The 10 Best Hair Styling Tool Brand of 2022

Grace Hannigan
Jan 13, 2022

Today, with a curler in hand, everyone is a hairstylist. Whether you want to change your look every day or reprocess the hairdresser's handiwork, a small curler is definitely your good partner on the way to styling.

There are manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic curlers. Manual curlers are not easy to operate and easy to hurt you. So it is better to ask someone for help. Semi-automatic curlers can be used independently, but you may be feel trouble doing styling also. Fully automatic curlers are of much convenience to use. You can put your hair into it and wait the hair to take curling shape for a few minutes. You can style your hair independently without worrying about harm. Of course there are also high technology-related curlers. But for a curler, the key points are its processing material and heating body. Also, you should pay attention to sizes, preheating time, temperature control gears, etc. Many curlers can regularly curl, time, anti-scald, and they can also be used as a straightener. In addition, the negative ion hair care, appointment, real-time temperature display, constant temperature, color fixing and other functions are also worth your attention.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Babyliss, GHD, T3 and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of hair curlers we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. BaByliss
  • 2. GHD
  • 3. T3
  • 4. Remington
  • 5. Dyson
  • 6. Hot Tools
  • 7. Conair
  • 8. BIO IONIC
  • 9. Amika
  • 10. REVLON


BaByliss, founded in 1961 in Paris, France, is a professional hair styling tool brand whose Parent organisation is the Conair Corporation. BaByliss has collaborated with Ferrari to launch hairdryers with Ferrari motors. In 2015, BaByliss sold over 5 million styling products, and 80% of households in France own at least one BaByliss product. BaByliss hairdressing tools are numerous and are divided into two lines, BaByliss Paris and BaByliss PRO, both producing hair styling products. PRO focuses on styling tools for hair stylists with more professional products.

BaByliss was the first brand to launch auto curling irons and Curl Secret, was the best-selling curling iron in the UK for two years in a row. BaByliss automatic curling irons simply place hair into the curling chamber at the top of the machine and set the operating time to curl automatically, unlike conventional curling irons which are difficult to operate and require very little skill. However, the machine can only put a small amount of hair in at a time, otherwise it tends to snag and is less efficient, making it suitable for consumers with a small amount in their hair.

For the experienced customers, the SMOOTH VIBRANCY CURLING WAND made of ceramic is a good choice. It heats up ultra fast to 210°C, and has a longer length barrel for curling longer hair

Many products of excellent BaByliss PRO have been recommended by New York Magazine. The lightweight BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Marcel Curling Iron is the first choice for celebrity stylists to create even curls that won't burn your wrists with continuous use. It's suitable for longer and thicker hair, reaching up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and the ceramic wand protects the hair better.

You can buy BaByliss products in many places, like the official website and amazon.

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Established in 2001, GHD plays a leading role in high-end professional hair styling tools all over the world and also ranks first among recommended hair styling brands in the UK. In 2013, GHD had sold over 20 million products to over 5,000 salons worldwide, with annual sales exceeding £150 million.

All GHD stylers use the unique patented Tri-zone technology - a flat irons with 6 sensors from top to bottom to keep heat balance and make sure the same temperature of 185°C after heating. Hair remains smooth and shiny after high temperature styling. It's no need to use them many times to avoid causing damages to your hair.

GHD provides various curling irons including curling wands and curling irons. The ghd curve® soft curl iron Ghd , as a hot seller, is already out of stock on the website. It is designed for wavy hair and long hair. The ceramic coating on the curling iron also helps to protect the hair. With a sleep mode, it will automatically switch off if you leave it for 30 minutes.

Other hot products like the ghd curve® classic curl iron, ghd curve® classic wave wand, ghd curve® creative curl wand are also recommended. All of them have similar functions, but the diameter of the curling iron is different. You can choose to buy them according to your expected hairstyle. If you have long length hair and you like big natural curls, you can buy a wand with larger diameter. If you have medium length hair, it is recommended that you choose a medium curl and that the diameter of the wand is not too large.

If you use the curling iron frequently and worry about the intense heat damaging your hair, you can buy a heat protectant. Unfortunately the GHD curling wand does not have a temperature control function and the whole unit only has an on/off button owing to the simple concept. The GHD curling wands are all ceramic coated and the coating tends to peel off with prolonged use, so you may need to replace them in time.

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T3 styler is considered as an essential backstage styling tool by Orlando Pita, the stylist of pop diva Beyonce, and is the first brand to use tourmaline in hair styling tools. Tourmaline emits more negative ions than ceramic, and the clips and rods made with it are more evenly heated, helping to instantly smooth frizz, and T3 also uses a combination of tourmaline and ceramic in its heat conductors.

Digital T3 SinglePass® technology delivers consistent heat without overexposure, and styles hair in one effortless pass. The technology is similar to ghd's Tri-zone in that it is designed to keep the balance of the styler’s temperature, but most T3 stylers are equipped with 5 temperature switches so that the user can choose the temperature according to their hair types.

T3 Whirl Trio,the most famous product of T3, has won Allure Best of Beauty for three years consecutively. Unlike common curling irons, the Whirl Trio comes with a 25mm, 38mm cylindrical wand and a 32-19mm tapered wand that can be swapped out for different sizes depending on the desired curl effect. There are many shapes and sizes of wand sold separately for use with the Whirl Trio's base handle.

Those who prefer spring clip curls can choose the Twirl Trio, which differs from the smooth curls of the Whirl Trio in that it comes with 3 spring clip curls, but this has a single, cylindrical shape and can only be used to achieve a wide range of styling effects with different diameter bars. For those who prefer a classic look.

Most curling irons of T3 will automatically adjust to the local current for worldwide usage, so they can be used directly without a transformer.

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Remington is a global leader in personal care, taking its name from the American arms manufacturer Remington, which began manufacturing electric razors in 1937 as a division of Remington Arms, and has since evolved into a personal care brand, selling women's hair styling tools and men's razors, among other things. remington is headquartered in Middleton, WI, and its products Winner of the total 2017 EDITOR'S PICK AWARD WINNER, Red Dot Design Award, total 2017 READERS' CHOICE AWARD WINNER,Allure Beauty Awards and many more.

Remington styling products cover a wide range of products, you can choose the colour and size of the curling iron according to your hairstyle and the environment in which you use it, it is priced in the mid-range and offers good value for money.

Remington curling irons are mainly made of ceramic, all of which can be adjusted by a semi-hidden knob on the body. Due to the large number of temperature adjustment levels, most of Remington's products are equipped with an LCD display on the body to visually show the current machine temperature, which is very convenient.

Unlike conventional wand-shaped curlers, Remington's Pro 1" Chamber Curler with Dual Heating Technology is similar in shape to a hair dryer, with both the curler and the outer chamber heated, allowing each strand to receive heat in both directions for longer lasting styles, although this model is priced higher, at $59.99 on the website.

For dyed hair, we recommend choosing a curling iron with colour care technology, such as the Pro 1" Multi-Styler with Twist & Curl Technology, Pro 1 ¼" Curling Wand with Color Care Technology, Pro They are all affordable, temperature-adjustable and offer good value for money.

In addition to cylindrical wands, Remington also offers a number of tapered wands, such as the Curling Wand range, which uses pearl ceramic technology to create curling irons with a choice of two tapered barrel diameters for those who prefer large waves or fine curls, and which comes with insulated gloves to avoid burning hands.

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Founded in 1991 by James Dyson in Wiltshire, UK, Dyson designs and manufactures household appliances. Dyson's product design and technology is very iconic and based on home appliances such as hoovers, Dyson began to focus on the hairdressing products market, probably the most popular being the Supersonic hair dryer.

Dyson currently has only one curling iron, the Dyson Airwrap™ styler Complete, which won the VOGUE BEAUTY AWARDS, COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY AWARDS 2019, it comes in two different colours, fuchsia and red, has more accessories and is both Newcomers and experienced people alike will be able to make good use of this curler and style their hair beautifully. It has Dyson's original technology and is priced at the higher end of the range.

One of the main selling points of the Airwrap hair styler is that it uses the Coanda effect to automatically wind the hair onto the curler with the airflow. It is relatively easy for novices to operate, but has limited suction capacity and can only work with a small amount of hair at a time, which can be time consuming for users with longer hair and more volume. The temperature of the styling process is controlled at around 150°C, which is less likely to burn your hands and cause less damage to your hair, but it does mean that the styling time is shorter and needs to be combined with styling products. The curling direction of the rollers is fixed. 30mm and 40mm diameter rollers are each paired with two rollers, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise, and you can only change the curling direction by changing the accessories, which is slightly more tedious and less flexible than manual operation.

If the accessories get old, you can buy a full accessory set for the Airwrap from the website or other shopping sites, which is very convenient.

Overall, Dyson hairdressing instruments do have unique technology and the quality is really excellent, but they are expensive and suitable for high spending people on a budget who are looking for innovative technology. Finally, it is important to note that all Dyson machines have a two-year warranty and a maximum of seven working days for repair.

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Hot Tools

Developed and designed primarily for professionals to help them create more challenging styling art, Hot Tools' products are very innovative, mainly in terms of materials and technology. Most of its products are ergonomic and hairdryers, curling irons and straighteners are very popular with professional hair stylists. Because its products create beautiful, long-lasting hairstyles, many film, photography, backstage styling, catwalk and also salon hair styling tools are chosen by Hot Tools.

Hot Tools has a wide range of curling irons, some of which have been recommended by well-known media such as GLAMOUR, NEWYORK MAGAZINE, GH. 1" 24K GOLD EXTRA-LONG BARREL CURLING IRON / WAND 1" 24K The 2" 24K GOLD CURLING IRON / WAND and the 1" 24K GOLD CURLING IRON / WAND are all high sellers and all have a 24K Gold Barrel surface. The first two are priced the same and the latter is $10 less. 1" 24K GOLD EXTRA-LONG BARREL CURLING IRON / WAND uses pulse technology to even out the heat, reduce styling time and add shine to your hair. It is available in 1" 24K GOLD EXTRA-LONG BARREL CURLING IRON / WAND 1" 24K or 1" 24K GOLD CURLING IRON / WAND 1" 24K if you want to create medium or small curls. "24K or 2" 24K GOLD CURLING IRON / WAND 2"24K if you want a larger roll.

HOT TOOLS PROFESSIONAL NANO CERAMIC DEEP WAVER is made of nano ceramic to reduce damage to hair caused by high temperatures. This curling iron is so hot that it is sometimes out of stock on the website. It has the ability to regulate the temperature up to 430°F and uses pulse technology to stay at the same temperature for a longer period of time, creating an even and visible texture.

In addition to the cylindrical wand, HOT TOOLS also offers tapered curling irons such as the NANO CERAMIC® TAPERED CURLING IRON series, which is available in a variety of models so you can choose the right curling iron for the style you want. It is also temperature adjustable and heats up evenly without causing excessive damage to the hair. It's easy to use and comes with heat-proof gloves so you can create stylish looks at home.

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Conair was founded in 1959 and is based in Stamford, USA. It began as a small hair products and hair care company and has grown to become one of the world's largest and most diversified everyday consumer goods companies with users all over the world.Conair manufactures and markets personal care, health and beauty products, as well as quality kitchen appliances, tools and cookware.In the mid-1960s, Conair began manufacturing hair dryers (pistol- grip hair dryer) and its iconic product, the Yellowbird, was introduced in 1972 and remains one of the most respected and recognised hair dryers in the industry today.

Conair has a wide range of curling irons, curling wands etc. The Double Ceramic 1" Curling Iron has been recommended by GH and has received a 5 star rating from amazon. With 30 heat settings and up to 400°F, it will help you create layered curls whether your hair is fine or thick. You can actually choose from several other products in the Double Ceramic range, which differ in terms of the size of the curling iron. If you want to create different sized curls, you can buy several models.

The COOL AIR STYLER is arguably Conai's most expensive curling iron, priced at $99.99 on the website, and it uses innovative cold air curling technology to better shape your hair and greatly reduce damage to your hair. It is also temperature adjustable up to 400°F and it only takes 30 seconds for the curling iron to heat up to a normally usable temperature. This curling iron can be switched off automatically for safety. It is very popular with professional stylists as it creates very natural looking curls that stay in place for a longer period of time.

Conair also offers tapered curling irons such as the TOURMALINE CERAMIC CURLING WAND and RAINBOW TITANIUM CURLING WAND series, which you can buy after checking out the website in detail according to your needs. conair products are widely available, apart from the website you can also buy them on Conair's products are widely available on other shopping sites, and amazon sometimes offers discounts that are much cheaper than the official website.

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BIO IONIC has created a new kind of heat for hairdressing tools that claims to be the heat that hair likes. This heat restores hair to health rather than damaging it, and hydrates rather than burns it. bio ionic introduces bio force to beauty, they've created a whole new way to experience heat: Bio Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ locks in your hair's moisture and conditions strands while you style. curling irons and other hair tools are also very good and are highly recommended by many well-known media.

The Long Barrel Styler Curling Iron has been recommended by GH and New York Magazine and the BIO IONIC curling iron is always two inches longer than a regular curling iron, so it is ideal for longer hair, even if you have longer extensions. This curling iron combines Nanonioc MX and Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ to lock in moisture and seal the cuticle, leaving hair looking bouncy, shiny and holding for longer. It is adjustable in temperature and is available in 1inch and 1.25inch sizes, making it very practical.

The STYLEWINDER® ROTATING STYLING IRON is also highly recommended. The self-rotating roller makes it easier to create curls and waves. It is available in four sizes, so you can choose according to your preference. You don't have to worry about damaging your hair because of the heat, the Bio Ionic Moisturising Heat) locks in the moisture to keep your hair healthy and make your hair style last longer. It is also temperature adjustable and is safe as it will automatically switch off after you have not used it for more than 1 hour.

BIO IONIC curling products are expensive, you can take a closer look at the BIO IONIC website to see what it has to offer and maybe come across a shopping holiday with a discount, when it would be a great deal to buy.

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Amika, the meaning friend, is a hairband from Brooklyn, New York, USA, founded by a group of creative people, including hairstylists, chemists, and product fans. All Amika products are safe and free from sulfates, parabens, aluminum starch, and more than 1,300 questionable ingredients banned by the EU. Amika products are very popular with young people and although it is not cheap, the quality is very good and the warranty is all for one year, making it a recommended brand.

In addition to the care products, Amika's styling products are also excellent. The high tide deep wavers, winner of the 2019 allure best of beauty award, has three tourmaline ceramic barrels with a diameter of 0.7 inches for fast and even curls. Negative ion technology seals the cuticle for smoother hair. It is comfortable and safe to use as it has a heat-resistant non-slip handle and holder and switches off automatically after 30 minutes of non-use. It can also be adjusted freely between 120°F and 390°F to create gorgeous wavy curls. Its cable is 9 feet long and swivels 360°, making it very easy to use. Despite its many benefits it does come with a bit of a price tag, at $120 on the website, and is recommended for regular curling iron users or professional stylists.

The autopilot 3-in-1 rotating curling iron is unique in that it has a beautiful graffiti pattern on the handle. It is available in two sizes, 32mm and 25mm, and also uses negative ion technology with a ceramic coating to minimize damage to the hair. Noteworthy is its rotating clamp + lock, which allows effortless styling, flexibility, and control, without burning yourself. Its cable is 9 feet long and can also be rotated 360°, making it very easy to use.

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Founded in the 1930s and starting with nail polish, Revlon has long ranked third in the US in terms of cosmetics market share, behind L'Oreal and Estee Lauder. As a major open shelf brand in the US and Europe, Revlon has a wide range of products that are affordable, easy to use and offer good value for money, whether it is for toiletries or make-up. Revlon's hair tools are also very popular and have been recommended by the media on several occasions.

The Salon Long Lasting Curls Titanium 1.25'' Curling Iron was recommended by GH and is suitable for all hair types. It has a temperature adjustment range of 225-425°F with a ceramic coating and does a great job of styling hair. It has 30 heat settings for longer lasting styles. But it has a short cord, only 5.8-feet long, and you can only use it where it is easily wired.

If you're on a budget and don't use a curling iron often, the Revlon is a great option for you. Its curling irons are conventional but perfectly adequate for everyday needs, with the Long Lasting Curl ½" Curling Iron, Long Lasting Curls 1" Curling Iron, Long Lasting Curls Long Lasting Curls ¾" Curling Iron, Long Lasting Curls ¾" Brush Iron and others are only available for around $15.

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