The 14 Best Blushes of 2022

Evelyn Davis
Jan 21, 2022

   Applying blush on the cheekbones can make your face look healthy, rosy, and three-dimensional. With a wide range of blushes, the right type and shade matching your skin tone, skin type, clothing, complexion, and makeup can make your face look younger and slimmer and enhance your complexion. Celebrity makeup artist John said that natural blush made you look as just came out of the gym with a healthy and rosy complexion.

   We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like CHANEL, NARS, SUQQU, Les Merveilleuses, and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, most of which are the winners of multiple beauty awards. Now, if you’re ready to get the perfect blush, scroll down to check the following list of brands we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Chanel
  • 2. NARS
  • 3. SUQQU
  • 4. Les Merveilleuses Laduree
  • 6. M·A·C
  • 7. Hourglass
  • 8. Benefit
  • 9. CANMAKE
  • 10. Milani
  • 11. ColourPop
  • 12. BOURJOIS
  • 13. 3CE
  • 14. Visee


Chanel is a time horned brand founded by Gabrielle Chanel in Paris in 1913. Chanel has a wide range of products, including clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, and perfume. All product are very famous. Chanel must be an indispensable one for collecting enthusiasts. Chanel's blushes are more comprehensive, with powdery blush as the representative, including regular  and limited version.

Chanel BAKED BLUSH is a regular one, in fine powder, tight texture and even color.  Even if it is stored for a long time, the blush also has a good effect. The # 330 Rose Petilant is a rose pink with pearly luster, which can be used in winter and spring, whitening your skin tone in a certain degree. The # 260 Alezane is a nude peach pink with fine pearls, which may not highlight the pores, and can create a low-key finish.

LES TISSAGES DE CHANEL has a printed texture and is composed of two colors with similar hue. This collection is very shimmering and leaves a good facial stereoscopic sensation. Even a highlighter is not needed. This blush is suitable for healthy skin tones, and you will look more energetic in the sun.

The Chanel blush is encased with a black lacquer box with a double C logo which is quite classic, attached with a flannel storage bag.The powder blush is packed with a portable brush. Some limited version have a high collection value, but it is not suitable for daily use.

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Nars is an American professional makeup brand founded in 1994 by Francois Nars, a French makeup artist started in the fashion industry. NARS's packaging has always been simple and stylish, and its blushes are among the most popular products. The shade is named quite ambiguous, which capture everyone’s imagination.

Orgasm is one of the most famous blushes. Unlike ordinary pink blushes, Orgasm does not focus on a pure finish, so it is suitable for people of different ages. The blush is slightly golden and can create a natural finish.

Deep throat has a weaker gloss in a coral tone, reflecting finely polarized light when exposed to the light; Sex appeal is matte with low saturation. The peach hue can create an obvious visual contraction effect. People with high cheekbones can brush it to the lateral cheeks to create a gentle finish.

If you prefer a blush with fine powder and soft texture, you can try its ADORATION or FERVOR. It adopts a special design in wet and dry powders, with attractive luster and not easy to melt down. The price is a bit high, but it is high performance.

NARS blush have a unique shades, and also add sequins. Most of shades have high color saturation. However, its regular version is not excellent and a little dry due to the addition of a lot of sequins. Each NARS blush is packed with a mirror, but you should prepare a brush by yourself, so it is not convenient enough to carry out. NARS has also launched liquid blushes to Orgasm, Dolce vita and other popular colors, which are easier to apply, and the color rendering is not that exaggerated.

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SUQQU is a Japanese cosmetics brand and specialized in basic skin care. The products are textured and can brighten the skin tone, which is suitable for all skin tones. The main feature of SUQQU blush is the gradient color, which can create different styles. The colors are high saturation. It is soft and smooth to create a natural finish. If you like a mature makeup style, you can choose the #04 for your overall complexion. The nude pink is not bright after applying and can be used in autumn and winter for a warm and gentle finish.

Its blushes are packed with a black paint cover in a box of a golden plastic bottom. The size is about a card case, and the thickness is less than one centimeter. It is flat but quite textured. However, because the box is relatively flat, the matching brushes are flat and small, which is not very useful.

People with dry skin can choose SHIMMER LIQUID BLUSH, which is more fit and natural. It is a liquid blush and can be used after powder products such as loose and pressed powders. It may not be easy to damage the foundation. The gloss will be more obvious.

The blush has always been a flagship in the industry. The powder is delicate in fine texture. It fits well to the skin and can last for a long time.

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Les Merveilleuses Laduree

Les Merveilleuses Laduree is jointly launched by Laduree and Albion of French "Macaron". Les Merveilleuses LADUREE quickly become popular for its exquisite package and high quality of products. Laduree blush is worth collecting with various forms, and it is artistic in packaging and shades.

The petal-shaped blush is the most well-known product which looks like scattered petals. It has a high saturation and a moderate color rendering. Laduree also released a bird cage-shaped blush in 2018 with highly pigmented. But it is more likely to be collected than to be used.

The carved blush is the most useful and beautiful product of Laduree, mainly in matte hue, fine powder, and soft touch. It is packed with a soft horsehair brush, which is one of the best matching brushes.

Laduree also launched the mini versions of the petal-shaped blush and the carved blush, which are portable and affordable and very cute. The mini petal-shaped blush is in the size of an ordinary single-color eyeshadow, and it has added shimmering ingredients. Even with a brush, it is also very convenient to use.

Laduree believes that makeup should highlight the user's "beauty expression", and a blush is exactly used to create a natural expression. But at the same time, the color is more conservative. Pink is a common color and is a frequenter in major brands.

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Clinique, founded in New York in 1968, is a member of the Estee Lauder Group. CLINIQUE CHEEK POP was released in 2014. Although there are only 4 colors, it has quickly become the bestseller. It launched 6 new colors in 2015 and became a must for many blush lovers.

 CLINIQUE CHEEK POP is packed in the shape of a full little daisy with clear petals and beautiful stamens. It is fine powder in unique creamy texture. Infused with moisturizing substances, it is very smooth and moisturized as well as highly pigmented. It can created a gentle finish in a stereoscopic sensation.

Clinique blush has many colors, including pink, orange, red, purple and so on. The # 13 Rosy Pop is gentle and full of girlishness; Nude Pop will create a mature finish with a good complexion; Ginger Pop can create a vibrant makeup.

It is in a refreshing and textured transparent acrylic packaging. Although it does not have a brush and mirror, it is still thick and can only be stored in a single piece, which may need a bigger case to be held. In addition to its cute packaging and colors, it is affordable and the unit price is at $24.

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M·A·C, a Canadian brand founded in 1984, attracted the attention of Estee Lauder Group in the early stage, and thereafter was acquired by the group. M·A·C is creative and can be called  the “color master”. Even in blush industries, it also provides many shades.

According to the glosses, M·A·C blushes can be divided into matte, pearl, and glitter The matte blush is a bit dry and better blending power with moderate color rendering; the pearl blush is much more delicate in a soft texture and good color rendering, and its bendability is the same as eye shadows; while for the glitter one, it is no big difference to the pearl one, dazzling and making you look more gorgeous and charming. However, it is too bold for daily use.

M·A·C blush has rich shades, which may need some time for you to choose a right one. Many popular colors are in satisfying textures and very useful. Warm Soul has a golden pearly luster and is matched with the right eye shadow and lipstick in autumn and winter, leaving you a gentle finish. Like me love me is like a ripe peach, with a warm tone and girlish style.

However, M·A·C blush, especially the matte color, is easy to be oxidized. It has a large size and is easy to darken or turn white after using for a long time. You’d better keep it in a dry environment, and close it immediately after use.

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Hourglass is a popular makeup brand in the United States. It is called a “luxury brand” and popular among Hollywood actresses and makeup celebrities. It was one of the most successful brands introduced by Sephora in the United States from 2013 to 2014. Hourglass blush is a comprehensive product combined with blush and highlighter into one, which is relatively high-key.

Hourglass's blush is mixed with blush powder and highlighting powder and baked at high temperatures. It is hand-made, so each blush has a unique and delicate texture. The highlighter with white tone is mixed with blush with white tone to form an irregular texture, looking like a  marble.

The orange collection is very vibrant and worthy buying. Diffused Heat is more delicate and does not highlight pores. Incandescent Electra is a coral hue, and can create a natural finish. You can apply it with eye makeup and lipstick in nude color, creating the makeup full of vitality. Beginners can choose the Ethereal Glow with cool hue, which has a low proportion of highlighting powder and soft gloss. The color will not be deep and bold after multiple layers.

Hourglass has an exquisite package. The box is made of metal mirror surface material, but it is easy to leave fingerprints.

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"Benefit" was founded by Jane Ford in 1976. Jane Ford and her twin sister Jean Ford first opened a boutique in the San Francisco Bay Area called "The Face Place", and selling some self-made skin care products and cosmetics initially. The products of Benefit have been sold in about 600 counters in 10 countries around the world.

DANDELION is also the  first blush many people have. The carton pack is packed with a medium-thick wool brush, which is very suitable for lovely young girls. SUNNY GOLDEN PINK BLUSHER has sun-like embossing on the surface and is highly-pigmented, which can create a bright and gorgeous finish with a coconut cream fragrance.

Benefit was the first brand who invented the liquid blush in 1977. BENEFIT GOGO TINT BRIGHT CHERRY TINTED LIP & CHEEK STAIN is highly-pigmented.You need to apply it quickly.

The limited version of facial combination is highly expected by people. It is composed of five formal blushes or shading powders and is packed with a wool brush. The single formal version is $30, while the facial combination is $60, which is high performance. It contains DANDELION, SUNNY GOLDEN PINK BLUSHER and other popular blushes, and sold with HOOLA and other shades. It is packed in a carton with a large mirror, which is slightly bulky and can be sent to someone.

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Canmake is a popular Japanese brand built 35 years ago and claims "Everyone can make it". It has been recommended by many professional makeup artists. It is really cost-effective.

The Glow Fleur Cheeks is a frequenter on the Cosme Awards lists. It contains five-color flowers, and it can be used alone or mixed directly. The Glow Fleur Cheeks has various shades, including three matte, mainly in pink; the new colors with cool styles in recent years are different from that of in the past.

Powder Cheeks is small in size and bold in colors. You can apply it with other blushes to create a surprising and satisfying finish. It is delicate and compact powder, and matched with a pink or purple blush that can enhance the brightness of the face and become full of vitality.

Canmake cream blushes always ranked first three of the Cosme Awards all the year round, and it is also a product out of stock in drug stores worldwide. It is soft mousse, just like a freshly baked tart. It is hydrated after first applying, and then becomes matte.

The products are easy to apply and multi-tasking. Whether you are a beginner or a makeup master, you can choose the right one to create natural and vogue makeup, which is very popular among girls.

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Milani cosmatics is from Los Angeles. Milani is known as the “affordable M·A·C” in the United States, and its quality and reputation can be compared with M·A·C. Milani is simultaneously distributed and sold worldwide in pharmacies, discount stores, supermarkets, cosmetics stores even on line in the United States. As an American well-known open-shelf makeup brand, it is mainly focusing on high performance and extensive features. Milani Rose Powder Blush and BAKED POWER BLUSH FARD A JOUES CUIT EN POUDER are representives

Milani Rose Powder Blush has a large capacity, mainly in pink and orange, and can be used to enhance the complexion.

BAKED POWER BLUSH FARD A JOUES CUIT EN POUDER is more special, and most of the shades are added with glitter powder. Moreover, it will not highlight the pores and it is highly pigmented and long lasting. The # 05 luminoso is also known as a cheap alternative to NARS Orgasm, but it can not be attached smoothly to your skin, which is inferior to NARS.

The advantage is that it can be tightened to the large glitter particles, but it is difficult to control. It may appear in various marble-like patterns and cracks, but these cracks make no difference.

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Colourpop is an American cosmetics brand founded in 2014 and headquartered in Los Angeles. It is specialized in producing and selling all kinds of cosmetics. Colourpop was less popular at the beginning of its establishment. But it is gradually attracting many consumers by the high quality and affordable price. And many fashion and beauty bloggers have recommended its products.

The blush and eyeshadow are like mashed potatoes, very popular among people. Moreover, the texture is similar with cream blush, but you may feel softer and hydrated without greasy. However, you also may feel heavy. It is high color rendering, and even can be used as eye shadow.

ColourPop is a fashionable online beauty brand. The blushes are mainly bright with high-saturation, which are vivid and bold. There are also natural colors for daily use. ColourPop's blush also has shimmering shades. But it will not be over high-key, making you confident and decent. However, the pearly blush with moist texture is easy to break when you are taking a long-distance travel. It shall be preserved and sealed well.

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Bourjois has been a worldly makeup brand in Paris founded in 1863 for more than one hundred years. It has a fresh and cute packaging. It is attractive to girls for its charming colors just like candy, a time-honored brand in Paris.

Bourjois's makeup products often is the lead of makeup. It launched the world's first baked blush in 1912. The blush was pressed and dried at a high temperature, and polished by hand. Baked blush powder has a delicate and fine texture, which is hard and unbreakable. It is dry and not easy to deteriorate, and can be used for a long time if stored properly.

The blush has a subtle rose essential oil fragrance, high color rendering, and mostly a metallic luster. Although the powder is delicate, you may not be satisfied for its fallout.

Although it is the first one to produce baked blushes, Bourjois becomes less popular. Its color is mainly pink, which is multi-tasking but less variety. Bourjois blush is the high-end in the open-shelf blush category, but the overall packaging looks cheap.  The brush is a bit rough and uncomfortable to use.

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The 3CE is a beauty brand under South Korea's Stylenanda. Stylenanda.  Started as a seller of clothes, now the 3CE becomes the biggest online store brand in South Korea. At the beginning, people are attracted by the exquisite and special makeup of its fashion models. Later, the 3CE gradually gives its focus on cosmetics. In 2012, the lipstick became hot in Asia by means of popular Korean TV soaps. It was acquired by L'Oréal in 2018.

The TAKE A LAYER MULTI POT are cream blushes. Compared with cream blushes under Visee and other brands, this collection has a harder texture without greasy. It is smooth and easy to spread, which helps create a matte finish. The 3CE combines air cushions with blushes, paired with a soft air cushion puff. The blush has moderate color rendering and a moisturizing effect.

The 3CE emphasizes eye makeup and facial shadows and contours, creating a gentle or cool finish. The shades of blush are very natural, although it is darker and highly-pigmented, suitable for light skin tone.

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VISEE is a Japanese make-up brand under Kose focusing on young fashionable women. The eye shadow, blush and others are always lovers of  young and fashionable girls, which are very popular in Japan.

Infused with various emollient esters and silicones, the cream blush creates a smooth touch and can fill pores. The cream is added with more moisturizing ingredients. But it should be noted that the blush should be used after foundation and before loose powder. You’d better not to apply it after dry base makeup so as to avoid clumping. When it comes to the covering power, this cream is not as good as powder blush, but it has a unique sense of transparency, leaving your skin full and girlish.

The cream is mainly pink, purple, and nude, which can brighten the complexion. It can be used for both lips and cheeks. If you are not good at color matching or you prefer a light makeup, Visee is an excellent choice.

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