The 10 Best Antiperspirant Brands of 2022

Carrie Kathleen
Jan 13, 2022

In hot summer, in order not to sweat a lot, many people use antiperspirants to keep their bodies refreshed and comfortable. Antiperspirant is a care product generally used for sweaty parts such as armpit to keep the skin dry. It reduces sweat on the surface of the skin and inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Antiperspirant contains lichen extract with antibacterial function. The active ingredient of the antiperspirant is aluminum chlorohydrate, which mainly acts as an astringent to temporarily seal sudoriferous duct and inhibit sweat secretion. Besides, natural fragrances serve as aromatic masking and deodorizing. There are three types of antiperspirants on the market including spray, roll-on and solid.

We rounded up a host of brands with a cult following, like Secret, Rexona, Dove and so on. Each brand boasts a wide range of super-quality products, and most of them are the winners of multiple beauty awards. So to find your pick, check out the list of antiperspirants we’ve compiled for you.

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  • 1. Secret
  • 2. Rexona
  • 3. Dove
  • 4. Nivea
  • 5. Deonatulle
  • 6. Certain Dri
  • 7. Perspirex
  • 8. SyNeo
  • 9. Odaban
  • 10. Driclor


Secret is the first brand to develop antiperspirant for female. It was launched in 1956 by P&G after ten years of development. Mainly sold in North America, the products of Secret own broad market coverage and earn a good reputation. Secret's antiperspirant products are divided into six series: Clinical Strength, Original, Outlast Xtend, Fresh, Aluminum-free and Essential oils. The Clinical Strength is recommended by many customers who sweat frequently and doctors for its mildness and efficiency, while other series sell well due to their comfortable use feeling and high performance.

Clinical Strength is the bestseller in medical-grade antiperspirant in North America. The effective ingredient concentration reaches 20% and can last up to 48 hours, which is the best one to prevent sweating among all series. It is suitable for daily use by people with excessive sweating and strong odor. Outlast Xtend has a pure fragrance and can effectively remove odors. Fresh has a rich and unique floral and fruity fragrance. The main feature of Essential oils is the advanced fragrance blended with plant essential oils. The Original and Aluminum-free have weak antiperspirant and deodorant effects, and you need to apply it every day. It is suitable for people without excessive sweating. There are many scents for options, and it is cost effective. the Aluminum-free is suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, the fragrance-free series, such as Clinical Strength, Outlast Xtend and Original, are less irritating.

Secret products are available in various textures like solid, gel, roll-on, aerosols and etc. All products are pH balanced, gentle and skin-friendly.

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Rexona was born in an Australian laboratory in 1980 and became a deodorant and antiperspirant brand with a century-old history. Currently, Rexona’s market share ranks second in the world. Rexona is a member of Unilever Group, and its products have passed the testing certification of the North American Association of Dermatologists, which proves they are safe and reliable.

Rexona's products are divided into aerosols, sprays and roll-ons. The aerosol series is rich in fragrance and functions for both men and women. Its products can leave skin clean and fresh yet not overdried for people without excessive sweating.

Roll on antiperspirant can be applied easily. Its lotion-like texture is not easy to dry. However, it is less refreshing than spray, so it has a lower price.

Called Degree in North America, Rexona is one of the antiperspirant brands that is most used in the United States. The sport antiperspirant deodorants, especially sport strength antiperspirant deodorants, have the most outstanding effect on preventing sweat, and are the first choice for many athletes and soldiers. Degree's antiperspirant deodorants are mostly sticks, which are mild and perform well in removing residue. All its antiperspirant deodorants are cost effective, and alcohol-free except for the spray. The effective ingredient is aluminum hydroxychloride. There are different aromas as time goes by, which are long-lasting and last up to about 24 hours according to most consumers.

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Dove is a well-known brand that made its first debut in 1957 and became one of the most valuable brands under Unilever. With moisturizing and mildness as its features, Dove has earned a good reputation and has become the world's top-notch personal care brand. Dove’s products are sold in more than 80 countries around the world. In addition to cleaning products, Dove's antiperspirant deodorant products are also extraordinary. Dove ranks the top three among the antiperspirant brands that most Americans used.

The sprayers come with various functions, diverse styles and refreshing fragrance to meet all kinds of needs. Among them, the fresh and the sensitive ones are both fragrance-free, suitable for sensitive skin. If you have excessive sweating, invisible dry, silk dry, and cotton dry are more recommended.

Roll on antiperspirant has better effect, but is a slightly sticky, not as dry as sprayers.

Dove attaches great importance to skincare. Containing 25% moisturizer, its antiperspirants are free of alcohol with a long-lasting fragrance and can prevent sweating for about 48 hours. The series of products are divided into three major types: sprays, roll-ons and sticks with a variety of fragrances for men and women.

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Nivea is a large German skin care and body care brand founded in 1911 and owned by Beiersdorf. Beiersdorf’s trustworthy technologies, like its skin measurement technologies which have become global standard, lay a solid foundation for Nivea. Nivea offers a wide range of products with high quality and affordable prices. Among them, facial care and body care products are Nivea’s highlights.  

With the same functions and fragrance, Nivea's antiperspirant products mainly have two textures: roll-on liquid and spray. The spray is fresher and cleaner. And both of them can prevent sweating 24 hours. The simple and gentle formula uses aluminum hydroxychloride as the main antiperspirant ingredient.

Nivea also launched antiperspirant containing aluminum zirconium glycine chloride as its antiperspirant ingredient. The stick types are more efficient and milder than roll-on and spray types, but there is no big difference in fragrance.

Nivea focuses to the skin care effects, and targets various functions to meet the needs of different people. Regrettably, there is no antiperspirant that is fragrance-free or designed for sensitive skin.

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Deonatulle is a Japanese brand specializing in developing antiperspirant and deodorant products that can be applied directly. It is the most popular antiperspirant brand in Japan, and it has an extremely high repeat purchase rate of about 90%. Deonatulle Deodorant Soft Stone Double and Sara Sara Cream have ranked first in body care categories of the Japanese cosme awards, and Soft Stone is selected as the hall of fame products.

Deonatulle has stick ointments, creams and gels specialized in addressing underarm sweating and odor problems. Gels are only for men, while creams are soft for the whole body. Soft Stone Double only has the basic function of preventing perspiration and deodorizing. Other products of the same texture have extra effects. Designed for sensitive skin, Crystal Stone is colorless and fragrance-free, leaving your skin refreshing. However, it is not easy to apply.

Deonatulle creams are divided into two types for body and feet. The fragrance-free body type has a moisturizing effect, suitable for sensitive skin. If you have foot odor, you can also use Deonatulle Sara Sara Cream.

Deonatulle products are suitable for people sweating in normal amounts. They have good deodorizing effects, but the preventing antiperspirant ability is weak and cannot last a long time. With a subtle mint aroma, most of the products are mild and free of fragrance, which is friendly to sensitive skin. Additionally, they are also cost-effective, beautiful, and portable, leaving your skin refreshing and supple.

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Certain Dri

Certain Dri is the first over-the-counter brand recommended by American doctors for patients with excessive sweating. Consumer Search, a commodity research site, once listed it as the best antiperspirant.

With a simple formula and the lowest price, the bestseller Prescription Strength Clinical is highly praised and can last for 2-3 days after application. Additionally, it’s classified as a safe and effective over-the-counter drug. Prescription Strength Clinical contains 12% aluminum chloride, an effective ingredient, which has a certain irritation to the skin and may cause itchiness.

For sensitive skin, Certain Dri Everyday Strength Clinical is more suitable. It is available in two types: solid and roll-on. Its mild formula cannot last a long time, so you should apply it frequently.

Extra Strength Clinical features an extraordinary effect – it can last for 3 days. It is milder than Prescription Strength Clinical, and is recommended for sensitive skin and people who pursuit better effect.

Certain Dri antiperspirants are perfect for people with excessive sweating. There are many types and all of them are fragrance-free and alcohol-free. Different effective ingredients are formulated for achieving various effect.

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Perspirex is a member of the Danish skincare company Riemann A/S with a good reputation that is designed for people with excessive sweating. Its products are retailed in European pharmacies.

Perspirex mild antiperspirant products are divided into Perspirex Comfort, Perspirex Original and Perspirex Strong. They use aluminum chloride as the effective ingredient and contain alcohol, making them not suitable for sensitive skin. Perspirex Comfort and Perspirex Original are gentler, of course, the antiperspirant effect is weaker. Perspirex Strong can be used for people with extremely excessive sweating, but it is more irritating. So, people with sensitive skin should think twice before purchasing.

In addition, Perspirex also has Antiperspirant Hand and Foot Lotion. Because the skin of palms and soles are thick and are easy to rub, so the antiperspirant effect is not as good as the Original Extra-effective Antiperspirant Roll-on. You should apply it frequently to achieve a certain effect.

Perspirex's antiperspirant products are popular among many people as their extraordinary effect, which is worth to purchase.

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SyNeo is a German brand established in 1955. Known for effectiveness, its products have been certified by the German authoritative testing organization Stiftung warentest.

The main effective ingredients of all syNeo products are aluminum chloride and aluminum hydroxychloride, which are simple in ingredients and have a powerful antiperspirant effect. And bathing, swimming, and other activities have few effects on function. It is more suitable for people who have excessive sweating and strong body odor. As the official claimed that the product can last for 5 days. That might be a little exaggerated, but not all wrong. The mild SyNeo antiperspirant is infused with the natural complex enzymes with antibacterial properties, soothing, and repairing ingredients. It should be noted that it also includes alcohol, a patch test is needed for people with sensitive skin.

SyNeo antiperspirants are divided into two types: unisex and men-only. The gray bottle cap is for both women and men, and the black bottle cap is only for men. Both have spray and roll-on types with the same formula. The difference is that the unisex one is odorless. And the men-only type contains menthol. It is recommended to purchase unisex, if you want to apply perfume together.

People who are always on business or travel can choose syNeo Antiperspirant Travel-pack. Besides, SyNeo Anti-transpirant can be applied to the hand. And people can use it when playing golf, climb rocks, and other exercises.

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Odaban is a British brand specializing in deodorant and antiperspirant and is also the designated brand for Premier League teams. Manufactured by the British Belle Pharmacy, its products are sold in Europe for more than 40 years and have been approved by the British Ministry of Health as a physician prescription.

Odaban antiperspirant spray has a pharmaceutical-grade effect, which is effective but not mild enough. The formula contains aluminum chloride, organic silicon, and alcohol to offer a week-long effect, which is less affected by bathing and other exercises. Due to the high alcohol content, you’d better apply it with the right amount, and sensitive skin should be more careful when applying.

In addition, Odaban also has a foot powder with a natural and mild formula that contains plant extracts. It has an extraordinary deodorant and antiperspirant effect.

The products of Odaban are suitable for all ages and all circumstances like business trips, business negotiations, meeting with friends, and etc. Please be sure that your skin is 100% dry when applying it.

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Driclor is a brand under Stiefel, a subsidiary of the world's third-largest pharmaceutical group GlaxoSmithKline. Driclor specializes in developing antiperspirants for hyperhidrosis and has earned a good reputation.

Driclor only produces antiperspirants. Among them, the most popular is the colorless and fragrance-free regular one with 75ml capacity that contains 20% aluminum chloride hexahydrate, ethanol and water. And it has a simple formula for a week-long effect without being affected by activities like bathing. But it may cause itchiness and rash for sensitive skin as it is not gentle enough. The acidic substances produced by Driclor antiperspirants are irritating to the skin. Moreover, it has a low alcohol content.

Driclor also has upgraded one with 20 capacity. People who consider that regular one cannot meet their needs can think about this one.

It should be noted that this product cannot be used on damp, damaged, irritated, recently shaved, or sensitive skin. Moreover, it cannot contact with eyes, head, and face. The upgraded one cannot contact with jewelry or polished metal surfaces; otherwise, it may be discolored. Moreover, it also needs to be stored below 25 degrees Celsius.

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