The 10 Best Makeup Mirrors of 2022

Mandy Franklin
Jan 13, 2022

Makeup enthusiasts know how important light is for makeups. In a poorly light room, and a rainy day, a makeup is easy to be destroyed. It is so embarrassed that you are carrying a heavy and uneven makeup with the face and neck in different shades and large uneven area of blushes, face shadow and eye shadow.

Makeup Mirror is your help, you can use it as a desktop mirror, or fix it on the wall, or carry it around. Some mirrors come with a magnifying one which enables makeup artist to see the subtleties being illuminated. Some mirrors feature lights in adjustable angles so that the intensity and color of the light source (cool, warm, natural) can be adjusted to provide the perfect light for making up. Makeup artist Talia Abbas says that nowadays there are various intelligent mirrors: Some have USB ports. Some do weather forecasts. And others view messages.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Fancii, BESTOPE, Conair, Beautyworks and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of makeup mirrors we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Fancii 
  • 2. BESTOPE
  • 3. Conair
  • 4. Beautyworks
  • 5. Ovente
  • 6. Jerdon Style
  • 7. Simplehuman
  • 8. GLAMCOR
  • 9. iHOME
  • 10. OttLite


The quality is inspected by the product design team. In the meanwhile, Fancii is dedicated to innovating technologies and developing sleek-looking products with high quality, recommended by multiple well-known review sites such as VOGUE, allure, and BYRDIE.

Fancii offers a variety of products, from Vanity Mirrors, Nailcare Tools, Skincare Tools to accessories, etc. So as to meet the cosmetic needs of most women. As major products, mirrors can be divided into two categories according to their function: Vanity Mirror and Compact Mirror. Most Vanity Mirrors are tabletop mirrors. They can be placed firmly, very suitable for daily use. They are available in 1X and 15X magnification in pink, black, white, rose gold, and other colors in various shapes. Each mirror has its own representative name, easy to memorize. WERA is favored by a lot of beauty lovers. This flat mirror features high definition without distortion. The elliptical rotatable mirror is surrounded by Tru-Glow LED Lightening System with 3 lights: Soft White, Neutral White, and Natural Daylight controlled by a simple tap, suitable for different situations. The battery delivers long-lasting use. The smart lights will automatically turn off after half an hour which is quite time-saving. Easy to move around, the cordless VERA won’t cause any trouble on a messy dressing table. Featuring a sleek look, the VERA base is made of metal, making this makeup mirror non-slip and gorgeous. You can choose your favorite among chrome, rose gold, and black. As the price point is a bit higher, it is recommended for people with high purchasing power.

If you have special makeup needs, we recommend Fanci Magnifying Mirror. Most of them are rotatable with powerful magnification. You can place the high-quality magnifying mirror on the sink, mirror, wall, and other places.



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BESTOPE is an emerging beauty brand established in 2014. Since its inception, BESTOPE developed so rapidly that became a very popular fashion brand by constantly introducing innovative products to the world. BESTOPE comes in a wide range of thoughtfully-designed products, from accessories, hairstyle to beautycare, all of which are convenient and easy to use to bring customers great experience. In addition, BESTOPE also provides high-quality warranty service. If you have any problem about product’s quality, you can contact their support center on official website.

The second major category of BESTOP is makeup mirror with high sales, divided into seven folding makeup mirrors with multi-magnification. As the price point is palatable, these powerful makeup mirrors are cost-effective. Featuring 3 detachable magnifying panels, BESTOPE Vanity Makeup Mirror is easy to store as well as can protect the smooth mirror. The main mirror and the right mirror are flat mirrors to reflect you face condition. The left mirror is designed with 2X and 3X magnification, very suitable and convenient for eye makeup, eyebrow and other delicate touches. Equipped with multiple natural soft LED lights, BESTOPE Vanity Makeup Mirror enables you to complete your makeup even under dimly light. You can touch the screen to adjust the lights. The gloss mirror is certified with premium quality coating, allowing you to see each inch of your skin clearly and bringing you a pleasant experience. The specially-designed groove at the bottom is convenient for you to store small items like lipsticks, tubber bands, etc. BESTOPE Vanity Makeup Mirror in a pink finish is also a great gift for your friends or family members.     

Several BESTOPE makeup mirrors are only differentiated in colors and LED lights. You can choose one based on your own preference.   

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Conair mainly manufactures and sells personal care, health and beauty products. American fashion magazine In Style once listed the Conair product as one of the must-have beauty products.

In addition to the well-known hair dryer and curling irons, Conair launches plenty of well-received makeup mirrors with different sizes to meet the needs of female consumers. Conair makeup mirrors can be divided into three categories based on shapes: ROUND + OVAL, TRI-PANEL and RECTANGLE + SQUARE. Among them, the representative DOUBLE-SIDED LIGHTED OVAL MIRROR in ROUND+OVAL is also belong to Amazon’s Choice and highly recommended by famous review sites such as BYRDIE and GLAMOUR. This double-sided tabletop mirror is 360° rotatable with a flat mirror and a 7X magnification mirror, easy to use, and perfect for your daily makeup routine. Equipped with soft LED lights, this makeup mirror is powered by electricity and features polished chrome finish to deliver a high definition. This exquisite, middle-size makeup mirror is a classic tabletop mirror. You can put it as a decoration on the surface of the dressing table or sink. Compared with most tabletop makeup mirrors, as the price point of DOUBLE-SIDED LIGHTED OVAL MIRROR is affordable and cost-effective, it is worth purchasing.

If you have higher expectation of brightness, the lightweight TRI-PANEL and RECTANGLE + SQUARE with high quality are more recommended. Conair also offers several vintage makeup mirrors, featuring manual adjustment to bring you a unique makeup experience.

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Web Deals Direct LLC products are mainly sold on Amazon with a 37,000-square-foot warehouse in California as well as a complete standardized transportation system. Recently, Beautyworks launches the only makeup mirror with high sales performance. Its design team is still working on improving and innovating products based on users’ feedback. You can follow up to this.

As the only makeup mirror introduced by Beautyworks, Beautyworks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror is available in six colors featuring superior lighting and portability, favored by beauty lovers. The folding Beautyworks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror is packed with multiple LED lights around its main mirror to deliver natural bright light, allowing you to see your skin condition under dimly circumstances. Its side mirrors have 2X and 3X magnification, which may not be compared to some fancy folding makeup mirror, but still can let you do some basic makeup, including blackhead removal, eye makeup and eyebrow trimming, etc. With 180-degree rotation, you can flexibly adjust the angle according to your needs to create a perfect makeup. Unlike ordinary makeup mirrors, it comes with a dual power supply that can be either battery-powered or USB charging and is lightweight. This makeup mirror can be used anywhere. If you want to get a clearer image, just keep your face close to the mirror. As the price point is affordable, this makeup mirror is cost-effective and worth a try.

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Ovente offers a wide range of high-quality products with fashionable design, warmly welcomed by consumers. Plenty of energy-saving domestic appliances show that Ovente attaches great importance to environmental protection.

Ovente is available in a wide variety of makeup mirrors, divided into two types: wall-mounted and tabletop vanity mirrors. Among them, the wall-mounted vanity mirror is more well-known. Ovente wall-mounted vanity mirrors comes in MLW75, MLW95, MFW85 etc., all of which are only slightly differentiated in light color and size with similar appearance. We recommend you distinguishing them carefully before purchasing. As the price point of Ovente Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirror with Lights 7 Inches is the lowest, it is cost-effective. Designed with suitable size, this double-sided 360°makeup mirror is equipped with 1X and 10X magnification. The 10X magnifying mirror helps you deal with detailed makeup application. Powered by AAA battery, the built-in LED lights provide a cold natural lighting mode. This space-saving wall-mounted makeup mirror has a flexible extension arm with 2 bending settings to enable you push it forth or pull it back. It is perfect for narrow space. Mainly made of iron, Ovente Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirror with Lights 7 Inches features excellent quality, making it an ideal choice for use at home.

Ovente also introduces several wall-mounted mirrors with advanced settings and different brightness as well as sizes. The price is higher than Ovente Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirror with Lights 7 Inches. You can choose one based on your needs.

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Jerdon Style

Initially, Jerdon Style products were mostly applied in hotels, and later gradually became popular daily necessities in millions of American families. Over the years, Jerdon Style is dedicated to designing durable, beautiful products with high quality to bring consumers a good experience. Jerdon Style has many loyal customers and is recognized by household goods industry. Its products are recommended by sites like Good Housekeeping.  

As a large household brand, Jerdon Style provides a wide range of products, from makeup mirrors, hair dryers to irons, etc. Jerdon Style makeup mirrors can be divided into three types with various functions: Wall Mount Mirrors, Table Top Mirrors and Multi-function Mirrors. Each is available in lighted and non-lighted to meet the needs of most consumers. The most popular product 5X -1X Trifold Mirror Classic Design is well-received and recommended by the Strategist. The lightweight shell is made of plastic, easy to move. This pure white rectangle makeup mirror is also an exquisite home decoration. This high-definition, folding makeup mirror features cool fluorescent lighting on both sides. You can press the bottom to adjust between four settings: daytime, evening, home and office 4. It’s very normal that the fluorescent lighting may become hot for a while. 5X -1X Trifold Mirror Classic Design delivers 1X and 5X magnification to meet basic makeup need. Featuring UL certification, this makeup mirror’s quality is guaranteed. You can purchase it without any worries.

As a wall-mounted makeup mirror, 8" 5X-1X Mirror with lightweight steel extension arms is also worth recommending. Compared with ordinary iron extension arms, it is not easy to rust in humid environments like bathroom. This 8-inch makeup mirror allows you to see yourself clearly. However, the non-lighted 8" 5X-1X Mirror is not suitable for dimly place.

Jerdon Style offers a wide range of purchasing channels like Amazon, eBay and official websites.

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The research and development department of Simplehuman keep on innovating, optimizing as well as upgrading their core technologies to provide consumers a better life. Simplehuman products are available in major retail chain stores.

The leading sensor mirrors of Simplehuman orient to the mid-to-high-end market. There are many types of sensor mirrors with different shapes. You can choose based on your own need and purchasing power. Most sensor mirrors will light up automatically as your face approaches. You can also listen to music or get weather information during the makeup process thanks to its built-in Alexa.

The biggest highlight of sensor mirror round is the tru-lux technology. With a color rendering index (CRI) of 90, the light system simulates natural sunlight. The built-in sensor allows the light to turn on automatically when your face approaches without pressing any bottoms. Made of high-quality glass, this mirror with aluminum coating features high-definition, high-brightness as well as 5X magnification to let you see the details of your face. One charge lasts up to 5 weeks, so you don’t have to charge it frequently. The high-quality LED light won’t be dark or yellow after a long-term use. Compared with other makeup mirrors in the same size, the lightweight sensor mirror round is made of stainless steel with multiple colors, easy to move.

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Combining advanced technologies and fashionable designs, GLAMCOR offers a variety of warmly welcomed products to beauty artists and stylists. Its products are sold in 85 countries and regions along with plenty local factories to ensure that consumers receive products as quickly as possible.

GLAMCOR introduces public-oriented GLAMCOR RIKI, suitable for women to wear makeup. GLAMCOR RIKI comes in a wide range of products, among them rectangle tabletop makeup mirrors are iconic products of GLAMCOR. The famous RIKI SKINNY is recommended by well-known review sites like GLAMOUR, GH and so on. Surrounded by many LED lights, this rectangle makeup mirror is manually adjustable with 5 brightness settings. If you need to do a partial makeup, such as drawing eyebrows, brushing eyelashes or doing a daily skin care routine, you can use the attached magnifying mirror, which is magnetic and can be directly attached to the mirror surface. RIKI SKINNY weighs only 1.5 pounds, just like a small tablet. The retractable support frame makes this mirror easy to store and on-the-go, allowing you to adjust the angle. Many bloggers love RIKI SKINNY because it is not only a mirror, but also an excellent media device with Bluetooth. You can connect your phone to the mirror to get natural high-definition photos. Thanks to its magnetic phone clip attachment, you can place your phone in the center and connect it to the mirror via Bluetooth to take pictures, record videos or broadcast live shows. RIKI SKINNY delivers good lighting effect to let you see your facial condition. Compared with other makeup mirrors, the multifunctional RIKI SKINNY is more expensive.  

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With the radio launched earlier, iHome quickly became the leading brand in the audio accessories market. iHome, the winner of multiple international awards, keeps on technological innovation, function upgrade and design optimization.

iHome is available in multiple products, such as alarm clocks, portable speakers, Bluetooth makeup mirrors and other household products, all of which are widely used in daily life and hotels. As one of iHome’s popular categories, makeup mirrors come in eight types for consumers and makeup artists. Their prices are greatly differentiated. The well-known review website GLAMOUR calls REFLECT (iCVBT3) as the “Best Mirror for Multi-tasking”. Aside from high-definition mirror and adjustable brightness, the REFLECT (iCVBT3) also contains Bluetooth and built-in microphone, allowing you to dial or hang up the phone with non-echo voice. Buttons placed on the base of the makeup mirror can let you directly adjust the brightness and set up voice calls. Featuring AC power and USB charging, this piratical REFLECT (iCVBT3) allows you to charge your phone in an emergency. Compared with similar makeup mirrors, it is worth recommending as this makeup mirror is affordable and cost-effective.

iHome is available in few purchasing channels, like offline retail stores and Amazon.

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OttLite is a well-known American lighting brand founded by doctor John Nash Ott in 1989. After decades of research, biologist John Nash Ott found that natural light has a great impact on the growth of organisms. Based on this, he produced the first fluorescent light of OttLite. After years of development, the quality of OttLite products is widely recognized as well as recommended by famous websites like InStyle, GLAMOUR, FoxNews, etc.

OttLite comes in not many makeup mirrors, but all of them are well sold. OttLite Natural Makeup Mirror under OttLite is cost-effective. Made of metal, this classic tabletop makeup mirror is a bit heavy, very suitable for families. 1X and 5X magnification dual-sided mirrors can enable you to check your face, including every detail. There is an energy-efficient 13-watt bulb on both sides rated to last up to 10,000 hours to deliver a great effect. However, incandescent light is not as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as LED light. You need to replace the bulbs from time to time as the bulbs could be heated up after using for a while. OttLite Natural Makeup Mirror is rotatable at multiple angles, making it easy to use and restore. It is available in multiple colors, such as pink, white, green, etc. This sleek-looking makeup mirror is a solid choice to give to your friends as a gift.

Wireless Charging LED Makeup Mirror is also worth recommending. This tabletop makeup mirror is packed with an adjustable stand. You can put your phone here for watching videos or making phone calls. It is also equipped with a USB port to charge phones or tablets. Please noted, Wireless Charging LED Makeup Mirror should not be placed on a small table, for its big base. This makeup mirror is also more expensive than the OttLite Natural Makeup Mirror.

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