The 7 Best Lip Scrubs of 2022

Grace Hannigan
Jan 13, 2022

Apart from bright eyes, our lips are the most impressive facial features. Lip care is essential for women. Moisturized and plump lips can make you more charming. Lip scrub is a deep cleansing product made by adding grainy particles to the base of ordinary skin creams and facial cleansers. Using lip scrub properly helps promote the metabolism of the lip skin and improve the appearance of rough lips. Besides lip scrubs, lip masks are also very important. Lip mask is the "face mask" of the lips. Most lip masks contain exfoliating ingredients and moisturizing ingredients. We use lip masks to moisturize, soften and remove dead skin cells, thereby providing nutrition and glows to the lips as well as diminishing lip pigmentation. Emma Stone used the lip mask while prepping for the Golden Globe awards to plump, moisturize, condition and hydrate the lips. Kim Kardashian also likes to use lip masks very much.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like LA MER, BITE BEAUTY, CHANEL and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect lip scrub, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you

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  • 1. LA MER
  • 3. Chanel
  • 4. Kiehl's
  • 5. Vaseline
  • 6. LANEIGE
  • 7. Rosebud Perfume Co.


LA MER is a brand founded by Dr. Max Huber in 1946, and has become a member of Estée Lauder in 1995. Moreover, it also becomes one of the most desirable skin care brands for women due to its hero products, such as essence cream and eye cream repair extracts, etc.

The Lip Balm has been regarded as the “Hermès” in the lip mask category. It offers an extraordinary moisturizing and staying power with a refreshing fragrance. The Lip Balm can minimize lip wrinkles effectively with a comfortable use feeling. You can apply it easily due to its fine texture. It is a lip repairing and moisturizing product suitable for daily use. It can soothe your skin and resist the generation of the stratum corneum to keep the skin delicate. You may feel cooling after applying with a subtle mint fragrance. Moreover, you can apply it in winter to buid softness and smoothness in a short time. Unlike other competitive products, the Lip Balm is packed in a jar, which has a simple and elegant package. The large lip balm is cost-effective. Slather on a thick layer before bedtime will moisturize your lips effectively.

Lip skin is very thin and only one-third of body skin, so it is easier to be dry, aging, and peeling. The lip balm is thicker than ordinary ones to form a protective coating to moisturize, repair, and nourish lips. Some lip masks can diminish lip wrinkles and exfoliate cutin, helping restore softness in a short period of time.

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BITE BEAUTY is a professional makeup brand specializing in lip products founded in Canada. The Bite Beauty store has been regarded as “a place worth visiting” in New York on the Foursquare social network. Because here you can make lipsticks and lip masks for yourself. No matter what lip skins you have, dry or chapped, you will find a right one under the brand.

AGAVE LIP MASK always appears on major beauty websites and magazines. The word “edible” on the official website is eye-catching, showing its extremely safe formulas. AGAVE LIP MASK is divided into three types: natural, smashed, and champagne, which is highly praised by reviewers on Sephora. The brit website praised it as a "lip mask that heals dry lines". AGAVE LIP MASK was also appreciated by Bustle and Allure websites and ranked first in the American beauty website rank&style. The sticky AGAVE LIP MASK is easy to form a protective film after applying to achieve an extraordinary antioxidant property. It can resist lip aging and remove dead skin on lips. Besides, it also offers moisturizing and firming effects, keeping your skin hydrated and minimizing lip wrinkles.

The best time to use the lip mask is before going to bed. Slather on a thick layer onto clean lips. And you will have smooth, plump, delicate, and soft lips the next day. This lip mask is an ideal choice for people with deep lip wrinkles, dry skin, and chapped lips.

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Chanel is a French brand founded in 1910, which is a pioneer of the fashion revolution. Chanel represents a unique style that has lasted forever. Elegance, delicacy, luxury and fashion are its values and inner spirits.

Camellia is one of Chanel's classic symbols. Chanel's Camellia Moisturizing and Nourishing series are designed for dry skin and lips. It offers an extraordinary moisturizing effect with a clean and elegant style. Infused with the patent active ingredient—Camellia Alba PFA*, its lip cream can effectively restore moisture, strengthen natural barrier, and avoid moisture loss, leaving the skin soft, elastic and glossy. Taking various luxury vegetable oils as its base ingredients, the lip cream is paired with Camellia Alba PFA*, to keep your skin hydrated for a long time and repair dry and damaged lips.

The LE LIFT LEVRES ET CONTOURS is more suitable for people over 30. It can firm your skin and smooth your fine lines.

Chanel lip cream is hydrated enough in winter, and you may never feel heavy and sticky even in summer. You can take it with you during the whole day to keep lips moisturized. You also can use it as a bedtime lip mask to make a base makeup for the next day.

The skin feeling and bendability of the lip mask are related to its base ingredients. Vegetable oils and chemical synthetic oils are the regular moisturizing and repairing ingredients. Many lip products adopt cheap chemical synthetic oils to create more obvious moisturizing and repairing effects, leaving your skin smoother. However, they may block your skin, and your skin may become more dehydrated after long-term use. Vegetable oils offer an excellent moisturizing effect, and you need to reapply it to keep hydrated due to its weak sealing property.

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Kiehl's is a world-renowned legendary brand founded in Manhattan, New York in 1851. Kiehl's products were never sold outside New York before 2001. Such unique and distinctive products are favored by the fashion industries and media. Then Americans began to wonder, what is Kiehl's? Where can I buy it? And some come to New York to buy it. The government also set November 12 as Kiehl's Day.

Kiehl's adopts various plants as moisturizing ingredients. The BUTTER MASK for LIPS takes coconut oil as the raw material, which can smooth chapped lips and keep hydrated for up to 12 hours. The BUTTER MASK for LIPS is suitable for daily use, and it is not hydrated enough for extremely dry lips. The dense lip mask is easy to spread. However, it contains preservative and fragrance, so people with sensitive lips should use it with caution.

Kiehl’s #01 lip balm is one of the hero products, with original flavors, mints, pear and other fruit aroma. However, it may feel sticky and oily in summer, but it can be a lip mask in winter.

Coconut oil is one of Kiehl's classic raw materials, and also takes a part in many repairing and moisturizing products. Coconut oil is more lubricious compared with synthetic chemical oils with better permeability. It is low-irritating without oily like vegetable oils, which is suitable for repairing dry skin.

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Vaseline is an American brand founded in 1872 under the Unilever.

Vaseline Original Lip Care is designed for repairing chapped lips, and specially for peeling and dry lips. It offers an extraordinary moisturizing ability and an excellent staying power. Infused with patent high-purity micro-condensed jelly, it can prevent water evaporation from the body and restore glossiness and elasticity. Vaseline Original Lip Care has simple ingredients; and without cooling when applying, which is friendly to sensitive lips.

 Vaseline Lip Therapy is thick with strong sealing property, which is more suitable for night use. However, it is not skin-friendly enough as a lip mask, suitable in autumn and winter. Vaseline  Lip Therapy is cost-effective with a delicate package. It not only can moisturize your lips, but also can be applied to your body. Vaseline Lip Therapy offers rosebud flavor and caramel pudding flavor. Both have similar moisturizing and repairing effects with different colors and fragrances.

Petrolatum is a regular base ingredient for lip moisturizers. It can’t be absorbed by the skin and offers strong sealing properties with its stable properties. Vaseline is the first brand to adopt petrolatum as a skin care ingredient. Slather on a thick layer to your chapped and peeled lips to form a protective film can block the bacteria. It helps repair lips, leaving the lips extremely hydrated.

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LANEIGE is member of Amorepacific, Korea's largest cosmetics group, founded in 1994.

As the originator of the applying lip mask, LANEIGE launched LIP SLEEPING MASK as early as 2015. Compared with the lip patch mask, it can perfectly fit the lips. The jelly lip mask attracts many young people with its fresh appearance. However, Korean skincare products always add various plant extracts, fragrance and pigment. People with sensitive lips should use it with caution.

Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask is one of LANEIGE's classic products, with a sweet fragrance, such as grapefruit, lime, vanilla aromas. It is eye-catching for its bright colors. However, infused with alcohol, it offers a refreshing and cooling use feeling. But it should be noted after long-term use, your skin may be relay upon to it, causing dry lips. So it is not advisable to apply it every day. Some people may feel sticky when slathering on a thick layer. Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask received mixed comments.

Many lip masks offer unsatisfying use feeling due to its less moisture. It is hard to exfoliate cutin for its sticky paste. If you are extremely dry lips, you should apply a hot patch for about ten seconds in the next morning to gently wipe off the lip cutin.

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Rosebud Perfume Co.

Rosebud salve is an American time-honored lip care brand. Smith's Rosebud Salve is the best-reviewed product. It is packaged in a classic tin box with a strong American retro style. The volume is about 7 times than that of regular lipsticks.

The Smith's Rosebud Salve has a moist and refreshing texture, and you may never feel sticky after applying. A thin layer can soften and brighten the lips. It can be used as a primer. It can smooth the skin and effectively reduce the water evaporation of stratum corneum with simple ingredients. It contains 3 types of fragrance. But it may cause allergies. It offers a weak moisturizing power, which is suitable for daily use.

The Smith's Rosebud Salve can not only be used to lips, but also can be applied to the body for short-term repair. Like Vaseline Original Lip Care, it adopts petrolatum as its base ingredient.  The Smith's Rosebud Salve and the Minted Rosebud Salve are available to meet the needs of different people with diverse tastes.

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