10 Best Eyelash Growth Serum Brands in 2022

Carrie Kathleen
Mar 29, 2022

Do you want long, fluttery lashes? I think the answer for many people is yes. Eyelash growth serums not only lengthen existing eyelashes but also stimulate the growth of hair follicles that are not currently growing eyelashes. The eyelash growth serum helps condition and strengthen the eyelashes, thus reducing breakage. As a result, your lashes will look thick and beautiful.

The seemingly universal desire for longer, thicker lashes is nothing new. People first started using wax beads as an early form of eyelash growth serums in 1910, and there is also evidence that ancient Egyptians tried to emphasize their lashes as early as 4000 B.C. The point is, it's safe to say that people have always wanted longer lashes.

Moving forward, our dermatologists and beauty editors recommended the 10 best eyelash serum brands, from luxurious options to really cheap brands, there's one for you.

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  • 1. VICHY
  • 2. Milk Makeup
  • 4. RevitaLash Cosmetics
  • 5. LashFood
  • 6. LiLash
  • 7. RapidLash
  • 8. Grande Cosmetics
  • 9. HairGenics
  • 10. Elizabeth Arden


VICHY is the world's leading professional skincare brand for sensitive skin, affiliated with the L'Oréal Group, and is one of the three major French cosmeceutical brands. The products of VICHY have been recognized by the beauty authority website Allure many times. In Roman times, the small town of Vichy in central France was famous for its volcanic springs. Originating from the hot springs of the Auvergne volcanic region, it is loved by people for its unique vitality effect.

VICHY launches eyelash growth serums that visibly enhance and lengthen eyelashes, it also helps to strengthen the skin's protective barrier, leaving it looking smooth and vibrant. The rhamnose and hyaluronic acid inside the ingredients of the eyelash growth serums can be very capable of moisturizing the skin and acting as an anti-aging agent. The added ceramides are to strengthen and condition the eyelashes. When it comes to application, a sweeping motion from around the eyes to cover the lashes is all that is needed to finish. Note that products that focus on anti-aging and lash growth are less effective at thickening lashes.

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Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup, a New York-based beauty brand, was founded in 2016. It is designed for cool girls who love design, art, music, and even punk, and advocates no-fussy beauty. Milk Makeup is dedicated to offering easy-to-use makeup products that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free, safe for everyone, even those with sensitive skin. Milk Makeup believes beauty isn’t about how you create your look, it’s what you do in it that matters.

The brand introduces eyelash growth serums that help stimulate the hair follicles, promoting and conditioning lashes and eyebrows for a healthy, shiny look. Composed of 90% natural ingredients, the eyelash growth serum is very gentle and safe to use, fragrance and paraben-free for sensitive eyes. The official claims that initial results can be seen after four weeks and ideal results can be achieved after twelve weeks.

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Shiseido produces eyelash growth serums that make eyelashes look elegant and thick. The key ingredient, Arginine, helps restore the condition of eyelashes. With advanced technology and moisturizing formula, these eyelash growth serums leave lashes long, voluminous, shiny and healthy.

Users with short eyelashes can use the eyelash growth serum made by Shiseido and the results can be seen in about 8 weeks. Some of its eyelash growth serums will come with a flock-tipped applicator that easily reaches the small area between lashes and into the lash line. Although these serums have been tested by ophthalmologists, some users have complained of a burning sensation and redness on their eyelids after application, so please use them with caution.

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RevitaLash Cosmetics

RevitaLash Cosmetics began in 2006 with one product created by Dr. Brinkenhoff, who wished to help his beloved wife feel beautiful throughout her brave battle with breast cancer. The company sells a variety of products aimed at enhancing the health and look of eyelashes, brows, and hair. Over the years, thousands of spas, salons, and specialists have endorsed its products, proving them to be essential goods for both professional and at-home use.

RevitaLash Cosmetics introduces eyelash growth serums featuring scientifically advanced technology. These eyelash growth serums can strengthen, condition and fortify lashes, as well as defend against lash loss, protect against environmental damage and leave lashes shiny and healthy. The formula is oil-free, paraben-free and gluten-free. It has also been tested by dermatologists and is safe for sensitive eyes. These eyelash growth serums are a bit pricey, so they are recommended for those on a budget.

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Lashfood was founded in 2010 by Faith Kim and her mother, Jane, as a natural alternative to chemical-based lash enhancers and commercial eyelash extensions. Today, the line includes boosting serums, lash primer, and a one-of-a-kind makeup removal pen, among other items for healthy eyes and lashes. Lashfood is on a mission to produce the most effective product with the cleanest ingredients possible.

Lashfood launched the world's first and only Ecocert-certified eyelash growth serum. Using the patented ingredient Phyto-Medic Complex, the eyelash growth serum can nourish and moisturize eyelashes, making them look longer, thicker and with a healthy shine. The eyelash growth serum is dermatologist tested and suitable for most people. The ingredients contained have been evaluated by authorities, most of which are derived from natural sources. The packaging is made of sustainable materials. Eyelash growth serums under this brand are expensive, but they really work wonders.

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Dr. Scott Wasserman, a US physician, founded Cosmetic Alchemy in 2007. It is the parent company and distributor of the famous lash and brow conditioning serums LiLash and LiBrow, as well as a pioneer in the cosmetics market specializing in true and natural beauty. It has over a million loyal consumers who have had their lashes and brows naturally enhanced with its products.

LiLash is dedicated to developing the most effective eyelash growth serums, using plant extracts from glycerin, panthenol and apricot seeds. These high-quality eyelash growth serums can nourish the eyelash follicles and increase the length, thickness and curl of the lashes. The ingredients are natural and free of parabens and alcohol. The eyelash growth serum is ophthalmologist tested and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. The eyelash growth serum will show visible results after three months of use.

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RapidLash was founded in 2008 with the mission of "Bringing Consumers Heroic Solutions for Life's Inconveniences." The company offers a variety of unique and inventive goods. RapidLash was the first company to bring an eyelash serum to the mass market in 2008, and it has remained a market leader ever since. It has been recognized by satisfied customers and industry professionals all around the world, and it has gone on to get nominations and numerous prestigious beauty awards.

RapidLash introduces eyelash growth serums formulated with advanced peptides to help strengthen weak, feeble, sparse, or short lashes. Notably, the innovative formula HEXATEIN® 1 COMPLEX and a combination of peptides, biotin, panthenol, amino acids, soybean oil, and pumpkin seed extract condition can help to moisturize and strengthen lashes. Rich in vitamins and proteins, these ingredients can lock in moisture and nutrients to help restore strength, health, and shine to lashes. However, some people have complained of a burning sensation and redness on their eyelids after application. For this reason, sensitive eyes should use with caution.

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Grande Cosmetics

Alicia Grande launched Grande Cosmetics in 2008 with the GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum. It sells lash serums, volumizing mascaras, pucker-perfecting lipsticks and glosses, and other cosmetics. The brand pledges to keep bringing items to market that help women appear and feel like a younger, more beautiful version of themselves, as it is dedicated to creating cosmetic necessities for a perfect face.

Grande Cosmetics presents eyelash growth serums formulated with vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids that help promote longer, thicker lashes while nourishing and protecting dry, brittle lashes for a healthier look. Simply apply once a day above the upper lash line on the eyelid, then wait for it to dry. For regular use, you can get a wonderful eye look with the eyelash growth serum. The brand's eyelash growth serums have received accolades from prestigious magazines such as Newbeauty, Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.

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Founded in the United States, HairGenics is a relatively low-key brand with products of high quality. It is well received and by the public and sells quite well. The brand was able to assure customers that any product they purchased was authentic and that it came directly from the HairGenics warehouse. With fewer counterfeit products encroaching on its market, HairGenics has seen a rapid increase in sales and a rise in customer satisfaction.

With cutting-edge technology and years of clinical research, HairGenics introduces premium eyelash growth serums. These eyelash growth serums use premium natural ingredients, including the brand's patented eyelash growth peptides and biotin, to lengthen and volumize lashes. Some serums come with applicators that are small, precise and easy to use. The brand's eyelash growth serums were proven by scientists that can offer visible results usually within two months.

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Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden was established by Ms. Arden in the United States in 1910. The brand is a world-renowned cosmetics and perfume company. Classic perfumes and creams have been popular in Europe and the United States since launched in the 1930s. Elizabeth Arden was praised by the American Allure magazine as "a skincare product that can stand the test of time".

Elizabeth Arden's eyelash growth serums are clinically tested. Within two weeks, you'll have longer, fuller lashes. These eyelash growth serums are lightweight, can be absorbed quickly upon application and can have a positive effect on anti-aging. Its formula contains Idebenone, a super antioxidant that visibly eliminates wrinkles and sun-damaged skin. These eyelash growth serums use an exclusive tripeptide complex to make lashes look full, healthy and shiny. As far as price is concerned, these eyelash growth serums are more expensive and are therefore recommended for those on a budget.

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