The 13 Best Lip Gloss Brands of 2022

Sophie Willis
Jan 13, 2022

In ancient times, Cleopatra colored her lips with a mixture of beeswax, crushed beetles and carmine. Since then, women have been fascinated to highlight their lips as an important facial feature. This practice has been intermittently popular for centuries due to different levels of social acceptance, until Hollywood stars turned lip gloss into a must-have for beauty. Since Lancôme launched the first lip gloss in 1998, lip cosmetics have become more diverse. This slender vial with a natural luster like enamel and pearls is more and more popular with consumers. Lip gloss comes in a variety of colors and textures. Tasha Reiko Brown, a celebrity makeup artist and beautician, suggested that the lip gloss should be close to matching the color of your cheeks and lips, yet darker than your lip color.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Dior, BUXOM, FLOWFUSHI and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect lip gloss, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Dior
  • 2. BUXOM
  • 4. M·A·C
  • 5. NARS
  • 7. bareMinerals
  • 8. Charlotte Tilbury
  • 9. Too Faced
  • 10. Givenchy
  • 11. CLARINS
  • 12. Essence
  • 13. Romand


Dior is a French luxury brand featured with elegance and gorgeous style whether in perfume, fashion, or make-up. Dior's lip makeup products has high quality and fashionable style.

LIP MAXIMIZER COLLAGEN ACTIV is Dior's masterpiece. It can plump your lips with good staying power and can moisturize your lips well. It is a classic product in lip gloss industry. You may feel refreshing and smooth after applying, and without strange fragrance. This lip gloss has translucent color rather than bold color, which is very beautiful and can relieve dry. The classic color #1 pink is suitable for people with light lip color, leaving you a healthy complexion.

This lip gloss is a shimmer collection of Dior lip gloss. The crystal particles form a thin film on the lips, like a mirror, which is shinning, moisturizing, and can help cover up some deep lip lines. This series is highly pigmented, and has many colors for options. People with dark lip color also can apply it. The brush head has been improved; and you can easily use it, making your skin refreshing. With a faint mint fragrance, it is suitable for daily use, creating a natural look even without makeup.

Dior makeup always brings a brand new look to women and creates many classic products with elegant and fashionable style with distinctive personality.

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BUXOM is an American brand specialized in lip makeup. It is popular among young European and American girls for its bold and sexy colors. Among them, lip gloss is the most well-known one. There are two lip gloss: Lip Polish with translucent color and Lip Cream with strong covering power.

The Lip Polish, with fine shimmer, has a transparent tube, which is suitable for girls with light lip color. The shimmering is not obvious, but it can minimize lip lines. And you need to use eye and lip makeup remover to cleanse it.

Lip Cream is a frosted tube without shimmer, but it has a strong covering power and good coloring effect. It is suitable for girls with darker or pigmented lips. The products are high performance.

Compared to Dior, BUXOM lip gloss is sticky, and many have criticized this. But, it is the stickiness that tights the attachment of moisturizing and thick liquid to achieve a plump and long-lasting finish. Extremely refreshing is a major feature of BUXOM lip gloss. BUXOM's cooling sensation can last at least 10 minutes or even longer. If you prefer the Lip gloss with mint coolness, you can try it especially in summer. Its lip gloss has an extraordinary staying power and is ranked at the top.

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FLOWFUSHI is a new beauty brand in Japan. Established in 2010, it is like a dark horse of Japanese shelf makeup. In 2017, FLOWFUSHI launched 38°C lip gloss which can adjust your lip color, and ranked first in the lip care products in 2018. FLOWFUSHI believes that the color of the lips at 38°C is the best state. Based on this concept, they designed 6 lip glosses  with different lip colors, which can adjust into and present a healthy color.

FLOWFUSHI's 38°C lip gloss is extremely hot on INS, combining color adjusting and lip protection. It is of great moisturizer and repairer. Its lip glosses are watery and translucent without a greasy. Among them, the #-2°C is recommended for people with darker lips. It can modify the lip color and achieve better effect for long time use; the +1°C is the most popular one and can create a natural look. You can apply any lipsticks after a lip gloss, leaving your lips more hydrated. It is suitable for everyone with different lip colors; the +5°C is suitable for people with light lip color, which can brighten the lip color, leaving the lips hydrated and red. It can create natural lips even with reapplied lipsticks.

The lip brush of FLOWFUSHI 38°C lip gloss is convenient to apply to the corners of the mouth and it can be folded. The hollow design in the middle is convenient for dipping liquid. Besides, lip glosses are fragrance-free and not contain paraben preservatives, so it is mild and safe.

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M·A·C is a brand co-founded by the professional makeup artist and photographer Frank Toskan, and Frank Angelo (who runs a chain of hair salons) in Toronto in 1985. M·A·C was acquired by Estee Lauder Group in 1998. Therefore, M·A·C is also the first brand of Estee Lauder that was not created by Mrs Lauder. M·A·C has advanced and bold style in colors, and always brings surprise to people.

CLEAR LIPGLASS has rich shades, and was rated as one of the top ten lip glosses by the authoritative American fashion website Rank&Style. In addition to the classic #RUBY WOO, #RUSSIAN RED, the #SPICE is also very popular. It can create a gentle and elegant look , leaving your skin hydrated and plumper, suitable for dating or taking pictures. The #GOLDFINCH is a lip gloss with a golden glitter , which can be superimposed on the red lipstick to show a classic and refined style. The texture of the lip gloss is translucent and shiny, and can create “glass lips”. This lip gloss is hydrated and shimmering. However, it is light, and you may apply it repeatedly to achieve a better effect.

This lip gloss is extremely shiny, and contains 5 colors. It has a fine distribution of gleams. The #GET RICH QUICK, and #MOMEY HONEY are both worthy buying. The lip gloss is bright, and both single coat and layer coat can create a good look. In addition, the brush head is extremely thin, and easy to apply to the edge of the mouth.

M·A·C has been launching new products with the trend of makeup. And you can go to the official website or beauty counter to have a try.

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NARS is an American professional makeup brand founded by Francois Nars, a French makeup master who started operation in the fashion industry in 1994. They adopted the classic black and a personalized logo to express the brand’s spirit of minimalism. NARS is full of creative minds. With its bold style, strong color, and highly-pigmented, it was recommended by various beauty celebrities, and also favored by many fans.

NARS lip gloss has a moist texture with translucent color, you may feel a bit sticky while applying. It can create a good looking after single layer and multiple layers. Classic #Orgasm is a peachy with gold hue and subtle gleam. It is suitable for people with light skin tone. And it is natural even added with dark matte lipsticks. #Aragon is translucent reddish brown with fine gleam. It has excellent covering power and high color rendering, very useful and suitable for daily use.

POWERMATTE LIP PIGMENT is matte series. It is hydrated and has extraordinary color rendering and staying power. The fine brush head can perfectly draw a fine lip shape. It is recommended on Allure. #starwoman is a classic red which can enhances the aura instantly, and you may like a modern girl or a fashionable female editor.

NARS cosmetics products have novel and special names, showing great imagination and creation. Each product is favored by many people and you can try it out.

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BOBBI BROWN is a professional makeup brand founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown in New York in 1991. Different from M·A·C, which pursues colors and personality, BOBBI BROWN under the Estée Lauder Group, pursues natural makeup to create a simple and translucent makeup.

CRYSTAL LIP GLOSS is simple and low-key. It is one of the transparent lip gloss in big brands, which can create an eye-catching diamond-like luster. You can apply it alone or apply it after lipsticks to achieve different lip makeup styles. It can moisturize your skin and is free of fragrance and colorant, which is very mild.

CRUSHED OIL-INFUSED GLOSS has translucent and gloss color and contains 12 shades for options. It is also launched with 3 limited editions. The #01 ROSE GARDEN is suitable for all skin tones with gentle styles; the # 02 RED HIBISCUS is more suitable for light skin tone, full of vitality; the # 03 SWEET DIANTHUS is suitable for light lip color. The limited-edition lip gloss has made some changes in packaging in a modern style.

Bobbi Brown is well-known for its clean, fresh and fashionable concepts, and is loved by many celebrities, and earns good reputation in the fashion industry and even in fashion shows.

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bareMinerals was founded in 1995 in the United States, thereafter acquired by Shiseido. It is in the same collection as BUXOM. bareMinerals lip gloss is rated as one of the top ten lip glosses by the authoritative American fashion website Rank&Style.

bareMinerals mineral 3D plump liquid lip gloss is suitable for clearly lip lines. It has high color saturation and strong covering power. A thin application can cover most of the lip lines, and it can also be continuously added to create “glass lips”. This lip gloss contains vegetable oils to help keep the lips soft, smooth, and moisturized for a long time. But you may feel heavy and sticky. The addition of various mineral materials can improve the gloss of the lip gloss. The popular #hype has brown hue, which is advanced and classic. It will not overflow around the lips after applying many times because of the sticky texture. It has an extraordinary moisturizing effect with subtle vanilla fragrance, which is very useful.

bareMinerals is almost a household brand. It is infused with natural ingredients and can create a natural finish. You can even go to bed without cleansing it. It is loved by many celebrities.

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Charlotte Tilbury

The Charlotte Tilbury (CT)was founded in British in 2013. The founder Charlotte Tilbury was a makeup artist for multiple shows in the four major fashion weeks and also served as a selected makeup artist and consultant for many high-end beauty brands such as Tom Ford, Mac, and Chanel.

The CT makeup emphasizes the practicality and texture of products. Charlotte Water Collagen Lip Gloss is also the lip gloss product of the 2018 Victoria's Secret Show. It has a good moisturizing effect and staying power in a thick texture, suitable for people with dry lips. This lip gloss is low-pigmented and can smooth lip lines and enhance the lip’s color, making lips look more plumper and natural even without makeup. The brush head is of colloidal in heart shape and can draw lip lines clearly and easily, suitable for layering. However, if you do not like being sticky, proceed with cautions.

 BEST ACTRESS is another lip gloss series of the CT. It has higher color rendering and color saturation. It has strong hiding power to create “glass lips” without sticky. The texture is between lip gloss and lip lacquer which is moisturizing and supple. Especially, some lip glosses with subtle gleams can be matched with a specific makeup.

Charlotte Tilbury has become popular all over the world since it launched in less than a year, and it has been loved by celebrities in the fashion industry and ladies. Charlotte Tilbury has support from many super models.

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Too Faced

Too Faced is an American professional makeup brand founded in 1998 and has been favored by Hollywood stars for many years. The products have rich colors and strong personalities, and each product has its own unique style. Too Faced is popular in the United States and suitable for urban girls who are independent and pursue individuality. Too Faced has a comprehensive makeup line, covering all kinds of facial make-up products and peripheral tools with a unified theme.

The design of Too Faced has a unique personal style, which is impressive. RICH & DAZZLING LIP GLOSS is shiny and has high gloss in a metallic texture with a luxurious style. It is lightweight and moisturizing without sticky. It is very easy to apply evenly with fine gleams, leaving a translucent finish. It shines like a diamond in the sun. You can apply it after using matte lipsticks to create a moist finish. It is in 13 shades with gorgeous packages, and each shade has a unique and distinctive name.

Too Faced is not just a brand; it has become a symbol of fashion. Many outstanding products are under Too Faced with bright colors and strong personalities, which are favored by many female consumers.

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Givenchy is a French luxury fashion brand founded in 1952. Gracefulness, simplicity and elegance are the main characteristics of Givenchy. It is a benchmark in the French fashion industry and a super master in the high-end lip makeup industry.

GLOSS INTERDIT VINYL is lunched in 2018, retaining the classic black couture ribbon. With a lacquer lid and square tube, it is modern and fashionable. This lip gloss retains the classic ingredient black rose extract and adds some moisturizing ingredients, which can gently nourish lips. You can apply thinly in daily life, achieving a natural finish. A thick one may create plumper lips with rich color. However, it is hard to apply evenly for some color due to the sticky texture of lip gloss. Among them, the #N11 and #N12 are highly-pigmented and relatively easy to color. It is commended for its ingenious design of the brush head. The innovative G-shaped lip brush is soft and smooth, which is very useful.

Many makeup enthusiasts are always pursuing its lip products. It has always been popular after many years. For the package or texture, it is worthy buying.

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Clarins is a famous French brand in the beauty industry established in 1954. It is famous for producing breast enhancement, slimming, and other functional cosmetics, which is well-known all over the world. It can be called the first brand of functional cosmetics because of its effective products. And then establish its prominent position in the world cosmetics industry. Products have extraordinary effects according to the overall feedback from global consumers.

Natural Lip Perfector combines coloring, moisturizing and lip care. It is a creamy texture that can moisturize and soften lips without sticky, leaving your lips supple, fullness and healthy. It is suitable for people with dry lips. Different from other lip glosses, this one has an air cushion sponge brush, which is soft and convenient to draw the lips' shape. There are 8 colors. Most of the colors are suitable for daily use, but the color rendering and covering power are weak, which is more suitable to create a no-makeup look. You may look natural even without makeup .

Clarins is known for its natural plant skincare. It offers extraordinary effects on skin care based on the mild ingredient and gentle effects of plants. And it has received good feedback from consumers around the world. Compared with professional makeup brands, although Clarins has not outstanding color matching technology, the use of lip gloss is as good as other brands

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Essence is a popular German shelf brand, and is a member of Cosnova Cosmetics Group. The products are favored by young and fashionable girls for their affordable price, young style, and rapid upgrade. Since the establishment, Essence has quickly occupied the cosmetics market with a unique business model. At the end of 2007, the market share in the German surpassed Maybelline, and even won the top sales volume in Europe in 2009.

The texture is similar to thick jam. Just rub a layer on the lips can make the lips moist and translucent without sticky. With shimmering, it can exude a light luster, which is low-key and gorgeous.

Essence lip gloss has a good moisturizing effect, and you can apply it with a matte lipstick. It smells like sweet candy and has a soft and flat brush head which you can apply it evenly. Moreover, you may feel slight cooling after applying. Essence lip gloss is affordable and of high-quality.

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Romand was a brand founded in 2016 by Korean makeup master and fashion blogger Min Saerom. Min Saerom, who once was a painter, is good at matching colors. The Glasting Water Tint and the Glasting Water Gloss are very popular among people.

Instead of single wear, most people use lip gloss layering on the matte lip, which can not only reflect the true lip makeup color but also create shiny “glass lips” with shiny. However, colored lip gloss will more or less affect the lip makeup, while pure transparent lip gloss has less gloss. This lip gloss is a translucent lip gloss with a pearly luster, which is unique. It is not easy to change the original color when applied to lips with a matte finish. It has 3 colors. # 00 is a translucent lip gloss with blue gleams, leaving a matte finish more translucent. It emphasizes cool style; the # 01 is a translucent lip gloss with an orange hue, which makes you look fresh. The #02 is a light purple transparent lip gloss. It will make the overall lip makeup darker, and highlight the sense of mystery.

Romand is very popular among girls in Korea, and also hot on the internet. It is affordable that is worthy trying.

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