The 15 Best Lip Lacquer Brands of 2022

Sophie Willis
Jan 13, 2022

Lip lacquer is a liquid lipstick that is moisturizing, glossy, smooth and easy to apply. Highly-pigmented and long-lasting, lip lacquer is thicker than lipstick and looks similar to the lip gloss, which is an upgraded version of lip gloss and a combination of lip balm and lip glow. Before lip lacquer appeared, makeup artists added a layer of clear lip gloss on the lipstick to deliver a bright, plump lip finish, and now a single swipe of lip lacquer can do the trick. Most lip lacquers have a liquid texture and come in a jar. Lip lacquer works wonder for moisturizing and never make your lips dry or peeling.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like GIORGIO ARMANI, Kat Von D, YSL and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect lip lacquer, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Giorgio Armani
  • 2. Kat Von D
  • 3. Yves Saint Laurent
  • 4. Huda Beauty
  • 5. M·A·C
  • 6. Chanel
  • 7. Kylie Cosmetics
  • 8. LANCÔME
  • 9. L'Oréal Paris
  • 10. BOURJOIS
  • 11. ColourPop
  • 12. KIKO
  • 14. Physicians Formula
  • 15. REVLON

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani met his lover and partner Sergio Galeotti, and created the Italian brand Armani named after him in the mid-1970s. At the beginning of its establishment, the Italian brand Armani specializes in men's clothing. It pays attention to simplifying lines and focusing on details. Its makeup has absorbed  these characteristics and has a unique Italian style with an elegant style.

Lip Maestro packed in a red tube and is the first series to be released, which can create a matte velvet makeup finish. It is luster, textured and highly pigmented and has high saturation. Lip Maestro has a lightweight texture, and you can spread it easily. It offers a certain degree of moisturizing, and you never feel dry out. However, Lip Maestro has a moderate effect on covering lip prints with a moderate staying power. Among the 21 colors, #405 and #200 are the best selling products.

Lip Magnet, black tube series, has lacquer texture with glitter in a fashionable style. It is not suitable for people without makeup or having light makeup. The lip lacquer has a sticky texture and a high moisturizing degree, which can cover lip prints effectively. It has a moderate staying power, but there are many popular colors in this series.

Lip Magnet is Armani's latest series, also known as an improved version of the Lip Maestro. It has a better coloring and moisturizing effect than Lip Maestro. Lip Magnet has a strong staying power, but it is not easy to remove. There are 21 shades under Lip Magnet, most of them are suitable for daily use.

Giorgio Armani advocates simplicity, and doesn’t release new series or colors frequently. There are only three series and two regular textures of matte and lacquer. Although without bold colors, it launched many colors that released the first time. Armani earned a good reputation for its high-quality products, and became a classic in the lip makeup world.

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Kat Von D

Kat Von D is a makeup brand named after its founder a Mexican tattoo artist, with a mysterious and beautiful Gothic style. The founder of Kat Von D is a well-known in Hollywood who loves punk and rock. Kat Von D retains the retro style of tattoo works. Just like tattoos, the products are known for their high pigment and staying power with bold and diverse colors. The star products such as lip glaze and eyeliner are all known for their extraordinary staying power.

The matte lip glaze series has high saturation and extraordinary covering and staying power. The slender bottle body is painted with unique tattoo patterns. The matte lip glaze series contains 56 shades and offers bold and rich colors. Double Dare and Lolita, Lolita Ⅱ are hot shades.

Kat Von D matte lip glaze has a lightweight texture and also is highly pigmented. You can apply a thin layer on daily life. In addition, the lip glaze can last for many hours with a moderate moisturizing degree. It is recommended to do lip care first, if your lips are peeling off. Kat VonD's lip glaze priced at about $20.

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Yves Saint Laurent

YSL is a famous French luxury makeup brand established by Mr. Yves Saint Laurent in 1962. YSL combines elegance and rebellion, and always pursues freedom and truth. Its four lacquer lip glazes have their own characteristics, which are suitable for daily use as well as for creating advanced finish.

The PUR COUTUR collection can create a natural makeup finish with glosses. It has low saturation with gentle hue. There are many classic shades under this series like #12.

The WATER STAIN GLOW LIP STAIN was launched in 2018. The texture is similar to the pure color lip gloss, but it is more hydrated and has a high moisturizing degree. It is more suitable for creating an energetic and refreshing finish.

The VINYL CREAM LIP STAIN is YSL's first gel. It has an extremely thick texture with high pigment and good staying power. The VINYL CREAM LIP STAIN contains 15 shades, covering many popular colors. It should be noted that you should remove it carefully and completely.

The above three are all suitable for daily use. If you want to be the star in a party or nightclub, you can try Water Stain Lipstick which includes grape purple and silver pink, and all of them add a lot of glitters. You may be gorgeous after applying and can catch people's eyes.

YSL matte lip gloss covers many regular colors, and there are also bold colors. The matte lip glaze is similar to the Chanel ROUGE ALLURE INK in packaging, lip brush design and texture. If you already hold the latter, it is not recommended to purchase a similar shade of YSL matte series.

YSL is a topical brand and always appears on various social media. YSL plays an important role in lip lacquer industries with rich colors.

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Huda Beauty

Huda beauty is a Dubai’ s makeup brand founded beauty blogger Huda Kattan in 2013. Huda Kattan is a famous Youtuber followed by millions of fans. With a gorgeous style, Huda beauty earned a good reputation for its quality, colors, and sold well in the Middle East, European and American.

Huda beauty lip glaze has distinctive features. The Liquid Matte series is the representative of extreme matte, with high saturation, which is suitable for people without deep lip prints. There are 16 shades with gorgeous hue. Among them, icon, Cheerleader, Trendsetter are very popular colors, while Trophy Wife and Medusa are suitable for creating bold makeup.

Most matte lip glaze has a dry texture, which is not easy to apply. However, Huda fluid Liquid Matte is quite smooth and moist. It dries out after about ten seconds. It has a strong staying power, and it is easy to apply even for beginners. But Liquid Matte may maximize lip prints, people with poor lip condition should apply it carefully. In Huda Beauty's online store, a single lip glaze priced at $27, and a gift box contained 16 colors priced at $260.

If you prefer a matte texture but with deep lip prints, you may try new Demi Matte series. Demi Matte has a creamy texture and a higher moisturizing effect.It can cover lip prints effectively, but has a moderate staying power.

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M·A·C is a brand co-founded by the professional makeup artist and photographer Frank Toskan, and the hair salon chain holder Frank Angelo in Toronto in 1985. M·A·C was acquired by Estee Lauder Group in 1998. Therefore, MAC is also the first brand of Estee Lauder that was not created by Mrs Lauder. M·A·C has advanced and bold style in colors, and always brings surprise to people.

M·A·C is known for its matte lipstick in the lip makeup industry, but it is not limited. The best selling Versicolor Varnish Cream Lip Stain has lacquer texture. The colors of Versicolor Varnish Cream Lip Stain goes with the flow, and it can stay for a long time and cover lip prints effectively with a moisturizing and smooth texture. Versicolor Varnish Cream Lip Stain series offers bright and lovely colors with low pigmented, which is suitable for young girls. #102 optix orange, 103 like candy, Last minute are recommended to buy.

M·A·C also launched a matte lip glaze with a red hue and metallic texture. In terms of color and texture, the non-metallic matte lip glaze is similar to Lipstick. Most metallic lip glazes are lacquered texture, while the matte metallic lip glaze of M·A·C is more unique, retro and fashionable.

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Chanel is a French brand founded in 1910, which is a pioneer of the fashion revolution. Chanel represents a unique style that has lasted forever. Elegance, delicacy, luxury and fashion are its values and inner spirit.

ROUGE ALLURE INK mainly offers classic colors. Encased with frosted square packaging, it is quite textured. ROUGE ALLURE INK contains 26 shades, most of them are in a red hue. Hot shades #154, #196; #176 can brighten the complexion and enhance the aura with a unique style. ROUGE ALLURE INK is smooth and lightweight, which is easy to spread. And it can create a matte and velvet finish after drying. Although it has a certain degree of moisturizing, you may experience dry out and peel off in autumn and winter, so it is recommended to do lip care before applying. ROUGE ALLURE INK has a moderate covering power. Besides, ROUGE ALLURE INK is highly pigmented and has a good staying power. However, it may stick to the cup.

People have different comments about Chanel's lip products, but Chanel still has numerous enthusiastic fans.

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Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is a beauty brand run by Kylie Jenner, from the Kardashian family in the United States. Many people always imitate creating the founder's iconic thick lips. Kylie Cosmetics' lip glaze, with gorgeous colors, is suitable for people with deep-set, big eyes and thick lips.

There are three series of lip glazes under Kylie Cosmetics. The matte series contained 26 colors is the most popular one, which covers colors with bold style and natural for daily use. Dead of knight is an impressive black liquid lipstick. Ginger is taupe red with rose red, leaving a bold and cool finish. Angel helps enhance the complexion, creating a gentle and natural finish. Matte lip glaze creates a matte finish, and it has an extraordinary staying power with highly pigmented and good saturation. Therefore, it is slightly dry and may maximize your lip prints. It is not recommended for use in dry season or with a poor lip condition.

The metallic series has bold colors. Noël is metallic gold, which is a bit bold with a single layer. It is recommended to apply with other lipsticks to enhance the metallic luster and create a bright finish.

Kylie Jenner and her second elder sister Kim Kardashian jointly launched KKW X KYLIE. The 4 colors are all nude colors with a light hue, which is not practical enough.

Kylie Cosmetics' matte lip glaze is generally sold a Lip Kit with a lip glaze and a lip liner, and each kit priced at $29. Water stain lip glaze and metallic  glaze  can be purchased separately for $16.

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Lancome is a French brand founded by Armand Petitjean in 1935. As a world-renowned high-end cosmetics brand, Lancôme is involved in skin care, cosmetics, perfume and other product areas, which is designed for mature women aged 25 to 40 with higher education levels and higher income levels.

Many colors are recommended in L'Absolu Lacquer series. #274 is the best selling product which is natural and unique.
You may look more girlish for applying it thinly, and it helps enhance the complexion and create an advanced appearance when applying it thickly. It is highly pigmented with a moist texture, and can cover lip prints and lip color. #134, #378, #515, #315 are suitable for daily use, helping leave a good impression to others.

Lancome always shows a delicate, elegant, temperamental, and charming style to the public. And Lancome is fashionable without losing affinity, which is vivid with rich connotation.

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L'Oréal Paris

L'Oréal Paris is one of the most well-known and historical cosmetics brands in the L'Oréal Group founded in 1907. It mainly produces hair dyeing, hair care, makeup and skincare products, and is highly favored by women who pursue beauty around the world. L'Oréal Paris targets mid-range products with high quality and low price, and releases products quickly.

L'Oréal Paris earned a good reputation for its cost-effective lipstick and liquid lipstick. There are four L'Oreal Paris liquid lipstick series, covering three textures: matte, lacquer, and pearl. INFALLIBLE Pro-Matte Gloss has an oily and moist texture, which can effectively fill lip prints and spread evenly, leaving a glossy finish. And you can wipe off excessive lipsticks to create a matte finish. This series is regarded as a cheap alternative to Armani Lip Maestro with similar texture and finish. Some consumers may feel drying out after applying. INFALLIBLE Pro-Matte Gloss offers 8 shades, and #314, #316 are worth recommending.

L'Oréal Paris is a historical brand with diverse styles, which always loves to cooperate with popular celebrities. L'Oréal Paris emphasizes scientific and luxury but takes the popular route. It develops daily chemical products, makeup and skin care well. However, L'Oreal Paris is still a brand worth recommending. As the main brand of the L'Oreal Group, L'Oreal Paris has shared with the ingredients and technologies of top brands such as Armani and Lancome, and the products are affordable and cost-effective.

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Bourjois is a world-class makeup brand in Paris founded in 1863 and has more than one hundred years. It has a fresh and cute packaging which is attractive to girls for its charming colors just like candy, and become a time-honored brand in Paris. Bourjois was founded much earlier than Chanel. When Chanel made its first debut in the cosmetics industry, Bourjois had already created the first powder blush and became a French national makeup brand.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet is the best selling product under BOURJOIS. Although it is matte texture, you may not feel dry out after applying. There are many hydrated lip lacquers with gloss. It has low saturation, so you may avoid creating heavy makeup. And you may easy to spread when first applying, leaving a matte texture. #04, #12, #03 are worth recommending. However, there are some disadvantages of Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. With weak covering power and staying power, it is easy to fade. And it also hard to remove. Although BOURJOIS is not as good as Armani and YSL, it is cost-effective with bright colors.

If Chanel is the representative of French elegance, then BOURJOIS shows the charm and beauty of France. With the bright colors, BOURJOIS has sweet and lively style. BOURJOIS and Chanel belong to the same company. Some products are from the same factory, so they are in same colors and textures. Therefore, BOURJOIS is often regarded as an alternative for Chanel.

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Colourpop is an American cosmetics brand founded in 2014, and headquartered in Los Angeles. It specializes in producing and selling all kinds of cosmetics. Colourpop was less popular at the beginning of its establishment, then has gradually attracted many consumers as its high quality and affordable price. And many fashion and beauty bloggers have recommended products under Colourpop.

ColourPop Lipsticks and lip lacquers are cost-effective with various textures and rich colors. There are not only alternative colors for famous brand lip lacquers, but also many creative colors. There are four types of ColourPop liquid lipstick: matte, velvet, gloss, and metallic. Matte series is the most prominent one, and it is hard to remove with high saturation and good staying power. It is smooth and easy to apply evenly, but you may feel dry out and experience peel off after drying. Matte series may maximize your lip prints, so you’d better have lip care before applying. There are 10 shades in matte series, some of them are very hot.

MOISTURRING series has a moderate staying power, leaving a matte finish after drying. It more like semi-matte texture with slightly moist, and people with dry lips should apply moisturizer before applying.

Smooth series has a lacquer texture, but there are not many natural colors for options.

You can choose metallic glaze for a party or creating a theme makeup look, and you may look retro and eye-catching after applying. And with a layered application, it can create a bright and glossy finish.

Colourpop often has been criticized by consumers for its quality. Colourpop creates numerous fashionable and rich cosmetics with low price, which is suitable for people who pursue rich colors and good price.

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An Italian professional cosmetics brand founded in 1997, "Quality does not reflect a high price" is KIKO's concept, The products under KIKO are high performance, and KIKO is also regarded as a "household lipstick brand" in Italy. KIKO is also a makeup brand specially serviced for Armani and D&G.

KIKO MILANO—3D Hydra Lip Gloss is the best selling products with lacquer texture. It can create more three-dimensional lips for its glossy makeup finish. KIKO MILANO—3D Hydra Lip Gloss has outstanding colors with sticky texture, so you may have unsatisfied use feeling. With moderate staying power, high moisturizing degree and pigment, it can minimize lip prints.

The glittery 3D Gloss is not suitable for use when going to work and school. Matte series is more natural with better staying power. There are fewer colors in matte series. It has a slightly dry texture, which may maximize lip prints. However, it is hard to remove.

If you want to have matte texture and lacquer texture liquid lipsticks, then KIKO MILANO—UNLIMITED DOUBLE TOUCH is the best choice. One end has a matte texture, and the other is a transparent lip gloss, which offers moisturizing and brightening effects. And it can achieve pearl and matte finish in one color. You’d better apply lipstick before transparent lip gloss. Water-proof and with strong staying power are the main features of KIKO MILANO—UNLIMITED DOUBLE TOUCH. However, it is hard to remove, so you need to remove it by eye and lip remover. KIKO MILANO—UNLIMITED DOUBLE TOUCH offers more than 20 shades for options.

KIKO lip glaze has rich and excellent colors, and has a good price. It is the best choice for people who always pursue products with high performance.

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ETUDE HOUSE is a member of the biggest cosmetics group in Korea-Pacific Amore and is the top-notch brand of K-Beauty makeup in Korea. It is favored by young women because of its high quality and good price.

The Etude House Berry Delicious is a classic series with a moist and glossy texture. #OR210, #0R210, OR207, OR208 and PK012 are the best selling products in a vivid and gentle style. Unlike most lip lacquer with high moisturizing degree and low saturation, Berry Delicious is more hydrated, it is highly pigmented and has strong staying power. And you should apply Eye and lip makeup remover to remove it.

Matte gloss is highly pigmented, and it has excellent staying power and not easy to remove. #RD302, #303 is suitable for use in autumn and winter, achieving a gorgeous and retro finish.

Etude House pursues sweet and lovely style, which is suitable for young people. There are various lip lacquers with bright and sweet colors, and have a good price.

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Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula is an American make-up brand started in 1937 and specialized in on hypoallergenic make-up. It always appears in major US department stores with good price. The slogan"Available for pregnant women" shows a gentle and safe image to the public.

The velvet glaze has only 13 colors and has a fine texture, which can create a creamy matte finish. It offers more satisfying use feeling compared to other products with similar price. Infused with avocado oil and vitamin E, it has a certain moisturizing degree. It has a soft texture with low pigment and good staying power, you may never feel dry out after applying. Although it offers regular and natural colors, it also released some impressive products, such as RED-STORATIVE EFFECTS and Berry healthy.

People who prefer to try different colors can select lip lacquer kit, which contains 13 colors mini lacquer and a lip gloss, and enjoy the fun of "all in." The lip gloss has a light pinkish purple texture, and it can create a unique finish applied with liquid lipstick.

Physicians Formulas has achieved a good balance between color and quality. Although there are fewer colors, they are practical and cost-effective. Physicians Formulas is a better choice for people who suffer cheilitis or allergies to other liquid lipsticks.

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Revlon was founded in New York in 1932, and established by Charles Langford, Joseph Langford and the chemist Charles Langman. Revlon is famous for creating colored nail polishes, and is good at creating and blending colors. Revlon #225, Dior #999 and YSL#12 are regarded as classic products in the lip makeup industry, and the price of Revlon is is less than one-third of the latter two, which is affordable.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte series are also regarded as cheap-alternative of Armani Lip Maestro. Although it has a matte texture, and you may never feel dry out. Ultra HD Matte offers 16 shades, most of them are suitable for daily use. #655, #630, #625 are the best selling products. Revlon matte series is more hydrated and highly pigmented. People with deep lip prints or dry lips can apply it. It can create a glossy finish after drying. However, the matte series has weak staying power, easy to fade, and you need to apply it frequently.

If you apply Revlon liquid lipstick, don't stand in the wind or let your hair loose. These three factors should not happen at the same time. However, the brush head of matte lip lacquer is not easy to use, and you may difficult to apply evenly.

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