The 20 Best Eye Serums of 2022

Maia Carter
Jan 13, 2022

Eye serum is an eye care product that is more effective, fluid and refreshing than eye cream, and is easily absorbed by the skin around the eyes. Besides, it has a higher concentration to effectively tighten the skin. Eye serum works well on relieving fine lines, dark circles, sagging and puffiness on mature eye skin. And if you are not on a strict budget, it is recommended to pair eye serum with eye cream. If your eye skin is not that bad, eye serum can help replenish moisture to the skin, alleviate eye fatigue, increase skin elasticity, and prevent dark circles and eye bags. Beckham’s makeup artist Melanie Grant once recommended the eye serum to Victoria Beckham and received her positive review, “Eye serum is refreshing. It accurately smooths fine lines, removes swelling and dark circles, and quickly brightens the eye area. This is beyond.”

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Revive, La Prairie, LA MER and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect eye serum, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Révive
  • 2. La Prairie
  • 3. LA MER
  • 4. NIOD
  • 5. NaturaBissé
  • 6. Chantecaille
  • 9. SkinCeuticals
  • 10. LANCÔME
  • 11. Helena Rubinstein
  • 12. Estée Lauder
  • 13. CLINIQUE
  • 14. Elizabeth Arden
  • 15. Olay
  • 16. Kiehl's
  • 17. SHISEIDO
  • 18. Sisley
  • 19. CLARINS
  • 20. L'Oréal Paris


ReVive anti-aging eye serum can nourish the skin, improve lymphatic circulation, effectively fill epidermal collagen, reduce sagging and shriveled state around eye area, and restore skin’s elasticity. This eye serum is a multi-effects product, which can tighten your eye skin, prevent the formation of fine lines, smooth wrinkles. Beside, it has good whitening function as well, which can visibly reduce dark circles. Moreover, it can moisturize your eye skin. The texture is a little bit of thick, but it still fluid and good to bend into your skin.  

ReVive eye serum is a high performance item thanks to its powerful anti-aging effect.

If you have needs for anti-aging around your eyes, then this serum is a ideal choice. It can address multiple skin problems, such as smooth wrinkle, sagging skin around your eyes. Plus, this product will bring a new experience and achieve better results when combined with any anti-aging eye cream.

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La Prairie

La Prairie is a skin care brand from Switzerland established in 1978. La Prairie has pursued its vision of timeless beauty constantly, now it has became a legend. Combine with well-selected precious ingredients, advanced biotechnology and cellular life essences, La Prairie made luxurious products.

With comprehensive efficacy, the Platinum Rare Cellular Eye Essence is more suitable for mature skin. A variety of antioxidants and plant extracts was added to keep your eye skin in good state and stable. With high moisturizing ability, the texture is sticky, but it offers good bendability, long-lasting moisturizing effect and comfortable skin feelings. Plus, it can reduce some dry lines. However, a hefty of preservatives are added to its formula, so it’s irritating to some people with sensitive skins and cause allergic symptoms such as tingling and redness. So it’s recommended to test on part of your skin before using.

La Prairie is known for its anti-aging ingredients with powerful effects. And it has launched a few eye care products, specially with more eye creams. But the process of developing new eye serum is not fast, so we look forward to release more new products.


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The Lifting Eye Serum changed the stereotype of La Mer, which can reduce puffiness, soothe and moisturize your eye skin, and reduce fine lines as well as prevent dry and sagging skin around your eyes. When it comes to anti-allergy and calmness, La Mer definitely is an expert, which can be reflected from the functionality of its eye serum.   

Other plant extracts are added to effectively alleviate redness, puffiness and itching of your skin. The texture of this moisturizing eye serum is as light as gel, and easy to spread on your face and can be absorbed quickly. It is suitable for moisturizing around your eye area before makeup. With good moisture effects, it can be used directly in summer. It’s advised to use with eye cream to achieve better results in winter.

In terms of price, La Mer Lifting Eye Serum is much higher than that of La Prairie Caviar Eye Serum. However, when taking efficacy into consideration, its performance is relatively not low. If you are looking for a anti-aging item for your eye skin, then it’s worthy to buy the serum of La Mer as long as you have sufficient budget.


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FECC Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate is a painstaking work of NIOD, which aims to integrate moisturizing, puffiness and wrinkle reduction, firming, lifting and anti-dullness into one, so it’s a comprehensive anti-aging product for eye skin. The product contains various patent and functional ingredients, which inhibit the formation of dynamic lines, reduce dark circles and puffiness, and help dry and shrunken skin to restore elasticity and reveal fullness around your eyes. Besides, it also has a whitening effect. Overall, it’s an excellent anti-aging masterpeiece for eye skin if you are mature skin aged over 30+. This eye essence is very moisturizing, translucent, non-sticky and non-drying. It is suitable for morning and evening. With comfortable skin feel, luxurious ingredients and proportion as well as relatively low price, this serum is a high performance product.

NIOD advocates that the effect of medical aesthetics and micro-plastic surgery can be achieved by applying products instead of surgery and injections. The concept sounds quite ambitious. The product mainly solves the aging problems such as dry skin, various fine lines and sagging skin, but it is not as effective as medical beauty. NIOD products are safe and mild and suitable for all skin types, and even for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

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The Diamond Drops Eye Essence from Diamond series claims to wipe away dry lines and dark circles. retinol and retinoids are added to repair your skin around eye area, reduce epidermal pigment, inhibit sebum production and photoaging hazards, and prevent the formation of dark circles. Likewise, its moisturizing effect is also stunning. But the lifting and firming effect is slightly inferior to NIOD and Révive, so Diamond Drops Eye Essence is more suitable for premature skin. With light but moisturizing texture, it offers comfortable feeling. However, it contains a lot of preservatives, which is not friendly to sensitive skin and should be avoided for pregnant women.

NaturaBissé regards anti-aging as its top priority and often have its voice heard with scientific research. NaturaBissé advocates skin nourishment instead of micro-treatment. The brand focuses on addressing aging problems in all aspects, such as reduce wrinkles, lifting and firming, and brightening skin tone. A number of skin care patents were developed by them. Now it has become a "global anti-aging pioneer."

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Nano Gold Eye Essence can effectively smooth fine lines, moisturize and repair your eye skin, and prevent the formation and deepening of dark circles. But the whitening effect is very average. The eye essence has a roller head design with moist texture and light and cool skin feeling. It doesn’t make you feel heavy when using with other care products together. The Nano-Gold Eye Essence is pricy, but it’s an excellent eye essence with powerful effects and comfortable skin feeling, so overall performance is not low.

In order to promote the absorption of this nutritious essence, you need to clean your face before application. This eye serum is still highly recommended by many beauty enthusiasts despite its expensive price, so it’s really worth trying.

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The EGF EYE SERUM is the product with the highest proportion of EGF growth factor, which can help against skin-aging, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, eliminate puffiness around your eyes. In order to prevent multiple and complex formula from affecting the effectiveness of EGF, this simplified formula abandoned fragrances and other chemical agents, only ten kinds of ingredients were added, so it’s extremely safe and even can be used by sensitive skin and pregnant women. Whitening and brightening are not the strong points of EGF eye essence. It is more suitable for women aged over 30+ with high demand for reducing eye wrinkles and anti-aging . The the texture of gel-like eye essence is moisturizing and refreshing, so it can work with eye cream and won’t affect follow-up makeup. Overall, it is an excellent eye care product with basic moisturizing effect.

Different from other brands of EGF extraction sources, BIOEFFECT’s EGF is mainly derived from barley, which makes the extraction more pure and safer. With advanced gene technology as its core competitiveness, it can make unstable EGF more steady, thus prolonging its activity. For this reason, BIOEFFECT became a leading authority in the application of EGF ingredients and far surpasses its competitors.

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The French perfume house Guerlain was born in 1828 and it’s a member of Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton Group (LVMH Group), a very famous company in the skin care industry. For over 100 years, Guerlain has established its brand status both in France and the world for its unique aristocratic temperament and high quality guarantee.

Radiance Eye Serum belongs to Guerlain's highest-grade series, namely, Orchidée Impériale Brightening Series, which is very suitable for mature skin. It can smooth your eye skin, leaving elegant fragrance and make you feel nourished. This essence bottle looks like a work of art and the price is pretty high, so it’s a luxury skin care product. This eye essence is formulated with lotion-like light texture, but it’s very moisturizing and easy to spread on your eye areas. It will also make dry or combination skin feel very comfortable even apply another eye cream together.

Abeille Royale Multi-Wrinkle Minimizer Eye Cream is mainly composed of honey, including Quessant black bee honey and exclusive royal jelly. It can enhance the skin's own repair ability and moisturize the skin around your eyes according to its official claims. This eye essence is suitable for almost any ages. With translucent and fine texture, it’s very easy to spread. It won’t make oily skin or combination skin feel greasy in summer. It’s easy to use and portable, so make it an ideal choice for business travelers.

Guerlain Eye Essence was loved by numerous female fans and keeps holding its position of the best sales for many years after its release. However, you are advised to take your skin type and eye conditions into consideration before choosing the right eye essence that fit you the best.


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AOX+ EYE GEL is mainly to prevent premature signs of aging caused by photoaging. It works to fix three kinds of skin problems, which are dullness, fine lines and puffiness around the eyes. This eye gel can drain excess water and reduce dark circles caused by poor blood circulation. The AOX+ EYE GEL is a serum-in-a-gel that make you feel refreshing once applied to your eye area, but the moisturizing is not so good, so you need to use it with another eye cream or facial cream in autumn and winter. As it can satisfy the needs for anti-aging, so the overall performance is not low.

For those young females who often work and exposed to outdoors, AOX+ EYE GEL

can alleviate the damage caused by the sunlight and delay the effects of photoaging. Besides, if you often stay up late and have dark circle and puffiness concerns, you can buy the eye serums with confidence.


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 Lancome Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Illuminator has became a popular hero product for the inclusion of nutritious ingredients for eyelash. With caffeine, it helps reduce puffiness and dark circles under your eye. But it’s not hydrated enough to satisfy the need for mature skin. It is more suitable for young females who suffer from puffiness frequently.

With slight impact on the prevention and improvement of dry lines, so it is recommended to use it with highly moisturizing eye cream. But some individuals may feel uncomfortable while using them together. However, compared with The Ordinary Eye Serum, this Lancome eye Illuminator is milder and safer.

To be frank, this essence doesn’t improve the problem of dark circles as we expected, but it will brighten your eye skin. The fluid essence will dry out quickly, so you’d better do a quick massage around your eye.

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Helena Rubinstein

In 2017, the brand launched its Prodigy Reversis The Eye Surconcentrate , which integrates wrinkle-reduction, puffiness-reduction, firming, whitening, and moisturizing into one. It contains De-ageing moleculeTM to accelerate cell renewal, so it has extraordinary effect on diminishing under-eye bags. But the effect of reducing dark circles is not so obvious as it official claims to be. This gel-like eye serum has good moisturizing effect, leaving the skin supple and comfortable. Plus, it’s very easy to spread and be absorbed by the skin around your eyes, so it is a popular eye product.

If we compare Helena eye essence with other luxury brands, such as La Mer, La Prairie and Révive, then the efficacy is not powerful enough to make it stand out. However, it still win the competition if compared with other high performance brands, such as Kiehl's and Olay. So for those who have the needs for anti-aging with premature skin and sufficient budget, then Helena eyes essence is worthy to try.


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Estée Lauder

With milky white gel texture, the Advanced Night Repair Eye is very moisturizing and enjoys good bendability, so it’s very easy to spread and make your skin feel refreshing. A hefty dose of moisturizers were added to prevent and improve dry lines. However, it’s not hydrated enough to be used in winter, so we recommend to use it with eye cream.

Moisturizing is the basic function of Advanced Night Repair Eye, and brightening is one of the core benefits, which can improve pigmented dark circles. The official also claims that the essence can eliminate puffiness, but the effect is not significant. The possibility of allergy caused by the Advanced Night Repair Eye is a little bit high. Some users have symptoms such as redness, swelling and and itching around the eyes after application. So it’s not suitable for sensitive skin and other users also need to test first before purchasing.

There is no obvious difference between eye cream and eye essence. In term of the texture, typically, eye cream is thicker and moisturizing, while eye cream is lighter. Eye cream may cause fat particles for oily skin types or using in summer, then you may try eye serum instead of eye cream.

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In 2014, Clinique launched the Smart Series, which expect to be a all-star skin care product that integrates moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory, improving skin tone, brightening dullness and anti-aging into one. Among them, the Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment has became a centerpiece of Clinique. Another upgraded version was launched in 2016, which discards irritating ingredients while maintaining the similar formula. So this product is milder and can be used by pregnant women without worry. This eye essence has a powerful whitening effect and can reduce dark spots. On the whole, this eye serum is suitable for all skin types and is very friendly to those with sensitive skin and delicate skin around the eyes.

However, the eye care essence doesn’t have anti-aging and wrinkle-removing effect except basic moisturizing benefit. So it’s suitable for users with sensitive skin and healthy eye skin. Besides, it’s easy to be carried for people on business trips thanks to its small and slim bottle.

Clinique offers a verity of products for options, you may choose according to your skin types.


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Elizabeth Arden

The Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum increases moisturization and helps anti-oxidation. It gives a smooth feeling while applying to your skin. With oily-like texture, it’s quite easy to spread and helps to smooth skin and protect skin from dehydration upon application. With long-lasting moisturizing effect, it has a certain effect on improving dry eye lines and skin-aging problems, so it’s suitable for non-oily skin. The overall formula of the eye serum is mild, but some users may experience allergies such as tingling, redness and swelling. It is recommended to test in advance.

PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum retains its anti-aging features while inhibiting inflammation and reducing pigmentation. It can moisturize the dedicate skin around your eyes, but its skin feeling is not so good. The bendability of sticky eye serum is average and it’s not so smooth as eye capsules.

Eye skin is undoubtedly the most fragile skin on the entire face, so it needs to be treated specially with tender. Because of it contains low fat, so it’s prone to have aging symptoms such as sagging and wrinkles. Except the basic moisturizing effect, mature skin have higher requirements for eye skin care, such as firming, lifting, reducing wrinkles and anti-aging as well as and brightening. With comprehensive effects, both of these two eye serums can satisfy this multi-tasking needs, so they are very suitable for mature skin types.



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The REGENERIST MAX is an anti-aging series with three types of serums for options.

Whitening ingredients are added to brighten the skin around the eyes if using it for long-term period. This REGENERIST MAX series is a translucent emulsion with light and watery texture, and it can moisturize your skin without sticky. But it’s not hydrated enough for mature skin or dry skin, so other products still need to be used together to achieve better results. Beside, it doesn’t have visible effects on reducing wrinkles and brightening the skin around your eyes.

If you have fine crow’s feet lines around your eyes, then you should treat it seriously and as early as you can. When wrinkles is getting deeper, then it will take extra long time to reduce it effectively. OLAY eye serum is very affordable and can be used as a daily routine.


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The Powerful-Strength Dark Circle Reducing Vitamin C Eye Serum is the most prominent one among its eye essence products. It brightens the skin around your eyes and helps anti-oxidant. This eye serum is very smooth to spread on your face even though the fluidity is low. It is suitable for oily or combination skin. But for dry skin and even sensitive skin, the ingredients in the formula are prone to cause allergy symptoms, such as tingling, thus putting an unnecessary burden on the fragile skin around your eyes.

The Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum helps support skin’s own natural protective barrier and protect it from environmental damage, but it won’t visibly lift and firm your skin as they claimed. This eye serum is formulated to moisturize and reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by dryness. With silky texture, it gives good skin feeling. It very suitable for dry skin and sensitive skin.

For 160 years, Kiehl's has accumulated unique experience in the fields of skin care, pharmacy, herbs and medicine, and has become a world-renowned legendary brand for its high-quality products and services that have been passed down through generations.


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The Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate has been well received since its launch. It can be used as a basic moisturizer and gives refreshing skin feeling. With gel-like texture, it’s very smooth to spread on your skin and won’t feel greasy even for oily or acne-prone skin. But it’s slightly irritating for sensitive skin, so need to choose carefully.

The eye essence claims to enhance skin immunity, actually it means to protect natural skin barrier from damage and slow down the signs of aging. Skin damage can be analyzed from endogenous and exogenous. The former includes natural aging, inflammatory damage, etc., and the latter includes dust pollution, sun exposure, frequent exfoliation, etc. The effect of enhancing skin immunity through applying skin care products is minimal. There is only thing that skin care products can do is to improve your appearance and help protect your skin barrier and reduce the posssibility of irritation caused by external environment. Therefore, if you’re after a healthy skin, then the primary goal is not to hurt your skin and avoid contact with products containing irritating ingredients.

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Sisley launched Supremÿa Eyes at Night Eye Serum in 2014, which also blends multiple plant-based ingredients and it earned a good reputation for its exquisite design and excellent skin feeling. However, the functionality is very basic, but the price is a little bit pricey.So it’s more suitable for those who are looking for excellent customers experience with sufficient budget. There is no obvious change to the skin around your eyes after application. But if you are a huge fan of Sisley and only expect to maintain your current skin conditions, then it still worthy trying. So if you attach great importance to efficacy and cost-effectiveness, then you may feel disappointed.

Sisley always adhere to the philosophy of restoring original beauty by enhancing the functionality of the skin itself. With high quality products, Sisley earned a good reputation among royal families, from Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, to the former French President Mrs. Tiska, etc., and unexceptionally they all love and respect for Sisley skin care products.


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Clarins has launched Serum Grands Yeux Eye Essence for fragile skin around the eyes, which makes you feel refreshing and moisturizing and offers comfortable experience.

The Serum Grands Yeux blends a variety of humectants with semi-translucent gel texture, which is light and moist and forms a protective film on the skin surface and promote eye micro-circulation. Plus, the fragrance is subtle. It’s suitable for young skin with moisturizing needs and helpful to promote circulation. But you may feel disappointed if you expect to firm and reduce wrinkles around your eyes. You can choose a better eye essence with specific benefits with the same budge.

Clarins has always try to bring soothing and enjoyable skin care experience. Due to mild and non-irritating formula, its products can be used for sensitive skin and even pregnant women. In recent years, it has been loved by many beauty enthusiasts. Clarins believes that different areas of the skin need to be treated individually, specially for combination skin types as their oily T-zone is quite different from dry cheeks.


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L'Oréal Paris

The Youth Code Eye Essence can eliminate puffiness, brighten dullness, reduce under-eye dark circles, and diminish fine lines. But the brightening effect is not prominent. With refreshing texture, this roller head design can promote the absorption of the eye essence. The moisturizing effect is pretty good. Besides, this fluid eye essence is very light and translucent without feeling heavy, and it can also be used as pre-makeup care without affecting the makeup finish. However, it is only suitable for users with healthy skin due to the inclusion of ethanol. With affordable price, the Youth Code Eye Essence is very suitable for young users aged around 20 years old. Like other entry-level product, it’s suitable for those who have never used eye essence before. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a better eye essence if you are over 25 years old.

In terms of the speed of upgrading its products, L'Oréal Paris can be referred to as a diligent model worker in the beauty industry. But most of the products received less praises from the public, this making L'Oreal Paris gradually gloomy.

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