The 15 best Face Toners of 2022

Lucia Hansley
Jan 13, 2022

Face toner is usually used after cleansing. According to different functions, there are smoothing, astringent, cleansing and multi-active toners. Toners are generally close to neutral or weak acid to regulate the skin pH and provide secondary cleansing. Besides, face toner moisturizes our stratum corneum, increases its water content and enhances its absorption. Although there are many face toners featuring whitening, anti-aging and shine control ingredients, they would just be an added bonus. After all, the biggest role of face toner is to keep the skin soft, moisturize the skin and stratum corneum, perform a secondary cleansing, regulate the pH of the skin and enhance the absorption of following skin care products. Senior skincare columnist Ramona Sinha said that all problems of oily skin can be solved by face toners.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like La Prairie, POLA, LA MER and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect face toner, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.


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  • 1. La Prairie
  • 2. POLA
  • 3. LA MER
  • 4. SK-Ⅱ
  • 5. Clé de Peau Beauté
  • 6. Estée Lauder
  • 8. Cosme Decorte
  • 9. ALBION
  • 10. IPSA
  • 11. CAUDALIE
  • 12. SkinCeuticals
  • 13. Paula's Choice
  • 14. ORIGINS
  • 15. La Roche-Posay

La Prairie

La Prairie is a Swiss skin care brand founded in Clinique La Prairie in 1978. La Prairie selects precious ingredients, adopts advanced biotechnology and living cell essences to create luxurious products.

La Prairie added caviar extract in skin care products since 1987, and the SKIN CAVIAR has gradually become a classic product under La Prairie. The SKIN CAVIAR ESSENCE-IN-LOTION is the latest product launched in 2018, and also is the best lotion and always the most recommended one. The key ingredient of this lotion is the caviar essence extracted from the sturgeon. It is pricey, specialized in firming and anti-aging, which is suitable for mature skin. It is clear and lightweight, leaving your skin comfortable. It is suitable for all skin types. This lotion is packed in a dark blue glass bottle with an elegant and subtle fragrance, and makes people pleasant and satisfied.

The high price of La Prairie is mainly because of the precious ingredients, the difficulty of research and extraction, and the high quality of the manufacturing process. But “water” is the key ingredient in the toner, so don’t expect too much for its anti-aging and whitening effects. As a luxury brand, La Prairie can bring a satisfying experience for you. You can apply it with a set of caviar skin care products to achieve a better effect.

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POLA is a brand of Japanese cosmetic company POLA ORBIS HOLDINGS founded in 1929 in Shizuoka. POLA has made great achievements in anti-glycation, anti-aging, whitening, etc. Glycation will darken and age the skin. POLA announced that the epidermis could resist glycation in IFSCC (International Federation of Cosmetic Chemists' Societies) in 2010, and its technical achievements get the nod by the beauty industry. The various patents are mainly on plant extracts, such as EG purification essence (milk vetch extract) and YAC essence (artemisia vulgare extract), which are all anti-glycation ingredients.

POLA B.A Lotion retains Pola's anti-glycation technology concept, which added patent anti-glycation ingredient, and some whitening, antioxidant, and skin conditioning agents, which can maintain overall skin health, but the effect is not obvious. B.A Lotion has a sticky texture, you may feel moisturizing and fine after applying. It is suitable for all skin types with an extraordinary moisturizing effect.

More than two hundred kinds of formulas developed by POLA have obtained world patents, and have been affirmed by the IFSCC for the best awards for many times. The IFSCC can be regarded as the Olympic Games of the cosmetic industry, which is quite authoritative. POLA has won two-thirds of the awards and has won the best award for three consecutive years. POLA targets mid-to-high end and is a luxury brand in Japan. The anti-aging and whitening technologies of POLA are top-notch in the world.

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Dr. Max Huber founded LA MER in 1946. LA MER is a member of Estee Lauder. The products of LA MER are known for repairing effects. It advocates extracting active substances from plants. Miracle Broth extracted from alga is its key ingredient. However, the amount of this ingredient in the Treatment Lotion is limited. So you’d better not to exaggerate its repairing power.

The Treatment Lotion is the best-selling lotion that is recommended. It has an extraordinary moisturizing effect, and can maintain skin’s natural barriers, leaving a satisfying experience. This Treatment Lotion has a certain relieving and anti-oxidant effect. It has a thick texture but without greasy, which is suitable for dry skin. It should be noted that this lotion has complicated ingredients, and essences and fragrances may have a certain sensitization probability.

The Oil Absorbing Tonic is a cleansing toner with a translucent texture. It is added with the patented Declustered Water. It has certain effects on calming and anti-oxidation. It can be used as a deep cleanser.

There are many types of “water-like” products on the market, such as toners, softeners, astringents, moisturizers, repair waters, etc. They just have different emphasis on functions.

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SK-II is a Japanese brand established in 1980. It is the great achievement of Japanese skin experts by applying cutting-edge technology to skin care products. SK-II has become a pioneer in technology skin care products since its first skin care product launched in 1980. Then SK-II released many creative products.

SK-II FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE is very famous for maintaining skin’s natural barriers. It is very suitable for combination and oily skins, which can moisturize and restrain excess oils, promote keratin renewal, brighten skin tone, and work against anti-oxidant. It is quite good to use after staying up late. Although it is officially defined as an essence, it has a refreshing texture and can be used as a toner.

Two upgraded versions are worth mentioning. LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence contains 8 times the concentration of Pitera than the regular version. The packaging has also changed from white and transparent to rose gold; the other SK-II Masterpiece is SK-II top-notch product line, and the fragrance is changed, with a satisfying sweet peach aroma.

The origin of SK-II can be traced back to the active substance Pitera extracted by Japanese researchers in the 1970s, which is also the key ingredient of SK-II. As a patented ingredient, Pitera is officially claimed to preventing fine lines, whitening, lightening dark spots and smoothing skin. However, the action principle of Pitera is still unclear because the natural metabolites have complex composition. In clinical trials, the skin condition of 80% of the tested persons has been significantly improved.

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Clé de Peau Beauté

Clé de Peau Beauté hit the market in 1997. And now it is a member of Shiseido, Japan. Clé de Peau Beauté focuses on services and quality, and sells products in the most luxurious and upscale cities. Hollywood star Amanda Seyfried is the spokesman.

The texture of CPB Essential Refining Essence is between toner and essence, and is more suitable for oily skin and combination skin. It is cleansing essence water specialized in controlling oil and regulating cutin to create a translucent skin tone. It also can unclog pores, promotes keratin metabolism, leaving the skin smooth and refreshing. It should be noted that you should avoid sensitive areas around the eyes when applying, and moisturize the skin in time.

CPB Lotion Hydro-adoucissane offers a satisfying experience, which is divided into moisturizing and refreshing types. You may feel refreshing after applying it, leaving your skin hydrated and translucent. The refreshing type has a lightweight fluid texture. It contains alcohol and is suitable for normal and oily skin; the moist type has a slightly thicker texture with a good moisturizing effect.

CPB toner adopts the Neuro Skin Theory and achieves extraordinary effects on skin feeling, moisturizing, oil control, and brightening skin tone. It is especially suitable for mixed skin and oily skin in daily use, but has no excellent achievements in anti-aging and repairing. It is recommended for people with younger skin.

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Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder is one of the world’s biggest skin care, cosmetic and perfume companies named after its founder established in 1946. Estée Lauder has been a household name. It not only has a rich product line, but also has cutting-edge technologies. Its key ingredients ergothioine and coffee, bifida Ferment Lysate achieve the effect on major series.

The key component of Estée Lauder Micro Essence is the lysate extract of bifida ferment lysate, which can regulate keratin and improve rough and dry skin. It is free of alcohol and fragrance, and also does not contain any other irritating ingredients. It has a thick texture and you may feel supple when applying. It is suitable for all skin types, and it can maintain skin’s natural barriers and work against anti-aging.

Estée Lauder Nutritious Super-Pomegranate is more suitable for young skin. It takes extracts pomegranate and other plants as key ingredients to moisturize and calm skin.

Estée Lauder has various toners that can adjust the skin and balance water and oil. It is recommended to use it after cleansing the skin and apply it in the morning and evening, and then use right repairing products and moisturizers.

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Shiseido is a famous Japanese cosmetic brand founded in 1872. It combines advanced technology with traditional ideas, and combines Eastern aesthetics with Western technologies. There are rich skin care product lines under the Shiseido. The toners are available in Eudermine Revitalizing Essence,  Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, Future Solution LX、Benefiance WrinkleResist 24, Vital Perfection White Revitalizing Softener, White Lucent and Ginza Tokyo.

Shiseido Eudermine Revitalizing Essence is the world's first lotion released in 1897, which enriched the beauty concept of the time. This lotion has a thick texture and a subtle fragrance and can leave your skin smooth and hydrated, which is suitable for dry skin. But people who use it for the first time may feel a little sticky. It is not recommended for sensitive skin because it contains alcohol.

Vital Perfection is one of Shiseido's best-known series, and specialized in anti-aging. Vital Perfection White Revitalizing Softener adopts Shiseido's patented ingredient 4MSK, which is a whitening ingredient that can inhibit the production of melanin. This softener has many effective and antioxidant ingredients. It has a high alcohol with a satisfying fragrance, and people with sensitive skin should apply it with caution.

Shiseido toner is known for its refreshing skin feeling. Because of the alcohol, you may feel refreshing during volatilization, but it will also penetrate cells and dissolve epidermal lipids, so it is not recommended for sensitive skin.

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Cosme Decorte

Cosme Decorte is Japanese top-notch skin care and make-up brand under the Kose and sells products on beauty counter. Kose was established in Tokyo in 1946, and now is one of the three biggest cosmetics manufacturers in Japan.

The toner has always been an important item under Cosme Decorte. The fist AQ collection was launched in 1990, and the new generation of AQ Meliority series was released in 2009. Cosme Decorte AQ Meliority Repair Lotion is a toner with a high price, and it contains many moisturizing ingredients. The repair lotion has an extraordinary absorption and moisturizing effect, and also offers strong repairing ability.

In addition to core technology, Cosme Decorte pays more attention to packaging design. Cosme Decorte and Dutch designer Marcel Wanders jointly developed the AQMW collection in 2010, and upgraded the appearance of Cosme's products, which is bold, luxurious and romantic. Sandalwood is a precious spice. The sandalwood extract achieves an elegant fragrance, a satisfying use feeling, extraordinary repairing, and moisturizing effect. It is suitable for dry skin and combination skin.

Decorte VITA DE REVE has a high alcohol content, and specialized in exfoliating with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Decorte VITA DE REVE has a certain oil-control effect. It is recommended for young skin and healthy oily skin.

If your skin is in a poor state, you can have a try. It may make a difference.

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Albion is a Japanese high-end cosmetics brand founded in Tokyo in 1956. Although the price of Albion products is high, it has an extraordinary effect. The products have developed from 5 kinds to more than 1000 varieties now, and released classic works in every era.

Among the more than ten series of Albion toners, the most famous is Skin Conditioner Essential. This conditioner is for acne-prone skin. Infused with a lot of alcohol and anti-inflammatory ingredients, it has extraordinary calming, anti-inflammatory and smoothing effect. However, it has a strong irritant. It contains mint ingredient, so you may feel refreshing after applying. People with oily skin may feel comfortable, but its texture and aroma are a bit like soapy water, which also has a certain impact on the sense of experience.

Embeage Excia is for aging problems, which is an all-round concentrated toner. As the main ingredient, Centella asiatica extract can moisturize, repair, anti-oxidizing, and brighten the skin, and also can maintain skin’s natural barrier. Embeage Lotion Rx has a delicate package and offers a unique fragrance when applying, which can make people more pleasant.

Albion created a new beauty theory and influenced many women. Moreover, it brings various extraordinary products to us.

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IPSA is a Japanese first-class brand established in 1987, and now is a member of Shiseido Group. The products are sold on the beauty counter. IPSA specialized in professional skincare, makeup, etc.

The Time Reset Aqua is the star product of IPSA, and its packaging design reflects the sense of technology of the brand. The main effect is to calm the skin. If you always have closed comedones, or you are acne-prone skin, you will love this product. But people with normal skin may feel it without an extraordinary effect. It has a mild ingredient, which is suitable for many skin types. It does not contain essence ingredients that may cause irritation, and people who are sensitive skin also can have a try. There are as many as 16 effective ingredients, which offer oil-control, anti-inflammation and reducing hyperpigmentation effects, and leaving your skin fine and supple without sticky.

IPSA toner has many types of different effects. You can choose products according to your skin type and needs. However, most of the toners are mild and worthy to buy.

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CAUDALIE is a French cosmetics brand established in 1993. The founders of CAUDALIE, Miss Mathilde and Mr. Bertrand, met with professor Vercauteren (a polyphenol expert at the Smith Haut Lafitte winery in Bordeaux, France) and discovered that grape seeds contained polyphenols that can work against aging.

In the second year of the brand's establishment (1996), CAUDALIE launched its first product, EAD DE BEAUTE BEAUTY ELIXIR. It is the star product of CAUDALIE and can be called the brand's "business card". Now it retains the same formulas. The moisturizing toner is known for its soothing and oil control effects. People with sensitive skin may feel a little irritating, while it makes the difference for oily skin. You may feel refreshing after applying.

CAUDALIE emphasizes naturalness, and maximizes the use of natural and organic ingredients in its products. It has received widespread attention on major medium and is the favorite of the world's top makeup artists and celebrities.

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SkinCeuticals is a makeup brand established by Professor Sheldon Pinnar in 1997 in the United States. Professor Sheldon Pinnar is an honorary professor of dermatology at Duke University. Many of his latest discoveries have been recorded in the most authoritative dermatology journal. The skin care concept of SkinCeuticals is prevention, protection, and repair. Many dermatologists and plastic surgeons, high-end pharmacies, and medical beauty spa centers are using SkinCeuticals products.

When it comes to household skin care products, products containing salicylic acid and fruit acid are the first choice for removing closed comedones. Among them, 2% salicylic acid achieves extraordinary effects, and fruit acid has mild ingredients. People with non-oily skin can try it, but it does not mean these products without irritation, and it may take time for skin to adapt to. SkinCeuticals pursues products’ efficacy, which is rich in ingredients with high concentration. You can choose different products for skin problems. The price of star products is high, which attracts a group of women with high purchasing power.

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Paula's Choice

Paula Begoun launched his own skin care product series Paula’s choice in 1995. The main feature of this brand is that it is effective and cost-effective. For different skin types and effects, Paula’s Choice has 7 toners. Among them, Skin Balancing, Resist Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner, Clear Extra Strength Targeted Acne Relief Toner are most popular among people.

The Skin Balancing adopts selected formulas to achieve various effects and maintain skin balance. The high concentration of niacinamide is the main feature of this product, which has a certain whitening effect. The other ingredients in the formula can restore skin’s natural barrier with moisturizing and antioxidant effects. However, because niacinamide achieves a whitening effect by exfoliating keratin, it is not recommended for skin with poor tolerance.

The Resist Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner is also worthy to recommend. The refreshing type is based on alcohols and added with ceramide and niacinamide, which can moisturize, resist oxidation, regulate skin, whiten and remove acne marks. This fluid toner has a less moisturizing effect, leaving your skin refreshing. It is suitable for oily skin and combination skin. People with dry skin should be moisturized after use.

All products under Paula’s choice are fragrance-free and colorant-free, which is mild and safe; they are not tested on animals and conform to the modern environmental protection concept. The most important thing is that the product ingredients are determined based on the research results published in authoritative international scientific journals. Consumers can choose the right product by themselves.

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Origins was founded by Mr. William Lauder, the grandson of Mrs. Estee Lauder in New York in 1990. Of course, it is a member of the Estee Lauder Group, and offers various products for men and women. Origins emphasizes nature and science, and it creates many skin care and makeup products with extraordinary effects.

Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief is very popular among women, and the product has been updated to the third generation till now. Although it is claimed to smooth the skin and remove acne, the whole product mainly offers a moisturizing and maintaining effect for its formula. As a balanced toner, it is loaded with mild ingredients which is suitable for all skin types. This toner contains various plant extracts with a satisfying fragrance of herbs.

Origins Plantscription Anti-aging treatment lotion is specialized in anti-aging, which is suitable for dry skin. It has a thick texture with good moisturizing power. Mushroom-shaped packaging is very cute, and is popular among young women, but this toner contains salicylic acid, which is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women. And people with sensitive skin should apply it with caution for its alcohol content.

Origins has a rich product series and designs products for addressing various skin problems. Customers can choose the right products according to their needs.

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La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay is a brand founded in France in 1928 and a member of the L'Oréal Group. La Roche-Posay strictly implements European pharmaceutical GMP production standards and L'Oréal's quality control policies, so the quality can be guaranteed. La Roche-Posay specializes in oil control and acne removal. Its EFFACLAR and TOLERIANE are worthy to recommend.

Because the main ingredient of toner is “water”, it cannot offer extraordinary anti-acne and whitening effects. Instead, it can be used to maintain the skin’s natural barrier with other products. EFFACLAR K is the star product of La Roche-Posay's EFFACLAR, and applied with EFFACLAR to fortify skin. Infused with salicylic acid and fruit acid, EFFACLAR helps exfoliate and has a certain effect on reducing closed comedones. It is a good choice for people who get pimples occasionally. EFFACLAR is also divided into moisturizing and regular ones to meet different needs. The regular one contains witch hazel extract with astringent and anti-inflammatory effects, which is suitable for oily skin.

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