The 10 Best Face Mist of 2022

Lecea Hudson
Jan 13, 2022

Face mist can moisturize, calm and soothe the skin, and is easy to use, favored by lots of consumers. Among all types of hydrating mist, what girls love most is mineral water mist and thermal water mist, which sound similar but vary in functions. Thermal water is effective in anti-irritation, soothing skin, preventing allergies and enhancing skin immunity; mineral water contains natural minerals and pure ingredients, yet only has moisturizing effect.

Face mist absorbs quickly with powerful effects, and never messes up your makeup. Dr. Angela Lamb, a dermatologist in New York, said that face mist forms a smooth film on the face and is easier to use than creams or lotions. However, face mist cannot replace basic skin care, and you should pay attention to the application techniques. Keep it 10-15 cm away from your face and spray evenly. To make the skin fully absorb mist, many people consider that the longer the mist stays, the better the effect will be. Yet this is wrong because leaving the mist on the face for a long time will make the skin dehydrated. Just let the moisture contact with the skin for about a minute, and then gently absorb it with a cotton tissue.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like LA MER, Tatcha, EVE LOM and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect face mist, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. LA MER
  • 2. Tatcha
  • 3. EVE LOM
  • 4. Avene
  • 5. La Roche-Posay
  • 7. Esthederm
  • 8. Evian
  • 9. URIAGE
  • 10. Mario Badescu


Relatively speaking, the conditioning soothing spray is not so prominent as its facial cream, but it’s not inferior.Typically, spray always gives people the intuitive feeling of "replenishing water", but actually it may stripe the moisture of your skin. Human skin has a complex structure, and the outermost part is the sebum layer and the stratum corneum.

The increase of moisture in the stratum corneum will make the skin looks soft and radiant,

but the effect is not as good as cream because the skin will back to original state after the water evaporates or even more dry. At present, many spray products developed by famous skin care brands have added moisturizers to its pure spring water, which can achieve better moisturizing effect and it is worth trying.

La Mer conditioning and soothing spray uses glycerin, butanediol and other mild small-molecule moisturizers, which have an excellent moisture absorption effect. Therefore, it can enhance moisturizing power and improve skin dryness. The effect is similar to the toner, but it’s packed into a portable spray. The spray will not make the skin feel tight and leaves the skin soft and hydrated after application. The texture is translucent, and accompanied by subtle rose scent, this spray make people feel refreshing and soothing, providing a pleasant enjoyment.

La Mer is a favorite brand for sensitive skin. The spray is laced with algae extract, potassium glycyrrhizinate and other ingredients that are commonly added to its cream, so it helps get rid of redness and reduce swelling for sensitive skin. And it contains mild phenoxyethanol and citric acid preservatives, so it has low sensitization rate and can be used for any skin types. Besides, it can replace lotion to apply onto your face directly. Just squeeze it at 15cm away from your face, so it doesn’t need to rub the skin with your hand or cotton pads, which helps to relief the burden on the skin caused by friction. Of course, more people still use the spray as a single product that can be used at anytime anywhere. But because the moisturizing effect of the toner spray is limited, the spring-based spray can only have an instant refreshing effect. You’re advised to use lotion or cream to achieve better sealing results after application.

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We may say that Tatcha spray Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is one of the best moisturizing spray, which uses small-molecule moisturizers such as glycerin and squalane and combined with vegetable oils such as camellia seed oil and germ oil. In a total, it contains more than 20% vegetable oil and humectants. The texture of the spray is similar to water-oil essence,

So it’s slightly oil and sticky after applying to your face, but it has long-lasting moisturizing ability. It will not dry out your skin even without using other moisturizing products and leaves your skin looks glowing. It’s recommended for dry skin and combination skin. For oily skin, it may feel too greasy, so it’s advised to try in autumn and winter. Regarding the package, the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is similar to La Mer's spray. They all packed in

pump dispenser . The spray pump is exquisite, and the spray delivers a much finer mist than that of La Mer, so it will not produce water droplets on the face. Besides, it can also moisturize your face if using after makeup. Moreover, with large spray area, it only takes one spray to basically cover your entire face evenly, so it’s convenient and easy to use.

This spray has herbal scents, so it may make your feel unpleasant if you use it for the first time.

Tatcha started with gold-leaf oil-absorbing paper and became a rising star in the American skin care industry. Its brand product design was inspired by the makeup process of Japanese geisha, and its production base is located in Japan. So the packaging and conceptual design are also similar to Japanese style. The packaging design of Luminous Dewy Skin Mist also adopts the simplicity and elegance of typical Japanese luxury brands

. The bottle body is made of glass and looks very exquisite from the gradual changes from light purple to white.

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 The key ingredients of Radiance Spray are seaweed and polygonum blue extract, which are said to have a soothing effect, but actually it’s ECTOIN® works. It a small molecule amino acid derivative, it can not only slow down dehydration, but also has excellent healing and soothing effects. Combined with other safe and non-irritating moisturizers, such as 1,3-propanediol, xylitol-based glucoside to achieve extraordinary moisturizing effect, but it is still not hydrated enough for dry skin and

other moisturizing products are recommended to use it.

It is worth mentioning that PCA zinc is added to the Radiance Face Mist, which makes the spray have a slight oil-control effect and make your skin refreshing and calming in the hot summer. The spray is soft and hydrated and leaves relaxing and soothing rose scent after application. The pleasant rose fragrance not only benefited from the infusion of a hefty dose of rosa damascena flower water, but also rely on the synergistic effect of geraniol and citronellol. The fragrances are one of the important sources of allergies, and geraniol and citronellol are allergenic-prone fragrance, so sensitive skin needs to be cautious while choosing.

As The EVE LOM facial spray has a fine mist, so it will make your skin looks hydrated instead of messing up your makeup finish even the apply it after makeup. It is worth noting that although the radiant softening facial spray can be used after makeup, it doesn’t mean it can replace the setting spray. Because typically the setting spray often contains film-forming agents, which can enhance the staying power of makeup. But toner spray doesn’t have this efficacy, and if spraying too much or the spray mist is not fine enough, then the makeup finish may be damaged. So generally, it is not recommended to use moisturizing spray after makeup.

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Europe is the world-first region to develop hot spring treatments. Avène also has its own hot spring spa center. Avène became one of the first brands to produce hot spring water spray, and it still enjoys high popularity thanks to its abundant hot spring resources. Avène EAU THERMALE WATER is a pure hot spring water spray and it doesn’t contain other additives except the hot spring water. It mainly has a toning or refreshing effect and lacks of moisturizing effect, which is quite different from ordinary toner. With simple formula and aerosol package to isolate the air, so it doesn’t need to add extra preservatives, which is more suitable for sensitive skin.

Avène Thermal Spring Water contains more bicarbonate (HCO3)ions, which has cleansing and smoothing effect. The spray has one the finest mists among of all the spa water spray, so is more comfortable to use, but it will still produce water droplets after applying it on the face, which is not suitable for use after makeup.

Avène claims that the silicon dioxide in its spray can form a protective film on the surface of the skin. In fact, silicon often exists in the form of ions in water, so silica-rich thermal water cannot form a film. Silicon meta-acid has a certain soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, but it generally requires to apply with high volume and use it continuously. Avène's silicon meta-acid proportion is 10.6mg/L, which is not too high, so there is no need to have high expectations about it.

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La Roche-Posay

Drug stores are everywhere in France. Although La Roche-Posay also uses "cosmeceuticals" as its signature. But actually it doesn’t have any medicinal efficacy. The formula is simple, mild and non-allergenic. La Roche-Posay soothing and conditioning spray is made of hot spring water, which is very simple and not easy to cause allergies, but it also lacks of moisturizing effects. Compared with Avène spa spray, La Roche-Posay has a higher bicarbonate ion content, so it’s more comfortable and smooth after application, but the mist is relatively larger. The soothing and conditioning spray is formulated with pure hot spring water, it makes you feel refreshing and cool, so it can calm your skin instantly in summer. However, if let it dry freely, then it will feel make your skin feel tight and dry, which is a common problem of hot spring water sprays. The LA ROCHE-POSAY SEROZINC is packed in a blue bottle, which is another different version of the pure spa water spray. The salt and zinc sulfate are added to have oil-controlling and diminishing effect. In the early years, zinc sulfate always used as an astringent in the cosmetic products, but actually it doesn’t have any diminishing effect at all. Therefore, there is not much difference between these two kinds of spa water spray in terms of efficacy, but the blue one is relatively not as refreshing as the white one.

At the beginning, La Roche-Posay Medical Laboratory mainly developed dermatological medical products, and later they also produce daily skin care products. In 1989, La Roche-Posay was acquired by L'Oréal group. Since then, La Roche-Posay began to

implement European pharmaceutical GMP production standards, and its strength is stronger than Avène.

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CAUDALIE started in a large wine-producing region in Bordeaux in 1993 and its headquarter is located in a villa in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Grape extracts are the skin ingredients of CAUDALIE and the grapes are well-selected from the vineyards of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne. Generally speaking, the products are very refreshing and suitable for use in spring and summer.

The Grape Water and Beauty Elixir have always been popular among CAUDALIE products.  The moisturizing and soothing grape water spray is laced with grape fruit extracts. A small mount of red grape juice was added to the new version of grape water spray and it also contain the same microelement as spa water sprays, such as potassium and calcium, and some polysaccharide ingredients. Compared with spa water sprays, it has a little bit moisturizing ability, so it’s not easy to dry out your skin, but it is still use with moisturizing creams. The scent is similar to rotten grapes, so you may not get used to it for the first time.

The Beauty Elixir Toner is also known as “the queen of water”, which is hero product of CAUDALIE. Except its iconic grape fruit extract, it also contains rich moisturizing ingredients, such as bitter orange flower oil, glycerin, vitamin E, etc.. Besides, ethanol and peppermint oil are added to offer refreshing feeling to the skin, so it smells like cooling ointment and it’s very suitable to use in summer. But don’t forget to avoid eyes when spraying, otherwise it is easy to cause irritation. Unlike the aerosol bottle used in the grape water pray, the Beauty Elixir Toneris packaged in a pump dispenser, so the spray is not as fine as the former.

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Esthederm EAU Cellular Revitalizing Spray not only can be used as an ordinary moisturizing spray, but also has many other benefits. The formula contains APT, carnosine, mineral salts and 1,3-propanediol, hyaluronic acid and other mild and effective moisturizing ingredients. It’s very refreshing after applying to the skin. And the mist is fine, so it’s difficult to product water droplets. It’s worthy noting that the  EAU Cellular Revitalizing Spray has now been renamed EAU Cellulaire Brume Mist.

Esthederm put forward the concept of "True Cell Water" and claims that the true cell water can be recognized and absorbed by the skin to resist free radicals. In fact, water is a macromolecule which is difficult to penetrate the epidermis of the skin, let alone enter the cells. In addition, cells doesn’t need to absorb water to keep the skin hydration, so it only need to infiltrate the stratum corneum, thus making the skin bright and soft in a short time.

Besides, a famous theory in the skin care industry believes that the human body will produce free radicals, which leads to skin aging, but currently the theory is inconclusive.

Moreover, although true cell water contains antioxidants, it can only penetrate to the epidermis and cannot eliminate free radicals in the cells of your body, so consumers don’t need to expect too much from it.

Except its signature ture cell water, City Protect In Cellium Spray adds squalane, hydrolyzed protein and other rich ingredients. This milky-white spray is not sticky and it has a better moisturizing effect. Except working as a daily routine for refreshing and hydrating, it can also be used after bathing to keep the skin moisturized and comfortable.

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In order to adapt to market changes, Evian launched natural mineral water spray, which is the only skin care product of Evian.

Unlike other sprays, Evian mineral water is glacier water, which originated in the Alps mountain and contains rich minerals as wll as the TDS content reaches 489mg/L. The silica meta-acid content of Evian water is 19.5mg/L, and the strontium content is 0.4mg/L. Strontium ions help work against sensitivity and are more commonly used in toothpastes. It was also used as an anti-irritant ingredient in personal care products. However, the soothing effect of the spray is limited. For skin allergies, it is recommended to seek medical help.

The Evian mineral water spray is refreshing and cool. The spray pump is small, and the mist is relatively fine, but it still produce water droplets on the face. Evian mineral water spray is a high performance product compared with other spa water sprays.

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Like Avène and La Roche-Posay, URIAGE also features hot spring water. But the main difference lies in its nawater, which has similar properties to Esthederm "True Cell Water". However, URIAGE spa water is also difficult to replenish nutrition to the cells while staying on the skin surface for a short time. Therefore, there isn’t much different compared with other spa water sprays in terms of efficacy. It is recommended to wipe after you spray as the evaporation of water will take away the heat of the skin and stimulate the contraction of blood vessels as well as slow down the circulation of the blood, so it will provide less nutrients to the skin and then make the skin more dehydrated. URIAGE water contains 42mg/L of meta-acid silicon, which is higher than that of Avène and La Roche-Posay. If you’re after a soothing spray, then URIAGE is a good choice. However, the mist is not fine enough, so it’s not as comfortable as other sprays after application.

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Mario Badescu

As we know that the hot spring water sprays originated in Europe. However it’s not as popular as toner sprays in North America. 

There are three types of Mario Badescu sprays, which are mainly use polyols as its main moisturizer and add different plant extracts to achieve a certain moisturizing and moisturizing effect. The most popular one is aloe vera rose water spray, which adds aloe vera leaf juice, rose flower extract and other plant-based ingredients. It leaves a pleasant scent of roses. The cucumber green tea spray is an ideal choice for those who prefers to a refreshing feeling as it contains menthol. The chamomile lavender spray contains lavender oil and vitamin C and it gives a slight sticky feeling instantly after you spray. All of these three sprays contain citronellol, geraniol and other allergenic fragrances, so those with sensitive skin should choose it carefully.

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