The 10 Best Hair Regrowth Treatments of 2022

Maia Carter
Jan 13, 2022

Hair loss is becoming more and more common as work and life become more stressful or as we age. Surprisingly, products preventing hair loss are used by people in 20s and 30s. As opposed to expensive hair transplants, perhaps you could try hair restorers. As far as we know, hair restorers contain various functional ingredients to strengthen hair, promote blood circulation in the scalp, speed up hair regeneration and increase the growth of hair follicles. Also, it can make collagen fibers more closely arranged. It may also have the effect of enhancing hair toughness, improving hair quality and fixing hair.

Hair loss treatment specialist Dr. Marc Avram says it takes at least eight months for anti-hair loss products to take effect to slow down hair loss and bring it under control. So hair restorers may not work as fast as you expect.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Rogaine, Kirkland, Nioxin and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of hair restorers we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Rogaine
  • 2. Kirkland's
  • 3. Nioxin
  • 4. Regoxidine
  • 5. Amazon Basic Care
  • 6. keranique
  • 7. Boldify
  • 8. HairGenics
  • 9. Watermans
  • 10. Toppik


As a topical treatment which can be used to treat male pattern baldness, Minoxidil is highly professional and FDA-certified. Research shows that Minoxidil lengthens the active growth phase of hair follicles and increase the size of hair follicles to regrow thicker, fuller hair. Rogaine Minoxidil hair regrowth treatment varies in concentration and form. There are solution type and foam type both for men and women. The women's formulations of Minoxidil are respectively 2% in solution and 5% in foam, while the men's are 5% in both types. It should be noted that although the hair regrowth effect is proportional to the concentration of Minoxidil, the hair regrowth effects of products in the two concentrations are not significantly different, and the higher concentration of Minoxidil brings higher side effect risk. 5% minoxidil is prone to hirsutism when used by women, so it should be used with caution, preferably applied only once a day.

There are two types of Rogaine hair regrowth treatment: foam and solution. The foam type is free of propylene glycol, which is gentler and more hypoallergenic than the solution type. Possessing the unique patent technology, Tricho-Prime™, it maintains scalp health by plant extracts and emollients. Meanwhile, it contains AHA, which promotes the exfoliation of aged cuticle and prevents hair follicles from clogging. The propylene glycol in Rogaine Minoxidil solution promotes the effectiveness of the treatment, while may trigger allergies.

The foam type is more convenient to apply, and it can quickly dry the scalp without distinct scent, making the hair refreshed. However, it is hard to control the dosage and is suitable for larger hair loss area. Yet the solution type can be applied to the hair loss area more accurately, while it is relatively viscous, causing the hair slightly greasy.

The effect of Minoxidil hair regrowth treatment varies from person to person. It is recommended to consult the doctor before applying. Minoxidil needs to be used constantly. Once the treatment is stopped, your normal hair loss process may start again. If the hair follicle is necrotic, there's no other choice but hair transplant.


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The ingredient and curative effect of Kirkland Minoxidil are similar to Rogaine, while Kirkland distinguishes the concentration of male and female versions more obviously. 5% Minoxidil is only for men and 2% Minoxidil is only for women. It also has both types of foam and solution. Mildly formulated and unscented hair regrowth foam of Kirkland is free of propylene glycol, delivering dry and refreshed hair without affecting the subsequent styling. Equipped with a pump head, the hair regrowth solution is suitable to apply topically on the scalp. However, the highly fluid liquid takes a long time to dry the scalp, leaving the scalp slightly greasy.

Kirkland Minoxidil is suggested to apply twice a day, 1mL each time, with the interval time longer than 6 hours. It should be noted that applying more times per day will not emerge more significant hair regrowth effect. The daily use amount should not exceed 2ml, and overusing will cause side effects such as hypotension and dizziness. If there are symptoms such as scalp swelling, inflammation, infection and pain after use, you should immediately stop using and consult a doctor.

Kirkland Minoxidil is reasonably priced, quality guaranteed, and cost-effective. It is generally purchased in bulk according to the apply duration, available on Amazon, official website and other channels.

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Since the establishment of this brand, Nioxin Research Laboratories has come up with many innovative formulas to treat hair loss. The various effects, including hair cleaning, scalp cells renewing and vitality increasing, to satisfy the needs of most people suffering from hair loss. Apart from anti-hair loss shampoo and conditioner, Nioxin launches 6 kits, respectively suitable for thinning, fine hair, frizzy hair and damaged hair, all of which are user-friendly and salable. Involving propylene glycol, nicotinamide, PEG-12 simethicone and other ingredients, this mint-scented formula cleans and moisturizes the scalp and makes the hair thicker and plumper. It is easy to apply. Shake well. Apply evenly to entire scalp. Do not rinse.

On Amazon and other websites, it is more cost-effective to buy it with shampoo and conditioner of the same kit. It should be noted that this series of products may cause allergy, so pregnant women and other specific populations need to consult a doctor before use.

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The products of Regoxidine are FDA-approved OTC drugs that can be used for hair regrowth treatment. Containing Minoxidil, plant extracts and AHA, the unscented foam promotes the natural shedding of dead scalp horny cells, unblocks the hair follicles, effectively treats hair loss on the top of the head, maintains a healthy scalp, and even helps hair regrowth after long-term use. It is suitable and significantly effective during early stage of hair loss.

Regoxidine offers popular hair care products specifically designed for men and women. They are similar in composition, price and curative effect, both containing 5% Minoxidil. Compared with Regoxidine Men's 5% Minoxidil Foam, Regoxidine Women's 5% Minoxidil Foam takes less dosage and longer use time while taking effects more slowly. Before applying, you are recommended to follow the instructions. After applying the foam to wet or dry hair, you can massage the entire scalp well, or blow dry your hair.

It is available on various channels, such as the official website, Amazon, Aytu Consumer Health, or you can call the phone on the official website to make an order. If you have been troubled by long-term hair loss, it is more cost-effective to buy a kit on Amazon.

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Amazon Basic Care

Amazon Basic Care has launched many over-the-counter drugs, which are similar to the ones sold in convenience stores, including anti-allergic drugs, painkillers, and cold medicines. And the drugs meet the daily needs of most people. Among them, Minoxidil Topical Solution USP, 5%, Hair Regrowth Treatment enjoys great reputation among consumers and sells quite well, ranking 11th in the best seller list of Amazon Hair Regrowth Treatments.

Like most of the hair regrowth treatment, it has both solution and foam types, separating men and women. It is formulated with 5% Minoxidil to specifically treat baldness and hair loss. Clinically proven, it not only keeps the scalp healthy without pungent odor, but also revives hair follicles, restores hair regeneration and grows thicker hair. Equipped with a dropper, it is easy to control the dosage. Use the dropper to dip 1ml and apply it directly to the hair loss area on the scalp twice-daily and use it constantly, then you can see the effect. It should be noted that this treatment is not used for baldness at the front of the scalp or receding hairline.

Medicines from Basic Care are only available on Amazon at affordable price. All products are made in FDA-approved facilities to guarantee the strictest quality assurance standard. For their excellent quality, you can be assured to purchase.

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As the main hit of Keranique and a well-loved combination kit, Keranique Hair Regrowth System includes 4 items: Scalp Stimulating Shampoo for Thinning Hair, Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, Lift & Repair Treatment Spray and Hair Regrowth Treatment. According to your own needs, you can choose freely to buy them individually or as a whole set. Special formulas in Keranique shampoo and conditioner effectively nourish the scalp and recuperate the hair. With propylene glycol, 2% Minoxidil and other substances, Hair Regrowth Treatment helps grow thicker hair. It is very suitable for women with thinning hair, which stimulates hair regrowth under long-term use. The ingredients and efficacy of Lift & Repair Treatment Spray are similar to Hair Regrowth Treatment. The formula is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and other irritating ingredients. Its specific component, keratin amino compound, increases hair thickness and strength. This small bottle of spray is also very convenient to apply by spraying 1 ml on the required area twice-daily.

It is recommended to purchase the whole set of Keranique Hair Regrowth System for a more significant effect. Due to its irritating ingredients, you should be cautious to avoid applying it to other parts of the body, and wash your hands in time after use. If you feel unwell, you need to consult the doctor in time. In addition, if you are not satisfied with your purchase within 120-days, simply return as instructed, and you’ll get a full refund.


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BOLDIFY is divided into Hair Growth, Hair Thickening, and Hair Building. It comes in different forms, such as spray, powder, serum, gummies, etc. BOLDIFY also launched the professional teaser brush to be used with hair loss products, making the products more convenient to apply. Among them, the best seller BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray has been recommended by many professional hair stylists. Mineral-rich and nutrient-rich, the healthy formula also has a light pleasant scent. It is easy to spray. Smear it evenly on the wet hair and blow it dry, then it will quickly add volume and shine to your hair, making the hair lighter and fuller without feeling heavy or sticky. Thanks to its wide range of uses, hair stylists can apply it to set the hair and easily create fashionable styles, suitable for both men and women. Besides, its Dry Texturizing Spray, Root Boosting Spray and other products are also quite salable.

BODIFY is extremely confident in its products. If you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund in one day without returning the goods. You can also get extra discounts by joining VIP.

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HairGenics operates a wide range of products, involving mascara, conditioner, shampoo, etc., and focuses on hair care. Most of the hair regrowth treatments are the series of Pronexa, among which Propidren by HairGenics is popularized and most well-known. It involves natural ingredients, including various plant extracts and biotin. Its keratin improves brittle hair, enhances hair elasticity, avoids breakage, and makes hair healthier as well as more vigorous. Besides, its green tea extract and nettle extract help grow thicker, fuller hair. As we all know, DHT is the main cause of hair loss. As people age, rising levels of DHT can lead to hair loss. And Propidren by HairGenics contains DHT Blocker, which helps people combat common hair loss by preventing DHT production. It is clinically proven as safe and effective to promote hair regrowth, provide natural nutrients to the hair in a short period, prevent hair loss, and grow thicker hair, both suitable for men and women. Gluten-free and cruelty-free, Propidren by HairGenics ensures its quality and safety. Take two capsules a day, or apply it with the same brand of shampoo, and you can see obvious effects in three months.

Hair Growth Serum is effective on hair regrowth and sells quite well on shopping websites such as Amazon. The safe formula with unique Pea Sprout Extract is rich in phytonutrients and rejuvenating protein, which accelerate hair growth. It diffuses a fragrance of aromatic substance. It is recommended to apply half of a dropper to the hair loss area twice-daily for better effects.

The anti-hair loss products of HairGenics can not only grow hair, but also improve hair texture and enhance the overall effect. It is cost-effective and provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can buy it with confidence.


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The hair products of Watermans offers a full range of options for various hairstyles. It has launched a variety of hair care products suitable for adult women, adult men and children. Its gift set is fit for family and friends who are troubled by hair problems. In addition, Watermans also has specific care products for the special hair texture of Afro-American. All Watermans products are cruelty-free with safe formula free of sulfates, parabens, palm oil and other chemicals. Grow Me Shampoo & Conditioner Set for Thicker really sells a lot. The natural formula of Shampoo involves Biotin, Vitamin B3, Rosemary Extract, Caffeine, Argan Oil kernels and other active ingredients, which effectively combats hair loss and promotes hair regrowth, making your hair look thicker. It diffuses the scent of rosemary, which is refreshed and comfortable for both men and woman. Besides the similar ingredients as Shampoo, Conditioner involves Niacinamide and lupine protein, to deeply nourish the hair and effectively control dryness and frizz. It is more cost-effective to purchase the whole set.

If your hair loss is quite serious, you can also use Grow More Elixir. Including DHT Blocking, it helps activate your scalp follicles and speed up hair regrowth. Non-greasy and easy to use, you can directly apply it to the bald area of the scalp and massage gently without rinsing.

Although several products of Watermans have risen in price, it is still cost-effective overall. You can get a 10% discount for the first order on the official website. Watermans focuses on every individual's health, provides considerate services, and offers hand sanitizer to NHS, police and front-line medical staff for free, which has been appreciated by the public.

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 Toppik Hair Building Fibers is actively demanded on the official website and shopping sites such as Amazon. Its quality and efficacy have been strictly reviewed and approved by the FDA, so it is relatively reliable. Toppik Hair Building Fibers are made of keratin protein, the same type of protein that is found in hair. This microfiber does not damage the scalp or block the pores, but undetectably blends in the hair, making the hair visually thicker and fuller. It is so powerful that when applied to the hair loss area, it makes the scalp there look like growing new hair with a highly realistic effect. When applying, you just need to shake and spray it on your thinning hair or hairline area, and then pat gently. It can be easily washed out with shampoo.. It is water-resistant and windproof. Even when sweating, you don't have to worry about its coming off. Whether you are in the wind, rain or hot and humid environment, you can apply it confidently.

Available in nine shades that can be mixed to match virtually any hair color, Hair Fibers works for all hair types and textures. You can DIY it yourself by mixing them to find the closest match to your own hair. It is also very suitable for people who are keen on dyeing hair. You can purchase a travel size on the official website, Amazon and other websites for on-the-go use.

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