The 20 Best Liquid Foundations of 2022

Veronica Hope
Jan 13, 2022

Liquid foundation is a go-to for almost everyone before putting on makeup. Lightweight and easy to apply, it makes our skin look flawless. Liquid foundation is ideal for most skin types, especially oily skin, which helps prep your skin instantly for makeup in summer. Modern foundations combine beauty and skin care into one, some of which are even anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and anti-oxidant. Liquid foundation effectively prevents you from UV damage and isolates impurities in the air. Some skin damages are hard to prevent, such as UV rays and environmental aggressors, yet liquid foundation can block these natural factors. Liquid foundation also evens out your skin tone. Some people think that liquid foundations of various colors have the same effects, while they are actually quite different. You should choose a shade to match your skin for better results. Celebrity makeup artist Solitary said, "Liquid foundation makes women's makeup more delicate and beautiful. It is a must-have for every female makeup artist."

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like GIORGIO ARMANI, Estée Lauder, MAKE UP FOR EVER and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect liquid foundation, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Giorgio Armani
  • 2. Estée Lauder
  • 3. Clé de Peau Beauté
  • 4. Yves Saint Laurent
  • 5. By Terry
  • 8. M·A·C
  • 9. Dior
  • 10. NARS
  • 11. SUQQU
  • 12. Charlotte Tilbury
  • 13. SHISEIDO
  • 14. Too Faced
  • 15. Tarte
  • 16. L'Oréal Paris
  • 17. Physicians Formula
  • 19. BOURJOIS
  • 20. Catrice

Giorgio Armani

In the late 1960s, Armani met Sergio Galeotti, his lover and partner, and Galeotti persuaded him to set up a Italian brand under his own name. Giorgio Armani enjoys a high reputation for a wide range of foundation products on the market and was known as the “ the Master of Foundation”. 

Both of the Designer Series are moisturizing foundations for improving skin texture, which is more suitable for dry and premature skin. This thick Designer Lift Foundation offers full coverage to blur fine lines and pores; while the Designer Cream Foundation gives a thicker, soft but lightweight texture, which brightens the skin with medium coverage.

However, Maestro Glow Foundation is more suitable for extremely dry skin. It is divided into a regular version and a moisturizing version. The latter contains much more essential oil ingredients. The separation of water and oil can be noticed clearly after keeping it for a period of time, so you need to shake it before using again. It’s worth noting that both of them have weak staying power and coverage ability, so it’s not suitable to for wearing all day long. If you need to attend an important event that lasts a short time, it will quickly enhance your skin’s complexion and make you look glowing and beautiful.

In 2017, Armani launched a Power Fabric Foundation, which has refined and lightweight texture, so it’s easy to apply without creasing. What’s more, it leaves you skin with a matte finish and can last for over 10 hours. But, with less fluidity, Power Fabric Foundation is a little bit dry.

Armani foundations emphasize the importance of good skin texture and gives your skin natural glow, so it’s ideal for a Haute couture Runway Show and daily use.

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Estée Lauder

Estee Lauder is one of the world's largest skin care, cosmetics and perfume companies founded after its founder in 1946. In order to show the respect for her, the Americans made her legendary life into a movie.

There are many subsidiaries under Estee Lauder Group. In 1997, the Double Wear Series Foundation hit the market and it has been rated as one of the best-sellers throughout the world. The Double Wear Foundation features a sweat-resistant, water-proof and an oil-controlling formula, which is especially designed for combination and oily skin types. But for dry skin, it will make the skin even worse, such as stripping, drying out and splitting your skin, so you are advised to apply it before using moisturizing skin care products. Double Wear Foundation provides a variety of shades for options, which is up to 56 shades. But the available shades vary from region to region. The shades are classified based on three kinds of criterion, which are color scale, hue and undertone. Of which, color scale is used to differentiate skin complexion. It can provide a scale of 9 colors from 0-8 for choice; Hue is identified by alphabet: C is cold undertones, W is warm undertones, N is the natural undertones. The tone is divided into more specific colors from 0-4. The larger the number, the darker the color.

Besides, Estee Lauder also launched another Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Serum Makeup Foundation for dry skin type. It has 15 kinds of shades for options and the sun protection value reaches SPF25. What’s more, it’s laced with more hydrated and anti-aging ingredients to help cover fine lines and pores, so it’s more suitable for mature skin and leaves a soft and hydrated finish.

Estee Lauder products are very famous for its excellent after-use results , so it’s a highly recommended brand.

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Clé de Peau Beauté

Founded in 1982, CPB is a top-notch brand under Shiseido Group in Japan. So far, CPB has been sold to over 23 countries and regions around the world, and has won a lot of praise and support from customers in these countries.

The most popular hero products are Radiant Cream Foundation and Radiant Fluid Foundation. The former is packed in a soft plastic tube, which offers medium to full coverage  and leaves a glowing finish. But for oily skin, it’s too hydrated to make your blemishes even more visible, so its’ more suitable for people with good skin. The latter comes in a plastic squeeze tube and the texture is more hydrated and more fluid, so it works better to moisturize and soothe the dry skin. But the coverage is relatively weak, so it’s more suitable to even skin tone, cover light dark circles and other blemishes, leaving the skin translucent and glowing without cakey.  

CPB foundations features a natural makeup look. Typically, oil helps to keep your skin moisturized and look natural. But excess oil will produce oxidation reaction after the contact with air after a busy working day, thus transforming your skin to dull. Most of luxury products focus on bringing good skin-conditioning effect through hydrated formula. But the moisture of CPB’s foundation is average, so it also works for combination skin type too. It seems that CPB reaches a balance between moisture and wearable ability. It will not make your face into dull after wearing makeup for a long time due to oxidation reaction.


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Yves Saint Laurent

YSL is a famous French luxury brand founded by Mr. Yves Saint Laurent in 1962. YSL leaves an elegant image with a hint of rebellion, and has been pursuing the concept of freedom and ture self. The looks with red lips and flawless face became an image of YSL makeup. With a wide rang of liquid foundations, you may differentiate it by its packaging and skin types.

Touche Eclat Le Teint Crème Liquid Foundation is packed in a transparent pump bottle with a golden cap. It contains moisturizing ingredients to prevent your skin from dryness, so it’s suitable for combination skin. But the coverage ability is not so strong ,which can only even skin complexion and cover redness instead of enlarged pores. Overall, it’s suitable for daily use and a good choice for makeup beginner.

 Fusion Ink Foundation is specially designed for oil skin, which is packed in a square frosted bottle. It contains a higher proportion of alcohol, which gives strong fluidity and is easy to spread. Therefore it creates a lightweight makeup effect. However, it lacks a sense of luster and your skin may be dull after wearing for a long time.

All Hour Foundation was launched in 2017. It comes with weak fluidity and full coverage as well as a matte finish. All Hours Foundation also contains alcohol, so it’s suitable for oily skin types with blemishes. This newly-launched foundation doesn’t work for all skin types as the official claims. We strongly advise you to test it first before buying.

Youth Liberator Serum Foundation is specially designed for dry skin types, which is alcohol-free and contains a hefty dose of moisturizing ingredients. But compared with Touche Eclat Le Teint Crème Liquid Foundation, it offer higher coverage to blur pores visibly. It doesn’t need to apply additional hydrated skin care products thanks to its nutritious and moisturizing ingredients. Your skin may look dull after wearing the makeup for 5-6 hours, so don’t forget to touch up.

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By Terry

By Terry is a high-end skin care and cosmetics brand founded in France in 1998. It’s the world's first bespoke cosmetics brand according to the skin type of customers. The founder used to be the image director of YSL, who launched the popular YSL Touche Éclat concealer.

The Cover-Expert Liquid Foundation is a hero product from By Terry, which mainly designed to create elegant velvety finish. With fine power, it blurs pores and unifies your complexion, and helps reveal your natural beauty. However, it also works for combination skin and offers natural finish without cakey.

The hydrated Terrybly Densiliss Foundation has weak fluidity, which covers pore and fine lines to create a natural and translucent finish. Compared with other serum-infused foundation, it enjoys full coverage and strong staying power, so there is no need to touch up frequently. Infused with some botanical antioxidants, it will not make your skin looks dull. Overall, it's suitable for people with mature dry skin to create a delicate makeup finish.

By Terry's cosmetics are unique in color, harmonious in combination, and delicate in texture, so they are worth buying.


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MAKE UP FOR EVER is a professional makeup brand founded by Ms. Dany Sanz in Paris, France in 1984 and then it was acquired by LVMH group in 1999. It’s a synonymous with fashion makeup, and affirmed by professional models and makeup artists.

Double-use Water Blend Foundation is undoubtedly the best-selling foundation of Make Up Forever. This water-based foundation contains as high as 80% moisture content. Plus, it will blend into your skin quickly without sticky feeling and works to cover pores and fine lines, but the coverage is relatively low. What’s more, it has water-proof effect, so the following setting step can be skipped.

Make Up Forever launched a High Definition Foundation in 2015, which is especially designed for those who need to shoot 4K HD video. This hydrated and lightweight foundation offers good coverage with soft and radiant finish. There is no need to worry about the strong reflect light of your makeup look caused by the inclusion of physical suncream substance. In order to meet the requirements for HD camera shooting, hyaluronic acid was added to avoid skin stripping after wearing it for a long day.

Compared with MAC, Make Up Forever has a clear French style. As for its foundations, it focus on reflecting our own temperament and overall spirit state without create a brand new looks through full coverage. It will gives an imperfect but true, unique charming. On the whole, with weak coverage, Make Up Forever base makeup products are suitable for those who prefer no makeup look and works better with concealer.

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BOBBI BROWN is a professional brand named after its founder, an artist expert, founded in New York , USA in 1991. BOBBI BROWN pursues natural makeup, creates simple and clean makeup, and creates an approachable atmosphere. It is known as the "Hollywood Queen of Nude".

Intensive Skin Serum Foundation is the most popular foundation from BOBBI BROWN. It  has strong fluidity and bendability as well as low coverage. Plus, the sun protection value up to SPF30. The formula also contain a lot of moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin moisturized without stripping. With moisture texture, dedicate makeup look and pleasant scent of lavender essential oil, it was deeply loved by dry skin and blemished skin, but its staying power is not so strong, so you may need to touch up according to the actual situation.

The Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation was launched in 2018, which is especially designed for combination and oily skin types. It uses oil-free formula with matte texture and full coverage. However, its fluidity and bendability are not as good as that of Intensive Skin Serum Foundation. It offer light-weight texture and refined power as well as high pigment to cover most of acne marks and redness except enlarge pores. But there is no need to worry about it if you use it as a daily routine.

As skin types vary from person to person, so you’d better to test it at the beauty counter before buying.

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MAC is a brand co-founded by professional makeup artist, photographer Frank Toskan, and Frank Angelo who runs a chain of hair salons in Toronto in 1985. MAC is acquired by Estee Lauder Group in 1998. M·A·C always surprises people for its avant-garde style and bold colors.

The Personalized Studio Fix Fluid liquid foundation is very suitable for daily use. With light-weight texture, it leaves a natural finish. With medium to full coverage, it works to even skin tone. Plus, it will neither make you feel greasy nor strip the skin after use, so it works for all skin types. Besides, it comes in a simple but elegant glass bottle. But extra pump head needs to be purchased by yourself.

The Personalized Studio Water Weight Foundation is packed in a glass bottle with dropper. With slightly hydrated texture, it leaves weightless and glowing finish after application. Besides, it will not dry out your skin even applied to dry skin types.

Both of them has different features, but their overall performance is good. If you have higher requirements for concealment and hydration, you are advised to use the same brand of primer and setting spray to achieve a better makeup look. MAC’s liquid foundations are known for simple ingredients and natural finish, but it has a wide rang of shades, so you’d better to try it first at beauty counter.


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Dior is a French luxury brand founded in 1947. Whether in the field of perfume, fashion or cosmetics, Dior has always been a synonym with gorgeous and elegant. Compared with its lipstick and eye shadow products, Dior foundations are less popular than, yet high-quality. However, the Dior liquid foundation product line is too complicated to select.

In 2018, Dior launched a brand new foundation, namely, Backstage Face & Body Foundation. This fluid foundation gives sleek texture and can be applied easily. It leaves matte finish without creasing after makeup and provides medium to full coverage. Plus it’s sweat-resistant and has strong staying power. But it is recommended to use with contour and highlighter to enhance your natural face shape. Although it has a variety of shades, but the difference between each shades is not that obvious, so you’d test it at the beauty counter first. All in all, it’s a high  performance foundation.

There are 4 kinds of Dior liquid foundation named as “water-based”. Dior Forever Undercover Foundation is packed in a plastic bottle. Besides, both of Forever Undercover Foundation and Forever Skin Glow belong to FOREVER series, which is known for its long-wearing foundation formula. The former offers a matte finish, while the latter leaves a glowing finish with low coverage. However, the texture of Forever Undercover Foundation is a little bit rough, and it’s more suitable for oily skin. It’s worth noting that it may look cakey after wearing makeup for over 10 hours. The Skin Star Studio Makeup Foundation comes with a STAR letter printed on the bottle and it offers a radiant finish. While Skin Nude Air Serum Foundation leaves a natural“no makeup look”. But from the actual effect, there is no an obvious difference in the makeup finish, and they are more suitable for normal skin types without higher coverage requirements.

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Founded in 1994, Nars is an American professional makeup brand founded by Francois Nars, a French makeup artist in the fashion industry. NARS's packaging has always been simple and stylish and is well-known for its creative makeup products. Nars hero products include blush, lipstick, eye shadow,etc.. Although its foundations are less popular, its concealers has been a favourite to many people, which is suitable to use with foundation together.

NARS All Day Perfecting Foundation is most recommended foundation product, which features oil-controlling effect with long-wearing formula, so it’s quite similar to Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation. This fluid foundation gives a refreshing feeling. With thick texture, the separation of water and oil can be noticed clearly after keeping it for a period of time, so you need to shake it before using again. Moreover, it leaves more natural and light-weight look without creasing. But the coverage is relatively low. Because this foundation has strong oil-controlling effect, so it is recommended for combination and oily skin types.

Typically, the silicon-based ingredients can cover fine lines, but the signs of cakey can be seen under your eyes or around your frown lines after your skin secretes excess oil. What’s more, the All Day Perfecting Foundation is also suitable for mature oily skin because the powder is fine enough and has strong coverage, you only need to apply it slightly on the areas with lines.

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SUQQU is a Japanese cosmetics brand specializing in basic skin care products. With rich skin texture, its foundation brightens your skin and works for all kinds of skin types.

SUQQU Cream Foundation leaves a glowing finish without creasing. The longer you wear it, the more beautiful you look. With higher coverage and fine power, it works better to cover blemishes, pore and fine lines. Infused with a hefty dose of moisturizers, this foundation gives a soft and hydrated texture. The new version of Cream Foundation was updated in the Fall of 2018. To our surprise, more botanical moisturizing essences are added and the bottle was changed from the original frosted glass jar to a pearly painted glass jar. You may differentiate the old and new version from its packaging, but the overall user feeling remains unchanged.

This fluid Foundation is packed in a frosted bottle with dropper. It’s formulated with many essential oil ingredients. The separation of water and oil can be noticed clearly after keeping it for a period of time, so you need to shake it before using again. Compared with Cream Foundation, this foundation is more moisturizing. However, with low coverage, it cannot cover pores and fine lines. On the whole, it’s more suitable for dry skin types.

SUQQU's base makeup products are all available in 7 shades, and it is not easy to make mistakes while choosing the right shade according to your skin complexion. With the same shades, the Dropper Foundation looks less bright than the Cream Foundation. So the standard of shades is not applicable.

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Charlotte Tilbury

The legendary British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury was born in 1973, who has designed makeup modeling for multi-international fashion magazines, such as "Vogue" and worked as chief makeup artist at Tom Ford. Several years later, she launched a makeup brand under her name in 2013. In recognition of her contribution to the beauty and cosmetics industry, she was awarded the The British Empire Medal by the the Queen of England in 2018.

Charlotte Tilbury has two kinds of liquid foundations and they are divided into Magic Foundation with high coverage and Light Wonder with lower coverage. The former was packed in a frosted glass bottle with pump head. The cream-like paste is less fluid with high pigment, but it’s easy to spread. This foundation can cover up to 80% of red blemishes, such as red streaks of blood and red acne marks on the face. So the coverage ability is extraordinary. The Magic Liquid Founation leaves a semi-matte and natural finish and it gives more creation space for follow-up makeup. The Magic Liquid foundation offers 20 shades, and Light Wonder only has 12 shades. Each shades are is demonstrated by a model with corresponding skin tone shown on its official website.

Charlotte Tilbury's base makeup products are not restricted to a specific skin type, but it’s advised to use with other makeup products to better cover enlarged pores and brighten the dull skin.

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Shiseido is a well-known Japanese cosmetics brand founded in 1872. Shiseido is not only popular in Japan, but also loved by many consumers around the world. Shiseido products have been sold in 85 countries and it has became the largest cosmetics group across Asian and a renowned brand in the world. Shiseido only have few foundations and they are changed frequently, but fortunately, it still maintains high quality.

According to its official claims, both of Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-refreshing Foundation and Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation can adjust and replenish lights on your face automatically through the reflect and refract lights of the power. Both of them have significant effects on anti-oxidation and anti-dullness. The Synchro Skin Self-refreshing Foundation leaves a matte finish with a certain oil control effect, while Synchro Skin Glow Luminizing Fluid Foundation offers sleek and luminous finish. Both of them are packed in curved glass pump bottle. For the former, a “Lasting” letter was printed on the body of the bottle, while the latter comes with a “Glow” letter .

The shades of Shiseido foundation is divided into three undertones, namely, golden, neutral, and rose, and they are distinguished by the initial letter G, N, and R. Due to the limited shades, it’s recommended to try it at the beauty counter first.

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Too Faced

Too faced is a American popular brand founded in 1998 and is favored by Hollywood actresses. It is a cosmetics brand full of fun and bold colors and earned a good reputation on social media for its food-themed eyeshadow palettes and colorful blushes.

Born This Way liquid foundation is a must-have item. In recent years, full coverage and high-pigmented base makeup products is getting popular in America. So Born This Way Foundation is somewhat unique or odd as it advocates natural makeup effects. It works to even out your complexion and cover redness, leaving a slightly glowing look. With a certain of oil-controlling effect, it’s more suitable for oily skin.

Too Faced launched a series of peach-themed makeup products in 2016, including a Peach Perfect Foundation packed in pink plastic tube. Its subtle peach aroma makes people feel delightful after use. This creamy Peach Perfect Foundation enjoys higher coverage. But it’s not suitable for dry skin types as the texture is a little bit dry.

Too Faced products are rich in colors, vivid in personality, and each product has its own individual features, so it’s very suitable for urban fashion girls with their own unique styles.

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Tarte is a young cosmetics brand founded in 2000. Like most of “Internet-famous” brands , it has become a true love for many oily skins in the world with its Amazonian Clay Foundation.

The clay-like Amazonian Clay Foundation contains oil-controlling kaolin clay, so you may feel a little bit grainy. With higher coverage, this foundation is an ideal choice for oily and acne skin types, which covers most of dark spots, acne marks and other blemishes. Since mineral foundation is an inert product, it will neither irritate your skin nor cause inflammation. Besides, it can effectively inhibit oil secretion. However, it’s definitely not suitable for normal skin types. Even for oily skin, it is only recommended to use it in the summer.

For a clay foundation with high coverage and strong oil-controlling effect, it is highly recommended to use it with other moisturizing products to achieve better results.

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L'Oréal Paris

Founded in 1907, L'Oréal Paris is one of the most well-known and historically popular cosmetics brands under the L'Oréal Group. It mainly produces hair dyeing, hair care, make-up, and skincare products, and is highly favored by women who love the beauty around the world. L'Oréal Paris positioned itself as a mid-range cosmetic brand with high-performance products and fast update speed.

L'Oreal's True Match Liquid Foundation offers 33 shades, so you’re probably can find the right shade regardless of skin undertones. It was rated as the most popular open-shelf foundation by Allure in 2015. This lightweight and fluid foundation has a weak oil-controlling effect, so it’s more suitable for combination and dry skin. Moreover, with low coverage, it can only even out your skin tone and cover light spots, thus leaving a translucent and natural finish.

Lnfallible Liquid Foundation is also a favorite of many Youtube beauty influencers. It is divided into a moisturizing type with a blue letter, and an oil-controlling type with a red letter. But it only has a few shades for options. This foundation comes in a rigid plastic tube with less fluidity and better coverage. Plus, it leaves a matte finish, but it looks a little bit heavy.

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Physicians Formula

Physicians formula is a American cosmetic brand founded in 1937.

Physicians Formula PF Liquid Foundation is especially designed for dry skin, which can perfectly even out skin tone and cover redness. With fine power, it’s suitable for skin with fine lines and pore concerns. This moisturizing liquid foundation provides higher coverage and leaves a refined finish. But this formula can be a burden to oily skin, it’s advised to take setting step to avoid makeup meltdown .

The package of Physicians Formula foundations is more exquisite than many counterparts. The foundation is packed in an exquisite glass bottle with a mirror surface cap. However, it’s not portable.

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Maybelline was founded by chemist T.L.Williams in New York in 1917, and he combined his sister’s name with Vaseline. With colorful packaging, this brand integrates urban fashion and street culture to its concept. Maybelline products have withstood the test of time and is till popular among young generations.

FIT ME liquid foundation is its most popular base makeup product, and it has also been rated as the best open-shelf liquid foundation by American Rank & Style shopping platform. It has a total of 16 shades. The one with purple letter is for combination and dry skin types, the other one with blue letter is for oily skin. Customers can make final decision after analyzing their skin undertone and skin types through a quiz on Maybelline's US official website. However, with low coverage, this foundation only works to even out the skin tone.

Maybelline is the world's largest open-shelf makeup brand under L'Oreal group. Almost every young girls have owned a item from Maybelline.

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Founded in 1893, Bourjois is a world-class makeup brand founded in Paris, France with a history of more than a century. With fresh, lovely and candy-like packaging, it has been favored by many young girls and has become a time-honored brand in Paris.

BOURJOIS was owned by Chanel company before 2014, and was often referred as “ a Sister of Chanel” . Actually, BOURJOIS has longer history than that of Chanel in terms of the development of makeup products.

Healthy Mix foundation is one of the most recommended items. This series has two kinds of foundation and they are both packed in a transparent bottle with red pump head. The square bottle version is a gel-like foundation with a certain of oil-controlling effect according to its official claims. While the round bottle version is a more moisturizing fluid foundation. Both of them offer medium coverage.

The texture of its foundations are fine, and both of foundations will make you face a little bit dull after wearing for a long day. For oil skin, it may even looks cakey.

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Catrice is a German open-shelf brand that become popular on social media. It has received a lots of praise for its affordable price and good quality.

Of their foundations, HD Liquid Coverage Foundation is especially designed for oil skin types. It was also called as a cheap alternative to Double Wear Foundation from Estee Lauder as both of them has strong fluidity and will dry quickly after application. However, the staying power and sweat-resistant and water proof ability is relatively weak compared with that of Double Wear Foundation. In order to fix the problems of limited shades, it was upgraded in 2018 and now it has a total of 7 shades and most of the undertones are relatively cool. This foundation offer medium coverage, so it can easily well cover minor acne marks. It gives matte finish after applying to your face instantly. You may skip setting step as it will bled into skin naturally after excessive oil secretions on your face and gives a subtle luster finish. Therefore, it’s more suitable for beginners who only need to even the skin tone instead of wearing full face makeup.


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