The 16 Best Eyeshadows Of 2022

Lucia Hansley
Jan 13, 2022

Applying eyeshadow is an indispensable step in eye makeup routine to make your eyes more deep-set and multidimensional. Eyeshadow comes in a variety of forms, such as powder, stick, cream, lotion and pencil. The tones are also diverse including warm, cool and achromatic. Don't worry that eyeshadow will make you look like a clown. Choose your preferred eyeshadow or palette with various colors, and you will fall in love with eye makeup. Remember not to buy the one with the same color as your eyes, for contrast makes your eyes brighter.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like TOM FORD, Natasha Denona, ADDICTION and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect eyeshadow, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Tom Ford
  • 2. Natasha Denona
  • 4. SUQQU
  • 5. LUNASOL
  • 6. Charlotte Tilbury
  • 7. Huda Beauty
  • 8. Chanel
  • 9. Dior
  • 10. NARS
  • 11. M·A·C
  • 12. EXCEL
  • 13. Visee
  • 14. ColourPop
  • 15. NYX

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a fashion brand founded by designer Tom Ford in April 2005. There are various comments on this American brand. The founder is arguably the man who understands women the most. The bossy and mysterious style makes TF the king of lipsticks. The brand also offers a variety of versatile eyeshadows that are highly pigmented, blendable, and bendable with ultra-fine powder.

Tom Ford Eye Quad is very famous. 04 Honey Moon and shade 20 Disco Dust are extremely popular. The four shades can be used alone or mixed with each other to create a gorgeous look. HoneyMoon provides a metallic finish while Disco Dust is more practical. Both of them are beginner-friendly colors. 01 Golden Mink is a classic entry-level palette without asking too much for skin tones and application techniques. 10 Titanium Smoke is highly pigmented with unique characteristics, and has certain requirements for eye shape and makeup techniques, so it is not recommended for novices.

Tom Ford's eyeshadow palette features a luxurious and sleek design. Packaging in a highly-textured metallic case, the eyeshadow comes with two useful applicators.

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Natasha Denona

Natasha Denona is an American brand named after the founder, a well-known professional makeup artist, focusing on luxury professional makeup line. With bold and avant-garde shades, its highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes are favored by many professional makeup artists, perfect for professionals who prefer high-profile finishes.

Sunset is a classic warm-toned palette that has the same number of matte shades and duo chrome shades. All of them are highly pigmented and ultra-saturated. Metallic duo chrome shades are highly textured and blendable, which glide on smoothly as gold foils on your eyelids.

Lila is a purple-hued palette with several eye-catching chroma crystal shades. This versatile palette can be used to create daily or exaggerated makeup finishes.

Among ND's 28-pan eyeshadow palettes, Metropolis, Purple Blue and Green Brown are more well-known. Silky and highly blendable, Metropolis is the most recommended with rich shades including creamy matte shades. 28-pan eyeshadow palettes are pricey, so it is recommended for makeup enthusiasts or for collection.

If you are a novice or buying an ND eyeshadow palette for the first time, you can start with 5-pan mini palettes. Some of them come packed with the iconic shades of Natasha Denona 15-pan palettes. The powder quality of mini eyeshadow palettes is basically the same as those with more shades, and there may occasionally be slight feathering or clumping.

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ADDICTION is owned by the Japanese KOSÉ Corporation, and is managed by Ms. Ayako, the former makeup director of NARS. Its products may give you a similar feel as NARS from packages to shades. Among ADDICTION's product lines, the monochromatic Addiction The Eyeshadow is the most well-known for simple packaging and rich shades as well as customizable mix and match.

Highly pigmented and long-lasting, ADDICTION eyeshadow palette emits excellent glows without feathering. Its powder is soft and ultra-fine. According to finishes, ADDICTION eyeshadow palette is divided into Silky(S), Matte(M), Metallic(ME) and Pearl(P).

Addiction The Eyeshadow carries 99 shades and launches limited edition from time to time, offering multiple choices to consumers. Matte Brown and Pearl Brown palettes provide 11 matte shades, 11 peal shades, and different shades of earth tone. It can be said that ADDICTION offers far more detailed and various eyeshadow shades than its competitors. Compared with fully saturated M.A.C and NARS monochromatic eyeshadows, ADDICTION boasts a range of soft shades with minimal differences to present various eye looks for users of all skin tones to find the right shade.

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SUQQU is a Japanese cosmetics brand specializing in basic skin care products. With excellent texture, its products brighten your skin and work for all skin types. SUQQU builds its makeup products into works of art that features harmonious shades with beautiful names.

SUQQU Eyeshadow is highly pigmented, naturally blending, easily bendable and long-lasting with high-quality, ultra-fine and soft powder, very suitable for on the go touch-ups. Compared with Tom Ford and Urban Decay, SUQQU has lower color saturation and requires multiple layers of application.

The award-winning eyeshadow palette, Designing Color Eyes, is newly launched by SUQQU. Rich in lively shades, Designing Color Eyes has an excellent texture. Blend Color collection is the representative work of SUQQU Eyeshadow. With ultra-fine matte powder, this collection is still very classic. Each palette of the generously unique Blend Color line has a nearly translucent base color mainly for blending and brightening, and the matte colors are used to set the tone of the whole eyeshadow finish. Sakurakaba is the most famous.

Each SUQQU eyeshadow case is equipped with a mirror, a brush and a tip. The eyeshadow brush head is soft with strong powder grasping power. The brush and tip work for the outline of different eye makeup without extra tools. The eyeshadow comes in an exquisite packaging, while unfortunately the black lid is a fingerprint magnet.

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LUNASOL is Kanebo's top make-up brand, focusing on daily nude makeup. The Skin Modeling Eyes launched in 2007 is its best-selling eyeshadow collection, including the most classic Beige Beige.

Beige Beige is one of the first nude eyeshadow palettes, which focuses on simple everyday makeup. The four shades are all earth tone that bring out a clean and multidimensional look. Beige Beige has fine pearly luster with slightly matte finish, which is ideal for nude makeup.

4-color eyeshadow set has always been LUNASOL's most classic series. In 2019, LUNASOL launched 10-color earth tone gradient eyeshadow palette to create different earth tone makeup finishes.

Every year, LUNASOL launches its spring/summer and fall/winter collections. Spring/summer collection focuses on clarity and brightness, while fall/winter collection features pigmentation and blooming. LUNASOL never misses a chance to launch limited editions, such as anniversary-themed items and Christmas-themed items. The Geminate Eyes collection launched in 2007 is the first 5-color gem-themed eyeshadow set, which is rated as the most gorgeous and dazzling work of LUNASOL. All of the five shades have gleam, while the powder is slightly coarse with feathering, so be sure to use the right application techniques.

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Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is a British makeup brand established in 2013 with a high reputation. The founder served as the chief makeup artist in Tom Ford. CT's packaging and shades are in a classic retro style, and its products are highly practical with excellent texture.

Charlotte Tilbury is gentle and light overall. Some seemingly gorgeous palettes, such as Glamour Muse, Uptown Girl, etc., have compact powder without feathering, and are moderately pigmented but highly bendable. Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow features pearlescent finishes, basically without pure matte palettes. Its finishes are very close to TF, and several shades are even better than those of TF, including the Glamour Muse. With flawlessly-matched shades, the Glamour Muse looks surprisingly gentle, sweet and charming, making the whole makeup finish more outstanding.

In addition to Glamour Muse, The Dolce Vita and The Vintage Vamp are also well-known. If you prefer everyday light makeup, you can choose The Dolce Vita; and if you want bright makeup finishes for fall and winter, The Vintage Vamp is the more suitable choice.

It is very considerate that each eyeshadow palette of CT has makeup tutorial video with Charlotte Tilbury herself on the official website. She also makes different changes according to various occasions, allowing novices to practice.

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Huda Beauty

Huda beauty is a Dubai makeup brand founded by beauty blogger Huda Kattan in 2013. The founder is a Youtuber with millions of beauty fans. With a good reputation in terms of quality and color, the gorgeous Huda beauty sells well in the Middle East, Europe and America.

The densely-pigmented Huda Beauty products always come in an sleek and luxurious packaging. Its eyeshadow palettes are mainly packed with pink and purple hues or neon colors. Some Huda Eyeshadow Palettes are not highly saturated. Huda is available in 18 Colour Eyeshadow Palette and 9 Colour Eyeshadow Palette. The former includes four palettes with various shades, and each of them perfectly interprets Huda's cute pink and charming style according to the launching order.

9 Colour Eyeshadow Palette includes five options: Obsessions, NUDE Obsessions, NEON Obsessions, Precious Stones Obsessions and PASTEL Obsessions. If you are a novice or purchasing Huda eyeshadow for the first time, 9 Colour Eyeshadow Palette is worth considering. PASTEL Obsessions is newly launched in spring 2020, including three cute palettes, Mint, Rose and Lilac.

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Chanel is a French brand founded in 1910, which is a pioneer of the fashion revolution. Chanel represents a unique style that has lasted forever. Elegance, delicacy, luxury and fashion are its values and inner spirit.

CHANEL upgraded the old version of Les 4 Ombres in coarse texture into an hydrating powder eyeshadow, which is distinctly finer, more high-pigment with gloss, and longer-lasting. CHANEL added glitters with different glossiness to the new version. With the reflection of light, each angle has a different effect, showing rich layering.

Matte eyeshadow is also one of CHANEL's ace products. The all-matte CHANEL 268 Les 4 Ombres is fine, hydrating, firmly compacted and easy to use. Mainly brown without gleam, this eyeshadow helps deliver a layered eye makeup finish, which is much more hydrating and long-lasting than those of ordinary drugstore brands. If you only want to buy one high-quality matte eyeshadow palette, 268 Les 4 Ombres is your best choice.

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Dior is a French luxury brand founded in 1947. Whether in the field of perfume, fashion or cosmetics, Dior has always been a synonym with gorgeousness and elegance. Dior's lip makeup products are of excellent quality and very fashionable.

The Backstage collection launched in 2018 proved Dior's professionalism. There are lots of comments on Dior Backstage Eye Palette. Many people think that its packaging looks cheap, which is no better than eyeshadow of drugstore brands, while others regard it as an excellent product. Including cool tone and warm tone, Dior Backstage Eye Palette is a must-have for makeup artists at Doir shows backstage. This high-pigment eyeshadow can be used in many occasions, and can also be paired with other eye shadow palettes.

The most impressive point of Dior eyeshadow is its exquisite embossed design, which makes the powder block look colorful, three-dimensional and multi-textured. Different from traditional powder eyeshadow, Dior eyeshadow is slightly creamy, seamless, highly pigmented, and never feels thick even with multiple layers.

Dense and super fine, Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Eye Palette has a unique texture to provide hydration and oil control with strong staying power. The new version includes 12 new shades, covering velvet, matte, shimmer, satin and other textures. Shade 767 Inflame is the main color in the poster of 5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow. Shade 657 Expose is one of the most popular new colors, making the entire eye finish more beautiful.

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Nars is an American professional makeup brand founded by French makeup artist Francois Nars in 1994. With simple and stylish package, NARS is famous for its innovative makeup products. There are many hero products such as blush, lipstick, eye shadow, etc. NARS was acquired by Shiseido in 2000 and launched an upgraded version of eyeshadow, including 16 Duo Eyeshadow palettes that are easy to carry around, and 60 Single Eyeshadow distinguished by textures. The upgraded eyeshadow is soft, seamless with better bendability.

Duo Eyeshadow is NARS's iconic eyeshadow. There are two colors in each palette, which are enough to create a complete eye makeup. It can also be used with other eyeshadow palettes. Kuala Lumpur is the most popular shade, with natural and vivid hues. Kuala Lumpur is not high-pigment, so it is recommended to apply multiple layers for better effect.

NARS also launches 60 single eyeshadows to create various makeup effects. These smooth eyeshadows are all suitable for daily use. Among them, Bali, Blondie, Cabo San Lucas, Lahore, Guayaquil, Virgin Gorda and Verona are hot shades with high pigment. Some other shades including Pattyay are added with glitter and are extremely highly pigmented, not suitable for novices.

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M·A·C was co-founded by professional makeup artist and photographer Frank Toskan and salon owner Frank Angelo in Toronto, Canada in 1985. The Estee Lauder Group bought all its shares in 1998, thus M·A·C became the first Estee Lauder-owned brand that was not created by Mrs. Lauder. In an avant-garde style, M·A·C uses bold and innovative colors, and its products are always surprising.

M·A·C launched 6 distinctive eyeshadow palettes in 2018, each with 9 colors including 8 eyeshadows and one highlighter or blush. This collection is named Girls Eyeshadow Palette, including Basic Bitch, Mischief Minx, Prissy Princess, Rockin' Rebel, Power Hungry and Fashion Fanatic, and each palette represents a makeup style. Mischief Minx is very practical and is friendly to all skin tones; Fashion Fanatic contains two pearl colors and six matte colors to create daily makeup or exaggerated and bold look; and Basic Bitch is mostly used to create an edgy smoky makeup. Rockin'Rebel is highly pigmented, suitable for users with makeup skills, and Prissy Princess is the sweetest palette. Girls Eyeshadow Palette comes in a sleek, eye-catching packaging with leopard prints, stripes, camouflage and other elements.

Besides, M·A·C Single Eyeshadows are always featured in lots of beauty videos. With a full range of shades, some of these exquisite, versatile eyeshadows can also be used as bronzer or blush.

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Excel is the pioneer of Japanese drugstore makeup brands. It launches a wide range of cosmetics suitable for novices, and many classic products attract lots of fans. Excel eyeshadow is known as "Best Choice in Drugstore", and has won the top three in the eyeshadow department of Japan Cosme Awards many times.

All five eyeshadow palettes of Excel are earth-toned, very suitable for daily use. Although its colors and packages are not eye-catching, Excel Eyeshadows are soft, moderately pigmented and cost-effective, perfect for novices.

Excel Skinny Rich Shadow is based on different brown colors plus orange, pink and other colors. Because its colors are very similar, many people don't know how to choose when they purchase Excel Skinny Rich Shadow for the first time.

Excel Real Clothes Shadow is available in more shades. CS02 is a must-have eyeshadow palette for users who prefer misty pink. It can be used with other eyeshadow palettes or with blush and lipstick.

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Visee is a drugstore brand under KOSE. Its eyeshadow palette is a well-known item with affordable price and beautiful makeup effects, deeply loved by youngsters.

Visee launched My Nudy Eyes in 2019. This collection contains five eyeshadow palettes based on similar nude colors. This eyeshadow palette focuses on the combination with skin tone. BE1 is suitable for light skin and light hair; BE2 improves your complexion; BE4 is ideal for golden blonde; BE5 is perfect for users with fashionable hair colors; and BE3 is the easiest to match, friendly to all skin tones.

Visee's most popular Glossy Rich Eyes N has rich layers and high pigment. Among its shades, PK3 enjoys the highest reputation. The general drugstore eyeshadows are mostly earthy and pink, while PK3 is in rare wine red, which wins for saturation, pigment and bendability. The ointment is that this eyeshadow is obviously grainy with slight feathering.

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ColourPop is a cosmetics brand originating in Los Angeles, USA. It was founded by Laura and John Nelson in 2014, mainly focusing on products for eyes, lips and face. ColourPop's products are available on the official website or Ulta Beauty. "The texture is very delicate “Pearl is easy to use", "Monochrome eyeshadow only sells for $5”, Colourpop is the king of cost-effective makeup in the hearts of beauty lovers. With a complete range of styles and affordable prices, ColourPop was named as the fastest growing beauty brand of 2015 by WWD.

ColourPop crème shadow is very famous, with a texture between powder and paste. Highly pigmented and long-lasting, it feels moist and depresses when pressed hard, but this texture is easy to dry out.

Colourpop also launches Pressed Powder Shadow, with rich colors and affordable price. The two 12-color eye palette, Yes, Please and Give It To Me Straight, have a high popularity. Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow is not so high-pigment and requires multiple layers, suitable for novices and those who prefer light makeup effects.

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Founded in 1999 in the United States, NYX is a professional and iconic affordable makeup brand. Although it is a drugstore brand, it offers a wide range of high-quality products that are comparable with counter products. So, NYX is also regarded as the “cheap alternative” of M.A.C.  

NYX eyeshadow is very cost-effective and popular, and many beauty bloggers have made video recommendations for it. NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette comes in 4 different colors. The versatile Warm Neutrals is the most popular palette in NYX. NYX eyeshadow is highly pigmented. Among the affordable ones, NYX eyeshadow has fine and smooth powder with slight feathering.

NYX also launches the six-color NYX Travel Eyeshadows Palette for use on the go, including two hot colors and two brand-new colors, perfect for users who travel a lot.

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