The 10 Best Hair Clippers of 2022

Mandy Franklin
Jan 13, 2022

Sometimes, we don't want to go to a barber store to shave our hair, especially men and children, because their hair grow faster. A clean flat for a baby or a boy can obviously be realized by using your own hair clipper at home. At present, hair clippers are mostly available in electric versions for easy operation. Makeup artist Arabelle Sicardi says that the money spent on a haircut is almost enough to buy a hair dresser and trimmer for a simple haircut by yourself.

How to choose a right hair clipper? You need to consider the waterproof ability, noise volume, easy-to-clean degree and use methods, as well as performance, life span, weight, and price, etc. Baby hair clippers will be safer to a baby than those for adults. If you need to sort out your pet's hair, you should use a pet groomer to avoid injuries and prevent cross-infection of bacteria.

Surely, it is better to wash your hair before you get a haircut. Because the hair becomes soft after washing, allowing you to cut and shape it easily.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Wahl Clipper, Oster, BabaylissPro and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of hair clippers we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Wahl Clipper
  • 2. Oster
  • 3. BaBylissPRO
  • 4. Andis
  • 5. Philips
  • 6. Remington
  • 7. BRAUN
  • 8. Conair
  • 9. Bevel
  • 10. SKEY

Wahl Clipper

With the invention of the world's first electric hair clipper by Leo J. Wahl, the WAHL CLIPPER was established since then. Headquartered in Sterling, U.S.A., with 6 global manufacturing facilities and 11 offices, the Wahl Clipper Corporation has been a leader in professional and home grooming, whose products are sold to over 165 countries.  WAHL CLIPPER ranked number one among the best hair clippers of 2018 on authoritative reviewer Top Ten Reviews. With high-quality products and excellent service, WAHL CLIPPE is loved by the public.

Wahl Clipper not only produces hair clippers and trimmers for humans but also offers a wide range of pet grooming products. It's well known for hair clippers, which are also the best-sellers, and each series of hair clippers has its own distinctive features. GroomPro is suitable for short styles and touch-ups, Sure Cut for hair designing, and Pro Series can be used on many occasions. Many other series also suits the needs of consumers in all aspects.

The Color Pro is a popular product among consumers, available in both corded and cordless versions. With a distinctive look and color coded guide combs on each product, so you can easily find the right comb for your cutting length. Rechargeable Clipper Kit is well-received by the public, easy to operate, and the cordless clipper can continue to work for up to 1 hour after charging. The included blades are made of stainless steel,which is easy to cut and rinse, and the included blade guard provides some protection. It operates on a worldwide voltage (110-240V) and comes in a premium soft case, making it ideal for taking on the go.

From the appearance, the PLUS Easy Match Colour Coded Haircutting Kit is similar to the Rechargeable Clipper Kit, but it needs a power supply when using it. It has 26 accessories including a guide comb, cleaning brush, blade oil and hair clips to create a variety of hairstyles, making it even more recommended for beginners.

The Elite Pro High Performance Hair Clipper Kit is also recommended for its superb performance. It applies a high-quality corded motor, which is 15% more powerful than those in Wahl's other products, achieving hassle-free cutting. Its Self-sharpening precision blades help you to cut the desired hairstyle quickly in a convenient way.

If you want to cut your hair in everyday life, the Self-Cut Pro Corded Hair Clipper 79467 is even more recommended. It is 25% smaller than a standard hair clipper and has a tapered handle for easier grip. It also comes with a complete kit, making it ideal if you want to try cutting your hair.

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Oster hair clippers are mainly plug-in models with powerful motors, mainly for professional barbers and hairdressers, and therefore fewer cordless models are for home use. The Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper has a powerful Whisper Quiet pivot motor and The Fast Feed clipper,making it cut hair easily without much noise. It is ergonomically designed, lightweight, and has a textured housing for easy grip. Its blades are made of steel for long-lasting durability and you can choose between sizes 000 and 1 for the right size adjustment without having to buy blades additionally.

The durable Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper, with a powerful motor, is a must-have for countless professional barbers. It ranked number one in the 2018 Best Haircutters of the Year by HAIR CLIPPERS CLUB, the leading haircutting website in the USA, and it received full marks for its power and blades. It uses a Universal motor for all types of hair and the body heats up less noticeably than Wahl's hair clipper, giving you a better haircutting experience. The Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper is designed with break-resistant housing, so you don't have to worry even if it falls down accidentally. However, due to the slightly heavy body, Using it for a longer period of time will tire out your arm. Some users once complain that it's noisy when they use it.

Several other Oster hair clippers have similar performance and different models for choose from , and we recommend you to buy them on the amazon and Walmart.

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BaByliss, founded in 1961 in Paris, France, is a professional hair styling tool brand owned by the Conair Corporation. BaByliss has collaborated with Ferrari to launch hairdryers with Ferrari motors. In 2015, BaByliss sold over 5 million styling products, and 80% of households in France own at least one BaByliss product. BaByliss hairdressing tools are numerous and are divided into two lines, BaByliss Paris and BaByliss PRO, both producing hair styling products. PRO focuses on more professional products for hair stylists.

The BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Series is so well known that the Forbes review site says it is the best haircutter for all hairstyles. The BaBylissPRO Barberology MetalFX Series is available in 4 different colors, supported by a corded or cordless mode. All powered by a high-torque, brushless, Ferrari-designed engine, it offers 2 hours of battery life for one full charge. Lightweight and stylish, its metal housing and a non-slip handle provide a comfortable grip. The controls on the side are easy to use. The set comes with 8 attachments, with several replacement blades and a 5-detent taper control on the blades. You can choose as you like.

The main difference between each model is the material of the blade. With the black model using Graphite Fade Blade and the gold model using DLC titanium-coated blade, which is a premium material and expensive to show precise cutting results. The other two models are both made of high carbon stainless steel blades, which are less expensive compared to the first two, but it’s still better than stainless steel. When you decide to buy one, you can fully consider the price, color and other aspects.


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Andis is a legendary American hair clipper brand founded in 1922, by Mathew Andis, who was a toolmaker before starting his own business of hair clippers. Andis hair clippers are known for their "Small But Mighty" feature and have become one of the most popular hair clippers in the world over the last 100 years. In 2017 a limited edition red hair clipper was launched in collaboration with Supreme.

The Andis has a wide range of products for hairdressers, home use, and small animals. Andi Professional includes adjustable blade clippers, detachable blade clippers, cordless trimmers, and corded trimmers. The “At Home” includes trimmers, corded clippers, and cordless clippers.

The T-Outliner T-Blade Trimmer is an iconic product of Andi Professional, with its precision,durable,close-cutting carbon-steel T-blade head for detailing. The magnetic motor in T-Outliner T-Blade Trimmer is powerful, high-speed, and runs cool and quiet. Its lightweight housing and comfortable grip make it a great experience for both the barber and the client. It also can be used for all-around outlining, dry ant wet shaving, and fading. Using it in conjunction with the Professional Heavy-Duty Clipper will be more convenient and you can buy a combination set of these two products on Amazon for a great price.

Recommended by various review sites such as Forbes, the Master Cordless Lithium Ion Clipper comes in an aluminum housing,providing a comfortable grip. With a powerful and high-speed rotating motor, being up to 7,200 SPM, the cutting efficiency is greatly improved by its fine carbon steel blades. But it is not suitable for sensitive scalps, which can easily get hurt. Cordless/corded clippers are both available. It's recommended to purchase a charger stand for quick charging.

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As a Dutch multinational group, Philips was co-founded by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik in 1891. Initially known for its light bulb products, Philips expanded into electronics and now focuses on providing technology and health products, making it a large group with great influence worldwide. At present, over 10,000 employees are working for Philips in 100 countries and regions.

Philips has a wide range of products in personal care, baby products, medical and other areas. Within Philips' personal care products, razors maintain an industry-leading position, with hair clippers being only a small part of this product line. Although Philips has not launched many barber kits, several of them have won international design awards such as iF and RED DOT, warmly welcomed by the public. Many users comment that lightweight hair clippers of Philips are easy to use and won't make their hands feel tired. This is related to its unique curved shape. The body of the Philips hair clippers has a curved design close to the head, which reduces the frequency of bending the wrist when cutting hair and provides a better experience.

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000 has won the hearts of many home users with its excellent performance and affordable price. Its non-corrosive blades are less likely to break or rust, which is easy to clean by water after detaching. With a High-powered lithium battery, it can last an hour for one full charge. You can choose any pieces you like among the 13 pieces contained in this set to trim other areas of hair, such as the ears and beard.

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 is designed specifically for men and can be used on a wide range of hair, beard and body areas, containing 23 pieces for all trimming needs. It runs longer than the Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000, and it also trims hair more evenly and quickly, so it is still worth a try though it has a higher price compared to similar products for its outstanding performance.

Other hair clippers from Philips vary little, with small differences in appearance and pieces. Before your purchase, you can find more details on the official website, Amazon, and other shopping sites.

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Founded in 1816, Remington is an American brand with a history of nearly 200 years and one of the top four shaver brands in the world. By the end of 1997, Remington had grown into the second-largest seller of electric shavers and since then sales of these products have continued to rise, making it a global leader and manufacturer of grooming and styling products for men and women.

The hair clipper is a smaller category of Remington and is aimed at the mid-range market. Most clippers are suitable for home use and on-the-go use. Portability is the most distinctive feature of Remington hair clippers. With a storage bag and perfect size, it also supports USB charging, so you can cut your hair anywhere, anytime.

The ShortCut Pro Self-Haircut Kit is Remington's most classic lightweight hair clipper, which is fist-sized and fits in one hand. The HC4250-AT ShortCut Pro Self-Haircut Kit came in fifth place in the HAIR CLIPPERS CLUB's Best Haircutters of the Year 2018. Unlike the design of traditional hair clippers, the HC4250-AT ShortCut Pro Self-Haircut Kit can cut small areas like sideburns and the back of the head, reducing wrist strain. With EXTRA-WIDE CURVED BLADE DESIGN, it fits the natural shape of your head to improve the cutting efficiency. It also comes with 9 combs and a washable body for easy use. The price of this product is $59.99 on the website and many users praise and recommend it for its good performance.

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The functionality of its products has well shown the concept of modern German industrial design, which has won hundreds of iF and RED DOT international design awards, with over 8,000 patented technologies. In addition, Braun is the official partner of the Bundesliga championship team Bayern Munich and its razors are popular among many football stars.

Compared to other brands, Braun doesn't have many hair clippers, but most of them are washable, so it's easy to rinse them off with water after use. However, their blades are mainly made of stainless steel, which is not long-lasting, and their slim profile is more suitable for tackling small areas.

The All-in-one trimmer 3 MGK3980 is Braun's best-seller, with a washable body for easy cleaning. It's favored by consumers for its elegant appearance and comfortable grip with a non-slip design. The All-in-one trimmer 3 MGK3980 comes with a charging indicator so you can check the charging progress in time. It runs one hour per charge. The set also includes the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor, which can be used to shave beard. The All-in-one trimmer 3 MGK3980 can be used both in wet & dry for beard, body, face, ear, nose, and hair trimming, etc. However, it should be kept in mind that the blade is made of stainless steel and you need to oil the blade regularly for optimum maintenance.

All-in-one trimmer 5 MGK5280 and All-in-one trimmer 5 MGK5245 are also the choices for many consumers, which are relatively similar to each other. In the kit, they both contain hair clippers with the superb cutting ability and both come with the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor. The MGK5280 has more pieces, so you can choose the one based on your own needs.

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Founded in 1959, Conair is based in Stamford, USA. It was originally a small manufacturer of hair care products, and it has grown into one of the world's largest and most diversified companies providing home products, gaining the hearts of customers worldwide. It mainly provides products on personal care, health, and beauty. In Style, the American fashion magazine has listed Conair products as one of the best beauty must-haves.

Grooming products for men from Conair are classified into skincare products, haircutting tools, and other shaving tools. Among them, hair clippers products have NUMBER CUT, BARBERSHOP SERIES, CUSTOM CUT, and other product lines, which are favored by the public for their distinctive appearance and excellent performance. Most of the products are equipped with sharp Self-Sharpening Stainless Steel blades, making them ideal for daily household use, but you need to maintain it or replace the Guide Combs regularly.   

At an affordable price, CUSTOM CUT 18-PIECE HAIRCUT KIT sells quite well. It comes with high-powered magnetic motor and eight combs with 5-detent taper control to provide many styles with precision. The silver metal case and blue non-slip handle make the product elegant and practical. The entire set also includes a barber cape, guards, cleaning oil, and other items to meet basic hair-cutting needs, making it a cost-effective hair clipper.

If you want a better haircutting experience, we recommend the NUMBER CUT 20-PIECE HAIRCUT KIT, which comes with 10 combs to meet your multiple needs.

Hair clippers of Conair are of high quality, most of which have a two-year or five-year warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

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Starting with shaving products, Beval has expanded to provide award-winning hair care and skincare products.

BEVEL TRIMMER is the only hair clipper and also one of the most representative products of BEVEL. It has won the GQ "BEST STUFF" and many professional hairdressers consider it as WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED TRIMMER. It has a black limited version and silver improved version, not varying greatly. The black one performs well to work for 8 hours without getting hot. The silver one has a shorter battery life at a more affordable price. Different from other hair clippers, BEVEL TRIMMER is a high-tech product. When using, just turn the dial on the surface to set the parameters, then you can make the blade fits the natural shape of your head with a comfortable grip. You can also freely adjust the gap between the blades to deliver a better experience. It is not easy to hurt the scalp, suitable for sensitive scalp users.

BEVEL TRIMMER is pricey, targeting consumers with high buying power. It has a premium appearance, frosted shell with multiple facets in a non-slip design, providing a smooth grip. It is recommended for self-use or as a gift for men.

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SKEY Professional Hair Clippers are washable for easy cleaning. It is loaded /equipped with an LED display to show the battery level and motor speed in real-time. It has two motor speeds: 6500RPM and 7000RPM, of which 6500RPM produces little noise, making it ideal for giving baby a haircut.  SKEY Professional Hair Clippers has a large lithium battery capacity, running for 4 hours when fully charged. When the oil is in short, it will send an alert. It's quite safe to use it. SKEY Professional Hair Clippers has two types of blades, ceramic and titanium, sharp and rust-resistant. By adjusting the dial on the body, it's convenient to choose the cutting length of 0.8~2mm quickly. It can not only be used to cut hair, also be used to trim the sideburns, beard, or other parts of the hair.

The whole set comes with 15 pieces, including 8 combs, 1 pair of scissors, a cleaning brush, oil, and other items to meet the multiple needs of at-home haircuts. It also comes with a storage bag to hold the hairdresser, keeping it clean and easy to carry around. It is important to note that although the body is waterproof, don't keep the product in water for a long time from being damaged.

Overall, it's recommended to purchase SKEY Professional Hair Clippers because of their good quality, durability, and reasonable price. It has limited purchase channels, you can buy it on Amazon, Walmart, or Sears, and other websites. 

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