The 11 Best Body Scrubs of 2022

Laurel Hanson
Jan 13, 2022

Exfoliators can be roughly divided into three categories according to their principles: physical, chemical and biological. Physical exfoliators are mainly infused with various granules; the most commonly used chemical exfoliators are acids; and bio-exfoliators are mainly formulated with enzymes to hydrolyze the keratin protein to dissolve and peel off excess keratin. Dermatologist Dr. Emily Arch said that the shedding of dead skin cells slows down as we age. This is not a big problem, but the accumulation of dead skin will cause a series of facial problems including dullness, clogged pores, fine lines, and peeling, as well as affecting the absorption and effectiveness of skin care products. So never ignore the role of body exfoliators, and be sure to perform regular exfoliation.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like REN, Bliss, Sabon and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect exfoliator, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. L'Occitane
  • 3. Fresh
  • 4. LUSH
  • 5. REN
  • 6. ORIGINS
  • 7. Soap & Glory
  • 8. Bliss
  • 9. Sabon
  • 10. House of Rose
  • 11. Dove


L’Occitane is an international retail company that specializes in manufacturing and selling personal care and household products. Its main production base is located in Manosque, France. The brand was founded by Olivier Baussan in 1976, who hoped to establish a company to preserve and promote the traditions of his hometown Provence and take comfort, pleasure, authenticity and purity as its concept. L’Occitane is well-known for its hand cream, and it also has many skin care and beauty brands under its name.

Almond Delicious Paste is mild and moisturizing and the texture is creamy, which is suitable for healthy skin to use in autumn and winter. Besides, there is Almond Shower Scrub, which is suitable for daily use.

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub is more suitable for dry or sensitive skin. The paste is little bit white, and it can soothe dry skin. L'Occitane exfoliating products are similar to that of Fresh as both of them are exfoliated physically, and have elegant packaging, so it’s suitable to send as a gift. Plus, L'Occitan is positioned to a mid to high-end brand.

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Caudalie sprouted in a French Bordeaux vineyard in 1995. The founder registered a patent for extracting and stabilizing grape seeds, and then established a natural skin care brand Caudalie.It has created a grape healing spa by combining grapes with thermal spring water. In recent years, Caudalie achieved excellent results and is well known to consumers through out the world for its active ingredients exacted from grape seeds.

Crushed Cabernet Scrub is the signature Vinothérapie Spa scrub added with grape seeds and six essential oils. The natural ingredients can effectively leave your skin moisture, smooth, and soft. This scrub makes you enjoy professional Vinothérapie Spa at home. It features a creamy light-coffee texture and fine particles, suitable for ankle and elbow exfoliate. The official website recommends applying it to skin twice a week. In addition, the attractive notes are derived from lemon, lemongrass, rosemary, and juniper berries for a scented body.

All Caudalie scrubs have a pleasant fragrance, and they are lightweight than that of Sabon, which is convenient to carry while travelling, but the price is high.

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Fresh is a brand founded by Lev Glazman in the US and started from handmape soap. Later, it became famous in the beauty industry quickly, which laid a solid foundation for Fresh to be a high-end beauty bath and skin care brand. After being acquired by LVMH in 2000, fresh began to produce makeup products based on its powerful research and development resources in France. In 1998, Fresh launched a brown sugar moisturizing body scrub, which won beauty awards from the authoritative beauty magazine Allure and InStyle.

The body scrub featuring brown sugar is definitely a classic choice. The brown sugar scrub is dense with large particles, which has excellent cleansing ability, and essential oils are added to prevent skin from drying out. But it is not suitable for those who prefer a refreshing bathing experience, and the price is relatively higher.

Coconut Oil Smoothing Body Scrub softens cuticles. It offers chocolate smell and chocolate jam-like texture, but not everyone will like it.

On the whole, Fresh products are formulated with mild ingredients and maintains skin stability. But its products are not high-performance, it only pursues mild formula without causing any burden to the skin, so it is suitable to use in the long-term.

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Lush is a British cosmetics brand founded by Mark Constantine in 1994, which is known as the "new brand of natural beauty" and can be dated back to the 1970s. 

Due to its non-polluting ingredients and bright colors of the paste, it’s beloved by younger generation, even famous movie stars, like Vivien Solari, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Harry · Halle Berry, Leonardo DiCaprio. It has a wide range of exfoliating products made with natural ingredients.

Ocean crystal scrub has different size of particles and good bendability. But dry skin is more suitable to use its moisturizing body scrub, which has subtle fragrance, and mild exfoliating effect, However, the prices are not much different.

LUSH exfoliating products are hand-made in small batches with unique stylishness. But the appearance looks a little bit rough, which is not suitable to send as a gift. LUSH body exfoliating products emphasize “natural and fresh”, but the scrub particles are rough and irritating, which is more suitable for the exfoliation on joints or ankles.

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REN is a young beauty and skin care brand from London, UK in 2000 and its name taken from the Swedish word "clean". At the beginning, REN was sold on airplanes and became a favorite brand of European and American air fashionistas. Even though the price is a little expensive, the products are mild and safe, and the texture are very fine, and all of the series products are of high quality. REN's scrubs product not only focus on the effectiveness of the efficacy, but also make sure the ingredients are safe and eco-friendly.

Due to its safe and reliable ingredients REN Scrubs have received unanimous praise from authoritative media, such as Fashion magazine Marie Claire and dominates a large number of high-end department stores and beauty chains, and has become a personal care product for global hotel chains such as Thompson Hotels and Sixty Hotels.

Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish has won many praises for its outstanding and long-lasting Moroccan rose fragrance. It is suitable for dry or sensitive skin both in autumn and winter. Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Salt Anti-Fatigue Exfoliating Body Scrub focuses on cleansing effect, which is suitable for all skin types.

With subtle smells, it leaves your skin refreshing after bathing, so it’s recommended to use in spring and summer.

The purpose of the REN brand is to produce the most natural and safe skin care products in the world, even pregnant women can use them with confidence. For a long time, REN's products have been known for its safety, mildness, and excellent cleansing ability, and have ranked at the top list in many beauty awards in the UK.

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Origins was founded by Mr. William Lauder, the grandson of Mrs. Estee Lauder, in New York, USA in 1990. Therefore, Origins belongs to Estee Lauder Group, which is a

global high-end cosmetics company. It provides high-quality, pure natural high-end skin care and makeup products for both men and women. Origins is well known for blending  ingredients from nature, and its exfoliating products have been well received by the media such as Bazaar Fashion, SELF, etc.

Of their scrubs and exfoliators, both Grapefruit Body-Buffing Cleanser andPore Clearing Moisturizer With Bamboo Charcoal contain high allergenic ingredients, which are not friendly to sensitive skin types.

All of the body exfoliating products are packed in plastic tubes, which can be squeezed directly onto your body. Plus, the texture is soft. But it only have 200ml, so if you need to exfoliate on the whole body, then takes a lot of amount, which is not durable to use.

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Soap & Glory

SOAP&GLORY is British brand founded in 2006. Both Bliss and SOAP&GLORY were founded by Marcia Kilgore, but they have a different brand positioning. The SOAP&GLORY products covers body care, facial care and makeup products. As a national popular brand in the UK, you can find it at many drugstores and supermarkets. The products are affordable, the packaging is cute and the formula is effective and safe.

ORIGINAL PINK™ FLAKE AWAY™ EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUB is Soap&Glory's best-selling body exfoliating product, which takes glycerin as its key ingredient. With soft texture and thick scrub particles, it can be used on areas with thick cuticles such as ankles or joints; SMOOTHIE STAR™ BREAKFAST EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUB has a sweet caramel smell; this hydrated SUGAR CRUSH™ BODY SCRUB has the most fine texture and fresh smell, so it’s suitable for dry skin.

Soap&Glory Scrub uses natural ingredients as its exfoliation particles, and it has a thick and delicate texture, long-lasting moisture effect and a sweet smell.

The three kinds of hero scrubs ranked at the top list compared with other counterparts, and they are sold well on the market. Soap&Glory attracted nearly 1.17 million Facebook fans and 116,000 Twitter fans on the social media platforms.

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Bliss was founded by Ms. Marcia Kilgore in the US. With comprehensive products, it covers a complete series of skin care, makeup, body-shaping, facial care, body care and hair care. It provides beauty services while selling products. Of which, body care is the one praised the most. Bliss Spa Club is favored by famous movie stars, and it was mentioned particularly in the classic American drama "Sex and the City".

More than 250,000 people access Bliss Spa every year, so bliss has specially launched a series of products, which allows customers to use it at home. The retail prices of the newly-launched products are more affordable and all of them are less than 25 US dollars. Bliss scrubs are laced with sea salt, cane sugar and other scrub particles that are directly dissolved in water, which can easily slough away dead skin without putting any burdens to the environment. Sea salt body scrub and lemon sage body scrub are very popular. They can moisturize and smooth the skin after exfoliation, leaving your skin refreshing.

Bliss has a number of spa clubs available in the US, and the New York head office enjoys the highest peak passenger flow. It often takes 3 months to book a Bliss spa, so you can buy its body scrubs and enjoy bathing at own your own home.

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Sabon is a pure natural body care brand from Israel, which is loved by women. It opened exclusive stores in high-end commercial districts in Tokyo, Paris, and New York.

Sabon is formulated with natural materials, which contains many herbal components and essential oils. SABON is a favorite brand of many Hollywood stars and an organic skin care product certified by international ECOCERT. SABON focuses on producing pure natural organic products, and the packaging looks like exquisite and cute candy. Sabon's unique scent is one of the selling points, because its founder is an expert of perfumery, so Sabon scrub products have more than a dozen fragrance types for options.

Sabon Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub has been awarded many times for its excellent efficacy and its elegant and traditional glassware is popular all over the world. The texture is refreshing and moisturizing, and the scrub particles are fine. Sabon contains plenty of essential oils, which it is easy to separate after long-term storage. So you need to stir it with a wooden spoon before use.

PLV patchouli-lavender-orchid scented body scrub is a classic one that was blended in 1997. After bathing, the skin is moisturized and leaves a unique fragrance. It is suitable for dry skin and can be used in both autumn and winter.

Sabon's sugar scrub products has two fragrance types with a milky white texture, which can keep the skin hydrated after exfoliation. However, it is not easy to use and the price is higher than the sea salt series.

It’s worthy nothing that do not cover the lid too tightly after opened, otherwise it will take great effort to open it. At the same time, you’d better not to place Sabon scrubs in a humid area, such as a bathroom, otherwise the lid is easy to rust and the wooden spoon will become moldy, so it should be placed in a ventilated place.

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House of Rose

House of Rose is a Japanese natural skin care product brand founded in Tokyo in 1978. So far, it has about 400 branches all over Japan. House of Rose's cosmetics are all derived from the essence of plants, including its flowers, stems and roots, and it also contain natural ingredients such as milk and bees.

The most popular Oh! Baby Scrub was launched in 1988, which is fragrance-free, pigment-free, mineral oil-free. After twice improvements on its packaging, it has become a pink jar with polished stripes on the lid. On the general, Oh! Baby and Sabon are the regular winner of the Cosme Awards. Oh! Baby has always pursuing simple and fragrance-free formulas, which is perfect for those who don't like fragrance. Until 2005, Oh! Baby began to launch several limited fragrance scrubs. Its scrubs will melt when it meets 37 degrees of warm water. But the texture is rough, so it’s only suitable to use for over-accumulated heavy keratin areas. The moisturizing ability is ordinary, so so you should apply cream in time after bathing.

Oh! Baby Scrub received a lot of praises from those who used it for the first time. Plus, with a large volume up to 350G, this body scrub can be used for a long time, and it is very comfortable and easy to use. It is recommended to apply body lotion for better results.

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Compared with trendy personal care brands such as Bliss and Sabon, Dove is undoubtedly a highly-qualified mass brand founded in 1955. Supported by Unilever, Dove has a powerful R&D team. And it’s personal care products are well known to the public. Dove body scrub has gained a large number of fans for its affordable price and ice cream-like texture.

Dove Scrubs earned an excellent reputation and a high repurchase rate. It was selected as the best scrub by authoritative beauty magazine Allure. Dove Scrubs are laced with plant-based ingredients, the cream texture is very delicate, looks like a large box of ice cream. Due to the addition of a quarter of Dove's unique moisturizing lotion, it has better bendability than ordinary scrubs, so it’s suitable for those who have never used body exfoliating products before. These three kinds of Dove Scrubs have a longer-lasting exfoliation effect, and are more suitable for exfoliation on specific part of your body.

The body scrubs in pink are most popular with female consumers, which leaves a long-lasting fragrance and keep moisture in your skin; While the one in blue can

is scented with classic Dover shower gel, it has strong sense of grainy; The one in green can have a refreshing and pleasant scents, which is popular with male users.

Dove Scrub is a very good product and will not cause any damages to the skin. However, it’s recommended to apply body lotion after using the scrub to achieve better results.

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