series launched by Deborah Lippmann can dry without UV nail lamp.

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Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is one of the beauty brands that has various products in different fields. Those who love Christian Louboutin high heels must know that the design of red-lacquered soles was inspired by red nail polish. Christian Louboutin hit the beauty makeup market by nail polish Rough Louboutin in 2014.

Rough Louboutin’s glass faceted bottle features a tall black slender cap about 20cm, which may remind people of Louboutin's red-soled high heels for red and black combination. The nail polish bottle is made of high-quality crystals and encased in a patent leather square box, and the whole design like a work of art. It priced at $50 and became the most expensive nail polish among some popular brands such as Chanel and Dior at that time.

CL launched a limited-edition nail polish Starlight priced at $645 after Rough Louboutin. Later, it launched the limited series Scarabee inspired by the scarab that symbolizes the sun god in ancient Egypt. And the Hawaii Kawai collections in spring and summer of 2016 was also introduced into the world. These collections are quite popular.

The thick CL nail polish is highly pigmented that achieves in one coat the effect of two layers of traditional lacquer. And it delivers a long-wearing look.

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Like a gentle lady, Essie established in New York in 1981 is favored by the British royal family and known as the "Queen of Color". The Ballet Slippers under Essie is the only nail polish that Queen Elizabeth has used since 1989. Moreover, Princess Kate also wore Essie nail polish when get married Prince William.

Essie specializes in pure color nail polishes with translucent texture, delivering a shiny and glossy look after drying. People who wear them look more attractive. More than 1,000 colors are available on the market, and new colors are still released every quarter. The founder Essie Weingarten pays more attention to the fashion stage shows, so the new colors released each season can be closely integrated with the fashion trends. There are three main collections of Essie nail polishes: enamel, Treat, Love&Color and gel couture. All are 3-free, meaning they do not contain formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate, but in the the US Environmental Working Group (shorted as EWG), O·P·I nail polishes are safer than Essie. The iconic enamel collection has hundreds of colors, and the gel couture collection is brighter, which should be painted with a special gel couture topcoat.

Although it can finely paint the nail edges due to its small brush head, it may not be easy for beginners.

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Chanel always adhered to an elegant and simple design since the 1940s. Unlike Dior pursues shapes and silhouettes, Chanel loves straight cutting, which is also reflected in nail polishes. In the early years, all nail polishes on the market are all avoided dark colors, but Chanel designed a classic and mysterious burgundy-red nail polish-Rouge Noir. It has been popular all over the world once it launched and is still the bestseller nowadays.

Chanel has less nail polish products and is not prominent in its various product lines. Most products are 3-free and 5-free without strong fragrance, and the color is in a mature and gentle style. Each of them is priced at 28 dollars. To some extent, it can moisturize nails. Le Vernis Longwear Nail Color is Chanel's featured collection of the season. Among 16 colors, five of them are classic, and they are Chanel-Rouge Noir, Particulière, Ballerina, Pirate and Vamp.

Chanel's narrow brush head is difficult for people to paint dark nail polish. If you are used to painting with a big brush head like O·P·I, you may feel inconvenient.

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Dior highlights the sweetness of women with a young and fashionable style. It has less nail polishes with less colors. The limited seasonal versions only have 4 colors. Compared with Chanel, Dior's nail polishes are thicker and each is priced at $28 per bottle. Its flat and thick brush heads are for large areas which is beginner friendly.

Most Dior nail polishes are 5-free formulations. The limited collection of nail polishes for spring, summer, autumn and winter 2018 are all worth considering. Each collection has 4 colors that is well matched with the season and followed with fashion trends. It also has an excellent staying power with glow. In the DIOR VERNIS collection, there is a classic red 999 with the same formula. Consumers who love Dior 999 can pick it.

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The British brand Ciaté takes a place in nail industry by its unique creativity under the circumstances of most nail polishes have similar colors and collections nowadays. Ciaté was established by Charlotte Knight, a manicurist, in 2009. Ciaté Caviar Nail Polishwas all the rage once released, which has become a representative of cool nail polish and is highly praised by Blake Lively, Adele, Rihanna and other celebrities.

When applying Ciaté Caviar Nail Polish, you should wear a base coat at first, then apply the nail polish. Sprinkle the particles quickly before the nail polish becomes dry, and wait for it to dry. The reason why it called Ciaté Caviar Nail Polish is that the small particles are similar to caviar. The initial collection of Ciaté Caviar Nail Polish has three colors: Rainbow, Black Prarls, and Monther of Prearl. Each bottle is matched with "caviar" of the same color. A bottle of 13.5ml is priced at $25.

Catering to the fashion trend of the season’s show and the burgundy tone, the Velvet Manicure velvet nail polish collection is also favored by the public.

No wonder we call Ciaté a creative nail polish brand. It has been dedicated to launching new and novel products.

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Yves Saint Laurent

YSL's nail polishes are not as popular as lipsticks. Although YSL has also launched innovative products such as gradient nail polishes, the effect is not good as expected. Its nail polishes are more like products that complete the makeup product line. But YSL will still release new colors every quarter that is mostly bright, mature and bold. Its nail polishes are all 3-free formulas to achieve a glossy sheen without chips.

At this stage, LA LAQUE COUTURE is its main nail polish collection. Inspired by its founder’s creation and artistic heritage, many colors of this collection are the classic colors used before.

YSL launched Couture Tie & Dye gradient nail polishes in 2013. The full set has 4 colors, and they need to be applied multiple times to have the gradient effect because of its thin texture.

La Laque Couture Splash Collection was launched nude nail polish to follow the trend of a no-makeup look. This collection is not completely transparent, but it looks translucent and thin. Chile rose oil is added to it to nourish nails to a certain extent.

YSL’s moderate sized brush head is round for applying to the nails’ edges, suitable for most people. A bottle of 10ml nail polish is priced at $27.

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Butter London

The British brand Butter London is known for safe ingredients in the nail polish industry. Founded in 2005 Butter London is the first brand to release 3-free nail polish. At present, Butter London has improved the formula to 8-free and has been awarded the Allure "Best of Beauty" for four consecutive years. It is also one of the favorites of American talk show host Oprah.

Butter London high-quality nail polish has a great color and a subtle fragrance. It costs $18 for 10ml and $10-12 for 6ml mini, which is cost effective.

Shine 10X patented nail polish from Butter London is pretty good. However, it usually should be painted 3 layers to create a full and rich color, and it offers nothing new for products that have the same color as other nail polishes from other brands.

Inspired by the Glazen™ eyeshadow, the Glazen™ nail polish is also a bestseller. It shines beautifully in the sun with a luxurious hue. The entire collection is in mini size 6ml, suitable for people to purchase various colors.

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Revlon made its first debut by nail polish with rich and bright colors, and even appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine. Revlon's nail polishes have pure and intense colors, but only the base and top coat are 5-free, and it does not to eliminate harmful ingredients. This also brings a satisfying experience when applying that you are easy to paint evenly and smoothly. Moreover, it dries at lightning speed, and you need not wait for a long time. All its nail polishes 11.7ml sells for $6, which are affordable.

Currently, Revlon nail polishes are available in Revlon® Nail and ColorStay Gel Envy™. Revlon® Nail is the basic collection of nail polishes with 47 colors, including all popular colors. ColorStay Gel Envy™ is suitable for people who do not have high safety requirements. It combines the base coat and nail polish into one, simplifying the steps, and there are 15 colors to choose from.

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Zoya was founded by Zoya and her husband Michael from Russia. It was once rated as the longest-lasting nail polish by Women's Health magazine. It released the first 5-free nail polish, and all its nail products are 5-free with a subtle smell. Zoya’s nail polishes are highly pigmented yet not over-thick. The color of nail polish is almost the same as the color displayed on the bottle, but it is not easy to dry and can’t offer a long-wearing look. A bottle of 15ml is priced at $10, and 11.7ml is priced at about $6.

Zoya launches different collections according to the trend in different quarters. Now there are four main collections: winter holos, Jubilee, Au Nature and Innocence. The bestseller PixieDust with cool color tones was launched in 2013, and the nail cover has a fine graininess after painting. The new winter holos collection contains a nude one and two red ones with glitter quicksand texture. Your nails may be glossy and shiny after applying. The Innocence collection released in spring 2019 includes six colors inspired by nature. From winter to spring, the colors are also transitioned from cool hue to soft hue. A bottle of 11.7ml is priced at 6.5 dollars, suitable for people of all ages.

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