The 10 Best Face Massagers of 2022

Mandy Franklin
Jan 13, 2022

Facial massager is a simple and practical beauty tool, with the benefits of dredging meridians, massage and slim face. Using it regularly can realize you a soft and smooth skin. Face massager help promote the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Using it with essential oils or skin care products, problems like fatigue, stiffness and puffiness of facial muscles can be effectively solved. Wrinkles can be smoothed and sagging skin can be tightened. Facial massager can be used for neck massage. Dermatologist Dr. Uchenna Okereke says the facial massager can activate the blood circulation, which is similar to facial massage by hands to temporarily reduce puffiness, especially eye puffiness. However, it may take obvious and excellent effect after a long-term use.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Skin Gym, Mount Lai, Yeamon, The Drug Store and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of facial massager we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Skin Gym
  • 2. Mount Lai
  • 3. Yeamon 
  • 4. The Drug Store
  • 5. Sarah Chapman
  • 6. Lanshin
  • 7. Teresa Tarmey
  • 8. Révive
  • 9. Finishing Touch Flawless
  • 10. MZ SKIN
  • 11. Aceology

Skin Gym

Inspired by ancient beauty techniques, Skin Gym's modern skin care devices deliver users a professional-grade experience. The trusty brand offers products that are very popular and highly recommended by many famous websites such as VOGUE, Allure, ELLE, and WWD.

Known for facial beauty tools, Skin Gym provides a great variety of products that are divided into three major categories, Facial Rollers, Micro-Rollers and Gua Sha. Featuring different styles and functions, a lot of products from the above three lines are bestsellers and favored by the public. As a versatile tool, Skin Gym Face Sculptor™ Beauty Roller is a go-to item recommended by a host of beauty professionals and famous websites. Unlike the common jade rollers, the well-designed tool comes in a metal handle and two zinc alloy rollers to fit the facial contours and cool skin, especially suitable for jaw. This multitasking roller depuffs the skin around eyes and reduces wrinkles for a healthy and glowing look. It also releases facial muscle tension and firms the skin. With continued use, it leaves your face visually lifted and slimmer. Pairing it with essential oils, creams or serums effectively enhances the absorption of nutrients. You can also store it in the freezer for a cooling massage to help shrink pores. Use the Skin Gym Face Sculptor™ Beauty Roller 5-10 minutes daily for a radiant look.

At a reasonable price, Skin Gym Face Sculptor™ Beauty Roller is a cost-effective option among its siblings. The product is available on many shopping sites such as Amazon. However, sometimes it runs out of stock on its official website.

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Mount Lai

Since its inception, Mount Lai has launched an array of modern facial care products. Made by experienced professionals with natural and non-toxic materials, all the products boast multiple benefits such as massage and detoxification, favored by users. Some products are also recommended by a host of Instagram bloggers and well-known review websites such as ELLE. What’s more, Mount Lai advocates sustainability and participates in a variety of charitable activities to protect the environment.

Mount Lai mainly offers facial rollers and gua sha tools. Known for the jade rollers, aside from the conventional green stone, Mount Lai also provides pink jade rollers, which are favored by young girls. The De-Puffing Facial Roller is an iconic product from this brand. Available in 4 colors, this roller is made of natural ores and crystals and boasts superior quality and elegant design. Each facial roller is unique in stone patterns and colors. The De-Puffing Facial Roller is a double-sided tool with larger and smaller stones on either end. The larger end is designed for broad surfaces such as forehead, cheeks and chin, while the smaller end is suitable for the delicate area around the eyes and nose. The De-Puffing Facial Roller works for lymphatic drainage facials to remove toxins and excess substances in the tissues, boost blood circulation and reduce puffiness through rolling. Compared to manual massage, it not only greatly reduces the pain on the skin but also offers more precision for targeting a specific area to relax facial muscles and even out the skin tone. Plus, pairing it with your favourite skincare products such as essential oil and lotion can give you a better result. If this is your first time using a face roller, follow the massage steps in the user manual of The De-Puffing Facial Roller.

Mount Lai also provides gua sha tools made of the same material as rollers. More suitable for cheeks and jaw, these tools are available in sets, very affordable.

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Yeamon is committed to providing people with the best care experience. Well crafted by a professional design team, all the products boast powerful functions and sleek looks, favored by young people.

Yeamon introduces two product lines of massagers designed for the face and scalp. With a wide range of products, face massager is the centerpiece of this brand. Yeamon’s face massagers are divided into manual and electric versions. Yeamon 2-IN-1 Beauty Bar &Face Massager is a versatile and affordable tool. It comes with 2 changeable attachments: 3D roller massager and “T” shape electric beauty bar. 3D roller massager features two unique massage globes with diamond-cut surface to closely fit the face contours. The battery-powered “T” shape electric beauty bar boasts 6000 vibrations per minute to effectively tighten skin and reduce wrinkles through repeatedly lifting the face from bottom to top. The V type design is perfect for face and body massage to remove toxins and boost skin blood flow. Yeamon 2-IN-1 Beauty Bar &Face Massager allows for easy use with an ON/OFF switch. Surprisingly, it’s a water proof massage tool that can be cleaned with water and used during shower.

Yeamon provides good after-sale service such as 60-day money back guarantee, so rest assured when you make a purchase of its products.

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The Drug Store

Committed to providing users with personalized beauty and health care solutions, The Drug Store has gathered a cult following. Stay tuned with the official website for regular favorable offers. Plus, The brand also provides attractive discounts for students and the like.

The Drug Store comes in few yet popular beauty tools. NATURAL JADE FACE ROLLER is the only one face massager from this brand. Thanks to its outstanding results, this rollers is an recommended item on Harper’s Bazaar. Sleek and luxurious, NATURAL JADE FACE ROLLER is a double-sided tool with rollers on either end. Both massage globes and the handle are all made with natural jade. Suitable for the face and body, this versatile face massager helps stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage while reducing wrinkles to an extent through rolling on skin in upward motions. The smaller globe works for massage around eyes to de-puff and resolve dark circles and under-eye bags. Using the NATURAL JADE FACE ROLLER in the morning helps reduce puffiness, while rolling at night works to de-stress and release facial tension. We recommend using it after daily skincare routine to aid in effective absorption of your skincare products. Priced at $19.99 on the official website, NATURAL JADE FACE ROLLER is a cost-effective option that is worth your money.

ROSE QUARTZ GUA SHA STONE feature a smooth surface that leaves skin feeling comfortable. The well-designed shape perfectly fits the skin of jaw, neck and around eyes to promote blood flow. Pairing it with other related products helps remove blackheads and shrink pores.

However, The Drug Store’s products are not widely distributed, but you can buy them on its official website.

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Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman’s products mostly come in a gray matte packaging printed with its LOGO, which is very distinctive and recognizable. Sarah Chapman offers a large variety of popular beauty tools to provide consumers with professional-grade skincare experience at home. As a hero product of this brand, THE FACIALIFT SCULPTING FACIAL MASSAGER is recommended by many famous review sites such as Marie Claire. Unlike most jade or metal massagers on the market, THE FACIALIFT SCULPTING FACIAL MASSAGER is a unique tool that comes with 8 heads and 48 massaging nodules to perfectly fit the skin and evenly massage. Especially suitable for the jaw and neck, this massager helps de-puff, improve lymphatic drainage, and reshape the face contours for better complexion with continued use. You can also rotate the flat disc to tap all over the face, such as bony areas and the eye contour, to promote skin blood circulation. V-shaped THE FACIALIFT SCULPTING FACIAL MASSAGER is made with soft and elastic material that allows for multiple angles to fit the contours of different faces, no matter what type of the face shape you have. Featuring an easy-to-hold handle, this simple yet effective massager is easy to use by pushing from front to back or from bottom to top, even if this is your first time using it. Suitable both for at-home or in-office facial, regular use daily effectively improves your skin condition. It should be noted that if your skin is damaged or side-effects turn up after use, stop using the massager or see a doctor immediately.

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Lanshin is an American brand that specializes in the production and sales of skincare tools. The three founders, Sandra Lanshin Chiu, Teruko Tooley, and Erica Randlett, have a wealth of industry experience and are committed to changing people's skin conditions in a healthy way. Most of Lanshin's products use traditional Chinese medicine to address skin concerns and restore skin’s natural radiance from within.

Lanshin provides a full range of professional products including gua sha tools, face oils, hydrating mists, and serums. Lanshin comes in multiple lines of gua sha tools, such as Lanshin Pro, Land Intro, and the like. These lineups feature different materials and shapes. Designed by Sandra Lanshin Chiu, acupuncturist and one of the brand’s founders, the internationally patented Lanshin Pro Gua Sha tool is rated as the best overall item on the list of gua sha tools by Byrdie. This high-quality tool is handcrafted with natural Nephrite Jade that visibly improves blood circulation and promotes complexion, delivering a professional-grade massage at home. The well-designed shape fits every area of the face, and the comb edge feels comfortable when working from forehead to scalp. This tool is easy to clean. Wash it with lukewarm, soapy water. When not in use, spray the right amount of rubbing alcohol or essential oil. Since the surface of this tool is very slippery, be sure to store it safely in humid environments such as the bathroom.

If you’re new to gua sha tools and looking for a cost-effective one, Lanshin Intro Gua Sha tool makes a solid choice. Made with rose quartz, this beautiful design and affordable option deliver basic skincare benefits, worth a try.

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Teresa Tarmey

Instead of spending plenty of money on ads, this brand wins favor of the public through keeping innovating and launching high-quality new products.

Teresa Tarmey offers few yet high-quality skincare lotions and beauty tools. As the only professional face massager from this brand, 24CT GOLD PLATED MASSAGE TOOL is an recommended item on many famous review sites such as ELLE. The beautifully-designed, antibacterial 24CT-gold-plated massage tool consists of a moderately-sized handle and a T-bar. The downside is that it’s a bit heavy and may make your arm tired when holding it for a long time. This tool works at a high-frequency vibration to deliver a comfortable massage. It effectively gets rid of sagging and puffiness, tightens skin while sculpting your face. It also works wonders for lymphatic drainage of face or neck and toning complexion for a radiant glow. Pairing it with your favorite serum and lotion maximizes the absorption of skincare nutrients, delivering a better result than applying with hands. 24CT GOLD PLATED MASSAGE TOOL is powered by batteries which are replaceable through twisting the bottom. Though priced at $80 on the official site, this massage tool is worth your money on account of the high quality and exceptional results. It’s a good choice for personal use or gift giving.

Though Teresa Tarmey’s products are not widely distributed, you can buy them in its offline stores or on the official website. By the way, its offline stores are beautifully-decorated and will provide you with an exceptional shopping experience.

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Initially known for the moisturizing cream jointly launched with Neiman Marcus, RéVive Skincare introduced many other products through the unremitting efforts of its professional scientific research team. Formulated with biological regeneration technology to address skin concerns scientifically, RéVolve Skincare's products are safe and effective, favored by many consumers.

RéVive Skincare offers a wide range of skincare products for cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating and the like. To boost the benefits of skincare formulas, RéVive Skincare unveils a high-end face massager, RÉVOLVE Contouring Massage Roller. Whether in terms of functions or material, this massager is undoubtedly an exceptional tool. Made of Zamac, a special alloy material that contains zinc, magnesium and other beneficial elements, this tool delivers a comfortable and painless massage and keeps your skin stay healthy, perfect for those with sensitive skin. Unlike common metal massagers, the versatile tool includes three rollers. Two rollers on one end perfectly fit the contours of face to help de-puff, reduce fine lines and tighten skin. The smaller roller on the bottom of the handle works to soothe eyes and nose and increase blood circulation. It is also designed to massage neck and shoulders. The cooling benefits bring the spa experience to you. To keep it clean and effective, wash with water and wipe with a soft cloth after use. Many users are satisfied with its results and highly recommend it.

Use RÉVOLVE Contouring Massage Roller day and night, and pairing it with RéVive Skincare Facial Roller Duo makes your skin look more hydrated and plump. RéVive Skincare also provides a kit of these two products, which is more cost-effective.

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Finishing Touch Flawless

Finishing Touch Flawless products are of high quality and recommended by many famous websites such as POPSUGAR, Allure, and InStyle, as well as celebrities like Ashley Graham and Amelia Gray Hamlin.

Finishing Touch Flawless offers a wide variety of beauty products including eyebrow shaping tools, body cleansers, massagers and the like. Most products feature sleek designs and exceptional performances, favored by women consumers. Finishing Touch Flawless comes in two face massagers, both of which are bestsellers. Beautifully-designed and versatile, FLAWLESS Ice Roller boasts exceptional benefits through combining the conventional rolling massage with ice therapy. The gel roller feels especially nice and helps de-puff and increase blood circulation. When frozen, the rolling head can calm inflammation and tighten skin. The handle of FLAWLESS Ice Roller is ergonomic and lightweight for a easy hold and use. Pairing it with skincare products can boost the absorption of products for healthy skin. This cost-effective option is worth a try.

If you’re looking for a more advanced skincare experience, FLAWLESS Contour makes a solid choice. This tool includes two quartz heads specifically designed for face and under-eye massage. Aside from basic functions such as reducing puffiness and increasing blood flow, this COSMOPOLITAN-recommended tool can also provide you with relaxed and comfortable massage experience through vibrating.

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Following the skincare idea - less is more, MZ SKIN’s R&D team is committed to developing high-performance skincare products to scientifically keep women's skin healthy. MZ SKIN constantly introduces new products, and all of them are clinically tested, free of irritating ingredients, parabens, silicone, or sulfates, so rest assured when you make a purchase.

Apart from a variety of beauty products, MZ SKIN also offers many popular beauty tools that are favored by women consumers thanks to the exceptional effects and chic looks. Recommended by ELLE, Tone & Lift Germanium Contouring Facial Roller is an innovative tool that is made with germanium instead of the conventional jade to fight against aging and protect skin. Featuring a massager head with multiple small black obsidian stones, this roller helps increase blood flow and rejuvenate skin through stimulating acupressure points. If you have dull skin and puffy face, Tone & Lift Germanium Contouring Facial Roller is the perfect option. This small tool comes with a storage bag for use on the go.  

Sculpting Rose Quartz Gua Sha is another option worth considering. With an eye-catching clear light pink look, this tool is ergonomic for a firm hold and perfect for massaging jaw, cheeks, neck and eyes. It effectively tightens skin and boosts dull complexion.

In a nutshell, MZ SKIN’s products are of good quality. You can buy them on the official website and shopping sites like NICHE-BEAUTY with favorable discounts.

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Aceology aims to provide consumers with simple yet effective beauty solutions. Its products are infused with a variety of active ingredients, which are non-irritating and cruelty-free, suited for all skin types.

Beauty tools is the second major lineup of Aceology’s products, including facial device, ice globe facial massager, gua sha facial massager and the like. As an iconic product of this brand, ICE GLOBE FACIAL MASSAGER is available in four colors to meet different preferences. Made of glass, the versatile tool looks fun, just like a lollipop, making it favored by young girls. ICE GLOBE FACIAL MASSAGER helps release facial tension, reduce fine lines while boosting skin elasticity through gently rolling the globe over the face. After stored in the freezer for a couple of minutes, ICE GLOBE FACIAL MASSAGER can also fight inflammation, soothe pain and calm skin. It can be used to gently massage multiple parts, such as face, neck, shoulders, back and the like. This tool also comes with a travel-friendly box. It should be noted that do not leave it in the freezer or other low temperature environment for a long time. The liquid inside the globe may chemically react to generate bubbles, which will affect the performance of this tool, so store it at room temperature.

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