The 17 Best Face Concealers of 2022

Veronica Hope
Jan 13, 2022

Concealer is also considered as a base makeup product to conceal dark circles, acne, pimples and smooth fine lines. Concealers come in a variety of shades for different uses. Yellow shade covers dark circles; the green one hides redness; and the purple one brightens the complexion. Obviously concealers are not only used to cover facial imperfections. New York-based makeup artist Latisha Rankin said, “Concealers can be applied for a variety of purposes like brightening the complexion, reshaping the hairline and forehead etc.." You can use it to prepare your lips and eyes for makeup application, and contour your face to a more defined shape.

We have rounded up a list of popular brands, such as BOBBI BROWN, COVERMARK, NARS and many more. Each brand has excellent products, many of which have won beauty awards. We do hope this brand list will help you decide which to pick.


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  • 3. NARS
  • 4. KRYOLAN
  • 5. M·A·C
  • 7. Giorgio Armani
  • 9. EVE PEARL
  • 11. RMS Beauty
  • 12. Amazing Cosmetics
  • 13. NYX
  • 14. STILA
  • 16. Charlotte Tilbury
  • 17. URBAN DECAY 


BOBBI BROWN is a professional makeup brand founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown in New York in 1991. BOBBI BROWN pursues a natural, simple, and translucent makeup finish, which is known as the "Queen of creating a no-makeup look in Hollywood".

BOBBI BROWN launched diverse concealers for people with different blemishes. Among them, the INSTANT FULL COVER CONCEALER released in 2017 has the highest repurchase rate. With a massive shade range, the moisturizing INSTANT FULL COVER CONCEALER helps achieve a natural and translucent look. It can effectively cover dark spots, redness, dark circles and even complexion thanks to its excellent coverage. Unlike regular concealers, the fine and lightweight concealer leaves a glossy finish without greasy, which is worth recommending. The INSTANT FULL COVER CONCEALER is available in 10 shades, people can find an ideal shade according to their skin tones. With excellent staying and moisturizing power, it is suitable for dry and normal skin.

The Intensive Skin Serum series covers Intensive Skin Serum Concealer and Intensive Skin Serum Corrector, and both of them are designed for concealing the under eye area. The Intensive Skin Serum Concealer targets brighten the skin tone under the eyes, while the Intensive Skin Serum Corrector specializes moisturizing. With the same formulas, they can be differentiated by shades. Infused with skin care and antioxidant ingredients, the moisturizing and soft concealer offers good bendability, which is suitable for people with dry lines. The Intensive Skin Serum Corrector also has an extraordinary coverage, which can cover obvious dark circles and leave a natural and long-lasting finish without heavy.

BOBBI BROWN launched many products earned a good reputation and had a high repurchase rate. BOBBI BROWN also released numerous concealing products such as corrector, touch up stick, concealing stick, etc. Laced with rich antioxidant and repairing ingredients, they are suitable for all skin types. Moreover, BOBBI BROWN concealers have a good price, which are cost-effective.

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COVERMARK is a makeup brand established by an American painter Lydia O`Leary in 1928. COVERMARK products are made in Japan. In order to commemorate its founder, the words “ New York" is printed on the package.

COVERMARK has fewer concealing products, and the BRIGHT-UP FOUNDATION is the best selling one. The BRIGHT-UP FOUNDATION offer excellent concealing and moisturizing power, which can effectively cover fine lines and dark spots. It is especially suitable for applying to the skin around the eye area, and can blend into the skin perfectly with glow. The BRIGHT-UP FOUNDATION can last more than five hours. Unlike other concealers, it is only available in 4 shades. People with dry skin should use moisturizers before applying due to its thick and creamy texture.

COVERMARK is committed to covering severe blemishes such as birthmarks, scars, skin discoloration. COVERMARK products are always on the list of various authoritative beauty lists thanks to their extraordinary coverage. People always apply COVERMARK cream powders as concealers. Moreover, COVERMARK concealers work for all areas of the face.

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Nars is an American professional makeup brand founded by a French makeup artist Francois Nars in 1994. With simple and stylish package, NARS is famous for its creative makeup. There are many hero products such as blush, lipstick, eye shadow, etc. Although NARS has fewer concealing products, they are highly praised by many people.

The RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER is one of the first concealing products launched by NARS and is popular till now. Infused with rich antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, the RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER can relieve inflammation and pimples. It has excellent coverage and bendability, which helps achieve a matte finish. It is not suitable for people with oily skin due to its moderate coverage. And it is recommended to apply a setting spray to leave a long-lasting makeup finish. Although the RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER can effectively cover blemishes on the face, it doesn’t work for the under eye areas. However, people with dry skin should moisturize the skin before applying due to its weak moisturizing power.

NARS launched the SOFT MATTE COMPLETE CONCEALER in 2017. With a higher moisturizing degree and good bendability, the hydrated SOFT MATTE COMPLETE CONCEALER is the best choice for concealing under-eye areas. It should be noted that it can achieve a natural look when skin oil and concealer blending well. The SOFT MATTE COMPLETE CONCEALER has a weaker coverage compared with the RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER, and you should layer it repeatedly.

The RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER works for all areas of the face, while SOFT MATTE COMPLETE CONCEALER for the eye area. And you can apply them according to your need. However, the RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER is not cost-effective due to its dry texture and weak staying power. It is more recommended for people with less blemishes to purchase SOFT MATTE COMPLETE CONCEALER.

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KRYOLAN is a German makeup brand with more than 70 years of history. It is a leading brand in the makeup industry and has been praised by Hollywood superstars, which also has been designated as a must-have makeup product many times. KRYOLAN is favored by professional models and makeup artists thanks to its diverse foundations and comprehensive shades.

KRYOLAN concealing products are divided into monochromatic and multi-color concealer. Among them, the CONCEALER CIRCLE with six different shades is the best selling one. The CONCEALER CIRCLE is available in 5 color combinations, and #1 and #6 are most popular. The shades from #6 are “correcting colors”, such as green, orange, and pink. And #6 is often compared with NYX Professional Makeup palette. KRYOLAN concealers offer a stronger concealing and staying power compared with NYX, which can cover some serious blemishes. The KRYOLAN has strong anti-oxidation ability, which helps achieve a long-lasting and seamless finish without dull. However, it is not suitable for dry and combination skin due to its dry and heavy texture, and average moisturizing power.

Although it is slightly dry, you can apply and buy it with confidence. With a large capacity, the KRYOLAN CONCEALER CIRCLE can be used for a long time.

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M·A·C is a brand co-founded by professional makeup artist, photographer Frank Toskan, and Frank Angelo who runs a chain of hair salons in Toronto in 1985. M·A·C was acquired by Estee Lauder Group in 1998. M·A·C always surprise people for its avant-garde style and bold colors.

 M·A·C has launched many concealing products, and the PRO LONGWEAR is the best selling one among them. The moisturizing and fluid concealer offers a good coverage and helps achieve a long-lasting and translucent makeup finish. The concealer dries quickly, so you need to blend immediately after application with a makeup tool. Although it has a certain moisturizing degree, you need to moisturize the skin before applying. However, the drawback of the PRO LONGWEAR is its package.

The 24-HOUR SMOOTH WEAR CONCEALER has been highly praised by numerous professional makeup artists since it launched in 2018. And it is loved by people with sensitive skin thanks to its oil-free, fragrance-free, and alcohol-free formulas, leaving a long-lasting and moisturizing finish. The creamy and refreshing 24-HOUR SMOOTH WEAR CONCEALER won’t settle into fine lines or cake, and people with dry skin can apply it with confidence. It can blend well into the skin after spreading evenly, which helps achieve a matte makeup finish. The 24-HOUR SMOOTH WEAR CONCEALER can even the complexion and cover light blemishes such as dark circles.

M·A·C offers many colors for options, but the products have a weak moisturizing power. M·A·C has become the first choice of many professional makeup artists due to its professional cosmetics, and it is more suitable for experienced consumers.

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IT cosmetics is an American cosmetics brand founded by Jamie Kern Lima in 2004. Jamie Kern Lima integrated clinical experience and innovative technology into cosmetics creatively. Unlike other brands, the hero product IT COSMETICS concealer is designed for the under eye area, and BYE BYE UNDER EYE is favored by professional beauty artists.

The texture of the moisturizing concealer is similar to moisturizing eye cream. It blends well into the under eye area with a good bendability, leaving the skin translucent and natural. It offers a good staying power, which can last for 5-6 hours. However, BYE BYE UNDER EYE is only available in three shades, and most of them target brightening. So it is not recommended for beginners to buy.

IT COSMETICS also launched facial concealer products, but they are less popular. The cream-like concealer has good moisturizing and concealing power. It not only can cover the acne, reduce redness and puffiness, but also can diminish inflammation and control oil, which is suitable for people with oily and acne-prone skin.

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Giorgio Armani

In the mid-1970s, Giorgio Armani met his lover and partner Sergio Galeotti, and then creating the Italian brand Armani named after him. Armani is praised as “The master of foundation”, which has numerous base makeup products.

The MASTER CORRECTOR is the best-selling products under Armani, which can blend perfectly into the skin to cover blemishes and even complexion. It is available in two shades: the pink is to correct and brighten under eye circles for fair-to-medium skin tones, while the orange is for medium-to-deep skin tones. The lightweight and moisturizing MASTER CORRECTOR leaves a translucent and natural finish. However, it just can cover slight blemishes. The MASTER CORRECTOR is suitable for people with normal, combination, and dry skin, and for people with less blemishes due to its moderate coverage and weak staying power.

The moisturizing and fluid POWER FABRIC CONCEALER has the similar texture with the MASTER CORRECTOR, which has a good bendability. It offers a better coverage compared with the MASTER CORRECTOR, so it is suitable for people with obvious blemishes. However, it may leave a heavy makeup look, people should choose it according to their needs.

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DERMACOL was originally a less well-known Czech makeup brand and then went viral overnight in the Europe and America thanks to its standout Make Up Cover in 2017.

The DERMACOL Make Up Cover has superb concealing power, which can cover various blemishes such as post-acne marks, uneven skin tone, tattoos and obvious marks perfectly. Many people mix it with liquid foundation to leave a lightweight look. The Make Up Cover can be used as a foundation, and people with combination and oily skin can create a translucent look without shine after a single layer. However, people with dry skin should moisturize the skin due to its weak moisturizing power. It lasts for up to 6-8 hours without cakey and melt down, and you may look more natural after blending well into the skin. Besides, with broad-spectrum SPF 30, the waterproof concealer is suitable for carrying. However, the Make Up Cover contains petrolatum and various fragrance, so it is not recommended for people with acne-prone and sensitive skin.

The major drawback of DERMACOL Make Up Cover is its package. You can’t precisely control the amount due to the toothpaste bottle shape. So you should pay much attention when applying.

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EVE PEARL is a makeup brand named after its founder and is loved by many professional makeup artists. EVE PEARL, an American celebrity makeup artist, has won Emmy Awards five times. And she has always makeup for many celebrities and appeared on major TV shows to demonstrate makeup and MAKE OVER. Products under EVE PEARL offers a moisturizing power. EVE PEARL has posted numerous makeup tutorials on her website and YOU TUBE. And you can learn some practical skills from these videos.

EVE PEARL SALMON CONCEALER covers PRO PALETTE REFILL: SALMON CONCEALER, DUAL SALMON CONCEALER, and EVE PEARL FLAWLESS FACE CONTOUR PALETTE, and both of them has the same concealer ingredients. Infused with natural astaxanthin, Omega-3 and other nutrients, the SALMON CONCEALER offers an extraordinary antioxidant property, and this non-irritating ingredient may not cause inflammation. It is favored by people with acne-prone and sensitive skin. The cream-like SALMON CONCEALER has good moisturizing power and bendability, and people with dry skin can apply it with confidence. However, you should apply setting spray and touch up frequently to avoid melt down due to its average coverage.

Many people purchase the DUAL SALMON CONCEALER as it can effectively cover dark circles and other blemishes. However, DUAL SALMON CONCEALER doesn’t contain the “correcting color”, so it’s not recommended for people with serious acne and blemish problems. It can match with the correcting concealers to cover obvious blemishes and red acne marks.

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Maybelline was founded by chemist T.L.Williams in New York in 1917, and he combined his sister’s name with Vaseline. With colorful packaging, this brand integrates urban fashion and street culture to its concept. Maybelline products have withstood the test of time and is still popular among young generations.

Maybelline attaches great importance to concealing products. INSTANT AGE REWIND® ERASER DARK CIRCLES TREATMENT CONCEALER and FIT ME!® CONCEALER are the best selling products under Maybelline. With a unique design, the ERASER DARK CIRCLES TREATMENT CONCEALER is easy to apply. The lightweight and moisturizing ERASER DARK CIRCLES TREATMENT CONCEALER is suitable for combination and oily skin, leaving a matte makeup finish. And people with dry skin should moisturize the skin before applying. However, it only can cover slight blemishes.

The lightweight and moisturizing FIT ME!® CONCEALER also is the classic product under Maybelline, which helps leave refreshing skin feeling. It has a certain effect on correcting dark post-acne marks and dark circles.

The FIT ME series is not suitable for touching up due to its moderate staying power and makeup finish. Maybelline always appeared on the major authoritative beauty awards, and it is also an ideal choice for makeup beginners/ due to its cost-effective products. Maybelline products are cost-effective.


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RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is a New York organic make-up brand founded by the famous makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift in 2009. As the first-ever all-organic cosmetics brand, RMS is not only suitable for people with sensitive skin, but also for pregnant women.

"Un" Cover Up is a base makeup product launched by RMS that integrates foundation and concealer. The moisturizing and smooth "Un" Cover Up has a good bendability and can blend well into skin, which is suitable for people with dry skin use in winter. However, it is unsuitable for people with oily skin. "Un" Cover Up can cover some small blemishes with its moderate coverage. And you need to layer a setting spray after concealing due to its average staying power.

RMS launched fewer concealer products. It has launched a travel-friendly concealer stick and a concealer pen designed for the undereye area. All-natural organic ingredients are the biggest selling point of RMS. The fragrance-free and preservative-free products under RMS also don’t contain genetically modified materials and chemical substances. And many people repurchase them thanks to their mild ingredients.

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Amazing Cosmetics

Amazing Cosmetics is an American cosmetics brand founded by Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman in 1999, which has earned a good reputation in Hollywood.

The AMAZING CONCEALER is the hero product under Amazing Cosmetics, which has been praised as a “magic eraser”. The AMAZING CONCEALER can not only cover dark circles, freckles, redness and post-acne marks, but also can effectively minimize serious blemishes, large-area skin problems, even darker tattoos due to its extraordinary coverage. Moreover, the waterproof and sweat-proof concealer can last about all day long, which is suitable for people pursuing quick touch-up. The creamy-like concealer is soft, and you’d better moisturize the skin to avoid creasing or stripping. It is suitable for experienced consumers. Besides, the AMAZING CONCEALER contains mineral oil, so it is not recommended for people with acne-prone and sensitive skin.

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NYX is an American professional makeup brand founded in 1999. Although it is an open-shelf brand, it produces a wide range of high-quality products with good price. NYX has been regarded as the “cheap alternative” of M.A.C.  

The NYX all-round COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE is the best selling concealer product which helps conceal, correct, and contour the skin. The COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE has high saturation and excellent concealing power. And you can mix it to match your skin tone to avoid an unnatural makeup finish. The moisturizing and soft COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE is easy to spread, and it may leave a heavy look due to its texture. So you’d better take some techniques when applying.

NYX COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE has a weak coverage and staying power, so you need a setting spray after applying. Although it offers a moderate moisturizing power, it is cost-effective for people who apply concealers first time. However, NYX COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE is an ideal choice thanks to its good price and rich colors.

NYX has launched various concealer products. Unlike regular matte products, the water-like "CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP CONTOUR CONCEALER" offers good bendability, which is easy to spread. It is suitable for people with dry skin. The CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP CONTOUR CONCEALER can only cover the slight redness and acne, and people with severe blemishes should layer it multiple times. However, it may look unnatural.

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Stila is an American brand founded by Jenaine Labell. As a professional makeup artist, Jenaine Labell creates products inspired by professional experience. Stila is favored by many Hollywood actresses and internet-famous makeup influencers. Products under Stila are cost-effective and mainly sold on the official website.

The representative Correct & Perfect All-in-One Color Correcting Palette has always appeared on beauty makeup tutorials. STILA Correct & Perfect All-in-One Color Correcting Palette covers five velvety smooth cream color correctors and two tinted setting powders colors, and you can mix them to achieve a perfect makeup look. Compared with NYX, STILA Correct & Perfect All-in-One Color Correcting Palette is more suitable for experienced makeup artist. People with oily skin can apply it directly, and people with dry skin should add about two drops essence oil into it to avoid creasing and stripping due to its weak moisturizing power. STILA Correct & Perfect All-in-One Color Correcting Palette can cover dark circles and severe acne thanks to its good coverage. However, it is easy to melt down after long time wearing due to its average staying power.

As an open-shelf brand, STILA offers numerous cost-effective products such as blusher and liquid eyeshadow, which is popular among people.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER is a professional makeup brand founded by Ms. Dany Sanz in Paris in 1984. In 1999, MAKE UP FOR EVER became a member of LVMH group. MAKE UP FOR EVER is synonymous with fashionable cosmetics, which is favored by professional models and makeup artists.

Unlike the old version of concealers, the lightweight Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer offers an extraordinary coverage, which can effectively cover deep and obvious blemishes. However, it has a weak moisturizing power.

MAKE UP FOR EVER FULL COVER is the old version concealer with a high repurchase rate, which can diminish some deep blemishes. However, it leaves a heavy makeup finish and is easy yo melt down due to its thick texture. You need to take some techniques when applying. It is not recommended for people with dry skin, and people with oily skin also should moisturize the skin before applying. It should be noted that you should avoid it to the under eye area. Although MAKE UP FOR EVER FULL COVER is waterproof, it can’t resist sweat. And it is not cost-effective with a weak staying power.

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Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is a British makeup brand named after its founder established in 2013. Charlotte Tilbury MBE, born in 1973, is a legendary British makeup artist. She had been involved in many fashion magazines such as "Vogue" and served as the chief makeup artist in Tom Ford. Charlotte Tilbury MBE has been recognized with a number of significant awards including an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2018 for services to the beauty and cosmetics industry.

CT has released three types of concealers. Among them, the Magic Away Liquid Concealer offers the most extraordinary coverage, which can effectively cover light post acne marks and blemishes. It is available in 26 shades for different skin tones.The Magic Away Liquid Concealer is suitable for mature skin with deep wrinkles in undereye area. The moisturizing concealer has a good bendability.

CT also launched two types concealers specially designed for the under eye area, but they are less popular.

CT has been regarded as the “cheap alternative” of Tom Ford, and is favored by many people thanks to its unique texture and style.

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URBAN DECAY is an American brand founded by Wende Zomnir in 1996, and was acquired by L'Oréal Group in 2012. The Naked eyeshadow palette series set a record of selling one palette every 7 seconds. With bold and fashionable colors and distinctive styles, URBAN DECAY is famous for creative makeup.

NAKED SKIN is the best-selling product under URBAN DECAY. It helps cover light blemishes and brighten the skin, which is suitable for people with fewer blemishes. The fluid and moisturizing NAKED SKIN is easy to spread, leaving a natural and lightweight makeup finish. However, you may feel drying out after application, so it is more suitable for people with oily and combination to oily skin. And people with dry skin are not recommended to choose it.

There are numerous concealing products under URBAN DECAY, and you can buy them on the official website.



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