The 16 Best Facial Cleansers of 2022

Grace Hannigan
Jan 13, 2022

Facial cleansers clean, moisturize and exfoliate the skin, and removes acne, helping to keep the skin hydrated. Regular and proper skin cleansing helps balance the skin pH and keep the skin soft and youthful. Facial cleansers can wash away secreted sebum, sweat, exfoliated skin cells, dirt, dust, cosmetic residues, etc., which is a necessary step in skin care routine. Only after thorough cleansed can your face better absorb skin care products. In addition, you need to pick the right facial cleansers according to your skin type. If you have sensitive or fragile skin, it is recommended to focus on the mildness and safety of the product, and using a special facial cleanser.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like ESTĒE LAUDER, Beauty by Earth, Cosme Decorte, Paula’s Choice and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect facial cleanser, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.


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  • 1. Estée Lauder
  • 2. Cosme Decorte
  • 3. Paula's Choice
  • 4. Clé de Peau Beauté
  • 5. SK-Ⅱ
  • 6. Chanel
  • 7. ORIGINS
  • 8. EltaMD
  • 9. Freeplus
  • 10. Kiehl's
  • 11. CeraVe
  • 12. Hada Labo
  • 13. CAUDALIE
  • 14. Fresh
  • 15. Dove
  • 16. Innisfree

Estée Lauder

Estee Lauder, established in 1946 and named after its founder, is a world's biggest skin care, cosmetics, and perfume company. In honor of Estee Lauder, Americans have made movies about her life.

The Nutritiousa Super-Pomegrnate extends the classic soap-based formula of Estee Lauder. It is in thick texture with fine particles which may gradually melt after being rubbed to produce a rich and thick cleansing foam. It is especially suitable for oily skin and mixed oily skin. It has strong cleaning power and good moisturizing ability. It will not dry out after washing and can moisturize and brighten your skin. You only need to spread it evenly for deep cleansing when the skin is dry and massage gently for 3-5 minutes and then wash off with warm water. It has a certain effect on oil control and exfoliating.

RE-NUTRIV Cleanser comes from Estee Lauder's top product line—Luxury RE-NUTRIV. It is mild and has excellent cleansing power. With luxurious formula, it can increase moisturizing of the skin and adjust the balance between water and oils. The Cleanser consists of two types: Creme cleanser and Foam cleanser. Creme Cleanser is moisturizing and foam-free for autumn.  Foam Cleanser is plump and refreshing for summer.

Estee Lauder cleansing product line is rich, and the products are very pleasant and welcomed by many women.  

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Cosme Decorte

Cosme Decorte is a top skin care and makeup brand of Japan's Kose Group, sold in counters.  Founded in 1946 in Tokyo, Kose Group is one of the three largest cosmetic manufacturers in Japan.

Cosme Decorte AQ MELIORITY REPAIR FOAMING WASHcomes from the high-end line of the brand—AQ MELIORITY . It contains more than a dozen of antioxidants and moisturizers, which has a very obvious moisturizing effect. This foaming wash is transparent emulsion and non-irritating with elegant fragrance and fine texture, leaving your skin clean, moisturizing and smooth. It can be used in the morning or evening, suitable for all kinds of skin, especially for dry skin. 

COSME DECORTE AQMW CLEANSING EMULSION is a star product. The packaging of its collection is designed by world-renowned designer Marcel Wanders, and the appearance looks high-end and exquisite. AQMW CLEANSING EMULSION is with light fragrance and good cleaning strength, suitable for healthy oil skin users when they do not make up or as a face cleanser after makeup removal. 

COSME DECORTE CLAY BLANC is the most cost-effective face cleanser under this brand. It adds classic oil-controlling ingredients to absorb excess oils. Therefore, it is more suitable for oily skin and oily combination skin, but not for dry or sensitive skin.

Many of its facial cleansers are regularly featured in such awards as Marie Clair Beauty Awards and Cosme Temple Awards, with impeccable efficacy, use feeling, fragrance and packaging.

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Paula's Choice

Paula's Choice was founded in 1995 by Paula Begoun. All products are free of perfume, coloring agents with mild and safe features. No animal testing, Paula's Choice is in line with the modern concept of environmental protection. Directly focusing on ingredients, Paula's Choice takes acids for its main ingredients to achieve great efficacy.

Paula's Choice Perfectly Natural Cleansing Gel, a signature product, is very mild and free of fragrance, suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skins. It is with excellent oil removal, but will not take away too much cutin, which is conducive to protect the skin barrier. Paula's Choice Perfectly Natural Cleansing Gel can easily wash non-strong waterproof sunscreens, non-waterproof foundations, all kinds of primers, loose powders, setting sprays, blushes, eyebrows and other light makeup, without the use of makeup remover products. 

Compared to facial cleansers, the gel has a better feeling and easy to apply, but it is difficult to rub out rich foam with hands alone.  Because it does not add any essence or a large number of extracts, the gel has almost no flavor. After cleansing, the face is clean but not dry. It is very freshing and friendly to medium to dry skin, and also oily skin.

The ingredients of each product of Paula's Choice are determined based on researches in international authoritative scientific journals. Not only has it passed the USA FDA certification, but recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. There are other cleansing products for different skin types. They are gentle enough to clean the skin well and can be used on sensitive skin of any kind. 

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Clé de Peau Beauté

Clé de Peau Beauté (CPB), established in 1982, is the top beauty and skin care brand under the Shiseido Group in Japan. So far, Clé de Peau Beauté has been expanded in 23 countries and regions around the world, and has won the praise and support of all customers in these countries.

Clé de Peau Beauté Clarifying Cleansing Foam has excellent cleaning power and is gentle and comfortable. It added the exclusive ingredients focusing on moisturizing, soothing and calming. Clarifying Cleansing Foam is designed to meet the daily cleaning needs of different skin types. It is free of preservatives like paraben and is more friendly for sensitive skin types.

Clarifying Cleansing Foam comes in refreshing and moisturizing. The refreshing contains fine particles to effectively remove dirt from the skin. It has a strong cleansing power, suitable for neutral to oily skin. The moisturizing is free of particles, the foam is not as rich as the refreshing, but the cleaning power is also good, suitable for neutral and dry skin for daily use. Cleansing Foam smells freshing, leaving the skin feel freshing and soft, very comfortable.

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SK-II was born in Japan in 1980. It is the perfect product of Japanese skin experts by applying cutting-edge technologies to the development of skin care products, and it is very popular among women.

SK-II foam cleanser is light and delicate with light rose fragrance. After washing, the skin is smooth and not tight. However, the product contains spices and paraben alikes, which has a certain irritation and sensitization. SK-II Foam Cleanser has a good cleaning effect and is equipped with Pitera, the leading ingredient of SK-II. Pitera contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids to slightly peel away the waste cutin, promote metabolism, and make the skin white and bright. 

SK-II is a palace brand in the field of skin care in Japan. It wins countless fans with several excellent products. At present, there is only Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, an amino acid foam cleanser in its cleansing series. For non-sensitive skin with dark skin, it is perfect to be kept. 

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French brand Chanel, founded in 1910, is the pioneer of fashion revolution. Chanel represents a unique style with its values and inner spirits being elegant, delicate, luxurious and popular

La Mousse, a soft cleansing foam cleanser from Chanel's camellia collection, is a hit. This cleanser was refined and revised in 2018. It is gentle and clean, suitable for most skin types. The ingredients are mild and effective combining the advantages of various detergents to remove excess oils and residual sebum. This cleanser also has a good oil control effect to your T zone, making the skin feel fresh. This cleanser is relatively mild and safe, free of paraben and alcohol, reducing irritation and sensitization to a certain extent. It is a delicate white cream. With only a small dosage, the foam will be rich. After washing the skin, you feel fresh and not tight, suitable for oily and mixed skin. 

Camellia Cleansing Cream can remove the daily sun protection and light makeup, but it is not recommended as a long-term makeup removal. It has a strong ability to remove oils. Repeated rubbing of the skin when removing makeup is easy to overclean and destroy the cutin. For thick or waterproof makeup, using foam cleanser is easy to remain residues and clog pores. 

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ORIGINS is Estee Lauder Group's flagship brand of natural plant skin care, which is the combination of technology and plant skin care concept.

Checks and Balances is a best-selling product. It has strong cleansing power without being too dry and is suitable for oily skin. It can purify a few aging cutin, the skin is clean and relaxed but not tight after washing. Checks and Balances is with a light mint flavor. Just squeezed a small amount each time, it can create a thick foam. It adds a variety of soothing and anti-inflammatory vegetable oils and extracts that are friendly to irritated skin and acne-prone skin. However, it is infused with preservatives, sensitive skin needs to be cautious. 

Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanser is more like a makeup remover, which cleans the skin through a variety of natural oils. It is skin-friendly without foam. This cleanser has excellent makeup remover ability. It can easily dissolve makeup oils. For eyeliner with strong water resistance, it can also be removed by massage and rubbing this cleanser. You can clean it with running water directly, then the skin is moisturizing and not tight, suitable for dry skin. Sensitive muscles may also be tried as a preservative with very low sensitization is used. 

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EltaMD is an American beauty and skincare brand owned by Colgate. It has passed FDA certification and is widely used in burn treatment as well as long and short-term skincare by many physicians and medical clinics. 

EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser is a brand representative. Put it on your face, the foam will become denser and denser after keeping it for about 10 seconds. After washing, your skin will be fresh and comfortable, not tight. The smell is also soothing. It is relatively mild with a good cleaning effect. Non-waterproof makeup can be removed by it. It is suitable for all skin types. 


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Freeplus belongs to Kanebo of Japan, born in 2001. Its products are free of preservatives, spices, ultraviolet absorbents, pigment, alcohols, mineral oils, specially designed for sensitive muscles.

Freeplus Mild Soap is very popular. It removes dirt, some cosmetics, and waterproof sunscreens. The formula also contains a small amount of plant extracts to moisturize and soothe the skin. 

This product is gentle, comfortable, washable and free of fragrance with good cleaning effect,  suitable for all kinds of skin.

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Kiehl's was founded in 1851 in Manhattan, New York. In the early days, Kiehl's was providing potions and ointments to customers by the role of a typical 19th century pharmacist. By the early 1960s, Kiehl's pharmacists began to develop skincare products for both man and women based on their rich experience and expertise as well as the needs of customers. In 2000, Kiehl's officially joined L 'Oreal Group. 

Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Face Wash is a very mild, moisturizing and calming. It is friendly to sensitive skin. This gel is transparent. The skin is not tight when used for mixed and oily skins. 

Utral Facial Cleanser is with luxous ingredients and is mild and moisturizing. If it is for long-term use, it will enhence the moisturizing ability of your skin and balance water and oils. The gel is semi- transparent and think with less cleansing power, suitable for dry skin.

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CerAve is also a member of the L 'Oreal. CerAve was originally developed by American dermatologists as a brand of cosmeceuticals. The facial cleanser is a mild, suitable for dry and sensitive skins and patients with dermatitis. 

CeraVe Foaming Cleanser has a good effect on skin moisturizing and repairing. It is a transparent liquid, almost without any fragrance, and the foam is slightly sparse. After washing the skin, it feels comfortable and not tight. The cleansing power is not as good as that of EltaMD and Freeplus, especially for oily skin.

Cleansing Foam Free Cleanser is a lifesaver for unstable skin. It is mild and less powerful than the CeraVe Foaming Cleanser, leaving the skin feeling fresh and smooth. The pump head of these two cleansers is user-friendly enough to make it easy to carry them on business trips or Tours.  

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Hada Labo

Hada Labo is jointly developed by Mentholatum and Japan's Lorden Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., offering comprehensive products at affordable prices. 

In 2018, Kouji Treatment Cleansing Foam is launched for mature women. It is a thick, pale, accimal with Japanese wine aroma. It is with high cleansing and irritation and not recommended for dry and sensitive skin.  Goku-jyun Cream is the top sales of Hada Labo for many years. After washing, it will still form a moisturizing film on the skin surface, which will keep the skin cuticle moisturized, but the skin will not have an obvious feeling. 

Hada Labo Creamy Wash for Sensitive Skin can effectively reduce the adhesion of contaminants, remove heavy metals from the skin surface, and form a protective barrier.  The product is free of alcohols, colors, flavors, mineral oils and preservatives. The foam is gentle and easy to clean, you will not feel dry after washing.

Hada Labo also has other facial cleansing products in different efficacy, you can choose according to your needs.

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Caudalie was born in Bordeaux, France, because the polyphenols contained in grape seeds were found to have antioxidant effects. In 1995, Caudalie officially registered the patent for extraction and stabilization of grape seed polyphenols and established the brand. Since its birth, Caudalie has attracted a lot of attention with a series of patents on grape seed polyphenols. In 2016, she won numerous awards in Allure and other major beauty magazines. Whether the brand image or product style, Caudalie emphasizes fresh and natural.

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser is popular almost with no allergenic ingredients, which can fight against free radical, tighten pores and relieve inflammation. The formula is mild and non-irritating. The pump is easy to use. The cleanser is fresh. On the whole, the cleansing mousse is weak and suitable for dry skin. It is recommended to use it as a morning cleansing, or in the dry season of autumn and winter. 

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Fresh, a high-end skin care brand, founded in 1991 in Boston, has a product line covering skin care, body care, perfume and home furnishing. Now it is owned by LVMH Group.  The star products, such as Soy Face Cleanser, Sugar Lip Balm series and various facial masks, are frequenter of Allure Beauty Awards, and have been recognized by many users for their superior feeling and good effects. 

Soy Face Cleanser, Fresh's star facial cleanser, was launched in 1999 and has been a bestseller for years. It's very mild with moisturizing and soothing ingredients. The formula is more luxurious, but the cleaning power is common. 

ROSE CLEANSING FOAM is suitable for dry skin. It can also be used as a morning cleansing for mixed skin. It is similar in cleanliness and gentleness toSoy Face Cleanser, with a light rose fragrance. 

Fresh facial cleansing products are known for its gentle features, which can be used safely for sensitive skin and pregnant women. It has a complete range of products, including more than 500 beauty products and SPA services. 

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Dove, founded in 1955, is one of Unilever's most valuable brands. Dove is a predecessor in the world of care products and the biggest seller from soap to body wash. Dove has always adhered to the gentle moisturizing characteristics of its products to solve the problem of dry skin.

Dove Products are always affordable, and its facial cleansing products are cost-effective.  There are six Dove facial cleansers, including four pressure-packed cleansing foams and two tube-packed cleansers. Dove Deep Pure Facial Cleansing Foam and Beauty Serum Mild Foaming Cleanser for Delicate and intolerant skin are the gentlest cleansers. The formula is also added 1/4 cream containing mineral oils, with enough cleaning power. After washing, the skin is not dry, suitable for dry skin, acne-prone and sensitive skin. Another blue cleansing foam is also one of the popular products. It is not particularly mild, but has a stronger cleaning power and is very refreshing to use on oil skin. 

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Innisfree, founded in 2000, is a brand under the first South Korea cosmetics group AmorePacific. Its cosmetics focus on nature and health. By using advanced technologies, it constantly upgrades products, and pursuit the perfect integration of nature and skin.

Green Tea Foam Cleanser is the best-known cleanser of Innisfree. It has been the best seller since its establishment in 2008. This cleanser has a strong cleansing power with light tea fragrance, suitable for oily skin. But it can be irritating, and even if you are oily skin, it's not recommended to use it every day. 

Innisfree face cleaning products are as many as 10 kinds. The cleaning force is strong, there are many fragrances and preservatives which may be irritant, so it is not recommended for dry, sensitive and damaged skin. 

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