The 12 Best Hand Cream of 2022

Evelyn Davis
Jan 13, 2022

A pair of slender and tender hands are what women yearn for. Hand lotion plays an important role in daily hand care. Hand lotion heals and smooths hand cracks, reduce dryness, and effectively prevent and relieve roughness in autumn and winter. There are few sebaceous glands on the back of the hand, so we need to replenish oil and moisture frequently, otherwise the skin will become rough and dry. Therefore, whether in winter or summer, it is very important to carry hand lotion with you to moisturize and protect your hands in time. Remember to use hand lotion especially after washing your hands or doing housework and before going out. Dr. Caren Campbell, a dermatologist in San Francisco, said that you can choose a hand lotion containing ceramide and filaggrin, for these two ingredients moisturize your hand and prevent environmental aggressors.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like L'Occitane,Jurlique, Crabtree& Evelyn and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect hand lotion, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Jurlique
  • 2. Crabtree & Evelyn
  • 3. Vita Citral
  • 4. Institut Karite Paris
  • 5. Kamill
  • 6. KAO
  • 7. herbacin
  • 8. L'Occitane
  • 10. Aveeno
  • 11. Neutrogena
  • 12. SHISEIDO


Founded in 1985 in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Jurlique, like L’Occitane, specializes in organic skincare products that feature ingredients coming straight from its own organic farm. Moisture Plus Rare Rose collection is the iconic line of this brand. Jurlique products were used in spa treatments on athletes during the 1996 Atlanta. In 2011, the brand was acquired by Pola Orbis Holdings.

Jurlique hand creams comes in many scents including rose, lavender, citrus, jasmine and the like. The most iconic one is the rose hand cream. Featuring a gentle formula and relaxing scent, this moisturizing product helps improve dry or rough skin.

In a nutshell, Jurlique hand cream has a lightweight texture that is bendable and non-greasy. But in cold winter, it doesn’t work well for dry skin.

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Crabtree & Evelyn

Crabtree & Evelyn originally was a soap shop in Cambridge, well known for the sweet scent and exceptional quality. The brand was officially founded in 1972. As a Royal Warrant holder, Crabtree & Evelyn not only supplies toiletries to the presidential suites of Hilton and other luxury hotels, but is also featured in many Hollywood movies. Its products are sought after by a whole host of celebrities like Madonna, the Queen of Pop.

With years of research on essential oils, Crabtree & Evelyn offers dozens of scented hand creams that are best known for the nourishing Gardeners Hand Cream and the moisturizing Evelyn Rose Satin Hand Cream. Both hand creams have a lightweight, bendable texture that is easy to spread and non-greasy. Moisturizing and hydrating, both of them help reduce dry lines on the hands, and feature a soothing, elegant fragrance.

Since the style and and packaging of Crabtree & Evelyn are similar to L’Occitane, consumers always like to make comparison between the hand creams from the two brands. Crabtree & Evelyn's hand cream features a lighter scent than that of L'Occitane, while providing the similar benefits at a lower price.

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Vita Citral

Vita Citral is a professional hand care and lip care brand launched by Laboratories ASEPTA in 1953. Founded in 1943 in The Principality of Monaco, Laboratories ASEPTA is a Royal Warrant holder that offers a variety of high-quality skincare products. Since Laboratories ASEPTA’s products are mainly sold in the French market, its brands are considered originating from France. Its foot care line is often selected by the French Olympic Committee. Vita Citral hand cream originally was designed for manual workers who needed hand care. The brand was featured in Magazine ELLE. Its products are distributed in most French pharmacies.

Vita Citral hand cream comes in three variants: Moisturizing Hand Cream, Hydra-Defense Hand Balm and Soin TR+ Soothing Repair Gel. The first one has a lightweight, dewy texture that is easy to spread and non-greasy; the second one features nourishing benefits for very dry hands; and the last one focuses on restorative effect to take care of damaged hands.

Vita Citral hand cream imparts a light scent. If you don’t like the strong smell, it’s a great option.

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Institut Karite Paris

Founded in 2004, Institut Karite Paris is the first French shea butter skincare brand, hailed as the “Expert of Shea”. Made with natural shea butter and high-quality French perfume, all products are highly acclaimed. Institut Karite Paris is not only partnering with several airlines to give out the products to their business class passengers, but also featured in many fashion magazines such as ELLE, VOGUE and GRAZIA. The products are widely distributed in department stores, luxury spas and airport duty-free shops.

Institut Karite Paris first unveiled the 100% Pure Shea Butter in 2005. This product works well to moisturize the face and body and has been a bestseller ever since.

Though Institut Karite Paris hand creams are all enriched with shea butter, it comes in a variety of soft scents to choose from. The hand creams all have a thick texture that is non-greasy and easy to spread.

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Kamill is a German chamomile skincare brand that first unveiled the chamomile hand cream in 1950, which was literally the first-hand cream in Germany. In recent years, chamomile has been synonymous with German hand cream. As part of Burnus GmbH, Kamill has been the top hand cream brand on the German market.

Kamill hand creams vary in packaging colors based on the benefits. The products feature similar basic ingredients and user experience. The lotion-like texture is lightweight and dewy, easy to spread, and non-greasy. The Original Hand Cream is the bestseller that works well to hydrate and moisturize your skin. The Unscented Hand Cream was the top pick among hundreds of hand creams tested in 2018 by GET IT BEAUTY, a Korean TV show. This product promises to soothe and condition the skin.


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As the best award winner in the hand care category on COSME, Kao hand cream is well received in Japan thanks to deep moisture, high penetration, and rich and thick texture. It’s available in five scents. The Peach Tea is the most popular one. Featuring a subtle, comforting scent of white peach and oolong tea, it’s the top selling hand cream in Japan.

All Kao hand creams work well to moisturize the skin thanks to the ultra-hydrating ingredients. The creamy texture is refreshing and easy to spread without greasy feeling. The tube packaging is perfect for everyday use. It also comes in jar packaging for night care. The hand cream in jar is more moisturizing than the tube. It contains yellow grainy particles that dissolve after massaging. In a nutshell, Kao hand cream is one of the best affordable picks.

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Herbacin, founded in 1905, is not as well-known as Kamill in Germany in terms of popularity and market share, but it also has gained a great reputation in overseas markets. Compared to Kamill, Herbacin hand creams are relatively fewer.

Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream Original and Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream Soft are the staples and bestsellers from the brand. Glycerin is the only ingredient formulated in both hand creams to hydrate skin. The Original has a lightweight, moisturizing texture that feels non-greasy on skin and leaves with a lasting fresh scent. The Soft cream is refreshing but not as moisturizing as the Original, so if you have very dry hands, this hand cream is more suitable for spring and summer use.

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When other big brands focused on facial skincare and body care products, L’Occitane, born in 1976 in Provence, unexpectedly entered the market of lower-priced hand creams, thus establishing its brand image. Featuring unique fragrances and distinct tube packaging, hand cream is still the staple of L'Occitane.

Cherry Blossom Hand Cream is infused with cherry extract. The brand claims that it features a fresh, elegant scent, which is actually relatively strong. The lightweight, lotion-like texture feels not sticky when applied. The moisturizing hand cream is perfect for spring and autumn. The hand-painted cherry blossoms on the tube show off an ingenue vibe.

Enriched with a blend of oils, Shea Butter Hand Cream helps moisturize skin. However, the strongly-scented balm has a relatively thick texture that is perfect for autumn and winter.

L’Occitane hand creams come in three sizes: 30ml, 75ml and 150ml, all of which are scented. Compared to facial skincare products, hand creams have a broader target market since they work for all skin types and generally provide hydration and moisture.

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Caudalie was originated from a winery in Bordeaux, France. Because of the discovery of the antioxidant effect of the polyphenols contained in grape seeds, Caudalie officially filed the patents of extracting and stabilizing grape seed polyphenols and meanwhile established the brand in 1995. Since its birth, Caudalie has attracted a lot of attention with a series of patents of grape seed polyphenols, and received numerous awards from major beauty magazines like Allure in 2016. Caudalie is dedicated to delivering fresh and natural feelings, both in the brand image or product style.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream features a refreshing, creamy texture that works well to hydrate and moisturize the skin without greasy feeling. The hand cream is easy to spread and imparts a fresh grape scent which doesn’t last long. But in terms of moisturizing and hydrating benefits, Caudalie hand cream is more suitable for spring and autumn and doesn’t stand out from its rivals.

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Aveeno, born in 1945, is now known as a baby skincare brand. Aveeno boasts natural skincare for sensitive skin and babies with mild texture and low irritation, recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians. During the 2006 Winter Olympics, Aveeno provided skincare products for Team U.S.

Aveeno hand cream uses glycerin as humectant and features oat complex. In 2003, colloidal oatmeal was approved by the FDA (Food Drug Administration) and recognized in USP-NF to use in over-the-counter skin protectant. When used in cosmetics, the ingredient is indicated as Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour for hydrating, moisturizing and alleviating itching. Aveeno hand cream has a refreshing texture that is non-greasy and works well for hydrating. The cream boasts a gentle, fragrance-free formula and promises to be safely used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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Neutrogena was a supplier to beauty salons associated with film studios. It successfully hit the market in 1954 with a non-alkaline cleansing soap called "Neutrogena". The soap was well received by the public and recommended by dermatologists. It became the image of the brand, gentle and simple.

Neutrogena offers two hand creams, Fragrance-free and Original. Glycerin is the only ingredient formulated in both hand creams to hydrate skin. The translucent cream has a thick texture that is easier to spread when your hands are slightly moist. The Fragrance-free hand cream is suitable for people with sensitive skin who prefer unscented products.

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SHISEIDO is one of the top ten cosmetics companies in the world, behind L'Oreal and Estée Lauder. It’s also the largest cosmetics company in Asia. SHISEIDO entered the European and American markets in the 1960s, and expanded internationally through acquisition of a host of brands in Europe and US in the 1980s.

SHISEIDO hand cream is known for Medicated Hand Cream and Japan FT hand cream. Medicated Hand Cream has a relatively thick texture that is water-resistant, bendable and a little bit greasy. It feels silky smooth and works well to moisturize the skin. This hand cream helps exfoliate the skin and leave your hands feeling soft. If you have very dry hands or thick stratum corneum, it also can be used as hand mask before bedtime.

SHISEIDO Japan FT hand cream is lightweight without greasy feeling. It’s easy to spread but not as moisturizing and long-lasting as the above hand cream, suitable for spring and autumn.

Both hand creams are unscented, perfect for those who’re picky about scents.

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