The 20 Best Eye Cream Brands of 2022

Lecea Hudson
Feb 25, 2022

As we grow older, our facial skin gradually ages, and eye skin problems become more distinct. Eye cream is the most commonly used skin care product that boosts the skin’s ability to retain moisture and restores skin barriers. Many eye creams are infused with active and natural ingredients to tighten eye skin, remove dark circles, and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Amy Ross said, “The best time to start using eye creams is before you think you need one. It’s easier to prevent than correct, so I recommend purchasing eye creams since your 20’s. For the best result, use it twice a day.”

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like LA MER, La Prairie, VALMONT and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect eye cream, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. LA MER
  • 2. La Prairie
  • 3. VALMONT
  • 4. Estée Lauder
  • 5. LANCÔME
  • 7. Clé de Peau Beauté
  • 8. POLA
  • 9. Sisley
  • 10. SK-Ⅱ
  • 11. Helena Rubinstein
  • 12. Révive
  • 13. L'Oréal Paris
  • 14. CLARINS
  • 15. ELIXIR
  • 16. NeoStrata 
  • 17. FILORGA
  • 18. Kiehl's
  • 19. Annemarie Börlind 
  • 20. RoC


La Mer facial creams are famous for soothing and calming benefits. And its eye cream also retain appropriate composition system of its facial creams and it has became a classic item in the eye care field for many years. The exclusive core ingredient of La Mer Eye Cream is Miracle Broth, which was extracted from seaweed extract. The algae in the ocean is a  treasure of natural biological active ingredients, which have moisturizing, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, thus offering soothing and calming effects for its entire skin care lineup.

With the blends of the highest concentration of Miracle Broth and 24K gold, the Eye & Expression Cream has outstanding anti-aging effects and leaves impressive usage feeling for those aged over 30 years old. The bottle has a unique design and looks transparent, so it can be given as a gift.

The Eye Concentrate Eye Serum targets dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness skin problems around your eyes It helps maintain skin’s elasticity, and reduce eye puffiness and  restore fullness around the eyes. So it is suitable for use in winter. 

As moisturizing is the cornerstone of all skin care, so La Mer takes great importance to hydration. If you keep your skin hydrated, then it cannot only maintain a stable water supply  in the skin, delivers a bright and smooth skin feeling, but also help protects natural skin barrier and reduce the possibility of inflammation and allergy.

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La Prairie

La Prairie eye cream has a clear positioning strategy and focuses on anti-aging. La Prairie stand out from the vast market of skin care industry for its perfection combination of eye cream and eye serum. Many people are attracted for its anti-aging effect as rich and luxurious ingredients are added to La Mer eye cream.

The Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream is the proudest product of La Prairie. According to its official claims, it can moisturize and nourish, enhance skin shape, and also have a good effect on improving puffiness. Typically it’s used to improve pseudo-wrinkles on the skin for  premature skin or mature skin. However, the texture is relatively heavy, so it more suitable to use at night before going to bed.

 Both diamond powder and platinum powder are added to its formula of La Prairie Radiance Cellular Eye Cream, which define the luxurious and unique tone for eye cream. With excellent anti-oxidant and moisturizing effects, it delays cell aging, promotes collagen synthesis, soothes the muscle under your eye and reduces fine lines. Plus, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can reduce the damage of inflammation to the skin.

Most of people think that La Prairie eye cream moisturizing but heavy, but the bendability is good. It will provide an instant hydrated effect without tightening, so it’s an ideal choice for mature, dry and sensitive skin. It also suitable for oily skin in autumn and winter.



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The famous Swiss-made skin care brand Valmont keeps a low profile compared with La Prairie and La Mer. This is because Valmont initially targeted high-end beauty salons instead of cosmetic retail market, and they only made small investments on promotion and marketing. Started with high-end beauty salons, Valmont pursues a high level of the texture for eye cream, which has a moderately oily feel, enhance the brightness and transparency  around your eye area, and brings a rich and moisturizing feeling.

Valmont L'Elixir Des Glaciers Vos Yeux Eye Cream mainly targets anti-aging problems, which has a comprehensive effects. The texture is hydrated but light-weight, just like an ice cream mousse. It has better bendability compared with La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream and won’t bring excessive burden to the oily skin. Except keeping your skin hydrated, it gives a slightly sense of closed filming, which seals in moisture and maintains the moisture content of the epidermis and reduces dry lines caused by the lack of water supply. It is the best choice for oily skin in summer.

The Valmont AWF5 series has also been upgraded and it was divided into two types of eye creams, namely V-Line Eye Cream and V-Shape Eye Cream. The proportion of active ingredients has been increased compared with previous version. Both of two eye creams have a refreshing and pleasant fragrance. They have multiple-effects, such as skin conditioning, moisturizing, anti-oxidation, maintaining the stability of the skin around your eyes,so they are suitable for combination, dry or sensitive skin.

Indeed, luxury skin care products might not be suitable for everyone. But they attract numerous customers through excellent skin feel, pleasant fragrance, unique stylishness and comfortable service, making them feel worthy.

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Estée Lauder

Founded in 1946, Estee Lauder is one of the world's largest skin care, cosmetics and perfume companies. In December 2018, the "Global Top 500 Brands in 2018" compiled by the World Brand Lab was announced and Estee Lauder ranked 227th.

The Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream is the upgraded version of Estee Lauder Night Repair Eye Cream in 2018 and its core ingredient Bifida Ferment Lysate, which is a mixture that is known to repair the skin, such as enhancing the stability of the skin barrier and resisting the damage caused by UV rays as well as keep the state table around the eye areas.

The Re-Nutriv Radiant White Age-Renewal series take anti-aging as its key feature and it has unique ingredients that are not available in other ordinary eye creams. The platinum series is also the first-ever luxury skin care series in the history. In 1956, ordinary cream was priced at $15, but Re-Nutriv Radiant White Age-Renewal eye cream was sold up to $115.

With profound scientific research and technology, RE-NUTRIV Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Eye Cream became an icon for luxury eye care. RE-NUTRIV Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Eye Cream has complex ingredients and high purity, which reaches the top level of Estee Lauder. The texture is dense and smooth, which is more suitable for mature skin without excess oil and it has good bendability.

With the development of the brand, Estee Lauder has gained a large number of fans, so we highly recommended you to try it.


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Lancome is a French brand founded by Armand Petitjean in 1935. As a world-renowned high-end cosmetics brand, Lancome covers skin care, cosmetics, perfume and other products. It mainly designed for women aged 25 to 40 years old with higher education background and income levels. 

The Advanced Genifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream emphasizes the concept of skin repair. Alcohol is added to enhance the penetration of the eye cream and promote the absorption of active ingredients. It gives more refreshing feels than that of the Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream, which can win the favor of oily and combination skin, but sensitive skin needs to be cautious. The main feature of this eye cream is yeast extract, which claims to resist external stimulation, combat against aging , accelerate the metabolism of keratin and strengthen the microcirculation of the skin around your eyes through the synergistic effect of three kinds of yeasts.

The Absolue Yeux Precious Cells Eyecream is the most popular moisturizing eye cream in recent years. The long-lasting moisturizing effect is double than that of the Advanced Genifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream, so it’s very friendly for dry and sensitive skin. The formula is full of nourishing ingredients and contains Proxylan, an iconic ingredient of L'Oreal Group, which is not available in Estee Lauder eye cream.

According to the experiment data provided by the brand, if you use eye cream twice a day and insist for 4 weeks, then it can reduce the numbers of fine lines and shorten the length of wrinkles. So it’s an ideal choice for people with early expression lines and dry wrinkles. But for deep wrinkles, such as under-eye bags and tear groove lines, the eye cream only provides physical coverage, other functions are minimal.


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Shiseido is a famous Japanese cosmetics brand founded in 1872. As one of the representatives of Japanese skin care products, Shiseido eye creams have their own strengths and have reached the highest level of Japanese eye creams in terms of the stability and safety of formula, skin feel and effects.

The Vital-Perfection Wrinklelift Cream is Shiseido's flagship eye cream and one of the most well-known eye creams on the market. The biggest selling point of eye cream is high-purity retinol, which is known for the expert of anti-wrinkle in the beauty industry. Even though the concentration of retinol skin care products is relatively low and cannot realize the efficacy of prescription drugs, it’s still favored by many consumers who expect to reduce wrinkles. It is worth noting that pregnant women should avoid skin care products with retinol. The water-base eye cream is light, but the moisturizing effect is not so great.

The Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Eye Treatment has a certain effect on reducing dry lines and dynamic expression lines around the eyes. It has a thicker texture than REVITAL Eye Cream without fluid. It’s more hydrated except its anti-wrinkle effects, which is a godsend for dry skin, but it’s not advised to use with other eye care products. Beside, it’s also suitable for oily or combination skin in dry winter.

The Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream is a mild and all-around eye cream. It gives high moisturizing and nutritious benefits. The texture is thick and heavy with strong sense of oily feeling and it improves wrinkles caused by dehydration around the eyes. Therefore, it’s suitable for mature or severe dry skin around the eyes.  

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Clé de Peau Beauté

Born in 1982, CPB is the top-notch brand under Shiseido Group in Japan. So far, CPB has been sold to over 23 countries and regions around the world, and has won a lot of praise and support from customers in these countries.

CPB didn’t develop eye care products as much Shiseido do, only one moisturizing eye cream was updated in March 2019, namely the Enhancing Eye Contour Cream Supreme. Illuminating Complex Ex is an original and exclusive ingredient developed by CPB, which is added to this eye cream. It can reduce the damage to the skin caused by external environment and strengthen the state around your eyes according to its official claims. The patented whitening ingredient 4MSK has a ceartin effect on inhibiting the production of melanin, which is highly expected by the public. The oily feeling of the Enhancing Eye Contour Cream Supreme is unparalleled compared with other Japanese eye creams, which is more moisturizing than the old version. So it’s suitable for mature skin or dry skin around the eyes. However, if you’re oily skin with excess secretion of oil, then this nutritious the Enhancing Eye Contour Cream Supreme will make you feel uncomfortable.  

In recent years, Shiseido's CPB has been gaining strong momentum both in makeup and skin care products. With online social media and excellent user experience, CPB has became a low-key luxury brand, which may rival La Mer in terms of public praise.


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As one of Japanese four major cosmetics companies, POLA has won the "Olympics" IFSCC International Award in the beauty industry for six consecutive years (1996-2012).

Among many series of POLA products, the B.A Skincare Series is the most popular item, which specialized in the research of anti-glycation and anti-aging. They took anti-glycation as the topic and attracted consumers' attention. B.A Eye Zone Cream has high moist and permeability, so you’d better gently massage your fingertips for a few seconds before gliding it all over your eye areas, which helps the cream to emulsify and make it fit your skin better after spreading. It brings a soft, luxurious and smooth touch like cashmere for premature or mature skin, but it’s not friendly to oily skin and can only be used under low humidity environments.

In recent years, the topic of anti-sugar has sparked heated debate on social media. Glycation is an important factor affecting body aging and is an irreversible process. Once the body absorbs excessive sugar, the most worrying thing is the glycemic index. Of course, the content of collagen in the skin will also be affected by excessive sugar, such as the appearance of fine lines, dullness, and roughness around the eyes. And it will also accelerate skin aging and damage the natural skin barrier. The most effective method for glycation is mainly to control sugar intake through diet instead of reducing skin damage by  by applying eye cream, which only has little effect. In addition, long-term sun exposure and environmental pollution will also accelerate skin aging, so there is no need to over-interpret the functionality of glycation.


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In 1976, Sisley a plant-based beauty brand founded by Mr. Earl Donano and his wife. Sisley is one of the skin care companies that made the most in-depth research on plant ingredients and it targets making your daily skin care routine delightful and has little publicity about the effects of active ingredients.

SISLEY SISLEYA L'INTEGRAL ANTI-AGE EYE AND LIP CONTOUR CREAM was launched in 2018, which leaves the skin feeling like velvet and heavy, this cream-like eye and lips cream is especially suitable for dry and mature skin. It has become Sisley's best-selling product since its inception. Unique ingredients are added to provide anti-inflammatory and soothing effects on the skin around your eyes. The roller head design brings delightful usage experience, promotes better skin absorption, and even works to massage the entire face without stripping. SISLEYA L'INTEGRAL ANTI-AGE EYE AND LIP CONTOUR CREAM is recommended to be used between toner and essence.

Sisley takes "physical cosmetology" as its concept. With strong research and development background, it makes a commitment of developing "natural, safe and effective " products and has been pursuing the ultimate excellence to its customers. Sisley took the lead in integrating plant-based essences and botanical essential oils to the products and achieved the best combination of its formula through advanced extraction technology.

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In 1975, while visiting a Sake brewery in Shiga, Japan, Japanese scientist Mr. Takashi Yoshii accidentally discovered that the faces of the elderly women brewers were wrinkled, but their hands were strikingly soft and bright, which gave him the inspiration to start the research and development of Pitera, the core component of SK-II. In 1980, Max Factor Group think highly of this formula and obtained the Pitera formula in that year and  commercialized it. Since then, the product was officially sold and named as "Secret Key To Beautiful Skin". After the 2nd-generation product hit on the market, it was renamed to the abbreviation "SK-II" for the convenience of memory by the public. Later, the SK-II brand was acquired by P&G and its brand name has been used until now.

R.N.A. POWER EYE CREAM RADICAL NEW AGE is a entry-level skin care products of SK-II. With smooth and non-greasy texture, this eye cream is more suitable for combination or oily skin. This light yellow cream has excellent bendability. It won’t make your skin looks shiny after application, and it gives comfortable and non-sticky feelings to oily skin. Besides, it won’t strip moisture for dry skin and hydrated eye products can be used together in winter.

This eye cream belongs to the SK-Ⅱ firming and anti-wrinkle repair series, which increases the demand for anti-aging based on the Pitera. Pitera is the registered trademark of the filtrate of yeast fermentation developed and patented by SK-II, and it is also a money spinner for SK-II. It can improve the metabolism of the skin epidermis, balance oil and adjust skin condition according to its official claims.

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Helena Rubinstein

HR is a top-tier brand under L'Oréal Group. A hefty dose of active ingredients are added to its formula, which can be seen from PRODIGY CELLGLOW - THE RADIANT EYE TREATMENT with patented high-concentration of Proxylane and FORCE C EYES with 10% pure vitamin C. However, the products of HR are quite expensive, but the skin feeling is really average. There are more products for options under the same budge.

With basic moisturizing benefit, POWERCELL 24H EYE CARE is suitable for oily skin. This water-base eye cream is hydrated enough as a primer before makeup, leaving a natural finish without creasing.

FORCE C EYES is packed in orange color, which contains 10% high-concentration of vitamin C, which has powerful functionality. Except anti-oxidation and anti-aging, vitamin C also helps reduce melanin. Besides, the active ingredients of HALOXYL multi-peptide are added to its formula to accelerate blood circulation partly. This component is more suitable to reduce vascular dark circles for oily skin, but may cause irritation to dry and sensitive skin. Therefore, it’s recommended to purchase with caution.

PRODIGY CELLGLOW - THE RADIANT EYE TREATMENT is highly recommended for mature skin. The Proxylane in this formula improves the skin condition, increases the density and firmness of the skin and  has a strong repair effect around your eyes. Moreover, the combination of multi-peptides promotes collagen regeneration and firms the under-eye skin.

HR eye cream mainly targets its anti-aging effects and is deeply loved by females with mature skin. However, the signs of aging are not only caused by the loss of collagen or dehydration, but the bone atrophy and fat loss can also wrinkles your skin as the year goes by. So there is no obvious difference regardless of deep skin care or replenish the moisture in the epidermal layer. Therefore, there is no need to over-interpret the functionality of HR’s products.


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RéVive is a skin care brand founded by Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, a famous cosmetic surgeon in the US. In his research, Dr. Brown discovered that EGF is a molecule that regenerates the skin. And he won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of EGF in 1986. Dr. Brown was the first scientist to apply EGF to its skin care products. Several years later, he obtained the patent rights in 1994 and established the brand RéVive with RES as its core component.

Moisturizing Renewal Eye Cream is a hero product of RéVive. It promotes cell regeneration,soothes the redness around your eyes caused by sun exposure, and it also works to reduce temporary puffiness. Besides, it can reduce fine lines, lift sagging skin, accelerate internal circulation and reduce puffiness. So it’s suitable for dry or extremely dry skin to keep the skin moist. The eye cream has a unique, subtle and elegant fragrance and good bendability. The INTENSITÉ LES YEUX Firming Eye Cream in silver packaging is more suitable for consumers with signs of aging than the moisturizing eye cream.


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L'Oréal Paris

L'Oréal Paris is one of the most well-known and historical popular cosmetics brands under the L'Oréal Group. It mainly produces hair dyeing, hair care, make-up and skin care products, and is highly favored by women who love beauty around the world. L'Oréal Paris has first-class pharmacy laboratories and dermatology centers, as well as research and testing centers all over the world. With strong research and development background, L'Oréal Paris continuously produce high-quality products that meet different needs for the consumers all over the world.

In 2018, L'Oréal Paris released FILLER [HA] EYE CREAM FOR FACE REVITALIFT, which is laced with a lot of nutritious ingredients and it received high expectation from the public. Proxylane, a patented ingredient of L'Oréal Group, is added to its formula to make the skin looks translucent and radiant through internal circulation as well as reduce dry lines caused by dehydration. This white gel-like eye cream is very moisturizing than its eye essence under the same brand. It leaves the skin dedicate and soft after application.

 Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Eye Cream has been loved by mature skin for its high moisturizing effects. Of which, the Centella asiatica extract in the formula is a ingredient extracted from plants and it has been applied to the products by many famous brands in recent years. The texture is dense but not too sticky, and it has good moisturizing and sealing effects after application. It’s recommended to choose carefully for oily skin.

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Clarins is a well-known French brand in the beauty industry founded in 1954. When most of brands believe that body care products are not so important compared to other skin care products, Clarins has already define a clear position in the market with a complete body care lineup, which laid a good foundation for the brand.

Extra-Firming Eye is Clarins’ best-selling eye care product. Its main active ingredients are extracted from multiple plants to promote circulation and eliminate puffiness. This eye cream is not a functional product, but as long as you keep your eye skin moisturized, it still helps maintain the skin barrier. This eye cream has the same ingredients as Lancome ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE EYE CREAM. After application, the brightness of the eyes is improved, and the dark circles and fine lines are reduced instantly.

This soothing Clarins Extra-Firming Eye is suitable for almost any ages. On the whole, Clarins is similar to Fresh in term of usage feeling. Both of them targets bringing an enjoyment to the usage experience and its ingredients are mild and non-irritating, so it’s difficult to meet specific needs.

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ELIXIR is a professional collagen brand in Japan in 1983, and it discovered that the collagen is the root of the beauty. ELIXIR has always paid attention to anti-aging needs of females and constantly explore collagen activation technology since its inception.

When it comes to retinol eye cream, except the well-known Shiseido Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Eye Cream, then it is Elisier eye and lip cream, which has powerful anti-wrinkle effect and can slow down the consumption of collagen , but it has a certain of irritating. Extra sun protection measures need to be taken if you use it in the daylight. Plus, it’s not suitable to use it with other products including retinol.

According to a Japanese survey, Elixir Superier Enrietched Wrinkle Cream ranked as top one for accumulated 20 months in terms of sales turnover. ELIXIR eye and lip cream is a all-around product, which not only can reduce small lines around your eyes, but also can be applied to your entire face. With unique opening design, the sealing level of this eye and lip cream is higher than that of normal tube eye cream. Experimental data shows that it has the effect of reducing wrinkles for 9 weeks continuous use. But if you use it both in the morning and evening, then it will run out of use for one month. It take a long time to take effect.

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NeoStrata series products include medical skin care products for daily use at home, as well as Alpha Hydroxy Acids rejuvenating treatment series for doctors, etc. All of the series products have been clinically verified by dermatologists. NeoStrata has been loved and respected by dermatologists, doctors of medical cosmetology and plastic surgeons through out the world.

The main ingredient of the Intensive treatment for specific concerns eye cream is 4% PHA, which can slough away and exfoliate excess accumulated surface skin cells to reveal new healthy ones, thus unclogging the pores, smoothing the skin around your eyes and reducing fine lines. In addition, there is also a certain improvement effects on keratosis or fat particles around the eyes. In fact it’s not hydrated enough, but it delivers watery feeling, so it’s suitable for those who are looking for a refreshing skin feel. The texture of fluid eye cream is similar to white ointment and it’s suitable for use in summer.

The moisturizing effect of the Brightening Eye Cream is stronger than that of the Intensive treatment for specific concerns eye cream. Plus, a lot of classic anti-aging ingredients are added to its formula. The paste is thick and suitable for oily skin or tolerant skin in the autumn and winter season.

The 2nd generation PHA is milder than the 1st-generation, but it is still irritating to sensitive skin. Hydroxy Acids is one of the iconic ingredients that accelerate metabolism in the epidermal layer, which has obvious effects on improving skin aging, dryness, fine lines, pigmentation and other problems. However, if you want to exfoliate the stratum corneum frequently and rapidly, then it will weaken the skin’s own defenses and damage the natural skin barrier as well as dysfunction of skin metabolism. Therefore, many beauty enthusiasts have mingled love towards NeoStrata.

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FILORGA is a French skin care brand founded by Dr. Michel Tordjman. The NCEF is a core ingredients of FILORGA found in a Mesotherapy injection. FILORGA focuses on developing a series of treatment solutions against skin aging, especially anti-aging medical beauty products.

OPTIM-EYES Intensive Revitalizing 3-in-1 Eye Contour Cream contains many active component, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, etc.. They works together to improve the skin problems around the eyes. But it’s noting that some of the ingredients may be intolerant to some sensitive skin. This eye cream has a refreshing lotion-like texture with subtle fragrance. It should not dry out your skin or feel greasy after use, so it’s very suitable in summer.

TIME-FILLER EYES Absolute Eye Correction Cream also contains antioxidant ingredients. But it still irritating, so this eye cream should be avoided for sensitive and intolerant skins. The texture of the eye cream is translucent and moisturizing, so it won’t put extra burden on the eye area after application. However, it’s not hydrated enough for winter, so it is necessary to use it with other products to keep moisture in the skin.

FILORGA started with medical cosmetology injections to work against winkles and began to entered the vast consumer market in 2007. FILORGA stands out in a saturated market by developing high performance products combining science & luxury in the industry. Definitately, it is a rising star that meet consumers’ anti-aging needs.

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Kiehl's was founded in Manhattan, New York in 1851. Over the past 160 years, Kiehl's has accumulated unique experience in the fields of skin care, pharmacy, herbs and medicine, and has become a world-renowned legendary brand for its high-quality products and services that have been passed down through generations. Before 2001, Kiehl's products are not available to buy except the only one store in New York City. Such rare and unique products with distinct character has become a new favorite in the beauty and fashion industry, even loved and respected by the media. so Americans began to wonder, what is Kiehl's? Where can I buy it? Many people travel far to New York to buy the long-awaited Kiehl's, and even the New York City government set November 12 as Kiehl's Day.

With mild and stable formula, the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado only has moisturizing effects, which can relieve pseudo-wrinkles and dry lines caused by dehydration. This light yellow paste is a little bit thick, so has strong sealing and moisturizing effects. But the bendability is average. So it’s suitable for dry skin in autumn and winter.

Kiehl's attaches great importance to maintain its traditional spirit of producing high quality products, which has even been affirmed by the Smithsonian National Museum of History and Technology in the United States. In 1979, more than 100 Kiehl's products were selected for display at its public health and pharmaceutical exhibition. Kiehl's is getting more popular among the public, and even beloved by many celebrities.

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Annemarie Börlind 

The founder once said that "I will not apply products that cannot be eaten to my skin". As a rigorous German who dare to say it loudly, so we can see how safe the product is ! In September 2005, Anna Marie Lindner was referred to as a "pioneer of natural organic skin care products" by the Americans and and received the "Natural Heritage Award" with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Goethe Institute in the New York.

With simple but effective formula, the EYE WRINKLE CREAM contains retinol and a variety of organic ingredients, which can reduce fine lines and has outstanding moisturizing effects. The small white tube eye cream is packaged in a shading aluminum tube, which  the ensures the stability of active ingredients. The eye cream is highly moisturizing and the paste is slightly thick. On the whole, it’s a high performance eye cream for dry skin types.

Typically, In Germany, most of skin care products are not as expensive as its neighbor France and they attach great importance to an organic and natural lifestyle, so natural and organic skin care products are very popular in Germany. Without fancy packaging and too much ads promotion, Annemarie Börlind has been noticed and loved by more and more people for its simple package design and excellent reputation.

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RoC is a cosmeceutical brand founded by pharmacist Jean-Charles Lissarrague and dermatologists in France in 1957 and specialized in dermatological care. It was acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 1999 and became its professional first-line cosmeceutical brand.

RETINOL CORREXION® Line Smoothing Eye Cream is definitely RoC's centerpiece, which received a lot of public praise for its high-performance. Retinol is recognized as one of the most effective anti-wrinkle ingredients in the industry, which has the effect of delaying the formation of wrinkles and diminishing fine lines. The concentration of RETINOL CORREXION® Line Smoothing Eye Cream is basic entry-level, which can be accepted by most of people without irritating feeling, so it’s suitable for those who wanna try retionl eye cream for the first time. But it should be used with caution for extremely sensitive skin types. In addition, for the sake of safety, women during pregnancy are not recommended to use skin care products containing retinol. This eye cream is not so moisturized, so few people may feel slight tingling for the first time. It is recommended to use it at night and take sun protection during the day.

ROC takes anti-aging and wrinkle-removal as its brand positioning, and its products has a good effect on improving deep expression lines. The most popular one is the anti-aging and wrinkle-removal series, which is famous for its high performance and excellent reputation. Therefore, ROC is known as a professional anti-wrinkle brand.

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