The 10 Best Essential Oil Brands of 2022

Grace Hannigan
Mar 14, 2022

Essential oils are very effective for skin care and conditioning, loved by more and more women who pursue natural skin care. Essential oils contain natural ingredients that penetrate into the skin to fundamentally improve the skin condition. Different essential oils have different effects, so you should first understand the effects and functions before using them!

Essential oils are volatile compounds extracted from aromatic plants or animals. Proper use of essential oils is good for physical and mental health and also helps solve skin problems. Indian doctors V. Rajmohan and E. Mohandas wrote in a paper that the scents of essential oils can activate the marginal part of the brain's corpus callosum, which plays an important role in human emotions, smell and long-term memory.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Quinessence, Neal’s Yard remedies, Tisserrand and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect essential oil, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Quinessence
  • 2. Neal's Yard Remedies
  • 3. Tisserand
  • 4. Kobashi
  • 5. Base Formula
  • 6. Oshadhi
  • 7. Mountain Rose Herbs
  • 8. Absolute Aromas
  • 9. Jurlique
  • 10. AVAT


Quinessence is a top-notch essential oil brand of British aromatherapy founded in 1985. It is one of the biggest professional aromatherapy suppliers in Europe and a member of ACT001 which is the most authoritative organization in the aroma industry. Quinessence's strength should not be underestimated. Its essential and base oil is of extremely high quality. So it is deeply loved by global aromatherapy enthusiasts.

Quinessence essential oil series include absolute essential oil, compound essential oil, 5% diluted oil, original essential oil, etc., with a complete range of products for options. The raw materials of each absolute essential oil are scoured from the world's best production areas, and all base oils are cold-pressed to retain as much the effective ingredients of plants as possible. Its essential oil skin care series won many international awards. The 5% jojoba oil diluted rose oil won the 2005 "Best Facial Oil" award by Natural Health and Beauty for its high quality.

Quinessence compound essential oil is mainly based on efficacy, which can help relax your body and relieve tension. The vitality-boosting formula essential oil is refreshing and composed of grapefruit, European fir, pheasant, and other essential oils. The strong aroma can refresh our minds. It is suitable for fatigue-prone scenarios like driving. Compound essential oil is a combination of undiluted single essential oils. It can be added to a diffuser or when you are taking a bath. For massage, sniff with tissue or add some base oil.

The 5% diluted oil is one of Quinessence’s best sellers. Most of these diluent oils are selected niche essential oils and original essential oils. Its diluted rose oil has a sweet scent, and its fragrance can get you to cheer up. In addition, there are more than ten kinds of diluted essential oils including vanilla and jasmine, which are very popular in the market.

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Neal's Yard Remedies

Neal's Yard Remedies (NYR) was founded by Romy Fraser in 1981 in the UK. This essential oil skincare brand is beloved by celebrities such as Princess Kate and supermodel Kate Moss. It was highly recommended by the "WQueen"(a Chinese TV program). The NYR is the UK's first company to sell organic essential oil products certified by an authoritative organization and the winner of the UK's "Best Organic Skin Care Brand" for four consecutive years.

NYR has its own organic farm and laboratory. The products produced are free of silicone oils and artificial flavors, and the added preservatives and surfactants are selected. It insists on hand-made small-batch production to ensure its high quality. NYR mainly covers three categories: essential oils, skincare products, and herbs.

There are nearly a hundred kinds of single essential oils. Among them, rose essential oil has a good sales volume. The raw materials are sourced from Turkish Damascus rose. The fragrance is sweet and pure with excellent quality. Rose essential oil is called "The Queen of Essential Oil", which can invigorate mood and relieve stress and tension. It can also be diluted or used in skincare products to moisturize the skin. When it comes to diluting mixed oils, the leading product Neroli cannot be missed. Neroli is extracted from the flowers of the bitter orange tree and is added with macadamia nut oil, pomegranate seed oil, and other natural ingredients to moisturize dry skin, increase skin elasticity and brighten your skin.

However, Neroli may cause acne and is not suitable for acne-prone skin and oily skin. The unique blue bottle packaging is a hallmark of NYR. The essential oils are packed in recyclable Turkish blue glass bottles. The dark blue can minimize the influence and damage of ultraviolet rays to protect the aroma and herbal characteristics of the essential oils and ensure purity.

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Tisserand is the first professional aromatherapy brand established in the UK in 1974. The founder of the brand, Robert Tisserand was regarded as the father of British aromatherapy. He is the author of the book "The Art of Aromatherapy" and founded the School of Aromatherapy Education to provide training courses for aromatherapists. Mr. Tisserand has made great contributions to aromatherapy and was awarded a lifetime honorary member by IFPA.

As the first natural brand of ACT, its raw materials come from high-quality production areas around the world, are natural and organic, and have been certified by ECOCERT and the British Soil Association which can assure the quality.

Most of Tisserand's single essential oils are conventional varieties, and most of them are perennial grasses and shrubs. Tisserand sandalwood essential oil is well received and is often used for massaging facial and body. Sandalwood essential oil can moisturize dry skin, and its woody scent can make people feel relaxed. Tisserand's myrrh essential oil is also worthy to try. It has a calm scent and a slightly smoky smell, which can help stabilize mood and clear your mind. It also has a moisturizing effect when applied to the skin and is suitable for adding to creams or lotions. Frankincense essential oil has a wood and fruit mixed fragrance, which has a calming effect, can relieve anxiety, soothe emotion, and help sleep, suitable for people who suffer from huge pressure. In terms of compound essential oils, Tisserand also has many good products that are worth buying.

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Kobashi is a professional aromatherapy brand in the UK since 1985. Although Kobashi is less popular than Tisserand and Quinessence, it still attracts countless huge fans who are crazy for aromatherapy. In the beginning, it was only sold in pharmacies in the UK, specifically for medical institutions and medical schools. Kobashi is the 27th member of the authority ACT, and its quality is guaranteed.

The essential oils produced by Kobashi are all pure natural extracts. The raw materials of the products are all grown at home or from cooperative bases around the world. They are 100% pure natural and more than 50% are organic essential oils. Kobashi has its own planting base and laboratory, and they all adhere to the concept of environmental protection, do not do animal experiments, and 95% of the packaging materials are completely biodegradable.

There are hundreds of Kobashi essential oils, and the most famous one is sandalwood essential oil. Sandalwood raw materials are collected from the Karnataka region in southern India, which is recognized as the best production area in the industry. Sandalwood in this area has a high oil content and a clear aroma.

Sandalwood essential oil is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It has a good moisturizing effect and also has calming and aphrodisiac properties. You can also find some less popular oils in Kobashi, which is very friendly to both professional aromatherapists and high-end essential oil enthusiasts. For example, the uncommon St. John's Wort essential oil can relieve tension, relax emotions, and also improve minor burns and sunburns. Compound essential oils are classified according to their efficacy, including mood stimulating (such as relaxation and revitalization) and insect and mosquito repellent. Both the bottled version and the roll-on version are available, which are suitable for home or carry. Kobashi essential oil is packaged in dark blue glass bottles to prevent oxidation by lighting. Overall, Kobashi enjoys high performance despite the price is increasing gradually.

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Base Formula

Base Formula (BF) was established in 1996 which was an indispensable keyword in the history of British aromatherapy. It was initially mainly supplied to professional aromatherapists and aromatherapy institutions. In recent years, it has become more popular with aromatherapy enthusiasts. Base Formula gradually spread worldwide and built many flagship stores. BF is the only essential oil supplier designated by the British Professional Holistic Therapy Association F.H.T and one of the members of ATC. The products sold by BF are purely natural and lanolin-free, artificial colors or fragrances. The purity and label are all in line with GNP regulations.

Compared with compound essential oils and aromatherapy skincare products, BF's pure essential oils are less popular. The brand offers hundreds of pure essential oils, and conventional essential oils such as lavender, sweet orange and rosemary. The compound essential oil formulated by BF has a good reputation. Rose facial oil is suitable for dry or sensitive mature skin. It can moisturize and brighten the skin and has a certain antioxidant effect. Neroli facial oil is suitable for all skin types and can soothe and whiten the skin. It is recommended to massage the face when applying to achieve a better effect.

BF also launched aromatherapy spritzes, which can be sprayed on the body or in the air. The spritzes are divided into three types: balance, sweet dreams, and focus. Aromatherapy spritz is extremely practical and easy for entry-level consumers. Balance spritz can soothe the nerves, relieve anxiety and tension, and relax the body and mind. Focus spritz can refresh, stimulate the senses and thinking, and help concentration. And sweet dream spritz is a sleep-aid product. 

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When it comes to German aromatherapy, you have to mention Oshadhi. Founded in 1990, Oshadhi is not only the highest honor certification brand of the European Essential Oil Association but also the most refined essential oil brand in the world. Oshadhi's product line is extremely rich. All essential oils are divided into five categories: certified organic, organic, wild, wild organic, and select. There is a wide range of choices for aromatherapists and essential oil lovers.

Oshadhi attaches great importance to every aspect of production, planting strictly controls the number of pesticides used, mostly uses low-temperature and low-pressure distillation for extraction, and uses manual bottling to preserve plant activity and essence as much as possible. In terms of production area, Oshadhi has established contacts with natural estates in many countries around the world, choosing plants from the best growing areas to ensure the purity and high quality of the products.

Oshadhi provides more than 550 single essential oils, and many newly discovered niche oils or hard-to-buy varieties can be found here. Oshadhi essential oil is generally refreshing, easy to spread, and can be applied to oily skin. Yellow lemon essential oil is Oshadhi's classic product. Unlike many essential oils with a heavy smell, this essential oil has a refreshing lemon scent, which is easier to accept. The essential oil is made of high-quality lemons from Italy. It can be used as a diffuser to boost the spirit, or it can be diluted and used on the skin. The limonene in the essential oil can brighten the skin tone.

Oshadhi essential oils are all imported by air from Germany, with stable quality control. The specifications of different essential oils are different, and the packaging is unified with dark blue glass texture, which plays a role in shading. The bottle mouth of the product is equipped with a plastic gasket and the outlet is small, which not only facilitates the control of the dosage but also prevents excessive air from entering and causing oxidation. In addition to single essential oils, Oshadhi also has compound aroma oils, facial essential oils, and hydrosols for purchase.

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Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs (MRH) was established in 1987. It is a member of the USDA Organic Association of the United States and has been certified by multiple authoritative organizations. MRH is the first company in the US herbal medicine industry and won the American Herbal Products Association Industry Leadership Award in 2015. The MRH product line is very complete. It is good at vegetable oils and herbal teas, as well as essential oils, organic hydrosols, and organic natural skincare products. As one of the few organic vegetable oil suppliers in the world, it has won many awards for local botanical garden business and nature protection with its excellent product quality and strict quality control.

MRH provides hundreds of single essential oils with a rich selection, among which herbal and spice essential oils are outstanding. MRH's Angelica root essential oil is produced in France and has a peppery taste. Angelica root essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties for the skin. The official website provides detailed information on the efficacy and prohibition of various single essential oils and also provides matching suggestions for consumers to choose from.

MRH has also launched rolling-ball essential oils and aromatherapy sprays. The former is diluted with organic fractionated coconut oil and can be used directly. The 10mL size is also suitable for portable use. The raw materials of aromatherapy sprays are extracted from plants and have various uses. They can be used not only in aromatherapy, but also as toners, body sprays, or air fresheners. As a herbal player, MRH also has a separate herbal oil series. Each herbal oil is added with herbal essence or vitamin E oil, which can be used as makeup, and some need to be diluted to make massage oil. MRH essential oils are calculated in ounces, and the essential oils are unified packed in dark brown glass bottles. The overall price is fairly affordable.


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Absolute Aromas

Absolute Aromas, a model of the world's top essential oils, is one of the few companies in the UK that only produces and supplies pure essential oils. This British professional essential oil manufacturer has more than 20 years of history. Its medical background is very rigorous. Many essential oil formulas have been applied for international patents.

In 2001, Absolute Aromas obtained the qualification certification of the Soil Association, a Commonwealth organic product certification organization. The essential oil raw materials come from the best country of origin and have been verified with gas chromatography and MSDS certification. The medium oil has undergone organic treatment and cold-press extraction production processes, and the product has high quality.

Absolute aromas provide hundreds of pure essential oils and nearly 30 medium oils, as well as a variety of high-quality incense appliances. The specifications of the essential oil are mostly moderate in 2, 5, or 10mL. The dark glass bottle is convenient for storage, and the small dropper is convenient for dilution.

In terms of single essential oils, conventional varieties such as lavender and tea tree are still better. The compound SPA conditioning oil collection is worth a try. Each conditioning oil contains a variety of pure essential oils and medium oils. The aromatherapy purifying massage oil is made of grapefruit with essential oils such as geranium and cedar. It combines fresh fruity, sweet floral, and calm woody scents, and has a nourishing effect on the skin. In response to insomnia and emotional anxiety, Absolute Aromas have also launched some compound aromatherapy, which consumers can purchase on-demand.


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Jurlique is a well-known Australian brand. Many people's recognition of Jurlique is limited to its hand cream. In fact, as the designated essential oil brand for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the essential oils products are also quite popular. Most of Jurlique's essential oil raw materials are obtained from its own farm, which preserves the freshness of plant ingredients to the greatest extent. Jurlique has an exclusive biochemical refined extraction technology, through the three extraction steps of decomposition, essence, and re-polymerization, it can retain the activity of the plant and strengthen its efficacy.

There are not many single-party essential oils, and 10ml of conventional essential oils sell for about RMB 180. The most famous one is blue cypress essential oil, which was once known as "Sydney's fragrance in 2000". The essential oil is blue-green, thick, and slightly sweet. It has excellent anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects. It can be added to skincare products to repair the skin. Rose massage oil is also recommended. Rose essence can soothe and moisturize skin. It is suitable for all skin types. Massage essential oils can be used in many ways. In addition to the body or local massage, they can also be used in baths or added to body milk to improve the product’s moisture.

Jurlique also launched an aromatherapy spray, which can be used directly on the skin or as an air fragrance and is suitable for use in furniture or cars. Aromatherapy spray is more inclined to sense of smell and has a certain effect on psychological adjustment. For example, the soothing aromatherapy spray contains lavender, grapefruit, and other ingredients, which can effectively relieve stress and relax the body and mind. The rosewood and patchouli are the refreshing aromatherapy spray that can help one concentrate on working or studying.

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AVAT is short for "Appalachian Valley Natural Products Anatolian Treasures", which is an American aromatherapy brand with high-cost performance. AVAT is suitable for ordinary consumers and novices with small budgets. It has a complete range and affordable prices. You can also buy samples. The minimum price is 0.75 US dollars. However, because the quality is not superior, AVAT is not good enough for professional aromatherapists.

In addition to essential oils, AVAT also sells hydrosols, body care products, etc., with rich series. All AVAT oil products have been tested for quality and purity, and the quality is guaranteed. The same kind of essential oil will also be released in different production regions and people have a variety of choices. The most popular ones are still common varieties such as lavender and lemon. Most of the pure essential oils perform fairly well. Although there are a few outstanding ones, there will be no bad ones.

Generally speaking, choosing a brand close to the origin of the plant can balance quality and price. In AVAT, the comprehensive performance of plant essential oils native to America is better, such as mint, sweet orange, grapefruit, birch, and so on. Peppermint essential oil has a pungent and refreshing scent, which is refreshing, uplifting, and awake. It is suitable for use when you feel tired or travels long distances

AVAT’s brand packaging style is relatively simple, and oil leakage may occur during delivery. You can buy it on its official website because sometimes you can buy it with discounts and get some free samples.

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