The 7 Best False Eyelashes Brands of 2022

Carrie Kathleen
Jan 13, 2022

False eyelashes make the eyes look energetic and large, being a favorite of many makeup enthusiasts. Generally speaking, false eyelashes are made of three materials: animal hair, artificial fiber hair, and silk protein. Animal hair is soft and shiny without irritation. However, it is relatively expensive and there is no way to guarantee that every single eyelash is of the same thickness. Also, it may easily flat out at high temperatures and pressure. Artificial fiber hair can keep up for a long time and is suitable for false eyelashes.

You need to choose false eyelashes according to the desired makeup effect and your eye shape. For example, if you want to make your eyes round, choose false eyelashes that have long lashes in the middle. To draw more sexy eye makeup, choose false eyelashes that have long lashes on the edges. For a daily lighter look, choose natural ones that are not too dense. False eyelash stems should be moderate, so you need to select carefully.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like KOJI, ARDELL, Miche Bloomin, D.U.P, and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of false eyelashes we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. KOJI
  • 2. ARDELL
  • 3. Miche Bloomin
  • 4. D.U.P
  • 5. Diamond Lash
  • 6. Huda Beauty
  • 7. M·A·C


KOJI is a Japanese leading brand selling various cosmetic tools, which releases the first-ever false eyelashes in Japan and has owned more than 12,000 retail stores. KOJI eyestalk eyelash glue and false eyelashes are its star products, and its false eyelash glue has always ranked first in COSME Awards.

KOJI prefers to release eyelash series in collaboration with famous makeup artists or actresses. Each series varies in its model designs and colors. The Dolly Wink series, which cooperates with fashion model Tsubasa Masuwaka, is the most popular. The False eyelashes from the Dolly Wink series are as dedicated as doll’s eyelashes, covering upper eyelashes and lower eyelashes. There are black bases and clear bases with more than 20 styles. False eyelashes are distinguished by numbers. Different numbers are suitable for different eye shapes with various lengths and volumes. The Dolly Wink series of false eyelashes are elastic and will not deform after repeated tearing.

Initially, KOJI fluffy false eyelashes were made of ultra-soft human and animal hair. KOJI is the world's first brand to adopt chemical fibers to make eyelashes in 1975. Today, chemical fibers have become the main material for false eyelashes on the market. It is worth noting that KOJI false eyelashes are handmade, which are soft and durable.

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Ardell is a brand inspired by a movie, which is a leading false eyelash brand with numerous styles on the market. It occupies more than 80% market share in the United States, and it is also the best false eyelashes brand rated by the American RankStyle website. Moreover, its SINGLE PAIR LASHES have been ranked as "The Best False Eyelash Single Product of the Year" by American fashion magazine InStyle for many years.

Ardell false eyelashes are divided according to the style, eye shape, and characteristics, so there are various products for options. The false eyelashes are all made of natural hair, which is better than KOJI in thickness, glossiness, and softness. It allows them to blend perfectly with your natural lashes. You don't need to apply mascara after wearing it. However, according to consumers' feedback, it is not durable after repeated use.

Ardell's false eyelashes are mostly cotton base and clear base. The false eyelashes with cotton base are soft and comfortable to perfectly fit the shape of the eye without irritating the eye skin; it gives a better setting finish thanks to its stiff clear base, but the head and tail of false eyelashes may not stick to your eyelid and is easy to curl.

Ardell also released magnetic false eyelashes. You only need to place the magnet of the upper and the lower eyelashes, and then press it. And you need not apply false eyelash glue, but it may not durable enough.

Ardell false eyelashes have various types, and they can be reused up to about 20 times. The false eyelashes are high performance, which is suitable for beginners. You can choose different types according to your eye shape and eyelash density.

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Miche Bloomin

Miche Bloomin is the most popular Japanese eyelash brand named after its founder (a Japanese supermodel). Miche Bloomin false eyelashes and contact lenses are favored by many people. False eyelash products have not only been recommended by Korean beauty influencer PONY many times, but also ranked first in the Cosme eye tool division many times.

Miche Bloomin has 7 series and more than 20 kinds of false eyelash products which can be differentiated by lengths and colors. There are three best selling series. The Girly series are the densest ones, which is more suitable for people with sparse eyelashes; the Pure collection is shorter and sparse, which looks natural and cute, so it is an ideal choice for daily use; and the Brown series are brown false eyelashes, which is easy to create a cute makeup look; if you are a beginner, you can choose the Point series. The false eyelashes of this series only need to be worn at the outer corner of the eyes, which is very convenient.

Miche Bloomin's false eyelashes are very natural without bold styles. Compared with its competitors or counterparts, the thin and soft false eyelashes series offers an affordable price and it’s comfortable to use.

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D.U.P is a Japanese make-up brand, which is frequently appeared in the major Japanese fashion magazines and is on the list of Cosme Awards in the makeup tool division. D.U.P has launched a variety of false eyelash series by cooperation with Japanese models, celebrities, and other brands. Whether you prefer gorgeous or natural style, you can find the right one that fits you.

D.U.P's false eyelashes are made of synthetic hair, and there are clear lash-band, cotton base, and black base false eyelashes. D.U.P has a rich product line, D.U.P contains more products with diverse styles compared with Miche Bloomin.

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Diamond Lash

Diamond Lash is one of the most popular Japanese eyelashes brands under MAX Ability Co., Ltd. Diamond Lash eyelash salons can be found everywhere in the bustling streets of Tokyo, Japan.

The 1st series is popular among people. The style of this series is bold and natural. It is divided into a clear base and a black card base. It has moderate softness and can fit well with the eyes; the Nudy sweet series has the most styles, and most of them are packed in yellow boxes, which is recommended by many internet-famous makeup influencers. Nudy sweet focuses on creating a natural no-makeup look. Nudy sweet lashes, with a good price, have a soft and invisible band that makes people comfortable to wear.

Diamond Lash false eyelashes are perfectly curled. Diamond Lash offers about 100 false eyelash products with various styles, shapes, and colors compared to similar Japanese brands. However, the quality of Diamond Lash is average, and the single pair is easily deformed after being used many times. The difference between the different series of Diamond Lash false eyelashes is mainly in styles and colors. Different series have diverse packages and they all include natural type, extreme curl type, extreme length type. Consumers can distinguish by packaging colors and choose what they want.

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Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty is a makeup brand founded by Iraqi-American businesswoman and makeup artist Huda Kattan in 2013. Huda Kattan is an internet-famous makeup influencer on YouTube followed by millions of fans. Huda Beauty is well-known for its liquid lipsticks, eye shadows and other beauty products. The false eyelashes are famous for creating a bold makeup finish.

Huda Beauty only launches 4 series, namely, Faux Mink Lash、Classic Lash, and Nature Lash. They are made of faux mink and synthetic fibers. Huda Beauty has a higher price and good quality and can be reused more than 15 times. The Faux Mink Lash can create heavy makeup with thick and layered lashes; the Classic Lash is suitable for beginners. The length of eyelashes ranges from 0.5 to 1.2 cm with criss-cross layering.

Huda Beauty's false eyelashes are all designed by Huda Kattan, and then made by handicraftsman. The hair is dense and fluffy, and your lashes may become curled and dense after wearing. It is more recommended for people with big eyes.

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M·A·C is a brand co-founded by professional makeup artist, photographer Frank Toskan, and Frank Angelo who runs a chain of hair salons in Toronto in 1985. M·A·C was acquired by Estee Lauder Group in 1998. M·A·C always surprises people for its avant-garde style and bold colors. As one of the world's largest professional makeup brands, false eyelash products also has received much concern.

M·A·C false eyelashes #33 is a classic natural type with moderate density, and you may look natural after wearing even without makeup; #35 can create an extraordinary makeup finish, making your eyes more three-dimensional; #6 is longer and denser than other two types, making you look like a doll. #6 false eyelashes are suitable for matching with heavy makeup.

M·A·C DUO false eyelash glue is also one of the most popular products among consumers. It can be used for a long time with a small capacity. Moreover, although the glue is very sticky, you can remove it easily. You can use it with false eyelashes.

M·A·C false eyelashes are co-operated with the famous American pop singer Mariah Carey. There are more than 30 types, covering the lashes in natural and volumizing styles suitable for stage performance. The false eyelashes are all handmade, the bands are moderately soft. And you will never feel uncomfortable after a long time wearing. But false eyelashes are expensive, which are not cost-effective enough.

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