The 12 Best Makeup Removers of 2022

Grace Hannigan
Jan 13, 2022

Micellar cleansing water dissolves dirt on the skin with water-soluble ingredients to achieve a quick result. It usually contains surfactants, moisturizers, polyols, and oil-based ingredients to boost the cleansing effect. Makeup and greasy residues on the skin not only clog your pores, but also cause dull skin tone, resulting in unhealthy skin. Thoroughly removing your makeup before going to bed at night is the best care for your facial skin. If you have heavy eye makeup and lip makeup, such as lipstick, eyeliner and mascara, use a special eye and lip makeup remover on local areas before cleaning the whole face. Micellar cleansing water is more refreshing than its similar products. Yet because it contains less oil and more urfactants and alcohols, it is recommended to be applied with cotton pads, perfect for sensitive skin. 

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Lancôme, CHANEL, La Roche-Posay and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect micellar cleansing water, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. LANCÔME
  • 2. Chanel
  • 3. La Roche-Posay
  • 4. Bifesta
  • 5. Koh Gen Do
  • 7. Garnier
  • 8. URIAGE
  • 9. L'Oréal Paris
  • 11. Biore
  • 12. Simple


L'Oréal is a leading group in the makeup remover market. Luxury, middle, and low-end brands under L'Oréal all launches excellent makeup removers. LANCÔME is a high-end brand of the L'Oreal Group, and its removers have strong cleansing power and a gentle skin feeling. They have made great efforts in fragrance and packaging design to please people.

Bi-fa Visage balances the use feeling and cleansing power. You should shake it even before use, and then used it to moisten a cotton pad to wipe your face. It can remove all kinds of cosmetics effectively, and it will give off a faint rose fragrance. However, due to the oil content, you need to use mild cleansing products after it.

Bi-Facil has the 1:1 oil-water ratio, and it needs to be shaken to make the water and oil fully mixed before use. You will not feel tingle or muddy after use. It only needs to be soaked by a cotton pad before moistening the eye area, then to gently wipe off the eye makeup. It can minimize damage to your eyes and remove eye makeup quickly.

Some people feel a little greasy after use. The use feeling and effect are different from different skin types. You can choose a right one according to your needs.

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Chanel is a French luxury brand founded in France by Coco Chanel in 1910. As a representative brand of delicate skin care brand, Chanel launched a special makeup remover for eyes and lips more than ten years ago. It uses silicone oil and mineral oil to dissolve makeup quickly with a smooth texture. Although it contains oils, it is not heavy and has no oily film after applying. Due to its strong dissolving and penetrating power, it has an extraordinary removing effect on waterproof makeup.

DÉMAQUILLANT YEUX INTENSE is encased in translucent frosted bottle. It is water-oil separation liquid. When it is shaken well, the water in the under layer becomes light blue, which is very convenient.

L’EAU MICELLAIRE is packaged in a transparent frosted bottle with a black lacquer lid. It is transparent with a subtle fragrance, leaving your skin supple and hydrated. Even if you don't rinse it, you will not feel dry. The disadvantage is that it has a weak cleansing power, suitable for removing sunscreen and light makeup.

Some products often need repeated wet compressing to remove, with which people may need evenly rub their lips. Choosing a product with strong penetrating power under Chanel to effectively reduce harms to your lips. At the same time, to balance the skin feel and ensure mildness, plant extracts are added to relieve the dryness of the eyes and lips. Moreover, it is free of fragrance which will not irritate the skin and greatly reduce the risk of sensitization.

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La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay, a skin care brand under L'Oréal, is located in La Roche-Posay town. It uses La Roche-Posay thermal water as its main material to develop products rich. All products are produced under the GMP standards with mildness and efficacy.

 La Roche-Posay PEAUX REACTIVES REACTIVE SKIN is suitable for combination to dry skins. The texture is softer because of rich glycerin. Take a cotton pad soak in it and wipe your skin, and you can remove makeup gently without cause redness and tightness on the skin.

PEAUX grasses oily skin is infused with PCA zinc to control oil. PCA zinc can effectively adjust oil secretion of skin and has a certain antibacterial function, leaving skin more refreshing. So it is suitable for oily and acne-prone skins as a daily makeup remover. The fly in the ointment is that although it is free of alcohol and pigments and other sensitizing ingredients, it contains fragrance that increases the risk of irritation despite makes people more pleasant.

One of the features of its facial makeup removers is that it takes natural selenium-rich mineral water as raw material, which is more conducive to maintaining skin stability than pure water. At the same time, it is suitable for skins as its weak acidity, which will not damage skin lipid with weak cleansing power. If you want to remove highly colored makeup and waterproof makeup, you’d better to use a special eye makeup remover.

The makeup remover under La Roche-Posay is high performance. It not only removes makeup but also nourishes the skin. It is a makeup remover that can be used on sensitive skin safely.

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Bifesta is a skin care brand under Mandom of Japan. Bifesta Eye & Lip Makeup Remover has been ranked first in the cleansing category Cosme in 2012, from then it always awards first or second in Cosme. As a representative product of drug-store water and oil separation makeup remover, it has strong cleaning power, gentle use feeling, and affordable price.

Bifesta Eye & Lip Makeup Remover takes volatile synthetic silicone oil as the main ingredient with slow separation speed. It can easily dissolve waterproof eyeliner, mascara and other products. This makeup remover also contains various moisturizing ingredients, you will not feel dry when applying. Although it is smooth, it is slightly oily and sticky after use. It is more suitable for removing heavy makeup.

Bifesta's CLEANSING LOTION has four kinds. Among them, Agecare Cleansing Lotion Q10 is the most moisturizing, and others feel less difference in using. It has a thick and soft texture and strong cleaning power. You’d better rinse with facial cleanser after use. However, CLEANSING LOTION contains irritating ingredients. People who are sensitive skin may feel tingle. It is not suitable for eye makeup removal.

The makeup remover contains both water- and oil-soluble ingredients which can easily dissolve makeup completely without dryness. And it is high performance.

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Koh Gen Do

The famous Japanese makeup brand Koh Gen Do's has been published in many magazines for its well-known foundation. Koh Gen Do Cleansing SPA Water integrates the features of European, American and Japanese products. It is refreshing and adopts the micellar water texture which is commonly used in European and American products. It contains a lot of plant extracts and has strong cleansing power like traditional Japanese makeup remover.

Koh Gen Do Cleansing SPA Water contains mineral-rich thermal water as the base, and is free of fragrance with rich minerals and various plant extracts to achieve anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. Because of its strong cleansing power and mildness, it can be used to clean the face, eyes and lips without sticky feeling. However, it contains less preservatives, so you’d better rinse you face after use.

Koh Gen Do's makeup remover can remove makeup easily and effectively. Girls who usually have heavy makeup should keep one to keep your skin refreshing. It has cleansing power and moisturizing effect. It should be noted that it is best to do a skin test before use if you are sensitive skin.

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French biologist and pharmacist Jean-Noel Thorel founded the BIODERMA with the concept of “Biology at the service of dermatology”. BIODERMA is dedicated to medical beauty and skin care products. It has many outstanding achievements in the French and European markets and has become one of the three major French medical skin care brands.

BIODERMA Sensibio H2O is the world's best-selling makeup remover and the ancestor of micellar makeup remover. The micellar water has a high water content and is not easy to have foam residues. It can replace cleansing products when your makeup cannot be cleaned up by water, leaving your skin refreshing and soft. BIODERMA applies its patented polysaccharide combination technology to makeup remover to moisture and calm the skin. It also has a good effect on inhibiting redness and inflammation to maintain skin stability. However, it should not be directly contacted the eyes. Although it is alcohol free, it has a cooling sensation with a slight mint flavor. People with sensitive skin will be slightly irritated, so it is more suitable for oily and healthy skins.

As best-sellers in the world, BIODERMA makeup removers are available in many purchase channels. But you need to be careful when choose one science there are a flood of fake products.

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French chemist Alfred Amour Garnier founded Garnier Research Center with a creative concept in 1904. Garnier Research Center has become a well-deserved top-notch product in the European natural cosmetics market.

Garnier pink Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 is also a typical micellar makeup remover. You can feel moisture and smooth when applying. But because less moisturizing ingredients are added, it will dry out if you don't moisturize skin in time. However, Garnier has a rich product line to make up for the disadvantage of this product. It has launched different makeup removers for sensitive skin, oily skin, waterproof makeup, and eye makeup.

Its eye and lip cleansing water are in the water and oil separation form, and you need to shake it even before use. It can remove the waterproof makeup gently without irritation. However, the cleaning power is moderate so that it requires wet compressing for several minutes and repeated wiping. Moreover, long-term use may damage skin.

Garnier cleansing water is also called the “Affordable BIODERMA”, because the tow are similar in use feeling and efficacy. The makeup remover is encased with a transparent bottle, which looks very simple and elegant. This makeup remover is mild and high performance, leaving your skin refreshing after washing.

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URIAGE was born in 1993. Like many French cosmeceuticals, it takes thermal spring water as its selling point. Compared with brands such as La Roche-Posay and Avène, URIAGE is rich in mineral salts. And it is called the exclusive natural isotonic spring water in the world by the office. It has extraordinary hydrating and healing effects. URIAGE makeup remover is a micellar makeup remover with weak cleaning power, which is suitable for removing light makeup.

Thermal Micellar Water (Moisturizes, Removes make-up, Cleanses) contains glycerin and cranberry extracts. With the slightly moisturizing effect, it can soften the skin without oily, suitable for dry skin. Thermal Micellar Water (Purifies, Removes make-up, Cleanses) contains lentil fruit and apple extracts with a certain anti-inflammatory effect, but it can not minimize pores and reduce oil secretion so obviously as the office claims. Makeup remover in this type takes water as the main ingredient. You’ d better rinse with facial cleanser after it. The plant extracts do not function that well because it lasts just a seconds on your face.

There’s a fly in the ointment that the URIAGE makeup removers contain fragrance with strong smells, but the fragrance is not pleasant. If you are sensitive to fragrance or with extremely sensitive skin, it is advisable to choose a fragrance-free makeup remover.

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L'Oréal Paris

L'OREAL PARIS is one of the most well-known and historical cosmetics brands under the L'Oréal Group, specialized in hair dye, hair care, make-up and skin care products. It has always been favored by beauty enthusiasts worldwide for its outstanding quality. The on sell MICELLAR WATER 3 IN 1 MAKEUP REMOVER is similar to the Garnier makeup remover (under the same group as L'OREAL PARIS) in terms of packaging, looking and smell. In fact, the ingredients of the two are very similar.

MICELLAR WATER 3 IN 1 MOISTURIZING contains French rose extracts and sorbitol to achieve an extraordinary instant moisturizing effect. It is more moisturizing and gentler than the Garnier Pink.

L'Oreal also launched the MICELLAR WATER 3 IN 1 DEEP CLEANSING infused with silicone oil accounting for about 1/5 of the volume and floating on the water. You should shake it even before use to create an extraordinary moisturizing effect. But it is slightly oily and you need to rinse with facial cleanser.

L'Oreal makeup remover has a pretty good moisturizing effect to keep hydrated after applying. It is worth buying.

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Maybelline New York produced the world's first modern eye makeup since founded in 1917. Today, Maybelline New York has become a legendary global cosmetics company as pioneer. Before micellar makeup remover became popular, people were used to using cleansing oil and cream to remove makeup including eyes. Although they have strong cleansing power, they need to be rubbed and emulsified, and can easily cause eye irritation. Maybelline makeup remover has become the first products for many people to distinguish removers.

Maybelline Eye & Lip makeup remover have simple ingredients and is free of allergens like alcohol. Although you may feel a bit rough and sticky when applying, it is good enough for basic cleaning tasks. Its Eye & Lip makeup remover has a small bottleneck and not easy to spill out. It can instantly separate oil and water after shaking twice before using, which is not convenient enough.

There are two new versions of the MAYBELLINE MICELLAR WATER: the pink has simple ingredients and is suitable for sensitive skin; the refreshing green contains antibacterial agents and alcohol to achieve oil controlling. People who are dry skin may feel dry out after wiping, and you should apply skin care products in time.

Maybelline makeup remover has strong cleansing power. And it can remove makeup quickly with a gentle use feeling. You can choice a right one according to your skin types. It is high performance.

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Biore is a brand affiliated to Kao, Japan's largest daily chemical company, and specialized in cleansing and sunscreen products. Biore has been providing a series of products that can promote clean, beautiful and healthy life for consumers since its development for more than 20 years. Biore aims to become the brand supported and trusted by customers. Biore makeup remover is also divided into two types: facial makeup remover and eye and lips makeup remover.

Makeup Remover For Eye & Lip is a typical water-oil separation makeup remover, and the angular bottle is also unique. The water in the under part will turn into pink. It has the same cleansing power as Maybelline, but it may irritate your skin as it contains alcohol.

Among the three facial makeup removers, Makeup Remover Moisturizing is the most recommended one which is a round pump bottle and easy to apply. Because it contains more oil, it has a good cleansing power for waterproof makeup. You may have a certain filmy feel without greasy.

The common problem of Biore makeup removers is greasy, but they have a stronger cleansing power than the Micellar Makeup Remover. You can use a facial cleanser to rinse after use. If you usually have light makeup, you can use it as a regular product for a long time.

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Simple is one of the UK's annual best-selling skin care brands. It almost dominated the British affordable skin care market for its fresh and natural formula concept.

Simple Makeup Remover is packed really simple and transparent plastic bottle without complicated decoration. You may feel refreshed after applying without irritation. It is free of fragrance essence free with a slight reed flavor. It is rich in vitamins so as to moisturize your skin without dryness and tightness after applying.

Simple Makeup Remover has weak cleaning power, suitable for daily cleaning. In addition, the lid is difficult to buckle and will even be broken after repeated use. There may be leakage in the transportation, which is also one of the common problems in drug-store makeup remover packaging.

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