The 11 Best Mascaras Of 2022

Lucia Hansley
Jan 13, 2022

Mascara not only makes your eyelashes thick, slender, and curled, but also deepens their color and makes them neat and beautiful, delivering a charming and perfect eye makeup look. Celebrity makeup artist Nerisha said that whenever you apply a layer of mascara, your eyelashes would become thicker and you would be more charming. She also recommended picking a high-quality mascara to prevent sticky eyelashes even when applied multiple layers.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Helena Rubinstein, Lancôme, BOBBI BROWN and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect mascara, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Helena Rubinstein
  • 2. LANCÔME
  • 4. Kiss Me
  • 5. Dejavu
  • 6. KATE
  • 7. L'Oréal Paris
  • 11. Ettusais

Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein(The HR) is a top-notch luxury beauty brand founded in 1902 and named after its founder. It was acquired by L'Oréal in 1988. The outstanding HR lays a solid foundation for the modern beauty industry as a pioneer in scientific beauty industry.

HR launched numerous hero products. Thereof, HR launched the world first-ever waterproof mascara in 1939. The waterproof and luxurious mascara product is easy to apply, which helps leave a long-lasting makeup finish. With a luxurious package, almost every HR mascaras are classic.

The LASH QUEEN FELINE BLACKS MASCARA helps intensify, lengthen and curl eyelashes. The brush head has own four patents. The well-arranged brush allows the paste evenly cover the lashes, creating long and thick eyelashes. Infused with unique formulas, this mascara keeps the eyelashes soft and smooth, never caking even with repeated application. The laced Vitamin E can nourish and strengthen the eyelashes.

LASH QUEEN SEXY BLACKS is full of mature charming, and it targets achieving curled and dense lashes in mysterious style. The tapered brush head is ergonomically-designed and convenient to use. LASH QUEEN SEXY BLACKS is more moisturizing compared with LASH QUEEN FELINE BLACKS.

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LANCOME is a French brand founded by Armand Petitjean in 1935. As a world-renowned high-end cosmetic brand, LANCOME is involved in various product areas, such as skin care products and perfumes. LANCOME is aimed at mature women aged 25 to 40 of higher education levels and income.

GRANDIOSE WATERPROOF is easier to use with patented swan-neck wand. Compared with regular products, this mascara won’t color your eyelids. It creates a spectacular wide-angle fan effect and your eyes may look bigger. It can coat the thinnest lashes thanks to its short bristles and moderate brush head. It is waterproof and suitable for people with oily skin with satisfying and subtle fragrance. The mascara is bright black, which is easy to color. It has a elegant package in a mysterious style.

HYPNOSE DOLL EYES WATERPROOF is designed for creating a natural finish. You can create full and thick lashes by the bullet-shaped brush head with one or two cover. However, the oil-absorbing is moderate, so it is not suitable for people with oily skin. The curling can’t last for a long time.

LANCOME mascara is friendly for beginners. It can be easily removed by warm water, and you don’t worry about the falling off of lashes when removing.

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Clinique was founded in New York in 1968, and now it is a member of the Estée Lauder Group. It was well known for its three-step basic skin care throughout the world. Clinique has been regarded as one of the cosmetic brands that emphasizes on safety in the world. Clinique products are fragrance-free. Its mascara products is sold after strict allergy tests. Infused with mild formulas, Clinique mascara can be used for people with sensitive skin freely.

With a slightly small and curved brush head, the mascara helps achieve natural curled lashes. Clinique mascara divided into three types: curling, lengthening and thickening. The lengthening is classic and hot selling. The lengthening mascara is designed with a unique dual-sided brush head, which makes lashes longer and thicker. You may never experience sagging and caking thanks to the lightweight and moisturizing texture. Infused with essential oil, it leaves smoother lashes. It takes some skills when applying, and the 2-3 coats can create a natural finish.

Clinique mascara is waterproof, sweat-resist, and oil-proof. It is perfect for out-door activities even in summer. It can be removed by warm water. Clinique mascara is 6g with a fashionable package, suitable for office ladies.

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Kiss Me

Kiss Me is a Japanese popular brand in eye makeup industry established in 2005. Waterproof, abrasion resistance and cost effectiveness are the main selling points of the eye makeup products. Kiss Me mascara is extremely anti-melting and excellently curling and comparable to many big-name products. Infused with special waterproof and oil-resistant wax film, it can be used for out-door activities even in summer.

Kiss Me mascara has many series with each of the lengthening and thickening ones. The lengthening is headed in arc-shape with the quickly dry ingredients to maintain the curling for a long time. The thickening is headed in bullet-spiral shape to cover even short eyelashes, leaving a delicate finish without clumping.

Kiss Me launched numerous mascara. The classic Volume & Curl Mascara is famous for its water proof and anti-melting. But it feels moderately. The Super Water Proof is upgraded with fine drying speed. With suitable fibre, it won’t be caked. However, it is not easy to remove. The Super Water Proof offers the most extraordinary staying power and waterproof ability that can last all day long without melting down. The Long and Cool Mascara can lengthen eyelashes effectively.

Kiss Me mascaras can be differentiated by packaging colors. Most Kiss Me mascaras are black. But until the launch of Long and Cool Mascara collections, there are brown ones and some limited shades such as pinkish purple, light red for options.

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Dejavu is a Japanese eye makeup brand and has always been the best-seller more than ten consecutive years. It has become very popular for its standout eyelash mascara. Dejavu mascara is a must of Japanese girls.

Mascara Film Type, originally developed in Japan is oil-proof and sweat-resist. So it may not smudge and clump. Howerever, the film type is easier to remove than the water proof. Fiberwig Volume Mascara also contains film to prevent smudging. This volume one is infused with moisturizing ingredients to keep your lashes moist and soft. It helps create curled lashes perfectly for a long time. And it can be removed by warm water in ten seconds without any damage to your lashes. Dajavu mascara is made to dry quickly and draw your lashes thick and long.

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Kate is a professional drug-store makeup brand under Kanebo. Its eye makeup products are more suitable for people in mature style. Kate mascara is the representative of curling mascara. Kate not only makes your lashes longer and thicker, but also attaches great importance to curl your lashes. Kate mascara offers an outstanding setting effect that can keep the eyelashes curled for a long time.

Kate mascara can coat eyelashes perfectly. With some specific ingredients, it helps keep hydrated perfectly and you may never feel weighed down. Kate mascara keeps your eyelashes curled for a long time.

Kate mascara divided into film and water proof types, which all contain long and volume ones. The water proof ones can resist oils, tears and sweats. Generally, water proof mascara is hard to remove by regular makeup removers. You may need to clean it by eye and lip makeup removers. The film ones is anti smudging and can be easily removed by warm water.

If you want to keep your eyelashes curled for a long time, you can also use other tools, or adopt specific makeup orders and techniques.

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L'Oréal Paris

L'OREAL PARIS is one of the most well-known and time-honored cosmetics brands in the L'Oréal Group. L'OREAL PARIS mainly produces hair coloring, hair care, makeup and skin care products. It has been favored by people worldwide thanks to its high-quality products. L'Oréal PARIS has first-class pharmacy laboratories and dermatology centers, as well as research and test centers all over the world. L'OREAL PARIS always launched products with high quality for demands based on its developing background.

L'OREAL PARIS mascara is the representative of double-headed mascara. Thereof, the Double Extension Beauty Tube is classic and popular. It can extend every lash with nourishing ingredients, suitable for people with sparse lashes. The dual heads offer different effects.

Double Extension Serum Re-activant & Renewal Serum Inside is designed for lengthening.  It will nourish and strengthen your lashes. Because it is thick, you need to measure the amount when applying.

L'OREAL PARIS mascara only coat the lashes instead of deepening into lashes and the skin. It can be removed easily by warm water.

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FLOW FUSHI is a Japanese beauty brand founded in 2010. It can be a dark horse in Japan's beauty market and the frequenter in various beauty lists. MOTEMASCARA attaches great importance to aesthetics and details. The mascara is packed in a metal tube, available in 9 types with different brush heads. MOTEMASCARA are divided into natural, volume and skilling series for makeup beginners and artists respectively.

The natural series emphasize on creating longer lashes, suitable for people with dense lashes. The curved brush head can well fit the shape of the eye, which is easy to use. The comb-shaped head of its mascara is of the first-ever smallest brush head, and it helps achieve longer lashes after repeatedly applying, so you should be patience with the refined brush head. Moreover, you may never get clump.

The volume series are all black and target achieving a more three-dimensional look. With black paste, it can be quickly applied. The skilling series can polish a perfect eye makeup finish and can be matched with other mascara.

FLOW FUSHI upgraded the package of MOTEMASCARA. The new version is more lightweight and has a stronger sealing property compared with a regular one. It can keep lashes hydrated and is more durable than the old version. MOTEMASCARA are in black, brown, and dark blue. The black is suitable for daily use; brown is for an elegant look; dark blue is for nourishing. FLOWFUSHI mascara is an ideal choice and comparable to KISS ME mascara.

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Maybelline was founded by chemist T.L.Williams in New York in 1917. The brand name is the combination of the half word line of Vaseline and Matbel the name of the founder’s sister. With colorful packaging, this brand integrates urban fashion and street culture to its concept. Maybelline products have withstood the test of time and are till popular among young generations. Maybelline is the world's biggest mascara manufacturer and a brand with the most mascara patents in the world.

With a bit large brush head, the mascara can take more paste to create curling lashes quickly. The Hyper Curl Water Proof is suitable for makeup beginners. It helps achieve long-lasting curled finish even without a eyelash curler. This mascara also offers an excellent anti-smudge ability.

Magum Big Shot Wip is with dense brush bristles, suitable for sweeping upper eye lashes. Rocket Mascara is for those who want longer and curling lashes. This mascara is free of fragrance suitable for building a light makeup with natural and bright lashes.   

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ETUDE HOUSE is a cosmetics brand under the top-notch Amorepacific Group. It is favored by women worldwide thanks to its cute and fashionable styles. ETUDE HOUSE Mascara is the representative of cost-effective mascara which can achieve curled eyelashes with standout finish.

Wonder Fun Park Lash Firm Curl Fix Mascara has been highly praised by consumers. You can rub the excessive moisturizing paste before applying, and then you can sweep lashes repeatedly with little amount. With well-designed brush head, the new version offers a good staying power. However, you should apply use a customized makeup remover to remove it.

If you want to sweep lower eyelashes clearly, you can buy OH~M’ EYE LASH. With a ultra-fine and slightly curved brush head and lightweight paste, it can sweep from the root to tip of lashes. ETUDE HOUSE mascara has slight angle which is easy to apply. Also, it is affordable.

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Ettusais is a Japanese brand under Shiseido founded in 1991, targeting at young women in their twenties. In a cute and energetic style, it is favored by numerous young girls worldwide.

If you want to make eyelashes thicker and longer, you can pair mascara with primer. The primer is to resist water and fix lashes. Eye Edition Mascara Base is a hero product of Ettusais with affordable price. It can leave you a long-lasting natural look like you do not makeup. This mascara base comes in old and new versions.

The old version is in red to weep the lower eyelashes easily. The new version is laced with 1.5 black fibre, which makes eyelashes longer. With the dual-sided brush head, it helps create a long-lasting finish. With a transparent black paste, the new version can shape lashes better compared with a regular white fiber mascara primer. It can be paired with regular mascara.

The new version also comes in chestnut and dark blue, which can achieve attractive lashes only with a single layer.

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