The 11 Best Eyebrow Powders of 2022

Grace Hannigan
Jan 13, 2022

You should start with the details to create a perfect look. Brow powder is a versatile product to set makeup after the eyebrow pencil with natural and long-lasting effect. We use brow powder with eyebrow pencil to make our eyebrows look thicker and fuller. Use the eyebrow pencil to contour your brows, and fill in them with the brow powder, then you will get fuller and more textured brows. Makeup artist Melanie Rud said that no makeup artist would deny the importance of shaping brows whether for light or heavy makeup looks, and most makeup artists would keep an eyebrow pencil and a box of brow powder in their bags.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Anastasia Beverley Hills, benefit, SUQQU, Urban Decay and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect brow powder, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • 2. Benefit
  • 3. SUQQU
  • 5. IPSA
  • 6. M·A·C
  • 7. Ettusais
  • 10. NYX
  • 11. Too Faced

Anastasia Beverly Hills

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS is an American cosmetics company founded in 1997 by Anastasia Soare when she opened her flagship salon in Beverly Hills, which is best known for its eyebrow products. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS started with eyebrow products, and then expanded the product line gradually. Available in 11 shades, the brow powder is easy to shade to achieve a natural and full eyebrows.

Brow Powder Duo, a two-shade eyebrow powder compact, is the best selling product. It is available in 11 shade duos that people with different skin tone can fined an ideal shade here. Firstly, fill in the front of your brow with the lighter shade of eyebrow powder. Then, use the darker shade of powder to fill in your eyebrow from the arch to the tail. The highly-pigmented Brow Powder Duo helps leave a three-dimensional and seamless look.

Brow Pro Palette is designed for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts. It integrates all eleven shades of the Brow Powder Duos and wax brow primer into one, and you can blend then to match your hair color. However, Brow Pro Palette is not easy to carry due to its large size.

Brow powder can be used as a shadow powder, hairline powder, and contour. Neither brow powder and Brow Pro Palette don’t contain an eyebrow brush, and you need to buy it separately.

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"Benefit" was founded by Jane Ford in 1976. Jane Ford and her twin sister Jean Ford opened a boutique in the San Francisco Bay Area called "The Face Place", and initially selling some self-made skin care products and cosmetics. The products of Benefit have been sold in about 600 counters in 10 countries around the world. Moreover, Benefit, Guerlain, MAKE UP FOR EVER, and Fenty Beauty are all under LVMH Group. Benefit is more suitable for young girls with its cute style.

BENEFIT FOOLPROOF BROW POWDER is suitable for makeup beginners. With a unique eyebrow-shaped pan, the light-to-dark shade mimics the gradual look of natural brows. It allows beginners to choose shades according to their needs. BENEFIT FOOLPROOF BROW POWDER is easy to blend, which helps leave a natural look.

BENEFIT BROW ZINGS integrates eyebrow powder and wax into one, which not only helps shape brows, but also create a three-dimensional and long-lasting eyebrow makeup.

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SUQQU is a Japanese cosmetics brand that features on skin care. The SUQQU high-quality products can brighten the complexion and work for all skin tones.

With low saturation, the SUQQU 3D CONTROL EYEBROW helps achieve a natural and matte finish. And you may look younger after applying. The SUQQU 3D CONTROL EYEBROW has a fine texture, which is easy to apply. It is available in 2 shades. However, if you want to create more three-dimensional brows, you can choose brow pencils. SUQQU 3D CONTROL EYEBROW is packed with two brushes to achieve natural brows.

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URBAN DECAY is an American brand founded by Wende Zomnir in 1996, and was acquired by L'Oréal Group in 2012. With bold and fashionable colors and distinctive styles, URBAN DECAY features on creative makeup.

The Brow Box paired two classic shades and setting wax, which helps improve the staying power of brow powder when applying together. So the Brow Box is suitable for people who stay outsides for a long time. It has a moderate hardness and is packed with comprehensive tools, achieving a seamless finish. The use-friendly brow powder is also suitable for makeup beginners. Urban Decay brow powder offers a good bendability and is easy to blend, which can be used as a contour. However, with a small pre-set brush, it is not easy to shade; so it is recommended to buy a big brush separately. Urban Decay brow powder is available in 6 shades, from bronze to deep gray.

With a unique and avant-garde package, the Brow Box is packed with an exquisite mirror and eyebrow tools, which is convenient to apply.

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IPSA is a Japanese well-known skin care brand under Shiseido, and products are sold in beauty counters. Unlike regular three-shade eyebrow powder, IPSA brow powder contains orange and pink to “correct” finely the shade of eyebrows.

With a gentle and elegant hue, the IPSA Eyebrow Creative Palette can match various hair colors. It also can blend well into your skin to achieve a natural finish. The Eyebrow Creative Palette has a low pigment and is easy to correct brow shape, which is suitable for makeup beginners. You can apply it as a contour to the under-brows and on both sides of the nose areas with the dark brown shade of powder. However, the Eyebrow Creative Palette is designed for smudge large area, and it can’t define a more three-dimensional eyebrow makeup.

It should be noted that IPSA brow powder has a weak staying power, and it may easy to melt down when sweating. You’d better use eyebrow gel/mascara after applying.

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MAC is a brand co-founded by professional makeup artist, photographer Frank Toskan, and Frank Angelo who runs a chain of hair salons in Toronto in 1985. MAC was acquired by Estee Lauder Group in 1998. MAC always surprises people for its avant-garde style and bold colors.

MAC GREAT BROWS contains two matte browns and one shimmering cream color. The lightest shade of powder can be used as a highlighter, which helps achieve a natural look with glow. And people who have  on camera needs are worth considering. The compact GREAT BROWS is easy to color thanks to its soft texture and high pigment, which is suitable for creating a more three-dimensional finish. The GREAT BROWS is available in 6 shades, and the best selling shade TAUPE can match diverse makeup styles. Moreover, the highlighter is also standout.

However, the GREAT BROWS has a weak oil-proof and waterproof ability. It is recommended to apply a setting spray to avoid melt down.

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Ettusais is a young Japanese brand under Shiseido established in1991, and has become one of the most popular brands for young girls. Ettusais brow powder is encased in a tube, and you can apply it like a lip glaze.

The water-proof Natural powder brow liner is easy to outline brows quickly and naturally, which is suitable for people use in daily life. The Natural powder brow liner always creates a matte eyebrow finish, and you may look gentler after applying.

The highly-pigmented Natural powder brow liner is a one-shade powder, and you need pay attention to take a decent amount when applying. Plus, the Natural powder brow liner is more recommended for people with sophisticated skills and who need to correct color after eyebrow tattooing rather than makeup beginners. 

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Maybelline was founded by chemist T.L.Williams in New York in 1917, and he combined his sister’s name with Vaseline. With colorful packaging, this brand integrates urban fashion and street culture to its concept. Maybelline products have withstood the test of time and is still popular among young generations. Moreover, Maybelline is synonymous with well-known and cost-effective.

The highly-pigmented Fashion Brow 3D Palette integrates rich wax and compact brow powder into one, which offers an excellent staying power and high saturation. You need to comb the brows before applying. Although the brow wax helps leave a cool and concise look, it is not recommended to shade the tip of the brow with deep color wax. And the lightest shade can be applied to the tip of the brow and wing of nose.

It should be noted that you’d better not mixed use the brushes. However, the Fashion Brow 3D Palette has a plastic package, which is easy to wear out. It not contains a mirror, which is not convenient to touch up outside.

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BOBBI BROWN is a professional makeup brand founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown in New York in 1991. BOBBI BROWN pursues a natural, simple, and translucent makeup finish, which is known as the "Queen of creating a no-makeup look in Hollywood".

Bobbi Brown BROW KIT contains skin-like shades in natural styles. It helps achieve a fuller and three-dimensional brows after repeated application. Bobbi Brown is an ideal choice for people who pursue a no-makeup look. Although without pearlscent particles, Bobbi Brown BROW KIT offers two complementary shades of powder for creating fuller and three-dimensional look. However, Bobbi Brown BROW KIT is not pressed tightly, and you may not avoid feathering when applying with a hard mini brush. And you’d better match with a fluffy brush.

As a non-drugstore eyebrow product, Bobbi Brown BROW KIT only comes in 2 regular shades, which is suitable for daily use.

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NYX is an American professional makeup brand founded in 1999. Although it is an open-shelf brand, it produces a wide range of high-quality products with good price. NYX features on fascinating and highly-pigmented colors in young style.

The EYEBROW CAKE POWDER includes a pair of complementary powders and wax. The brow powder offers a high pigment, while the wax has a setting ability. You don’t worry about melting down even meeting water. It also very suitable for contouring the face, leaving a smoky makeup. NYX EYEBROW CAKE POWDER is available in 5 shades, which helps achieve various makeup finish.

Unfortunately, the surface of the EYEBROW CAKE POWDER may be hard after having been opened for a long time. You need to clean the surface frequently to get powder easily. With a simple package, it is easy to wear. However, the EYEBROW CAKE POWDER doesn’t contain a mirror, which is not suitable for touching up outside.

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Too Faced

Too faced is a famous American makeup brand founded in 1998, and has been favored by Hollywood actress. As an interesting brand with rich shades, Too faced launched food-themed eyeshadow palette and colorful blushes, which has become popular on social media. Too Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit contains various elements that girls love, such as pink, gold, and lace embossment.

The soft Too Faced brow wax not only can enhance the brow shape but also can adhere to the skin perfectly. Too Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit integrates deep shade, light shade, and highlighting shade into one, and the light brown powder has a greenish hue. Too Faced Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit includes 3 brow stencils, and makeup beginners can mimic first, and then adjust the brow shape to create an ideal look.

The drawback of Too Faced products is its quality. It may suddenly fall down or clump, so people have mixed comments on it.

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